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I'm considering getting a PS3. What are some recommended games for the PS3, and what models have backwards compatibility? Or tell me why I shouldn't get a PS3.

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Just use the PS3 emulator.

call me back when its actually functional

I miss Chad Warden

Recommendations really depends on what all you like genre/gameplay-wise. **Been trying to work on getting a chart together of games Holla Forums enjoys, since the existing ones have some issues, but Its not exactly done just yet).

The NTSC 20 and 60 GB fat ones have full/nearly full PS2 backwards compatibility, while the NTSC 80 GB fat has only partial PS2 compatibility. All models can play PS1 games last I checked.

Might be worth mentioning that if you get an old enough PS3 (with old enough OFW) you can put CFW on it and pirate for it.

And I forgot to put closing asterisks on those spoilers.

Anyhow, Demon's Souls is pretty well liked if you want something to start with. Pretty cheap too these days.

I like fighting games and RPGs. What are some good games in those categories that aren't on PC already?

All PS3 models can play physical PS1 disks to my knowledge, but the original fat models are the only ones that can play physical PS2 disks, so either way you got a massive library of games to work through.

The Yakuza series if you're into RPG beat em ups with loads of content and crime soap operas
3D Dot Game Heroes if you want a fun Zelda clone
The entire Metal Gear Solid series can be played on it
Siren Blood Curse is a low budget, yet very hard horror game. It comes from one of the developers of the first Silent Hill.

Those come to mind personally.

Well, if you don't mind JRPGs, there's a good amount of Tales games on the PS3. Tales of Graces f, Tales of Xillia, Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Vesperia PS3 (much enhanced rerelease of the 360 original). The Xillia games and Graces are a bit hit or miss with series fans, but I've found them pretty damn enjoyable, and while Tales of Vesperia PS3 was never cleared for official western release for whatever reason, it's as of now the only PS3 game to be fully fan translated.

Also a number of Atelier games, though most have Plus versions on the Vita. Still, as far as I know, none of the base versions on the PS3 aside from Vanilla Rorona (you want the Plus version there, which actually saw not only a Vita release but a physical PS3 version as well) and maybe Shallie PS3 are disliked (main issue there to my knowledge being removal of time management and/or lack of proper closure to the Dusk subseries).

The aforementioned Demon's Souls is also PS3 exclusive and highly unlikely to see a PC release since, unlike Dark Souls, it was published by Sony themselves.

Resonance of Fate, Nier, Eternal Sonata (PS3 version is an extended release), and The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel are some other options, but Nier aside, opinion seems to be kind of mixed. Might be worth getting some further input or doing some research on those if they pique your interest.

Something I have noticed with my own PS3 is that, while the system does have some decent JRPGs, the variety is a bit lacking compared to the PS1 and PS2, and a number of somewhat staple series like Wild Arms, Suikoden, Breath of Fire didn't see continuation on the system (and in the case of Dragon Quest saw main series development shift to the DS for IX and PC and Wii for DQX). And while SMT and Persona were a somewhat meaty chunk of the PS2 library (at a total of seven games on the system; eight if you count both the basic P3 and P3FES), aside from the P4 Arena games, the series mostly avoided the system altogether, aside from Persona 5 still being in the works.

Wasn't there a way to make every PS3 backwards compatible to PS2 with a custom firmware? This thread from b3d suggests this to be the case:
Anyone got experience with this?

MGS4, Folklore, Demon's Souls and Yakuza games.

Me too. He's the best youtuber ever.

I think you might be able to get a CFW one to play them digitally (as the PS3 has internal memory, and I think I've heard you can also use external ones), but as far as physical backwards compatibility with discs, I don't think any but the 20 and 60 (and partially) with the 80 GB allow for it, as the 20 and 60 GB had the PS2 hardware built in, while the 80 GB uses emulation or something (and as such various games have issues running; wikipedia has a compatibility list for various PS2 games on the different models). That said, my model is too recent of one to be able to put CFW on, so I can't say I've had experience with being able to do so.

Gran Turismo 6 is probably my favorite game on the PS3, but then again its the first Gran Turismo I've actually gotten into. Its simcade-y, you have realistic driving physics however damage to cars isn't really that realistic but car damage really isn't the point. Its very comfy too.
If you like the Souls series then you'll probably like Demon's Souls, obviously. If you've been living under a rock, it has basically no story and focuses on the gameplay mechanics/difficulty.
The Darkness is a great Starbreeze FPS if you didn't play it on the Xbox 360 already, it honestly should have been ported to PC. Vanquish is good but also on 360. Don't get Bayonetta for PS3, it has terrible framerate on there. Honestly a lot of games suffered from sub-30 slow mo FPS. Unfortunately Armored Core For Answer did when lots of things were happening on screen, like that giant cannon boss mission. Really horrible slowdowns, its a shame.

