Steven of Dtoid: I will stick to the sexist pigs using Lady Layton! Ghostbusters failed b/c of them!

Enjoy reading the slanderous article regarding how you, the sexist, misogynist, racist, homophobic, potential rapist pig and basement-dwelling manbabies HATES, games with female lead protagonists in it.



Nice thread, OP, but clickbait is frowned upon here on Holla Forums. Perhaps you would be better off posting such articles in a space that would be more appreciative of them.


ghostbusters was the DmC of movies

fuck you

Do I dump?!~

I'm going to need some Italian dressing to go with this word salad.



How about some vinaigrette?

But nobody is saying a damn thing about Lady Layton, he is fabricating faux-outrage and encouraging the mindless twitter masses to turn it into a "real" issue. Why is this media and mind manipulation allowed?.

It's archived, what the fuck are you kvetching about?

Anything to get the taste of this shitty article out of my mouth.

Remember when men's rights activists were boycotting Mad Max: Fury Road? Me neither. But cultural marxists like the OP remembers.

It's still shitty clickbait and you should feel bad for reading it.

It's so low energy I'm wondering why you even bothered making this thread.

Lady Layton looks cute though, she's already in. Literally nobody asked for a Ghost Busters reboot. Why am I replying to this.

Wait… Where is the "outrage" here? He mentions nothing of actual outrage because of the MC change, only implies it.

Besides, why the fuck does Steve just bitch about the title change? It makes sense to distinguish yourself from the previous games if you are changing the MC.


Bumplock or nah

Why do you even need to ask us? Do your job on your own, faggot.



I still haven't gotten around to playing the Layton games, so I don't know the context of Lady Layton. But you want to know what I do know? They're not going to shit on their audience and still expect to sell the damn thing.

They don't think that, it's just their agenda.

But Layton games are fucking trash
Puttin Layton in that PW game made the only game on the 3DS with PW that could've been interesting a huge chore to play through

They know they're full of shit, they're just trying to market their narrative. I regret ever using that shit hole of a site.

how many months of life does destructoid have left?

The sooner it dies the better

Lady Layton is actually cute, CisBusters used 3 ugly Tumblrites and a gorilla.

Can somebody translate it? I honestly have no fucking idea what he's trying to get at.

I got

If he made a point anywhere in the article, it's completely over my head.

I personally dont care about the rule 63, the fact is that it wasn't a good movie, it wasn't a faithful reboot and it just smells like shit

The article is trash and the writer is a hack .

It's purposely low energy and written like an autistic child, the leftists who give them views will swallow anything.

I know, I'm just putting that on top of the actual reasons the movie sucked.






Man all these game journalist look like genetic mongrels.

It's always important to know who is taking in the sheckles.

it's hard to imagine this being your life. Who in the world would want to sit around writing about video games all day and how much you hate their audience only to get butt pats by other "journalists" and the liberal hugbox that is your comment section.

This is what he's doing with his life…. he's writing about and playing video games. Maybe that's why they write these articles, they have to find somebody to blame for their choices that led them to this. What a rough existence.


they now automatically assume everyone will hate the new layton because it now has a female MC, even though you don't play layton games for characters or whatever

they have started slipping into their own fantasy world

cute girls are enough to sell a game. i only dislike ugly women

I want to have sex with lady layton.

This is the most forced thing I've seen. From what I've seen, responses have been positive to this stuff if any, even here. This is just proof these fuckers are delusional.

well lets be honest, depending on the moon phase Holla Forums might decide on a consensus that its a shoehorned pandering marketing stunt. however since they went and opened their blab the contrarian portion of the userbase will not mention that.

Fuck me, am I going to have to start importing this shit too?



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To do that, you'd have to import both the games and a Japanese 3DS because the system is region locked. Thanks, Nintendo. Can't wait for the announcement that the NX is region locked, too.

Dark haired magic girl, close enough.


this is not what my penis wanted but ill try.

I already have a japanese new 3ds.

Watch and be amazed as I get furfaggotry for the third time in a row.



Well, it's better than what I expected, but I'd still prefer Tron Bonne.

Figures that he'd be steel fighting to get something not furry

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Kristen Wiig and Kate Mckinnon are cute for 3d

This song gets awesome at 2:42

Lets see what happens


Kek likes Miami Vice OST


All I want to do is fuck the character even more now that they have a twat instead of a cock, and I still couldn't care less about "muh womyn power", same as always.

Oh, perfect timing

I'm glad ghostbusters failed and I'm just as glad jewrnalist hacks seem to be failing as well.

Sure why not.

let's rock

laughing lizards.jpg

Well I haven't had me a hatefap in a long time so here I go.

