Your Top Three Final Fantasies

1. Tactics
2. Three
3. Seven

You're worse than casual, you're a tryhard. Fuck off.

Who the fuck hates FF7?


3 Tactics

People who bought into the "literally the perfect game can never be topped" hype before playing it. or those who never played it

1) Tactics WoTL
2) XII
3) Type-0

2. Tactics
1. IX

I haven't played them all, and of those I have its hard to weigh better story against better mechanics.

1- FF8
2- Tactics
3- FF12

1. X
2. never played any others
3. lol

VII is the most popular one. You can guess from there.

1. Danger wanking in Texas
2. Going balls deep without a parachute
3. Getting a BJ from an ISIS member.

I don't hate it, I think it's boring as shit and I never finished because of it

ff12 has such a great world.
vaan and penelo, the intro, and the 3rd act are bad tumors on the game

1. VI
2. IV
3. III

I don't hate 7 per say, but I feel its a bit overrated for what it is

To be fair FF12 has such an amazing world because it's one of the few games in the series that has had more than 1 game to expand on it.

They did an amazing job though, love the mix of Modern Tech and Magic.

chocobo racing
jackie chan

tactics advance

rest are tryhard fedora tier
especially the kids who say 1-4

1. Tactics
2. Tactics Advance 2
3. Tactics Advance

I'm serious.

Final Fantasy is shit

1. X
2. VI
3. XII

Those are the only two I've played.

2) FF XIII-2
3) Dragon Quest IX

1. Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls
2. Final Fantasy
3. Final Fantasy II

1. Kingdom Hearts
2. Kingdom Hearts 2
3. Kingdom Hears 1.5 Remix

1: X-2
3: Dissidia 12

All from a gameplay standpoint, I don't care about FF story too much. Yes I enjoy how busted VIII is.


This is the only acceptable answer. Seven is also acceptable

Then you are correct

Except 6 has a faster-paced gameplay with a bigger party than 7.

so, from a gameplay standpoint, it would be

1.- X-2 (best job system ATB)
2.- Six (best ATB)
3.- either V (2nd best job) or X (best turn based). With X having a really strong post-game with a lot of autism treats

1. IV
2. X
2. X-2

1. Four
2. Twelve
3. Eleven

1- V
2- VI
3- IX
I don't hate FF VII but I could never beat it, I always get bored within the first 20 hours or so. And VIII is underrated, mostly because of fucking spoony
Also I need to beat IV, is the Ds version any good?

1. Mystic Quest
2. X-2
3. II

anyone with IV as their top is okay in my books

Yeah sure OP
I've only played VI, IV and Dissidia so I guess it would be in that order

1. Blitzall 2k11
2. X
3. X-2

All FFXIV had to do was put Blitzball in an MMO and it would have been perfect.


1. 6 or 7, I can't decide.
2. 6 or 7, I can't decide.
3. 4

Tactics is the most overrated game in the series.


tactics advance

1- VII
2- XII
3- Tactics

1. None of them
2. Turn based is shit and so is Final Fantasy
3. Fuck you

I haven't played much of the series at large, but I HAVE played all of 7 and it IS a piece of shit, so you can shove your attitude. No one's impressed that you love the turd you grew up on.
3's legit as hell though to be fair

The characters might as well not be there. Mechanically, all that matters is materia and, to some extent, base stats. It's a much weaker form of party customisation than other games have had.
The overarching story falls flat most of the time. I honestly couldn't tell you what happened after disc 1. All the best and most memorable elements of it come from it's supporting cast. Barret, Red, Tifa, Cid, everyone gets something more interesting and engaging than the one retard you can't remove from the party.
The difficulty spikes right near the end to slap you in the dick for trying to swap party members and not grinding. I beat the final boss by spamming Cait Sith's Limit Break 2 (the only Limit Break to really be mechanically interesting, but I didn't see much of Vincent's to be fair) because I just could not be made to care by then.
It should have been one disc, and it should have been fun.

Of what I've played:
1. Tactics Advance
2. FF3
3. FFX

well somebody is going to be happy

1. Adventure
2. Tactics
3. Legend

1. Eight
2. Seven
3. Three

1. 8
2. 11
3. 1 on the NES

Let's be friends.

