Fixing not so good games with small changes

there. game fixed

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Those first 2 would make Vanquish one of the greatest games of all time

This could apply to any game, really.


Amen, brother.

Nigga that like fixes every console game ever.

On principle, that's true. There's still going to be games that are just shit though.

I really wish I could play Vanquish on PC with good fps.
What weird issue is stopping them from doing this?

There. Game fixed

A couple of japanese devs have done high-quality PC ports. MT Framework games from Capcom generally run really well - Lost Planet 2 is a good example. MGSV GZ and TPP both ran beautifully on PC as well. It's just that they need to get help from graphics card manufacturers and some staff with reasonable experience in PC dev.


it just hurts seeing great games wasted just because of console limitations

Why do you say that? It's arguably the best AC. I have a feeling you're the same guy who made that "Games everybody likes but you don't" thread.

Wasn't the main programmer of that that game an American?


Remember, if it was not for emulation not only would the games be limited by consoles. They would also effectively disappear after a console generation ends proper.

might be I bought console well after years and years of PC gamign and cant shake off the feeling of console aiming and camera ruining games

Is it that you can't get used to gamepad controls?

Feel free to correct me on nip culture but them Lead Programmer names look mighty nip.

Engine designer doesn't mean shit. You could create the greatest vidya engine in the world but you'd still need someone to port it.

6/10 to at least 7/10 easily.

I have no problem with gamepad in other than shooters/fps games
I just find it as massive downgrade from mouse aiming

AC mostly has those weird controls because it was a PS1 game at first. From designed the game around those limitations to make it feel like you were the pilot of a giant robot.
Even the modern games keep that sort of fucked up control scheme to try and emulate that feeling. If it were on PC the controls wouldn't be any better, mostly because the movement system is designed around the controls, there's no combination that wouldn't make it feel awkward.

Sorry, I was thinking of the guy who made the engine of the game.

these games wouldn't exist without consoles, you leech

PC kotor 2 has been fixed though. The steam update added back in the cut content and updated the game to be run stably now.

That doesn't stop them being limited by them.

it does make them a reality, however. without consoles we'd be stuck with garbage, forgettable fps games and indie shit for the rest of eternity.

Prove it. Prove that if consoles didn't exist and all games were made for computer to begin with. That those games would not exist.

The first AC, Goddamn. I remember those controls being weird but getting really good at them when I was a kid. I tried to play it again and got my fucking ass handed to me. Looking up and down is bound to the fucking trigger buttons. The game certainly gives you that feeling of trying to learn how to operate machinery.

He means they wouldn't exist because AC was made because of the PS1's controller.
If consoles didn't exist and we just had PCs, then AC wouldn't have been made.

Want to try that again?

Well don't Armored Core games have "turning speed" stat bound to your parts? I dunno if that would translate to mouse well.
Controlling mechs with slow turning torsos in EDF with mouse is pain in the ass.

Makes me wonder: if Doom/Quake weren't around, what would've happened to PC gaming?

Doesn't change how we're still limited by consoles. That shit is as fallacious as "women HAVE to be feminists because they wouldn't be here without them!!!"

nigga what?

No, that's still a separate mod, though the steam update was made with feedback from the modders so that it specifically doesn't fuck with the restoration patch. It's shocking how much the new team that owns the rights to KotOR2 actually give a shit.

Did you ever stop to think that if it wasn't for consoles, all of those games would be on PC to begin with? Most games worth a fuck nowadays are from Japan, and PC is an extremely niche market there because, surprise, console manufacturers have a stranglehold on their market.

Some other guy would have made a Wolfenstein clone.

the games weren't made for the "computer", they were made for consoles on a PC. The way most games are made on consoles is there is funding, technical, publishing deals achieved with the developers. Devs pitch the game, arrange publishing agreements, schedule them so we don't get shit like duke nukem forever (lol high budget pc games) and they enter a production cycle. During that production there is technical support from the platform holder, AMD/Nvidia attempt to provide something similar but their support is literally a forum you hope somebody replies to your problem with, Sony, MS, Nintendo on the other hand usually have hands on solutions to problems, and even at times have been known to send staff to ensure the game works well on their system and shows off their system effectively.

This is literally games industry 101 shit. The fact that I have to explain this is pathetic. I have no idea how PC gamers are so retarded and oblivious to basic industry details.

they weren't the first ones to do what they did, they just did is smoothly and fast paced. if doom wasn't around then RotT would become the mother of all first person shooters

Medal of Honor (the game that started the modern boring FPS trend) was a PS1 game.

Fixed. Its not exclusive to consoles you retard. Go back to your "Games Industry 101". You obviously need it.

maybe we are on the right timeline

Not talking about FPS, I'm talking in a technical sense. 3D acceleration and all that jazz. Making people believe that PCs are top dogs when it comes to power.

