What, if anything, was wrong with this game?

What, if anything, was wrong with this game?


Not really my intention. I do know plenty of people will come with the usual shit about goys and jews and whatever. Who the fuck cares? Its a story about nazis that have super powerful electric robot dogs and other wacky shit in a AAA video game and you're fighting against them. What the fuck do you expect?

But gameplay…what is the problem? It honestly felt like a pretty good shooter to me. Felt like it awarded aggressiveness.

>It honestly felt like a pretty good modern shooter to me.

the thing is that is good by modern standards, but these are pretty low
I kinda liked it myself

Bullet sponge enemies with hitscan weapons bring the game's pace down to a grinding halt when they come out, and wide open areas that make dealing with hitscan frustrating. Otherwise, the game works extremely well in the more closed environments, being able to dual wield weapons is some powerful fun, and there are a lot of hidden secrets and easter eggs which give a lot of life and character to the game.

I didn't like the level design outside some of the parts at the beginning and about halfway. Weapons didn't feel that great either and the stealth felt a little out of place to me. Also the story was pretty lackluster. I groaned throughout most of BJ's "deep" commentary.

Level design was weak, not a lot of weapons to use, and the movement kinda sucked. It was only more apparent when you went to the Wolfenstein 3D easter egg

Hitler did nothing wrong and stuff, but seriously. The game needed more enemy variety, not just different gun shootman. Maybe some more robots that aren't just big gun shootman either. But it was pretty cool overall.

Yes because it totally wasn't Holla Forums that ruined that other thread. Oh wait.


Nothing was wrong with it. It was a great game. Old fags BTFO!

It was literally NuDOOM but with no glorykills.


There's nothing wrong with the latest Doom.
Its a step going back to the right direction.
Where was all this hate around the time Doom 3 came around?
Oh that's right, floods of hipsters, snobs, NEETs, and people who grew out of games long ago but really only have them as a defining aspect of their personality had not flooded the communities yet.

It's overrated and shit when compared to other games such as Painkiller, TimeSplitters, and Serious Sam 3, the reason why fags like you eat it up is because it's a slightly different FPS that's more generic and piss easy than people make it out to be.
Now fuck off.

have you played it? On what difficulty?

Have you actually played an FPS made before '98?

Went on about Jews. They did something now I can do something etc Fucking pathetic. Looking for excuses to be shit. Master race shit.

Could have focused on the Nazi stuff.

Built a good world, fuck the past, bring it into the future. Give some sentimentality to steel structure.

World sorted out people wondering what to do, player one of them, going day to day.

World turns on player. Their turn to play the scapegoat. Don't take it seriously.

Just people trying for control. World shuts down as propaganda replaces everything.

Have to sort out the fuck heads a joke problem but the real enemy is the player as seeing everyone go along ok with things. So they are all bad guys. Propaganda demonising player is thinking they'd be slaughtered when finds out of things going on.

So there's that conundrum of the best way to kill them all and what that means for what suffers under them.

NPCs play a game of how little they matter and how everything isn't their fault.

Shown how much one person matters.

On topic, aside from the "retro" gameplay and shitty level design, the game takes itself far too seriously for what it is. A game about Nazis taking over the world and colonizing the moon with ancient Jewish technology should be treated like a shitty B-Movie a la Surf Nazis Must Die, not like Saving Private Ryan.

Oh look, he posted it again.

The story was bad and it would've been better if it didn't try to have a story.

do we keep having to remind you summertards.

I played nuDoom, it's boring shit. On the harder difficulties it's still boring but now it has to be played as a cover shooter and requires the glory kill mechanic that's a bad combination to grab my attention. It also can't run on toasters because of how horribly optimized it is many Anons whom tried to play it couldn't because of this issue. The rest generally either found it boring or mediocre the most positive description I've heard of it was average and overpriced.

Of course I have. Now answer my question.

You sure that wasn't you just taking it seriously? I never took the story seriously. The fucking game opens up with a big mecha spider electro nazi thing.
Or would you wanted it to be more blatantly shitty, like surf nazis must die?

*raises hoof*
I don't think the term "summert*rd" is really applicable here, Holla Forums's population has been stagnant for quite a long time.
*nods in agreement with himself*

The game tries to present itself as dark and gritty with actual character drama, which is in complete contrast to classic Wolfensteins which had you shooting mech-piloting Hitler or Nazi-controlled undead without any forced grit or drama.

