B.J. Blaskowicz can't operate an espresso machine on a train to New Berlin

This is beyond James Bond, beyond even Snake Plissken. This protagonist is straight up Gurren Lagann territory. I guess it's only natural if you killed mecha-Hitler in 1945, which didn't end the war for some reason.



What possible reason did the Chosen have for keeping all that ultratech locked up?
None of this would've happened if everyone had that technology.

I actually absolutely loved how they handled him in the new games.
He's autistic.
Like he's LEGIT autistic and kinda insane, the only thing he can do is kill and maul shit, he's shit at everything else, he doesn't have a life aside chopping up people.
And his psyche reflects that, he's a complete manchild, half insane, with a broken mind.

It's such a literal interpretation of the character with a dash of realism in terms of how a person constantly surrounded by death and violence would turn out to become after many years, i love it.
The games themselves are just ok, nothing to write home about, but hearing him mumble to himself descending into madness was brilliant.


They developed incredible machinery which was easily weaponized. What do you think they would have done goyim?

Have you ever tried to use one? Like fucking rocket science.


He's the most Aryan looking Jew I've ever seen. I wonder if Hitler would like him.

you think he has a feminine penis?

Well considering that every Jew who volunteered to work or volunteered to join the army was allowed that and not put in a camp, yeah. There were about 70 000 Jew volunteers in the Wehrmacht and SS, and some more working as mechanics or other professions.

The ones imprisoned in camps, the majority of Jews, just were typical kikes and refused to work for a living.They were Jews who insisted on making a profit from swindling the goyim.

Gramps was a smart guy

And who was that user?



I'm so glad cocky bitches like her get this treatment. I love you anons

He's only half Jew.

That mean he's half circumcised?

I fail to see how he could be able to direct the goverment of germany during the war.

Time for you to take the real red pill.

Whats next user?
Are you going to tell me franco was the one responsable for the fall of france?

where the fuck did this come from? I already had a Wolfenstein thread going…
Eh..that's devolving into people crying about Doom.

Well anyway, here is the answer OP.
Its a video game.
The writing is an excuse to get the character from one action set piece to another.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Jews are shown as the dumbest and most incompetent fucks on the good side, if not as active villains by jerking off in a corner the whole time the rest of the planet was being taught to heil properly or die trying.

These fuckers had Stargate ayy-level technology, which could have smashed the Reich like a bug the instant it started to even consider gassing them (a massacre nobody at the time would've minded seeing considering the universal Nazi-hatred), and all they did was pass tiny shit to the Allies while waxing philosophical about knowing God through tech until the moment they got taken to summer camp. They had the power to avert millions upon millions of deaths and the near-extinction of their kind, and all they did was accept their fate as they stood in line to become soap and lampshades.

Now, this is poorly explained-away as "we never built it to use, only to prove we could" and "we make this to understand God better through technology", but that kind of "it's just high art, bro" philosophy would've been thrown at the window in favor of "atomize the fuckers now, and ask God for forgiveness later" doctrine by any sane group or nation that had a global superpower blatantly genociding its race. Even if it went against any pacifistic and no-tech-use policies of the Da'at Yichud, the policy of "don't fucking die, you retards" should've overruled that pretty quickly to let them not sit there and take being thrown into the ovens lying down. Self-preservation is the strongest instinct humans have, and yet apparently not even one of them got the idea to take the stupidly-strong tech we see (including an armor suit that's the love child of Human Revolution and Dead Space's visual designs, and a self-recharging power generator that can be used to power laser guns forever) and holocaust some Nazis right back.

And let's not forget: The entire reason the Nazis went from "newly-reborn global superpower that got immediately gangbanged by almost all of the other big boys at once, with predictable results" to "we wuz moon colonists, robotics pioneers and sheeit" was because they blasted open and nicked some technology from a Da'at Yichud vault, and one with some of the group's weaker creations at that. This means that, even if only indirectly through incompetence and/or negligence in locking their dangerous art-tech away securely, Jews are to blame for the entire world getting shoah'd. If they put proper archaic and esoteric locks made of non-flimsy material on their ancient vaults, maybe the Nazis wouldn't have just strolled in and nabbed the tech for free use in conquering the world.