3. Explorers

7, 9, 12

tactics and vi are damn good tho

x is only good for endgame content and music an break to graav, pass to letty, no break wither pass to AHAHAHAHAH and do the ultimate supreme jecht shit in the goal for the 14th time

The chibi presentation really deflates some of the more serious scenes.

1. IV
3. Dirge of Cerberus

1. Lightning Returns
2. Tactics
3. 5

1. V
2. IX
3. VII
my taste > your taste.

wait, are you serious?

2. 9
3. 12

I hate 7, it's edgy teen-drama bullshit. Go give a blowjob to an assault rifle.

what? If you are trying to dispute the OP, you are only proving him right.

1. VI
2. Tactics Advance
3. XIV

1. XV
2. Type-0
3. Eight

1. V
2. X-2
3. VI

I don't get why people jerk off over 7 so much.
It's linear as fuck until you get the airship, but instead of corridors it's wide areas where the only thing you can do is get from point A to point B, so it may as well be Final Shitfest 13.
The combat system is lazy as fuck too.
Only reason you underage niggers jerk to it so much is because it's the first one you played.


1. Tactics Advance 2
2. Tactics Advance
3. VI

Fuck you and everyone else who parrots this shit to sound patrician on Holla Forums

Tactics is a spin-off with its own series and intentionally muddying the waters just to sound smart on Holla Forums of all places completely undermining the point of discussing Final Fantasy. At that point, why not include Dissidia? or Theatrhythm? or Crystal Chronicles?

You're a fucking faggot and a hipster desperate to fit in. Go fuck yourself

4, 5, 6

IIT: Idiots that don't understand spinoff =/= main line of games. Anyways

1. XII
2. V
3. VI

1. VI
2. IV
All the rest aren't that good.

OP never said "main series", you dumb nigger

Tactics advance is he cancer that killed tactics, I hate it.

1- Tactics
3- IX

XII has it's flaws and Vaan is not the main character but I still enjoyed it a lot.

I hate VII's plot and characters but man I love the setting.

I have high hopes for XV.

1. VII
2. Tactics
3. IV

2. XIII-2
3. Lightning Returns

Tactics (now with mods)

FFVII was good but squaresoft put too much faggotry in. Which in turn gave rise to the normalfag fanbase hated by everyone who actually played FF games.

Lightning Returns

and then 7.

beat me to it, good taste


It tanked hard after that but 4 and 6 are legendary.

dubbs of decent taste

1. VI
2. VII
3. IX

What the fuck happened to Holla Forums in the few weeks i been on vacations?
Everyone here sounds fucking retarded.
There was another migration?
Or is the Final Fantasy fanbase this stupid?



1. Final Fantasy V
2. Final Fantasy III
3. Final Fantasy Dimensions

try again

VII is fine in my book mainly because the battle speed and loading are way quicker than its ps1 sequels and you waste less of your life playing it

1. Being tied up by… oh, FINAL Fantasies.

Probably a disappointing answer, but

Runners up being Crystal Chronicles. I really should play the PS1 games since I hear those were incredible, I got emulation, a PS3, and a physical copy of 8 all at my disposal, but I cant work myself up to try them. I guess its for fear they wont live up to the hype.

1. tactics advance

2. IX

3. VII

VII is shit
The only Final Fantasy that's worth mentioning is V. The rest hover around average or just straight up blow nigger willies.

Third Favotire- 3 (DS version)
2nd Favorite- 12
1st Favorite- Bravely Default.

2. IV
3. LR

1. I
2. crystals, tactics
3. everything before 7 made it shit.

1. Tactics
2. FF9
3. FF3

1. Six
2. Seven
3. Tactics

I played six when it came out in the US as three when I was a young teenager, and I nostalgiabomb hard for it. I have no idea how it matches up objectively to the others, because I am physically incapable of being objective about it.

From a gameplay perspective I want to add X-2 as a notable runner up, but I just can't because to this day I'm pissed they decided against leaving in a perfectly good titty monster to play dressup with and instead replaced her with a slightly manlier version of Squall Leonhart.

1. Tactics
2. 6
3. 9


Crystal Chronicals

CC online multiplayer when?