Also, I did answer your question. Learn to read IDs.

No, you can just stay in your nazi-RP echochamber you cancerous fuck.

Should do things they believe in and disregard the reat of the world.

Play needs to mostly about the gameplay, kicking arse/ass/people through windows.

Pretty too. Slow times extra pretty.

Megatextures are the new standard, carve and paint world. Player needs to see a lot before the end. Fight for individuality, helped by it.

Dramatic scenes of large scale and structure.

When action then need to do things constantly but not easily killed, lots of options to recover from not being fast enough. Be 2x as fast after getting hit. Get more dangerous the more you are untill dead. They play it safe or to lose with you, you to cut a hole through them wide enough to fit the sun through coming to add another chapter to what lives make good stories.

MG belt flapping around, free hand throwing grenades, gun sends them to cover, wrong, boom. Aim, cut someones legs off, a line all over people standing next to eachother waving up and down mg jumping around. Shove barrel into a screaming nazi cooking his guts and sharing them with him. Choke someone woth their carrying strap while shooting their gun holding their hand, two people as body armour. Absorb an explosion and throw back the left overs with a grenade in them, light a cigar as you hear them talk about how they have a bomb in their body, bang. Light leaking fluid from conventional motor veichles. More bangs. Explosions hide thermal signature, also fire. Set shotgun shells into exposed pipes, heat eentually setting them off and drawing them away. Twist off oil filter, cut out some gunpowder from shells laid in a line. Hear someone say he's got a shotgun. Shoot the one who disagrees stab the one who was right.

It doesn't run well considering what is being rendered and what is happening.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

Explosive shotgun, missile machine gun, halo grenade and rocket launcher overlap.
The regular shotgun's burst fire becomes useless once you get the super shotgun.
Instant takedowns are worked into health regen and become tiresome to watch because of it.
There's no point to using the chainsaw on big enemies. You use less charges by killing small enemies and that gives you enough ammo to kill the big enemy multiple times over.
There's no point to putting upgrades into armor before health due to health being more common.
Most suit upgrades are unnecessary at best and useless at worst.
Arrow in the knee "joke".

There's probably some things I missed, but saying there's nothing wrong with WOOD is like saying Buzzfeed is a good source of information.

We own you, lick my toes

Oh come on, you don't even sound like a Holla Forumstard.
Show some effort.


Five minutes into the first mission you need to do a special action, IIRC something like sliding to get to an enemy before he kills you. – After about 20 tries I couldn't do it, so I quit and never played again.


Holla Forums needs to learn the same lesson that sjws and sliders do.
Go be a fag in the designated fagbeing area.

Discuss the game.

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It's shit.

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already did that Punished Pocketrocket.


Glad to see you guys finally clamping down on this shit.

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I didn't like the game because the perks were useful, but so was shooting for the head. The "Nazis use Jew Magic/Science" reeked of social justice to me, especiall when Jew Magic/Science saves the slaves, kills the Nazis and cures the paraplegic woman. Are you happy now, Hot Pocket?

The "Nazis use Jew Magic/Science" angle*

Fuck me, I should probably sleep.

Thank you.

Are you intentionally typing in the same way BJ thinks?


You dumb fuck, the very last thing you're supposed to do is to alienate Holla Forums. Those guys are your only fucking friends out there.

nothing really stuck out in particular
not good, not bad, mostly forgettable

Are you worried about Holla Forums's PR? :^)

Mechanically it's a fun game with pretty enjoyable level design at some points but mostly linear, especially later in the game. The story isn't bad either, despite le evul nazis, the reich is shown doing quite a lot of good for the world, sharing technology of the future with the world which is more than the kikes have done.
The good goys are portrayed as bloodthirsty maniacs.

P.S. Hitler did nothing wrong, the holocaust didn't happen but it should have, webm threads aren't video games.

dubs confirm


Would you let her heal your battered aryan body, Holla Forums?



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>expecting to moderate Wolfenstein threads by talking about the game instead of Holla Forums-tier discussion
you could have stopped it before, but you didn't
now lie in the grave you dug

Well Hitler didn't do anything wrong if what the guy in the other thread said is true. The Jews had extremely futuristic technology and left it unsecured, so any assholes who knew where it was could take it. They let the nazis steal advanced technology and then sat by while they used it to genocide everyone. Hitler took a bunch of dangerous shit away from some irresponsible people and used it to create an advanced society.