There's not a person on earth who actively likes Professor Layton.

i hope youre not talking about the one where she has potato face

Could you not

Please reconsider life.

movie not that horrid game.

These penguins are getting aggressive.

Something I already have r34 of would be noice.

I only play the Layton series for the story. I love how off the wall they get.

Aside from some excessive snark, I can't even interpret what that article is trying to convey. It's so poorly written that it reads like one of those deliberately butchered spam emails trying to dodge the filter.

What happened to the roll generator? Fuck off faggot mods. Let us police ourselves with shit threads kike this. Now this clickbait bullshit will last longer. Eat a goddamn hotpocket or kill yourselves. Either is fine.

11 people bumped this thread just to roll. Good job.

Take your autism pills user. We're worried about you.

Maybe if he's nailing Peach. I'm not into that bara shit.

It's a pre-emptive irony strike. In a month he'll be able to say "I told you so" even though he didn't say anything of value. Irony is great like that. You can say anything you like right now and decide later how serious you were.

has anyone told him he is making up outrage yet and how nobody is but him is making a big deal about this?

I don't really see how anyone would have a problem with Lady Layton.
The series already had a comfy feel, and having a female lead only makes a comfy thing even more so.

Also this.

I want to solve Lady Layton.


she is cute. also, fuck yeah more layton!

I didn't go to it because it starred an all female cast that hates men. I just assumed I wasn't the intended audience.

They get an endorphin rush from "destroying the west and its patriarchy". He's probably patting himself on the back for fighting for socialism.

Japanese Games are best when all or most of the character are girls, especially the playable ones. Japan is the only country that can make cute girls.


Only thing I've heard negative is skepticism about Layton having children period given the whole thing about his lost love. What would Destructoid do if there weren't any windmills to fight?


But he archived it, what the fuck are you talking about? Are you a moron?

Scroll down, retard.



I didn't go to GRRLbusters because I actually liked Ghostbusters and don't want to see a shitty cash-in.
Also because going to the movies is fucking expensive and I'd rather not spend almost half as much money as I dropped on EDF to suffer through over an hour of acting and jokes flatter than a fucking loli, even with buttery popcorn and a drink.
It also hasn't reached the rock I live on yet, as far as I know/care

Build them out of nothing, like they're doing right now, as they turn off what readers they still have and pad their graves with lost revenue receipts.

It's not that great, but it's not the abomination people believe it is. The director is the biggest reason why people don't want to see it, since he's very vocally such a colossal faggot that the idea of giving him money is offputting. He, and he alone, killed the movie.

Wtf, this is the dumbest shit I have ever seen. Clearly he has never played Diner Dash.

Everybody will love cute girls no matter what in any context.


What the article means is that brown is a superior skin color
And that is right , i won't dump porn i will just support the article and showcase the beauty of the delicious brown skin and thats it

Fuck this asshole, i was going to buy it day one when it came out, i don't give a fuck if it's a girl or not.

I've seen no outrage from this at all. Plus this isn't a reboot that erases the past of the franchise do Paul Fag can flagellate himself, its a spin off

Look CISbusters is blatent pandering but while Level 5 does seem to be pandering a bit I can see why they'll change things up for the 8th game in a series thats lasted over a decade

worst article on Holla Forums
worst thread on Holla Forums

Layton in japan has always been marketed towards women far as i can tell(though the various localizations are more gender neutral)

That's because Anime in general is based of the work of a man aware of the Jew

I more mean how in Inazuma Eleven Go 2 and 3 they add girls Well 1 girl in 2 to the main and cannon team, but that's nit picking

Puzzle games as a whole are marketed towards women, they are the primary demographic for that genre

But nobody's even mad about this. It's not like it's a shitty reboot of the series, making fun of existing fans. It's just a sequel.

that's neat, i'm more interested in seeing how they adapt the interface to a single screen than participating in native advertising faux outrage

distaste aside, that doesn't really work when you've spent a least a quarter of the year virtue signaling & crying about it

They are implying the new ghostbusters bombed because it had woman leads, when in reality it was a souless rehash for an excuse for quick dosh and lazy writing of one of the best franchises of all time, the female leads were just a symptom of that so they could market it off something.
People wanted Ghostbusters 3 until Ramis died because they wanted to feel the heart of ghostbusters again. They wanted a proper trilogy send-off.

this new layton still carries the same feel, look, and charm of the original games. The professor himself also got more than enough sequels, no one was in high demand for a new layton game after a large amount of absence, a new one would just have been appreciated.
thats why it seems no one cares about the female lead in this game, because you can still notice heart and care there.

God, these feminists and "journalists" are retarded and want something to whine at, even if they have to make it up.

Let's be honest in that it is partly due to the woman leads but really that's because the female leads are being forced for political sake and not because they have a good chemistry or because they're the best for the role

Why would I care? This doesn't describe me or anything about me.