I didn't play many but:
Fight me.

1. Tactics
2. Dissidia 012
3. CC: Echoes of Time

I haven't played any of the main games besides 1, 3, and 12

The Translation errors really killed that game for me as a kid, but it has a strong beginning in midgar, the linear 2nd chapter is paced out with a good variety of distracions, the materia systems makes character management fun, and the character designs make good use of the low poly count

Aren't all the Final Fantasy games linear.

Which is why I don't get why people like it, and then complain that others are linear.


I don't know what it is but I love 4. Probably my favorite game of all time.

1. XII
2. Tactics Advance
3. IX


Working through 2 on my phone. It might creep up into the top three by the time I'm done. The system would be clunky to figure out on my own, but literally read a paragraph about it and it makes sense.

1. VI - Best overall.
2. IX - Best setting. Possibly best plot and music.
3. V - Best gameplay.


Yeah, exactly. I don't get people who claim a particular Final Fantasy game is bad because it's linear. They're ALL linear as fuck. I suppose the world map gave them an illusion of choice?

1. IX
2. V

IX is excellent in pretty much every regard (combat could be a bit faster though), V has the best gameplay and VIII is interesting because it's so wildly experimental with its gameplay and story.

I don't "hate" it. I just don't think it's as good as most of the other ones, and I hate people who say it's their favourite.

I'll admit that Bravely Default is literally the best thing Squeenix has put out in about a decade, but as your favourite? Come on man, how could you excuse that story?

SNES era is when Square really hit their groove. They never made anything as good as they did during that time either before or after.

13 get

3) IV
2) V
1) VI

This is the only true top 3 ff list. Everything else is bullshit. Since 7 series could just die and i wouldn't even care.

The blind hate for seven is ridiculous. If you liked 4-6 there's no reason you shouldn't like 9 as well.

1. Crystal Chronicles
3. X-2

FFVII is overrated. People just give it too much credit for being the first in 3D. The previous ones did story better, IX was by far the superior game in all aspects and VIII tried something interesting with its gameplay and I can appreciate that a hell of a lot more, even with a few bumps on the road.

X-2 is both a guilty pleasure of mine as well as being really great in the gameplay department. I can see why some people don't enjoy the first act of the story all that much, but anyone that shits on the gameplay has no idea what they are talking about.

IX would be better if the loading didn't take up half the play time

other than general slowness it is fantastic

but VII was just so much quicker it makes it better to play

If that is the only thing VII has going for it, then my point still stands, really.

Loading times weren't impressively short, but they also could have been worse.

I didn't really feel too inconvenienced by them, but it's also been a while since I last played it.


trust me as an adult when time matters and your attention span is short the 15 seconds of waiting for 9 to load one of its VERY frequent random battles it's a lot harder to play

Pretending seven is a masterpiece is as retarded as hating it.

Only thing I didn't like about IX was trance really. It really is up there and old school classes really added to their characters. Zidane was a pretty common thief, Steiner a typical knight and Beatrix a true fucking general. It was all really beautiful in a sense except for Garnet, Dagger's identity crisis and Amarant's edginess.

I kinda wish they'd do one more experiment with atb and the various systems they had from 6-9, espers, materia, gf's, item bonuses or whatever ix's was called.

I think part of it is a lot of people were burnt out jrpgs or had started to double down in a sense and go for more niche titles. Not to mention it was the tail end of the system.

VII is has and always will be overrated, even before it came out, because it was fucking jaw dropping to people and hyped as fuck, before that was even a thing yet for video games.

It is still a good game. I love the fuck out of all the FF's cept XIII. I almost didn't mind it till I got to grand pulse and couldn't deal. In a way I see them all as experiments or riffs that arbitrarily keeping things, reviving things, or outright changing things for no reason.

Yeah, I'll just ignore you now. You talk reason, but you're still an idiot when that is what your argument boils down to.

I don't consider FFVII a bad game.

I was still a tad to young to get swept up by the hype train at the time and FFVIII was the hot thing by then.

That really blew me out of the water though with its detailed background art and 3D models always at a quality that was better than what FFVII had to offer at its best.

It was hard to believe they were just 2 years apart.