I heard some of the Ratchet and Clank games were good on the PS3 but I haven't played them myself, I don't know how they compare to the PS2 ones. It'd take a lot to top Going Commando to be honest, if you haven't played the first three you should play them.

Nier is alright, gameplay is rough around the edges, its like a somewhat improved Drakengard with less enemies. Graphics look like a PS2 game, but other than those two things it was solid. Folklore is a good ARPG from what I hear, and I've heard mixed stuff about Resonance of Fate, apparently it was meant to appeal to westerners gameplay wise. Theres a bunch of JRPGs that are on both the Vita and PS3, usually turn based and a part of a big series that doesn't change too much beyond characters. Basically, weeb/otaku bait. Like says theres a lot of missing series on the PS3. In general thats the case, the PS3 is missing a lot of games that the PS2 had.

I don't know about the quality of HD collections myself, I've heard some were iffy. PCSX2 and various PS1 emulators should be pretty good at playing those games if you have a good PC and are willing to configure things. If you just want to play MGS4 then it isn't really worth it, it is the worst Metal Gear Solid game. The Shadow Moses nostalgia levels end up being the best part. The plot is entirely irrelevant and meaningless. The bosses are different varieties of fanservice and have zero character. It is Hideo Kojima and his team burning out on MGS in general, thats the theme of the game. Its shit to replay because you have to install the next section of the game when you get to it, theres like 3-5 sections IIRC. It wasn't a total disaster, its still MGS and it has MGS gameplay in there with some improvements, but you'll really only want to play it once. The stress system and octocamo were kind of a weird streamlining of elements from the previous games though, you just end up playing as an old chameleon guy who gets stressed out in the sun.

read dead redemption, dynasty warriors

I think a lot of devs jumped ship to the DS and PSP for making JRPGs due to costs differences involved, leaving mainly Final Fantasy, Tales, Star Ocean (still a bit surprised that one continued after SO4, though I suppose that took quite a while) and Atelier to still be the major ones continuing to see development for the PS3, but even then those series still had PSP and DS entries/ports/remakes.

Of course, some of the ones that made the jump to handhelds wound up dying off afterward anyhow (such as Suikoden after Tierkreis, and Wild Arms after XF; the fifth games in each on the PS2 having been the last main series entries).

MGS was one of the few good HD collections ever, it ran Snake Eater and Peace Walker at 60 FPS. Shame the same couldn't happen for games like Jet Set Radio or Zone of the Enders HD. Or especially Silent Hill HD and how that shit turned out.

I sort of agree about MGS4 not being worth it, it had some great moments but it's way too focused on cutscenes compared to gameplay.

Didn't ZoE HD, or at least the ZoE2 part, get fixed up? Though the HD versions shouldn't have been that terrible of an HD port job in the first place (I have to wonder if Konami purposely chose High Voltage knowing they'd shit it up and could use it as an excuse to can any potential ZoE3), but still.

Yeah, they had to hire the Okami dev to make a patch for ZoE2 to run at 1080p 60FPS. I still don't get the idea behind hiring High Voltage besides from them making Conduit on the Wii and assuming they were tech wizards.

Speaking of good HD versions, Daytona HD is pretty fun. I assume Virtua Fighter 2 is also good in HD

black knight sword
child of eden
dragon's crown
drakengard 3
ico HD
last of us
lightning returns
mgs hd
nmh hd
shadows of the damned
wipeout fury hd
zoe hd


Also shame Blur 2 got cancelled, just look at that glass and shine.

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Devil May Cry HD Collection just skip the 2nd one
Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen
Dragons Crown
God of War HD Collection the one with gow 3
Shadow of the colossus/Ico HD
Zone of the Enders HD

Just don't get any Bethesda games they run shit on the ps3.
And wasn't there an 8ch infograph that had a list of recommended ps3 games?

There's some older ones taken from halfchan, but they have some issues (namely people having voiced that various games don't belong, and import titles being hard to determine due to lack of English nameplates.

As mentioned earlier, I've been trying to put together a list to start making one for anons here off of, based on suggestions people have had as to what ought to be on there, but at this point I think it could use further refinement.

Zone of Enders HD Collection
3D Dot Game Heroes
Sly Cooper 4
Asura's Wrath

If I had to choose one, I'd take Nier.

Cech-A and Cech-B models

Cech-C and Cech-E

Anything under 3.55 or use a flasher.

Its a decent Katamari, feels a bit rushed and re-used since it has a lot of the stages from the previous entries yet its still good and fun. Chugs a bit when reaching the bigger stages (500meters upwards).

Nah this game sucks dick.

Noted, thanks for the input.

xrd revelator
resonance of fate
el shaddai

gundam exvs full boost
rival schools
virtual on

katamari forever is easily the worst one. almost all recycled content and they didn't even pick the best ones

as for ps3 games, Puyo Puyo x Tetris is a must-have import

that one jojo's game

think I might pick up Catherine and p5 whenever it comes out.