Kingdom Hearts 3
What are your expectations, user?

I expect SE to fuck something up royally.

I expect the game to explain the fucking story well enough to end this miserable series.

you can't do anything


The story is so round about none of it matters. Do I just need a ps3 to play all the games?

I heard that after the Xehanort saga its going to continue off with the old masters saga

That means more KH for the all of us user!


But can I do ANYTHING?

Shut the fuck up

I'd like to ask a broader question just to get the ball going on what will be no doubt a shitty thread full of shitposts:

KH is a JRPG ARPG hybrid, deliberately keeping many JRPG tropes and elements in it's combat.

Now with the future of FF, SE is also going the ARPG route there too.
However they're not making the new FF into KH, if anything it seems to be closer to a KH-FFXII hybrid, conceptually.

Do you think this was a good idea?
Should've FF flat out remained a strict turn based RPG, even tho they sell like shit on home consoles this gen?
Should future FF have embraced KH combat system more and went full ARPG, instead of remaining more on the traditional side in terms of feedback and speed?
Would that have hurt KH?

And, in fact, did this decision "save" KH by keeping it a separate thing that doesn't have the same feedback and speed as the newer FF, thus preserving the two series as separate experiences?


I don't know user, they did a good job with KH 1.5 and 2.5 except for a few fuck ups with bugs.

Is not rocket science, nigger, it's just complicated because of Disney, pic related.

This will be the case, most likely.

Yes, it's worth it, at least, just CFW it. You can also have a lot of remastered games and shit.

ok i'll do that then.

Yes and no. I don't think the gameplay separation was necessary to keep KH alive, because much of KH's appeal comes from its unique themes and characters compared to FF. However, I do still think it was a good thing to preserve at least some aspects of the traditional gameplay, and personally I would prefer even more of a turn-based focus for the FF series just as a matter of taste.


That's nice but can i DOOL WIYILD?


A lot of stuf is cut from all KH games sadly.
Sometimes it resurfaces later tho.
Pride Lands was supposed to be in KH1, but it was scrapped, to be later implemented in KH2 instead.

i expect it's too late for me to give a shit unless it drops past 30 dollars real quick or i can pirate it

that's a cute lion.

Got any more pics?


358/2 days was really disappointing in that regard, specially since half the members depart to Castle Oblivion before the day 50, even. I wanted to explore not only Roxas' story, but the other members of Organization XIII story too.



kingdom hearts 3 featuring magic: the gathering


Man you guys are going maximum overhype for dumb shit, if you actually read it it's just affecting it. Not outright changing it.

I expect them to release FFXV, have a huge fallout saying that it was a "failure". Then I expect them to release two more FFXV sequels with even more negative reception( and more shilling from clothing companies and movie/animation studios). Then I expect them to work on FFVII remake, release another trailer and delay that for a couple more years and never speak of it for a while. Then I expect to see them release even more expansion packs for FFXIV or release FFXVI, the next greatest MMO that will nearly bankrupt again because they were being stupid again. Then I expect them to make FFXVI a WOW clone and every body to hop back on their dicks saying that square is "shaping up for the better". Then I expect another FFVII remake trailer that will talk about their episodic plan, pre-order DLC, and DLC content for that first episode. Holla Forums will get furious with smatterings of fuckers saying they're okay with it and are desperate for more final fantasy.
The long waited FFVII anime needs to come out along with a live action movie first. Then in the FFVII remake trailers, there will be some content missing or something censored out/missing something that defeats the entire purpose of FFVII. There will be a huge controversy over it and people will be pissed so square will crawl back in it's hole until they have to reveal news at a game show. Then there will be a massive patch or expansion to FFXVI so that will satiate square fans for a while. Then at the E3(2019-2021 I'm guessing) show they will announce Kingdom Hearts 2.6969:Never Ever Darknessdreamlight where we see the story from the perspective of each person's nobody's heartless's ansem.
at the end of their show the last thing they show is a trailer for FFXVII, it will be all cool and what the "fans"(later repourposed for a wider audience with gimmick of the generation like VR) would want in a FF game. People will be asking for news about where the fuck FFVII remake is and they'll say it is in development like the last guardian. Then after another year long delay they will announce that FFVII episode I and FFXVII are too visionary and revolutionary to work on [current gen] and will be released on the next gen. A couple years after the next gen FFXVII will release and flop because they needed everybody on the planet to play it in order to recoup their losses. Then they will finally release FFVII remake episode I and it will be shit too. They will be bankrupted and killed off and then all their IPs will be in IP hell. They won't make KH3 because it is a fucking carrot on a stick at this point. They can say shit and have gameplay of it but they will probably transfer to 50 different engines and go through 50 different directors so it will be in dev hell.