I guess nostalgia is a thing for me for that one, but I've gone back to replay all three PS1-era games to see whether they still stand on their own merits.

FFVII has been a mixed back so far and FFVIII's junctioning system is a lot more complex than I gave it credit for, for better and for worse.

IX I've been keeping for the finale since I have had the least personal experience with it, just a lot of second-hand exposure and some recent speedruns.

And I'm afraid ATB got buried after X-2 got panned hard by the fans because there was no Tidus to whine about his daddy issues.

I'm on board with everything you say. Trance was dumb, most of the time it needlessly triggered during random encounters. At least it isn't easily exploitable.
Amarant felt too tacked on for my taste. I liked the character when I first saw him, but the game never did anything with him. A lot of the minor side characters are more fleshed out than Amarant. It would've been cooler if someone like Blank joined the party.

The German translation of FF IX is by far the best localization job I've ever seen, by the way. They gave the characters different dialects and speech patterns which gave them a lot of personality. They also called Garnet "Lily" (as in Lilydagger, Zidane's weapon) instead of "Dagger", which is far less jarring.

please don't shoot down the argument if you haven't played IX recently, my point was that when i was younger the concept of long, repetitive and overly frequent loading was not in my mind at all but my recent run through was rough as i was on the original hardware and the loading times add up to a huge amount of the time spent playing

It's the same for me, as I got older I found it less and less tolerable to sit through loading screens and slow-paced cutscenes.
I recently replayed FF X (which I used to love as a teenager) and I found it impossible to sit through the cutscenes. I just browsed the internet on my second screen while they played, and they took a huge chunk of the playtime. I'd say a normal playthrough of the FF X story without sidequests consist to almost 50% of cutscenes.

you have taste unmatched

honestly the ridiculous FFX story is only good for ridicule with drinks and friends around but the sidequest content is so ridiculously expansive it makes up for it

I much prefer piles of text on the screen as the internal narrative voice I use for each character runs at about 500 times the speed of FFX VA and is less cringey because it's not actually being spoken

1. V
2. V Hardtype
3. V 3 Abilities Hack
4. VI
6. XII
7. X
8. X-2
9. II
10. Tactics

Why play a game with 1st-gen console 3D graphics that pretends to be an old-school FF sans any interesting mechanics and with the addition of load times…

…When you could just play an old-school FF that visually holds up better than PSX games?

Setting aside the LOL I HATE U DAD YOU'RE A TIME TRAVELLING WHALE shit, it's actually a decent story about a father and son coming to terms with each. Jecht gets thrown into this other world and comes to the realization that he wasn't the greatest father, and decides to, as best he can, atone for that the only way he seems to have, by travelling with Lord Braska has a guardian and defeating the big bad. In the same way, Tidus is thrown into this other world, realizes he wasn't the greatest son and atones for it the only way he seems to have, travelling with Yuna and being her guardian.

…Problem is, they fucked up by making Tidus' and Jecht's Zanarkand a dream of the fayth. Completely obviates any of the emotional payoff of Tidus sacrificing himself to close the cycle, because LEL NEVER EXISTED ANYWAYS.

1. 12
2. 6
3. 1


1. Crystal Chronicles
2. I don't care about the rest. Chronicles was my fucking jam.

1. The Spirits Within
2. The Spirits Within
3. The Spirits Within
FF games have never been good


14 (i added a fourth in case this doesnt count)
bravely default

I don't give a fuck. VII was great but IX overshadows it both plot and mechanics. But it has Yuffie who is best girl

1. Crystal Chronicles
2. Tactics
3. I

phil lamarr is a fucking masterful voice actor and you call him a nigger? eat shit cumskin

1. IX
2. VI
3. IV

we wuz muh dick mufugga

I did enjoy the little twist that even though the game was about saving Yuna from her fate, Tidus was the one who ended up "dying" because of his.
There was that odd after credits scene where he wakes up though.
Not to mention he does get revived somehow at the end of X-2.
Then there's the audio tapes, but we don't talk about those.

1. IX
2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
3. X-2

1. FF12 IZJS
2. FFX-2 using creatures only
3. Crisis Core

I wish I could understand people their love for FFT. Whenever I play WoTL my mind screams at me why I'm playing an outdated version of Tactics Ogre.