*personal computers
Consoles are, in fact, computers. Just not PCs.

you may need to try retorting to something, at this point it's obvious you have nothing relevant to say and are effectively giving up.

in technical sense, doom and quake were made to have fast paced action 3d games werk on the cheaper ibm computers. mind that PSX was already out when they were making quake


So…consoles would have passed us?

never heard anyone complain about yuris revenge

Doom didn't run well on cheap IBM computers in 1993, though. It could only decently run on more higher-end PCs of the day.
The PSX came out in fucking 2003, what the shit are you talking about?

quake wasn't fast paced, it targeted 20fps on every PC at launch.

yes lets look at that big company backing PC games
oh wait it doesn't exist and is used as a point for the benefits of pc gaymers freedumb from a big company

are you retarded or just pretending to be, either way it's hilarious

consoles were more advanced than PC hardware in the 90s for a long time.

He's not actually talking about the PSX, he means the PS1.

And here all this time I thought it was 1994


well that was fun, but if you're not going to provide any more material I can't continue to mock you. at least you're comfortable with being retarded, it suits you, keep it up champ.

When we say PSX we mean PS1, lad. I have no idea why people prefer to fuck the title up like that but here we are.

I know that but what I'm trying to say is without Doom or Quake, people would probably still be dicking around on console, or would have been much slower to warm up to PC gaming.


much slower, although there were still major PC games not released by id, more advanced ones too. Carmack's claim to fame was never the most advanced everything but doing cool, advanced seeming things very quickly. He's essentially just very good at optimizing.

Although PC gaming still isn't exactly huge, it's got a much smaller audience for most genres outside of ones that have been home to the PC for decades, like RTS and sim & management games.

>what is Valve
They're a terrible company, but they heavily back PC.

they have nothing to do with supporting product development outside of being donors to a few independent game funds. They provide no technical support outside of their own solutions and even then, that is still amd/nvidia forum tier.

Read 849211's posts. He is basically just saying "publishers exist" and "technical advisors exist" but only applying it to consoles. Denying their existence on PC. He's a complete retard.

nice quads, but no, I've never denied they don't exist on the PC. I said it in my second post even.

That's the kind of retardation I want to see from you. Keep it up!


see above, are you done being a retarded mouthbreather now?


ah, he still doesn't understand why console manufacturers have a dedicated interest in making games stand out on their platform. Oh well. Maybe one day it'll make sense to you, for now I wish you luck with whatever your next port begging venture is.


looks like you ran out of arguments a while ago

it's a little sad, but it is entertaining.

Yeah when he gave up and said I was right I pretty much had no arguments left.

Mate, you're the one who looks like an idiot here. Reaction images are not an argument.

consoles were always better than PC for games, up until 2000s.

No, this still seems to be the case. There's a lot of theoretical potential with the PC, but it's almost never being realized.

There, literally a single change and the game goes from mediocre garbage to a solid 8/10.


Anyway, 849211, here's a (You) or two - aim for that (215)!


And he goes on to claim that publishers and technical advisors don't exist on PC. And then backpedals, claims he never sad that and goes for a moral high ground. He's in complete denial.

I never actually said that, but you're free to think I did. I've seen some projection in my time, but this is incredible.

If you can't admit you're wrong under any circumstance then why should anyone else?

Bethesda would've dominated the FPS market. They were always one step ahead of Id software.

the problem is bethesda has absolutely no sense of game design. id was not the progenitor but they managed to capture large audiences with their highly accessible and well designed games.

They were always about innovation over quality, they didn't have good perfectionist programmers like Carmack or good level designers like that Daikatana guy. They weren't as big as Id software either.

Except for Future Shock though, that game was near perfect from technical and design standpoint. The only room for improvement here is they could've fixed the shitty 3D map system.

And yet you'll never have these games

All I remember about that game is that you could shoot the moon and it would say OW.


It would fall down if you keep shooting.

Last night I had a dream that Chromehounds 2 was released for PC only.

FromSoft is a complete hack developer that only knows how to work with PlayStation's proprietary engine. They're worse than Bethesda.

that's weird, because their best games were on xbox systems


Seriously? I shot it a lot and that never happened.

That would have blown my tiny adolescent mind.


PhyreEngine has Xbox support.

Help me with this one, i know it can be improved further.


Pure coincidence

It may be more than "small changes", but there is the potential for a very good game in there. If only Romero hadn't been tricked by his own ego, thinking of himself as some sort of superstar of gaming… (I heard Carmack was the one sane man who tried to keep everyone in check during development of Quake.)


Literally everything visual about that game was shit. It's little more than a fusion between the Jedi Knight series and id. Just saying, I don't think those would fix the game. You'd need to get someone who could write a story in there, and get someone who can actually make a decent storyboard so things weren't so terribly paced.

And you're right, there was a very good game in there; it's called Jedi Outcast.