theyve been waiting for kingdom hearts 3 for like 200 years, give them some slack

I'm one of the guys who has been waiting for it too, but people need to learn how to read instead of hyping up one small feature.




Those were remasters, not a whole new game



heres an important question. will panties be visible in this game?

No, 1.5 and 2.5 were western HD releases of final mix.

How the fuck do they manage to get fired?

Why do they have to stop making Gargoyles upon them being fired!??!



I bet the crew will have a new member. Prepare for adventure with Sora, Donald, Goofy and the nigger from Disney's Star Wars 7.

Because Japanese execs are spiteful manchildren


Did anyone ever realize the bad guys got where they were because everyone's stupid as fuck?

Can anyone explain to me what exactly the story to these bullshit games is about,

I've played 1 and 2 and while 1 barely made sense 2 is a utter joke of a narrative which is impressive considering 1's bullshit

i get that it's the king arthur sword in the stone bullshit with a keyblade and a bunch of dumb kids and disney/ final fantasy characters fighting their respective villains over the 7 maguffin ladies but 2 with it's nobody schizo bullshit and more doors and hearts and other shit that never gets explained

1 was a better game anyway better controls and learning skills and no atlantica singing shit

It's not even hard to understand you dumb faggot.

I'm too tired to explain it to you though. In fact right after this post I'll be going to bed. Fuck you.

sorry i'm not a big enough speg to play 5 shitty sidegames and study wikis about this useless crap

It's a story that seems to have come from a 15 year old girl aspiring to write crossover fanfiction.

CPBOT please global report/1Sh2H


And stop being dumb.

There's a game between 1 and 2 retard
That said the narrative is a clusterfuck but it's not hard to follow

What is this new meme where everyone says KH2's story was easy to understand?

It's marginally easier than KH1's, KH1's story is just simpler. Once you get KH1's story, KH2's is pretty simple, really.
It's that simple, but, of course, it gets even more complicated as you go on to BBS, for example.

I expect maybe 3 times you will actually change he environment and they will all have glowing arrows and characters talking about them so you KNOW it happened. Kind of like Fable 2 with it's "your choices mattered, no really," after the time skips.

Wrong. They didn't do anything bad then entire game.

Pretty sure Kairi's panties were visible in 2.

I'm just looking forward to having another pair of Utada Hikaru songs.

As long as you don't fret the "coherent story" or "makes sense" aspects of it, then it is very easy to understand.


I thought she stopped working on the games?

you didn't, you glitched the camera on her press and seen a white void for a place holder

Why do people still care about this absolute autism shitshow of a game series?
You know that they will NOT end the series with this one and it's only going to get even worse.

More gay shit and terrible voice acting?

Same as last time. A clusterfuck story and yaoi fangirls.

Unless someone gives the developers an actual thesaurus this time, I'm guessing the plot will go like this:

Just looked it up. Apparently Square was too Jewish with paying her to sing in both English and Jap, which is why she hasn't sung for them again. I honestly thought it was a numbered release thing.

So unless Square got their shit together and stopped being greedy, we're getting a new songstress. Which is sad.

KH games have such stupid stories, but at least the games themselves are fun.

Honestly it's a bit suprisingly they had Platinum work on Nier and not help on KH, given that it is such a larger property and they've shown they can do all ages games before. Or is this a japanese corporate prestige thing, it has to be done in house no matter what?

Why would they have Platinum help? Gameplay's never been a problem for KH. It has been for the Drakengard series.

How can anyone like this POS series is beyond me…

All I'd want them to do is give the battle a bit more verticality again and help them with camera and control issues, which are always issues with the series.

It would be nice to see them make Drakengard 4 then, but I imagine platinum after this they will have moved on to another random franchise and platform.