A nigger steals a handgun from you and used it to murder 5 innocent people and 1 serial killer. Were you responsible for the murders? Were the murders justified?

Had you clamped down on Holla Forums derails long before their cancer completely merged with us and drew a proper line between discussing vidya and shitposting, people wouldn't be treating moderation as a joke and wouldn't be treating Holla Forums as their designated shitting street
While I'm glad some obvious action is being undertaken, you are going to have a hard time doing anything without anyone crying 'hurr 4chan moderation' after everyone has become so used to barely even being moderated in the first place


Why don't you kill yourself ?

too expensive, and it wasn't optimized enough.
it had about the same graphical fidelity as Metro 2033, but ran still badly
it's not my fault that a hd7970 with a custom cooler can't run full grafex

If the handgun was a series of nukes, propaganda "enhancing" equipment, tanks and revolutionary tech ahead of it's time which would give the nigga absolute power over an entire country, that you JUST HAPPENED TO MAKE IN YOUR BASEMENT FOR NO REASON, yes.

You should also be shot.

There's a point where you can't use a metaphor to call it a handgun when that sort of shit has WAAAAAAY more malicious use then just operating as a handgun.

Also in the handgun argument, also yes, because you didn't keep that shit secure. It is your fault. if it weren't for you, the dude would have done something else to achive his malicious goals, but you helped him carry them out by being an idiot with your gun.

Also it's yes to the first question, not the second.

Murder is non-justifiable unless someone's going to kill a whole lot of other people and that's the only way to stop that person.

An pinpoint airstrike in kazwetbackistan is justifiable if a dude's about to suicide bomb a shopping mall, for example.

To be more specific, negligent gun storage is a punishable offense. It can even land you in jail without anyone actually getting hurt, let alone if your gun was used in a crime.

It really only comes up if it's actually used in a crime and forensics looks up the sell number, or if a police officer walks into your house and literally sees your gun on a counter, easily reachable.

The only reason Holla Forums derails happen is because anti-Holla Forums gladly shitposts back. Mods should be cracking down on real shitposters, not babysitting political disputes

Murder doesn't need to be justified. In the end it doesn't matter what reasons you had to kill someone, because they're now dead and it's can't be undone. If you did it in self-defense, well good for you, but one of you would have died either way so there's no net improvement, and in some scenarios nobody had to die in a self-defense incident so you're left with a negative overall change.

In this day an age, with advent of a "gun" force equalizer, there murder and whatnot should not be recognized as a crime. People just should stock up on guns and kill each other if they think it's necessary. Then all the fuckwits will be dead and only well adjusted individuals will ultimately survive. Granted if you'd just implement that out of blue, that'd result in massacres, but as I said, soon enough all the fuckwits would be dead and it'd stabilize at a much better offense rate than with word of law protecting all the faggots that need to be disposed of.

Man, you're missing the point, edgelord. The reason we need guns is so we can STOP shooting each-other.

Yes, it sounds fuckin' silly but here's how it works.

You hit a couple of points but you missed the
overall one.

No, this is not how it works, people kill in self defence, and through this exhibition of power criminals start being the cowards who don't do shit and actually try to work for a living.

You sound like a guy who wants the world to burn down, but I want it to LIVE. For fuck's sake, work on your attitude AND presentation.

You concentrate too much on the edge and too little on the substance. Because what you described is basically the whole idea behind getting everyone armed and removing penalties for killing people, so that defense and retaliation killing will not possibly land people in jail, which is #1 reason law abiding citizens may hesitate to use their firearms to solve such critical issues.

Holla Forums is no one's friend.
All this "hurr Holla Forums sucks" "hurr go back to leftypol" bullshit got old months ago, but the fact of the matter is that Holla Forums only cares about Holla Forums.

doesnt it become nazi magic at that point? or am i missing a major plot point?

The mechs and cyborgs are based off of Jew technology, and the concrete the Nazis used was based off of Jew schematics. Everything after the war was invented by Nazis, but they still wouldn't have won if not for the Jew tech.

The final boss. It was just one massive bullet-sponge. I'm usually pretty forgiving about bosses that are bullet-sponges, but not for a final boss. It was an annoying let down to an otherwise standout game.