Let's have a motherfucking

Let's have a motherfucking

What are some of your favorites? Extra Mario Bros. is fucking great. So is Mega Man Indonesian Artifact.

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Isn't that just La Mulana?

Touhou Puppet Play 1.8 Enhanced is my favorite Pokemon Fire Red Rom Hack.

It even includes Johto as a postgame.

The MSU1 shit for SNES is fun to play with.

Cthulu Mario ROMhack is pretty fun to play as well, except the fucking creator removed it from most places.

I would like good GBA rom hacks that aren't Pokemon for once.

Vortex's safe space, if only because i don't really give a shit about rom hacks, but find this one funny.

Basically a game about the average cuckhacking.net mod as they try to purge the forums of things that trigger them.

There's a lot of rom hacks for Zero Mission to make it more difficult.

Sonic romhacking community is pretty great when it's not just making the millionth "[insert character that's easy to make custom sprites for] IN SONIC 1/2/3!!!!" hack. Or when the lead dev of a hack is busted for fucking his underage sister.

Hilarious in hindsight.

Jesus, that furfag actually fucked his baby sister? Never really got the full story because the Sonic autists made sure discussion of him was verboten.

I can't find anything on it, but that's what I heard.

That "FF6 : Beyond Chaos" counts as a romhack?


I would like good rom hacks that aren't Sonic/Mario for once.

No love for DKC hacks? Just check this shit out, this nippon dude is doing a great job with this.

I rom hacked ur mum last night and she was all
and I was all

OP you are a faggot but you have good taste.

If I'm not mistaken the lead developer of that game became a part of Sonic Mania.

I'd be more excited for them if I could figure out how the fuck they work. Earthbound MSU-1 with 80's style soundtrack fucking when?

Does this have Physical/Special split? If it does I'm sold.
Fucking BRs.
Is it too much to ask that Pokémon hacks to be either updates to the engine to make it like the current gen as faithfully as possible without adding bullshit? Or something more than simple "all 386 but with added difficulty" romhacks like Sweets or Touhoumon for example?


Whoa i found a pastebin of the whiny faggot

Well apparently if you take his word for it he did a cumshot on his sister.

*Yeah, that's basically Headcannon games


I'm waiting for embed related, while playing Hyper Metroid and expecting AM2R to launch. I don't give a fuck about Nintendo not making Metroid games.

Other good romhacks are the Anual Vanilla Design Contest Collaboration hacks for Super Mario World. They're comfy and fun as fuck to play.

Do you know where I can find it?
I saw some gameplay of it on youtube, and I wanted to play it so bad.

The autist behind the Headcannon Engine is based as fuck, too bad the engine is closed source, because of the same autism

At least the engine is well optimized, and runs on pretty much anything. I'm glad that he's working on Sonic Mania, at least they'll get the physics right, and the engine will see some development

Any CV: Circle of the Moon hacks?

Daily reminder that Carol will NEVER EVER finish Brutal/Kitiku Mario World.


My absolute nigga.

The one for emerald does if I remember correctly.

Posting one of my favorite crossover hacks.

Speaking of crossover hacks, anyone got SMW call of cuthulu?

I remember this one from years ago. I thought it was the shit, especially the bosses. Was also a bitch to find an updated version of it, or any version at all, for that matter.

it's on this list
I hope you know how to patch shit.

I'm still waiting for the sequel to come out.

I'm waiting for the sequel as well.
I remember i was so into this hack i ended up making pic related

Here: my.mixtape.moe/frxbzs.sfc

From my personal playthroughs, I usually try to play romhacks that arent to ZANNY AND CRAZY, but more of a second go at the game in a different world. So far I have played and loved ;

Parrellel Worlds LTTP
Goddess Of Wisdom LTTP
Hyper Metroid
Phazon Metroid
Eris Metroid
Hyldius Metroid
Outlands Legend Of Zelda
Shadow Of Night Zelda II
Crimson/Flames of Eternity Chrono Trigger

All of them were a blast

Castlevania Remix is one of my favorite graphic mods, it makes the game feel like a vintage noir horror movie. Very aesthetically pleasing.

Dragoon X Omega Golden is my second favorite overhaul mod. It's dragon warrior but in SPACE. Also guns.

The best romhack ever made is Rockman 4 Minus Infinity. Blows any megaman game out of the water.

It's also worth mentioning that someone put the entire FFVII game into a FFII romhack, it's easy to appreciate for the work put in it alone.

AFAIK Tweaker is gay and it was a boy he admitted to molesting.

