Yous hated games



I would really fucking like to hear your complaints about one of the best games ever made nigger.


Come again?


yeah but all still on controller sticks
mouse would make this game fantastic

Any game with a general except for fighting games and overwatch.

most of Holla Forums has shit taste

Monster Hunter is a clunky piece of shit.


yeah definitively MH


same thing great design and all fucked by the robotic camera controls

do you want Holla Forums to be as bad as neogaf and other online vidya communities where theres groupthink and you arent allowed to have the "wrong opinions"?

Fuck off Reddit. We know the purpose of these subversive threads and we won't allow it.

go back to reddit

Nope, but I think you should express those opinions with reasons in the appropriate threads instead of creating a thread where people aren't allowed to criticize you.

And lol at the notion that a reddit tier thread is fighting groupthink. Unpopular opininon threads are the very definition of groupthink and are usually made so nobody can criticize your opinion.

You have to go back

you can defend your precious POV here fam, what is holding you from posting a thesis, you demand something you are not willing to do either

I have posted my POV, on unpopular opinon threads, you know, the thing we were talking about, dipshit? I don't care for Armored Core. Even if I did, the OP (as mentioned earlier) hasn't made any points to address.

Even Skyrim is a better game and that game is also utter shit.


Nah, man, he's fighting groupthink with his thread full of one liners about games he doesn't like. Really facilitating discussion with, "I don't like this game."