(continuing next post)

But the best part is, even if the Nazis getting Da'at Yichud tech was inevitable, it was apparently some pretty weak tech compared to the real good shit that was still secure, meaning it should have been child's play for the Jews to say "fuck it, have some laser rifles or whatever, goyim" to the Allies, kick back and watch the fireworks as Germany got stomped on ten times harder than in the real-world version of the war. Or, if they were worried about non-Jews having access to, being corrupted by and reverse-engineering such powerful tech to use against them, they could always have just armed themselves and started wrecking shit while laughing the whole way at minimal risk of injury, everyone else would've just kissed their asses for saving the world so controversy's not a concern. They could have saved the world and millions of lives by arming up their friends/themselves/both, stomping into Germany and grinding the Third Reich to a fine powder under their high-tech boots in a mater of days, possibly even coming out into the open and establishing a near-utopia with them as its leaders, but they just sat on their asses and let the end come marching to them while millions died needlessly.

In the context of TNO, Jews are technically worse villains than the Nazis, in the same sense that the jackass that leaves a fully-loaded gun lying around in a public park is a much bigger asshole than some dumbass punk kid who picks it up and shoots someone with it. The Nazis are shitheads for sure in TNO, but they wouldn't have gotten farther than getting curbstomped by the Allies if the Jews had the basic sense to lock up their fancy tech properly, or to smash anyone stupid enough to steal it from them before things got out of hand, meaning that every event and every death following the timeline divergence from real WWII is their fault via pure negligence. They could've stopped it at any time directly or indirectly, or even prevented the whole ordeal in the first place, but all they did was sit around and circlejerk until they were all suddenly in camps and had no idea how things got so bad.

It'd be like if ayys dropped plasma weapons technology into North Korea, it conquered the world by being OP as shit, and then the ayys said: "Whoops, we dropped our pretty lights machine onto your planet's surface, sorry humans, we're cool right? If so, that's great, because we need your help fending off these North Koreans currently lining us up and shooting us after taking down our mothership and raiding it, if you'd be so kind. We could've blasted their region into a basketball court to fix our mistake before things got bad, but we felt it'd be rude, so we decided to let you all get genocided and then let ourselves get genocided too instead. Surely, you understand and will help us fix the problem now, while we sit around and gossip about alien celebrities all day, and you do all the hard work of killing them."

If the intention was to make Jews look like sympathetic Ghandi-Renaissance folk with ayy tech, all they managed to do was make a plot that'd pass as coming right out of Holla Forums, provided you added some self-awareness of how bad Jews look in this and some merchant jokes for proper flavor.


Asume he's even better than Sooty.



Yup, the departure from real world is evident. Or is it?

it really isn't a quantum argument, the argument for that side is very simple.

Jews control way to much and are fucking over everyone that isn't them

Kill them and remove them from Germany

That was the argument. It had truth to it, but the reaction to it was extreme.

Considering all the involvement of jews in communist coups the fact the game tries to pretend they were completely innocent pacifists who would rather face extinction than intervene in anything is a pretty far off view from reality.
The fact the game managed to make them look like assholes and make most of the Nazis, bar the completely psychotic main villain, look more sympathetic, whatever the fuck the developers were trying to do is certainly a mystery.

You don't need to be smart, you don't even need a good heart, just need to do the right thing. You might lose, but you wont.

That'd be a very good and uplifting slogan, if not for the fact that being stupid cost millions of lives and led to total world domination by Nazis so vile they make the real thing look angelic in comparison. "You tried" only goes so far, and the stopping point is well before "but the entire world got ruined and is now run by a bunch of genocidal maniacs because you didn't succeed".

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a different timeline.

hello reddit

Crush a can for Jay Owen!

Because killing a head of state doesn't stop his ideals, it makes him a martyr.
By killing Hitler in 1945 you just made the nazis stronger.

Also I wouldn't consider this game to the point OP is doing, the writing is pretty bad and the whole thing was done to make you feel cool, which it does, mostly.


she believes she looks good hue



What would happen if Hitler died in any of these years?

Nice try Holla Forums but that's some alternate history shit right there. Unless you're saying the children in there were typical kikes as well.

not the guy you refer to but a nice thought experiment

probably (80%) no war, but the reich keeps it land in Austria and Czechoslovakia
they lose the war faster as russians attack first and rush forward and also not lose most of their equipment like they did because of Barbarossa
the german high command takes over and probably does a better job than H, possibly keeps bombing english airfields instead of factories, which keeps the air superiority over their side. Possible peace talks too securing German occupation of central Europe.

Wolfenstein isn't supposed to make sense, I mean the Nazis are the bad guys for fucks sake.

I just binged all of DCAU last week and that has to be my second favorite episode overall.

Hello bait kun do you know what the word majority means and that 51% is still the majority.

I just hope they make more Wolfenstein stuff in the near future so I could see Holla Forums sperg out some more

To be honest the writing in the new order is so bad that it makes you a terrorist that kills civilians and nazis a race of super men that are ready to terraform deserts and planets for the benefit of humanity.