If you need a patcher that runs on Unix try this one:
LunarIPS is OK, but it has a GUI and must be run through Wine, while IPS Tools runs natively and from the CLI.

are there romhacks that remove lag from games????

You'd have more luck trying emulator options and hacks across different emulators. Lag removing is difficult work (you are still bound by the specs of the emulated system), but most importantly it's underappreciated.

If your game is famous enough there could be a remake on a newer system that fixes the lag. 3D Kirby's Adventure for example.

Nobody's mentioned Rockman 4 Minus Infinity yet.

It's a must play for any megaman fan. New music, stages, and weapons + many more features not present in the original Megaman 4.

See for yourself: sites.google.com/site/rockman4mi/

Got the romhack name or site for it?

touhoumon purple.

Was the V0.4 ever released?

Cause Mario ain't even an atario
You wanna play with gabario?

MSU1 hacks has an entire MEGA library for shit on Emuparadise. Only one they don't have is Chrono Trigger and got that from an user here, thanks user if you're around still.

Just tried to convert it into .cia, but I won't be able to test it until I get access to my 3ds.

The game's a chinese pirate.

Wow, 3DD homebrew is really a chore.


More like Fraudtario!

Oh, while on the subject of MSU-1, some group of hackers managed to get a working restoration of BS The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Satellaview.

It's in English, so expect cringe-worthy voice acting. No word on a Japanese restoration.

I really wish they had a proper tutorial on how to start delving into MSU-1 hacking. That's honestly the only thing I'm interested in doing with rom hacking.

Any Megaman Zero romhacks?

It's my favourite platformer series.

Psh, you call that Cringe-worthy? Skip to 21:44 on this video and you'll see real cringe.





i don't even know where to begin

Anyone know of some good PS1 / N64 romhacks? Other than Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition and Wind Waker Chaos Edition, I can't think of any off the top of my head.

I'd like to see more ambitious projects than another 7 million SMB1 or Sonic hacks.

God, I wish I wasn't a child when the Satellaview was out. Things like that seem so neat to me.

Have any of the other games been salvaged somehow?



Yes, we have plenty of the satalellaview roms, and a few recordings of the jap audio that would stream to the device, like for BS Fire Emblem.

forgot the vid

If only. Seems only character swaps, some interesting (like SNES X swap, or Omega for 3, etc) but that's about it. No Ciel.

This looks pretty neat. Worth playing for someone who still hasn't played LoZ1?

That was actually made before the ebola outbreak. It just makes DK's sprites really bloody IIRC.

user your image seems to be fucked

Depends. If I'm not mistaken the game has a timer or has dungeons open after a specific amount of time, at least in what I've played of it so far. Never beaten the first game myself outside of NES Remix, so I wouldn't be the faggot to ask.

Oh and you'll need either SD2SNES, bsnes or higan to emulate this shit properly.

Anyone know of good packs of rom hacks? A pokemon one with all or most of the completed rom hacks would just about make my life.

Super Mario 64 Star Road is pretty popular.


Here's the Mediafire Folder from the halfchan's Romhacking threads, have fun

tfw /vr/ is slow as fuck here


Wow, thank's so much dude I'm gonna be having a bunch of fun with this one. Can't wait to really dive into this thing.

Please, let us know when you get to convert it. I'd do it myself, but sadly all of those tools are Windows only

326e4d here, forgot to inform you all. The conversion did not work. Will try again in a bit.

Any good Pokemon X/Y romhacks?

I can at least confirm that it works on the CatSFC Retroarch Core on my New 3DS.

Does it work without any music glitches or framerate drops?

please tell me I don't fucking need DOSbox

I am beyond the point of anger, I think I've just gone numb.

Do people not understand LunarIPS?

These graphics patches are nice and all, but why not let Mario revel in his inner Moon Man?

Oddly doesn't work right on the free version of Nostalgia NES on my Android tablet (Nextbook) as it just goes straight into World 0-1

As for hacks I like:
Mario Adventure (An oldie but a goodie SMB3 Hack)
Super KKK Bros 2 (Mario, Luigi, AND Toad (Also Peach) all live out their inner Moon Man)
Randomizing hacks of Pokemon games from Dabomstew's UPR, and Sanqui's online Red Randomizer
That one FF6 Randomizer (Beyond Chaos?)
SNPCFF1337(?) (That one SMB3 hack "I'm a Hentai. I need sex to survive! If you'll fuck me, I'll give you a prize.")
Pussy City Pimps
Donner Party

I've become partial to a certain popular SMW randomizer found here:


Dotsarecoolp is an SMW beast…