Total War: Warhammer Update 2

Game is actually good and very much playable.

Don't buy the DLC though, it's overpriced for what it offers. CA are still trying to do Jewish shit like "Duhh it's way too hard to create new unit models!" but the base game is more polished than Attila.

Dubs thread, check em.


I don't get why they're such fucking faggots about the beastmen shit, the army is like 90% weapon swaps and the "new campaign" is just a tiny bit of the old one blown up. They can't honestly think anyone believes them when they say they think its worth what they're charging.

Right. Their attempts at justifying the price just made them look worse. Nobody wanted or needed a mini-campaign, yet that's their reason for demanding 18 bucks.

Plus the roster isn't exactly stellar anyway.

The roster is straight dogshit, four types of ungor of which half or possible 3/4ths will be obsolete after ten turns, 2 types of gors of which one will be obsolete right away, 3 types of minotaurs, 3 types of centigors, and then a bunch of reused shit from the other chaos army.

This is Warshrine.
The fucking HUGE war platform carried by two deformed giants who use platform and their extra hands to hit enemies around them. ignore the base it is wrong one
On top of giving buffs to people around them.
It is not here.

This is Jaggernout.
The motherfucking mechanical bull/horse/dog monster of hellfire and Khorne, who only purpose is to slaughter everything.
It is not here.

This is Disc of Tzeentch.
Disc like demon that turns your mage into flying hotwheels. See that Blades? Yep the thing will also insert them into its enemy asses.
It is not here.

I mean I cannot really bitch that much. I played 50h of it already, beaten it on very hard and still have a lot to do in it.
But as someone who came from tabletop I am seriously disappointed with the rosters.

Oh don't worry, if the DLC leak is to be believed (And it was right about Blood and Gore and Beastmen so far), there'll be DLC that splits Chaos into 4 proper factions.

There's also a mod that adds Marks as skills, so you can get a tiny bit of variety at least.

I think the second tier chariot is drawn by juggernauts.

I want the ca shills to leave

Too bad.

Actually, what I've seen for myself contradicts that. Its a bad strategy game and its a bad warhammer game.

Reminder that there is a much better mod for Medieval 2, for free, and without the Warscape engine


Have fun playing a TW game where stats are the only thing that matters.

What else should matter in Warhammer? The game does simulate dice rolles in an individual unit basis. We'll never get a turn based game with real TT rules because that would cut into GWs bottom line (or so they think because they are stupid).

Total War games age like wine. You have to wait until the new Total War comes out before you play the previous one, because only then its actually good.

Second tier chariot are Gorebeasts.

It is some jewery right here.

Because at the end of the day it's a Total War game with a Warhammer theme.
In reality, it's more like a poorly made paid mod for Rome 2.

Besides, it's not supposed to be a substitute for the TT game in any way and it should have been a proper TW title.
Like that mod for Medieval 2 which mentioned.

Shit taste confirmed tbh srly fam~

Until they turn to vinegar because modern hardware can't handle it anymore. RIP Viking Invasion.

Nobody can deny the turbo-jewry they're trying to pull here. But that was to be expected between Sega, GW and CA meddling with the game. We don't know anything about the Chaos DLC yet though, just that there'll be one. I suspect it'll add more units to the roster and comes with a mini-campaign (which, again, nobody wants) set in the Chaos Wastes.

So? That's what people wanted though?

Reading comprehension.

You implied that stats matter the most because WH was originally a TT game.
Having played CA's best games, Rome 1 and Medieval 2, I disagree.

Stats are important, but they shouldn't be the sole deciding factor of any engagement.

fuck off CA shill

What else should they take into consideration then? Even Rome and Med2 were largely won via stock standard hammer and anvil tactics against the AI and that hasn't changed much to this day.


I don't even care about the DLC, 15€ is a bit on the high end but not a shocking price for an entire new race with an own campaign and all that stuff.

It's the base game that is shit, and there is no way of fixing it because the foundations are rotten.

I disagree. As I said, it's about as good as Attila was with its unit behavior.

Strategy is only half the battle, the rest is you pulling off in-battle tactics. At least that is how it should be

Bump because it pisses off autists. :^)

you just have to silently enjoy this one OP because you're not allowed to have discussion in our safe space here. have you tried playing overwatch? i hear its a highly competitive and technical team game, we could start a League Of Legends general because that's also a good game worth discussing here

It's not so much the negativity, it's the fact that Overmeme und Tumblrtale got fucking Generals because the "Shill" faction wasn't loud enough yet any game that isn't super indie gets shat upon endlessly.

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You realize I was referring to the faction that always spams every thread with "Shill lol kike much shekels", not the faction of actual shills?

Good job at protecting us from Overwatch, huh guys?

They actually fucking fixed that, but half you faggots here are just here to shitpost and probably havrnt even seen footage.

Then again, they could have at least warn people that the game was in Early Access.

Literally the most boring and unnecessary faction since ogre kingdoms.

At least they had a place in the lore since forever, unlike Ogres.

crack when, dammit

They had a place as part of armies of chaos.

And it's not like the age of the lore matters since lizardmen are great.

But user, skaven are superior.

sooon I hope, I'm not paying a darn cent after their rome 2 fail

I hate warscape, I hate their lies, I hate what CA has become