As I said, the female cast is a symptom not the reason
When a ghostbusters reboot was announced after Ramis died, we all knew it was going to be the next NuRobocop
When a full female cast was announced we all knew it was going to be the same bland 4 female actresses playing the same garbage rolls. Not even characters, the same people said actresses ALWAYS end up playing basically just the actresses fake personality in a different job setting.
At least we got the ghostbusters game before ramis croaked, that felt proper.

I hope those spiders have nice hot chocolate and good book.

Its all comfy until a filthy scary human scuttles by and tries to build its house in the corner.


That makes more sense then, the Paul Fiegs were trying to capitalise on a market that doesn't exist and I hope Sony learns from this and Angry Birds and stops letting "Cinematic Experiences" happen on the PS4 and maybe for once care about the Vita if only for the nips

You'd be surprised

spiders are true bros i miss him

I doubt it
the PS4 is the only thing they arent losing money on at the moment, doubt they want to take any chances and fuck with their formula


Leftists aren't interested in solving problems, they're interested in only manufacturing new ones they can't solve.

Hi, friend! You seem to have posted in the wrong thread.

I have no idea what you're talking about :^)

Its on putlocker, if you've a mind to suffer tonight.

It's really all in the presentation.

It's not called "Professor Layton", it's a whole new addition titled "Lady Layton", like Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice. The game does not disparage men for being men, the game does it's best to set itself apart in art design of characters (Lady Layton is her own character with her own clothes and a feminine top hat to connect her theme wise to Layton and has a different personality)

Layton's sidekick was his apprentice, her sidekick is a talking beagle dog.

Layton wears brown, LL wears yellow and red.

But the most important part is how the marketing doesn't pander, it doesn't disparage, it is simply presented. No "GET OVER IT" or "THIS IS THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS DEAL WITH IT CIS WHITE MALE" bullshit.

It is simply presented as a thing that exists. Fans of Layton will likely buy this game. Like Ghostbusters, it has an audience. Unlike the new Fembusters, it didn't tell the audience to go fuck themselves.

Is this what is called virtue signalling?

This. All of this. I mean, none of these faggots seem to realize that its not about fucking gender. Its about putting the effort into something. To put heart into it, something the reboot didn't do, but something the new Layton still seems to have, regardless of MC. And while I love the Professor, its always nice to see the torch getting passed on to someone else when there's effort. Besides, its not like we're there for the main character anyway.

She is Laytons' daughter so it makes sense that she would take up the mantle if Layton is unavailable
Creates more lore for Layton universe
Presented well
No gender politics
Little if no effect on the gameplay
Lady Layton a qt
r34 when?

No connection to any previous movies apart from look at our shitty cameos lololololololololololololol
No attempt made to appeal to fans of the previous series
Check your privilege
Every man in the film happens to be a bumbling retard with a subhuman IQ to make the women appear intelligent
Clearly shit humour
hambeasts everywhere

There was no effort put into this article and I hope to see his confusion and resignation when Lady Layton is a success.
This article is what happens when ideology conflates with reality.

there is literally nothing wrong in making a game accessible to women. whoever says otherwise is a misogynist .


Nah, virtue signalling is more "I have included mentally ill characters in my work of fiction and portrayed them as victims to show their plight, look how empathetic I am towards these lowly and hard done by folk and please praise me for raising awareness and treating these angels as completely fucking faultless".

I like fantasy games but this is a little too weird even for me.

Being able to play video games, write about them and get paid while doing it sounds like the best job ever! These people literally have the most cushiest job on the planet and yet they still have to find something to complain about. Fucking spoiled brats is what they are.

Do games have gender-specific controllers? If you don't have the right genitalia, does it just refuse to play? Every game is accessible to either gender, if they have the right mindset and preference for the game. It's not like Link being male ever stopped a female fan of the series from enjoying the games, certainly not so much so as to stop them from becoming a fan of the series.

I realize this is tongue-in-cheek from the misogynist bit, but still.

Better version.

Someone post cute pictures of ladyton already

I was never a fan of Layton purely because the logic of the sone of the puzzles just made me not want to touch them at all but I really don't see the issue here, when is Destructoid going to crash and burn?

I hate her design though she looks like a fucking Precure character and then can all burn


You've made a very good point, though. The new Layton game is still being made in the spirit of the older games and I doubt any fans care about the new character. In fact, the Layton games (as well as many other puzzle games) are super popular with women, so this pandering (if you can even call it that) actually makes sense.

Dōjinshi when?

Never. All Layton doujin artists are shotacons.
Expect at least 1 bestiality doujin with the dog.

You think we'll get some /ss/?

Hope Luke rails that sweet layton girl puss