So if they keep the series going this way I doubt pol will have much to speech about

It all comes down to intuitive Aryan design.

Meanwhile espresso: have you ever met a barista who didn't look like a complete idiot? They need those machines to make them feel good.


Yes, that's exactly what I expect.

What's the problem?

I make basic electronics in my bedroom. But don't ask me to work a microwave, I will fail.

I don't like the whole pol thing and muh jews, but dude come on. Wolfenstein is written by a 12 year old


For fucks sake

Is there a place where I can buy a female SS uniform and Swastika armband?

Asking for a special friend

The events transpiring in Wolfenstien are dumb and poorly written but I enjoyed the alternate WW2 timeline and stuff


Don't be absurd

SS uniform is Hugo Boss so you should be be able to find something similar suitwise and then make a Swastika by sewing

So do I, I just wish it was a little more thought out. Wolfenstein has a really interesting universe, I just want it used properly.

The idea of setting the new order in the 60 was 10/10, and the whole expansion with music was an amazing idea. The story itself was not very well written unfortunately, which is a pity when you have such a rich frame for it.

If the Holocaust didn't happen why hate the jews?


Shit. Is it too much ask for an almost exact replica of one?

This. The Beatles and the Jimi Hendrix was very interesting. And the Nazi society was also interesting. But then they threw in a bunch of retarded almost anime type shit into the writing like "The Jews have a superweapon that can destroy all Nazis"

Early enough to be a huge snarl of following breakpoint potentials. Without Hitler driving the territorial reclaimation show forward, though, it's likely that Germany will be in a somewhat worse position materially by the time the Western Allies inevitably force the war to go on. Hitler's military oversight was a blessing and a curse. At Fort Eben-Amael in 1940, he ordered the use of gliders, having learned from Hanna Reitsch that they were essentially silent in flight. Undetectable without radar or eyes-on. Belgian AA used audio locational technology- essentially gigantic earhorns- rather than radar, so they were caught completely by surprise, with gliders landing close around and one on top of the fortress. Five hundred men capture one thousand and the entire fortress. As another example, when the 6th Army saw huge success in Fall Blau- the move to capture Stalingrad and the oil fields beyond- he diverted the 4th Panzer Army southwards, which caused an unforeseen week-long traffic jam between the 4th and 1st Panzer Armies. Afterwards, he reassigned the 4th to Stalingrad, the would-be initiative advantage of the former decision lost. You lose on certain madcap successes, the ready footing of aggressive policy, to gain a general staff unimpeded by certain instances of Hitler's anger. Now, it will be impeded by its own troubles without mediation, such as the conflict between the old guard and the new guard on new arms like the various Kurz rifles culminating in the Sturmgewehr, which Hitler opposed penny packeting, but was very intent on implementing en masse once ready, it was never truly hidden from him. Something of a wash.

Either Barbarossa goes off with fewer hitches with no split away from Moscow or 'not one step back' policies, or if the new Fuhrer & general staff get cold feet, a possible Icebreaker reverse-Barbarossa and all the FUN that implies. May lead to an early loss and a Red Alert Europe or a Man with the Iron Heart-style insurgency, or it may lead to the Soviets' initial successes being followed by counterattacks and horrendous, disastrous encirclements in Poland and eastern Germany and a similar governmental situation to the sheer chaos of an early Moscow.

Again, a wash. Things are too far along to be optimistic, and a separate peace is terribly unlikely. Things may go a little better than OTL, or they may well go worse due to faltering resolve and a subsequent lack of time for last-ditch fanaticism to really develop. You need a lot of butterflies flapping just the right industrial & strategic elements to extract something like a 46 or 47 war out of this.

The Battle of Britain took place in 1940, user. Vengeance bombing started well into it and continued afterwards. You have to go earlier to avoid that snare.

Guy has literal brain damage.
And the game doesn't even wince at that.
Him and his buddies are outright presented as delusional terrorists, living in the past and blowing up buildings, killing thousands of innocent people for the sake of a regime long gone.

This series of jewish fantasy is not even worth a pirate.

It's Eli Roth tier. But because it' jews, it's okay.

Can you imagine a game where you kill zionist jews? Won't happen. Why? Because jews, that's why.


I remember it being subpar putting aside the cool concept (the big season opening and ending episodes of Justice League were are all sort of like that really). I don't much remember why though aside from the same bullshit the opened season 1 with, the leaguers being too weak to break shit and then ripping through it no problem later. Justice League got me real interested in Vandal Savage (who I'd never heard of) along with The Question, I really need to look up what's worth reading on them.