Frostbite Engine.

Simple settings for simple people, user.

Pretty sure it's Unreal 4.


Asking seriously here but how many games of the last 20 years were truly revolutionary? Nearly every game seems more like the same shit, especially MMO and FPShit.

It's because of the stupidity is why KH is fun. You can't fight against your own manipulated body with your own sentient armor, fight with cards, summon disney characters, use a cards as your means to attack or jump and slice through buildings within the same series without going full-retard.

So any game made later than 1996 qualifies?

Are you serious?

He said he was asking seriously, so it's clear he's just a severely uninformed fool. Spoonfeed him or ignore him.

2 years*

And how long have we been waiting for this again?

I'm pretty sure they were textured.

Her panties were removed in KH2.5 though, so the answer to

is "no".

So what makes a "revolutionary" game? I'd say it's games with some aspect to them that we haven't seen before or seen before in a particular way that could significantly impact games as a medium.

I'd say Witcher 3 qualifies. Absolutely huge world,, fucking phenomenal voice acting, very good graphics. It's a really good example of something being better than the sum of its parts and given the endless stream of lowest common denominator shit we've been served for the last few years, it's good to see a return to what you can do when you go all-in and actually do the hard work. Especially given their upcoming Cyberpunk game, if CDPR can knock a similarly ambitious game out, we might see other studios starting to copy their comprehensive approach.

Kerbal space program qualifies. For all the comedy and simplification, you have a game that actually teaches the basics of orbital flight. It showed that there is actually a market for "hard science" games, even if it has cutesy graphics. Anything that can get shiftless NEET millennials talking about porkchop diagrams for interplanetary transfer is revolutionary in my book.

Star citizen has pulled in 100 million in independent funding. At this point, they could put out a space invaders clone and they would still have revolutionized crowdfunding. Games like Pillars of eternity, Shadowrun returns, No man's sky etc. would not be possible without this and it showed that people really want old-school space games again. You don't have to like it but it fits the definition.

Stellaris combines the 4x gameplay we know from every space strategy game ever made with the EU4/CK2 style grand diplomacy in mid- to late-game. Neither of these is new on their own but I have yet to see that combination in any other game and it really makes sense. It has a good chance of pointing the way to how space-empire games ought to be made because late-game diplomacy and empire management is something you don't see in Master of Orion clones.

Fucking Pokemon go got NEETs out of the house in a way Ingress never did. I think we'll see a lot of branded clones of this in the time to come which, by definition, makes it revolutionary.

Was W3 revolutionary? Like it sounds more like the pinnacle of established design paradigms, not that it introduced new ones that all games following it will ape. Or did it do something to the industry?

Something like Halo was revolutionary because it drastically altered the course of FPS as a genre and the game industry as a whole (suddenly, online multiplayer on consoles was the hot thing, even though it existed for years before xbox live).

People have said FF7 (by people I mean people in the industry) was the start of the massive budgets for video games because suddenly everything had to be cinematic and "epic" and what not.

I would not put kerbal, W3, Stellaris as revolutionary in any way.

Pokemon GO is definitively going to be remembered simply by how huge it is, let alone what it means for games now. GPS interaction is going to start being included in games that it never made sense before. Just wait.

That's what I mean and that, to me, IS revolutionary because of the slide into mediocrity we have seen in the past few years. Suddenly there's a studio that goes all out and does the work required to polish (not to mention the after-care the game has gotten) it into a classic. If other devs take note, that will have made a revolution by definition.

Halo was truly revolutionary in that it made heavy-handed Christian mythology palatable to low-effort consoletards which is a feat of its own. Neither it, nor FF7 came out during the past 2 years but I see what you mean.

If that's where you put the bar of revolutionary, hardly any of the well-known classics would qualify or, indeed, any game whatsoever. I think a significant new mechanic or the use of mechanics or attributes of the game combined in a way that makes other copy you to a significant degree is a better definition.

Don't worry, we'll surely get Frozen_ in KH3

Companies are trying to come up with something but what got people interested are the pokémon themselves, not the "gameplay". They'll surely try to copy it but everyone will inevitably fail, it's whatever brand against pokémon, even digimon couldn't put up a fight if they were to make a Digimon go.