Flight Vidya Thread

Where did Hawx go so wrong?

It's coming.

It was developed by Ubishit

Yeah, but this was before Ubisoft's name became synonymous with disappointment and failure. They used to publish good games.

Isn't that VR exclusive last I heard?

No. It's PS4 exclusive, but PSVR is optional.

Ah gotcha, was panicking for a moment there user.

Do either of the Red Baron games have night fighting or rain?

Red Baron 3D has night fighting if your flight takes place late at night or in the early morning. Don't know about rain but I do know that there are weather effects.

I liked Hawx

Hawx 2 is a piece of shit

This actually. Hawx while it did have flaws, had some potential. Hawx 2 was, I don't know what the fuck they were thinking? They basically took everything that was good about Hawx and removed it.

Seemed to be a trend for Ubishit games of the time. Take Rainbow Six Vegas vs Vegas 2. They expanded on the shit aspects instead of improving the good aspects.

Not interested. Means they have no soul.

I liked it, didn't play far in. What went wrong is consoles went from affine to bilinear, then from 4:3 to 16:9 then from CRT to LCD then from 480i to 720p then from 720p to 1080p then from 1080p to 1436p. Somewhere in there texture compression happened too. Better for all pixels to matter.

Sage for another question thread. Fuck off.

The resolution of a wallpaper makes you uninterested in Ace Combat 7?

Every air combat game i tried is some trash where you just lockon on stuff. They are basically Dark Souls with planes.

Don't touch the bait kids.

I remember these games being a lot of fun and could be set to non-autistic mode for fun.


I wish there was a game where I travel back in time with a modern fighter jet or attack helicopter to fuck shit up in WW I, WW II, Korea or Vietnam.

But there were helicopters and jets in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

Also, enjoy some Liberation of Gracemeria.

Apart from the shitty port, the shitty helicopter missions and the ones were you just main a machinegun, ace combat assault horizon is kinda ok probably because there are no other ace combat games on PC, the jet missions are ok i guess
Also the automatic dog fighting is shit but i think you can disable it?

DFM is inexcusable casual horseshit. Its very existence is an insult.
Also, if you're desperate for Ace Combat on PC, just play Infinity.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon multiplayer was fun as shit surprisingly and extremely good. Probably cause that DFM mode was not mandatory and actually there was skill involved using it since you could control where you were going when using it many keks flying people into buildings, it also made you vulnerable when using it since you could get shot down by other players who were not in DFM. Sad the micspam killed MP due to it making everyone deaf on PC.

The campaign though was horseshit and boring series of QTE.

Infinity is on PC?

You can choose to not use it.
Only problem is that some enemies demand the use of DFM.


Only thing I have found is some dubious warez blog so I'm gonna go with no.
Doesn't help that the hardware reqs mention RE:Rev2 and not AC:I

My bad, I thought there was a PC port of Infinity for some reason. Sorry.

who /DCS/ here

I really like dog fighting with just guns in a Mig-29.

I think it would be really great with VR in a couple years when all the shit gets sorted out.

And so am I.




2nd pic has more modern stuff with it's updated version known as Strike Fighter 2.

Has some good modding to boot, but the campaign mode isn't helped much by it in my experience. Really don't like that I can't have a living, breathing front like IL-2 does, or how Red Baron 3D felt.

Fuck this shit user, you got my hopes up!

I remember being disappointed in it for throwing off the Mercenary angle it had for just plain AMERICA FUCK YEAH.

I mean, i like AMERICA FUCK YEAH, but i was hoping for some mercenary fun and it was all just incredibly shallow.

The flying was also nowhere near as fun as AC, felt "floaty" and didn't have a good AWACS.

Same user, just became a generic story and less interesting as a result. They could have gone so far with the merc stuff, even had a merc companies fighting each other out online but nope.

Is it the resolution of the Gook?

Ace Combat 5 is a pretty shit game user, I'm not sure why you'd ever like it.

Having tried DCS World with just barebones phone VR it proves that VR is pretty much only best for real simulators like DCS World. I don't think simcade stuff like Ace Combat would benefit much from VR, except benefit Sony for having good goyim buy their headset and PS4.5.

Shouldn't you also try to find a similar arcade flight game and use the VR you were using before dismissing that it wouldn't work? You're essentially saying that it'll be shit based on your intuition right now aren't you?

I didn't say it wouldn't work, I said it wouldn't be worth it because VR is only best when used with simulators that require some sort of analog between your head and the head of the character in-game in order for you to be able to control your craft properly. Furthermore all VR in Ace Combat would be is just a head controlled version of the right thumbstick. It's not hard to understand that that's all you will get from it.

user, unlike actual simulators, simcade stuff like Ace Combat usually abstracts away stuff in the cockpit away from you. You never have to check your radar and radar settings in Ace Combat, and in DCS you do and you have to look down when you do it, unlike Ace Combat where your radar is always displayed on your HUD. And that's just one example, many other subsystems need attention often in DCS World whereas in Ace Combat all you have to do is keep track of your enemy, if you are accelerating or braking, your weapon stores, wingman commands, score, radar, and damage, and that's basically it, and all of those are presented on your HUD, and you can already track selected targets by holding down the triangle button in most games. Also not to mention that in Ace Combat every enemy is shown on your radar no matter where your nose is pointed and every nearby enemy has a square around them, whereas in DCS you have to actually simulate a real radar so only anything in front of you pops up on screen and you don't have any indicator boxes unless you're actively tracking a target. Not to mention unlike in Ace Combat you don't get to see missiles on your radar. So why wouldn't VR be a waste for Ace Combat?

Kill yourself, post-haste.

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It was Ace Combat, except written by Clancy and made by Ubisoft.
While a decent game, it was fucking shit in regards to story. Also second game was so fucking shit no one even wanted to crack it.

On topic of arcade flight games, anyone else here fucking around with Sky Rogue? It's pretty good although addition of barrel roll makes it easier when you finally run out of fucking flares


Well, it is his licensed series which he actually sort of looked after. And he was alive at the moment.

I wish there were more flightsims in fictional worlds like strangreal; I'd totally play a flightsim in Valkyria Chronicles world or something.

Had two major problems, the ERS system (and by that I mean the unstallable planes unless you decide to inflict the shit camera of the OFF mode on you, the nudging out of thin air was the cherry on top) and the unreal grind to get some planes.

He didn't give a shit what they slapped his name on by that time. The last game I think he had any direct input on was the original Splinter Cell, in 2002.

As much as I look forward to ac7 I'd wish they'd try doing a mech game.

There's a few jap macross games that play kinda like AC on PS1/PS2

This is true, in fact when he sold Ubishit his name that is what was announced immediately afterwards.

Does anyone have an EDtracker? I've been thinking of getting one.