Halo SPV3 Released

2 days ago

What is it?
SPV3 is a total overhaul of the Halo 1 campaign for the PC.
The mod not only includes new weapons, enemies, vehicles, areas to explore and levels,
but also contains easter eggs such as terminals that explain the changes to the story, and skulls which add new twists onto the gameplay.
It is finely tuned to provide an optimal experience on Legendary difficulty, just like the original game was, and also includes an all new difficulty level "Noble" difficulty.
A full list of changes is way too big to make. I recommend checking out embed, and the guys channel.

How can I play?
If you have Halo Custom Edition already installed, simply download this file:
Download: mediafire.com/download/0ee2ectm52nckb6/SPV3.0.0 Mod Content.zip
Mirror: haloce3.com/ccount/click.php?id=sp_spv3_mod_zip
This includes the patch to Halo CE 1.10, Open Sauce 4.0, and all the mod content.
Open the readme, and the rest of the instructions are in there.

If you don't have Halo Custom Edition already installed, get yourself a CD Key, and download this file:
If you don't have Halo Custom Edition already installed, get yourself a CD Key, and download this file
Download: mediafire.com/download/qjj5q4fzyxoty4z/SPV3.0.0 Mod Content and Game.rar
Mirror: haloce3.com/ccount/click.php?id=sp_spv3_mod_game_rar
Now open up the readme, follow the instructions there!

I need more information.

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More in-depth video about the new features in this mod.

This looks pretty cool.

The issue with Halo is that it's easy for the devs to fuck up and miss the point, but this looks like it nails it: hard, open-ended, lots of replayability, lighthearted atmosphere. I'm trying this when I get the chance.

the thing is this entire mod felt phoned in

masterz cannot fucking make encoutners interesting to save his life

the AoCtR new areas sucked and the game crashed on the second chasm lift so I had to cheat

Nice try reddit.

let me fucking post

Oh shit nigger what are you doing?

It looks pretty neat. I had a blast play halo1's campain and i think i could feel the same for this one too. But theres only one this that bothers me.

Can you play multiplayer on it?

Looks kind of fun, too bad about the two weapon thing but whatever.

keep in mind that some pcs won't work with open sause 4.0 my one sure as hell didn't.
You gonna need the portable version if it open sause logo doesn't show up in the menu but the downside is there is no way to access the OS setting until it is properly fixed did try the fix they gave for the OS settings but no dice.

Link is here: reddit.com/r/halospv3/comments/4pudys/portable_os_for_everyone_who_has_problems/

I don't think multiplayer co-op will ever come to Halo 1 because of the way the netcode and AI works.

Fucking up on a massive scale, don't mind.


forgot to add that because of no access to the OS the VISOR armor ability wont work through-out the entire campaign so keep that in mind when you notice it doesn't work

VISR not VISOR sorry

Fucking dropped

nobody cares, the game still sucks

Alright, it's working for me though but thanks. So far I think this mod is good, but fucking health-regen powerups, why


Can I play SPV3 split screen with a buddy?

uhm nope

because CMT can't design encounters worth shit, you literally need health regen for noble difficulty because instead of making the encounters more challenging on noble they just add a ton of zealots

I've only played the first level and jesus fuck everything is too dragged out.

Yeah, they kinda fucked up on the first level: "Cheef!! The autumn can't take mudge moar!! :-DD" then we proceed to play another 30 minutes exploring all kinds of new places, all while the ship is under heavy fireā€¦
being able to equip the hunter gun was neat though