Are there any video games that do a good job at making you feel like Superman?

Are there any video games that do a good job at making you feel like Superman?

What video game character could beat Superman in a fight?

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I'll knock the obvious one out first.

stop acting like a triggered retard.

Any game with cheat codes

Asura is the most OP motherfucker out there. Is there anyone who can beat him?

Any magic based one.

You can abuse some superpowers in Saints Row 4, but the fun only lasts for a bit before you realize being a walking cheatcode is dull

You know, I'd almost be tempted… but didn't they make Anthony Burch a part of that game?


He'll never show up unless you go out of your way to summon him and then you get to shoot at him xir while thon complains like a good cucklord

This, or a villain that is about equal to Superman.

Btw, all this attention Supes is getting is because the new Superman comics aren't complete ass.

really? I've just been going back and reading Holla Forums's recommendations. It's making me really want to play a good superman game, but the problem is, there are none.

I'm surprised DC was able to get their shit together if what you are saying is true. I'll have to check them out… sucks KAT is gone.

Superman 64

You play a god forced to jump through hoops and perform useless wastes of your time and powers, with close to sisyphus like gameplay. The feeling you get from playing this game is exactly what it feels like for superman to exist in a world populated by weak and stupid monkeys, divided by nation, squabbling over resources and petty differences, all while begging you for help to protect them from themselves. You could reform the world into a powerful symbol of humanity, a utopia for all, but instead you choose to fly through the rings of 21st century morality.

Yes, but could he beat Edo Madira.

Would Alex Mercer be able to consume Superman?
Also the game serves as a great have superpowers+throw people off buildings simulator.Whether that would make you feel like superman is debatable

I don't think he would be able to take out Supes, but he could probably handle a good portion of both the Marvel and DC universes.

Also, nah, I wouldn't say it does but it's still a great super hero game. To bad they butchered the story in the comics and everything but the gameplay in the second game.

Superman is boring shit.

There's only one correct answer


Morrowind with full daedric arsenal and +250 fortify strength enchant plus self made potion that gives another +1000 fortify strength for two weeks.

The only people who think a superman game would be hard is redditors and Hack game journos for click money. Just make an Arkham styled game that doesn't have Human enemies and be creative with power limits in my opinion.

But you're wrong

Balancing the power limits would be pretty rough though. It wouldn't be as hard as making a One Punch Man game, but you'd still have to make the player feel like a god while keeping the challenge and fun.

The zoe gameplay would work well, maybe an increase in enemies too

why the fuck would you want to be superman when you can be the green lantern in gmod.



You mean "what games make you feel invincible"?
Any game with God mode.

People who don't know shit about Superman doesn't know how cool he gets.

What did he do wrong?
Is that thing cheap,ugly or something?

You sad, pal-less loser.

Jimmy made Superman a sandwich that was just too damn delicious. Superman hated Jimmy for making him experience such please. I'm not making this up.

Don't I look silly.


Im going to break this down for ya.
Superman is the biggest Mary Sue, ever.
He is walking plot armor, and generally poorly written.

Originally he couldn't fly, shoot eye lazers or blow arctic winds, and he was weak against magic. Now he is faster, smarter and stronger then anyone. Ever.

So, he's bullet proof, could you still give him an injection? Apparently only if it saves his life. Or if lex Luther does it.

Better question: when he busts a nut in Lois, why doesn't it break through the top of her skull?

Have fun with your normalfags super hero

Normalfags hate Superman for never taking the time to actually read a good Superman comic. Also, normalfags prefer Marvel to DC.

I forgot that everyone likes to walk around wearing my people's symbol for hope and not Comrade America's shield or the Dark Kike symbol.

Superman's future-predicting supercomputer in the Fortress of Solitude told him he was going to "destroy his son", so he made Jimmy reject him as an adopted father. Then after he explained everything to Jimmy, Jimmy figured out that the computer actually said "destroy his SUN" and Superman went off to fix the solar system he made for some space refugees a while back.

There is only one Superman and Jimmy Olsen is his Pal, no?

I remember reading this. Truly top-tier writing.

What games make me feel like pic related."
That is all I want in life.

what the fukc

Sorry user.

Except normalfags hate supes

there's a gameboy beat em up that revolved around the Flash and wasn't half bad.

Wally West is best Flash.

Pretty much this.

Why not both?

Is asuras wrath worth a play through? Also have more?

No and no

I'll take both.

sucks we'll never see a good live action Wally seeing as he became the diversity quota.

On a side note, did black Wally ever even get his own comic?

If you like shonen anime, it's a great interactive anime. If you're looking for a game with replay value, look elsewhere.

No, also white Wally is back thankfully.
He is still black in the TV show though.

That's pretty funny considering what a big deal they tried to make him. Here's to hoping the tv show doesn't help thug Wally gain any popularity.

It's very "Silver Age". Although honestly, Superman does work better as a plot device than as a protagonist.

Morrowind lets you levitate and fly like Superman. You could probably find a laser mod somewhere.


Where can I get these comics?

I'll upload it to the Holla Forums viola. It's going to take a bit.

The kid from scribblenauts

No, that's Batman.

A good superman game would have fully destructible environments, but you would have to spend every fight making sure as little destruction happened as possible. Sure, you could basically turn off your power limiter, but there's no telling how much destruction you would cause.

Also, a large portion of the game would be built around moral choices, except it would have to be done really well. Every choice would have a few obvious solutions, with one hidden "Superman" type solution that would require some creative thinking top get the best solution for the problem.

Now that sounds fun. You could even subtly change Superman to fit the choices you've made similar to how Epic Mickey was supposed to be.