So Holla Forums, in what order would you dispatch these dastardly foes? All of them are fairly dangerous targets...

So Holla Forums, in what order would you dispatch these dastardly foes? All of them are fairly dangerous targets, but it is up to you to determine which is a more important enemy and eliminate them accordingly.

I am aware that any game that includes all four of these in the same room is objectively a shit game, but this is a hypothetical situation. Also my apologies for the shit text formatting, but Oekaki's text tool sucks dick and I'm too lazy to use paint.

Generally speaking, you want to eliminate as many as possible in as short a time as possible.

Hitscan Harry is the most immediate threat, followed by Peet then Bubba, since desipte his lethality, bubba can be out-maneuvered and things like terrain can be used to put some cover between you and the rockets.

Hellmouth is a coin toss - if his spawn rate is higher than the rate at which you can kill, then his priority skyrockets, otherwise there's literally zero point to attacking him until everything else is dealt with.

Are enemies subject to friendly fire? Do the Peaceful Peets detonate if shot?
If that's the case, try to goad the Bubbas into leading their shots right into the Hitscan Harrys, while leading the Peets near the Bubbas to domino effect their asses. Focus on the Hellmouths afterwards.

Obviously it would be the Peets. Peets are the biggest threat on the stage, being 10 bombs that fuck your dick right off all running at you twice as fast as you can run from them. Make sure you kill them immediately, preferably charging towards them so that maybe if their AI is shitty enough they'll try to charge you, you can dodge, then they blow themselves up at a safe distance away. If their AI is actually decent, kill them from a distance as you approach the Hellmouths.

Hellmouths need to be killed so you don't get Zerg'd - It does say he constantly spawns enemies, as well as spawning on hit. The enemies it spawns are most likely incredibly easy to kill but you need to make sure you can kill them before they mob you to death.

Obviously, once Hellmouths are done, you move on to the Harrys. They're "obnoxiously accurate" so killing them before attacking the tankier enemy is important, you should focus on killing the fucker with the most health when there's not many things around you to chip off your health while you attack Bubba. It would be pretty easy to lead his shots just by moving erratically so just strafe and do random shit until Bubba's down and the room is clear.

1. Peaceful Peet-They can easily outrun you, but they tend to have low hit points. If you don't kill these first, they'll kill you, that's their gimmick.

2. Hellmouth-Now we dispatched the biggest threat, we can dodge Bubba and kite Harries. Focusing on Bubba now will only give the Hellmouth time to make more spawn. Take out the Hellmouth and you can take as long as needed to dispose of the rest.

3. Harry/Bubba-if Bubba is easy enough to dodge, take out the Harries, if not, take out Bubba.

This is the correct order.

Suiciders are always FIRST in your list, as they can take you out immediately with AOE, it doesn't matter how good you are at taking out the rest if you're dead before being able to switch to the next target.

Guys that can shoot explosives (especially rockets and such) are always the SECOND in your list as they can fuck you up in a couple of shots from range.

Cannon fodder and the monster generator can be taken out at the same time, i'd prioritize taking out the existing cannon fodder first just to thin out some numbers, and then focus on the generator.

If the generator spawns more suiciders, switch your focus on them until they're cleared.

- Peaceful Peet is definitely first, because it's pretty much a headless kamikaze, and those are always high-priority targets
- If Hitscan Harries are not moving actively and grouped up, hide from them and focus on Bubba Bruiser. Otherwise, hide from Bubba Bruiser and dispatch Harries first.
- Not sure when to deal with Hellmouth, because I don't know which enemies he spawns and how often. If he spawns them relatively rare, it's probably a good idea to clear arena out of big threats such as Peets and Bubbas first, if he spawns enemies fast, then it's better to bite the bullet and kill him early before he drowns you in bodies (though you still have to deal with Peets first - if they are anything like headless kamikazes, then the fight with them will be over in short time).

Also, there are lots of variables missing. How fast are Harries and Bubbas, and how actively they move around? Is there monster infighting, or at least a monster friendly fire?

Pffft, casual. As long as room is big enough and has hiding places, it should be a fun fight.

Anything that is both faster than you and able to kill you in one shot at melee range goes first.
If you can't dodge their shots, shoot them first
A room filled with enemies is not a good spot to be in if you want to live
Now that everyone else is dead, you can take potshots at him until he dies and get out with your health meter more or less where you started.

Just need to get serious.

Kill the Petes
Shoot at both Hellmouths with my weakest gun until there's so many enemies the game crashes

It's an objectively shit game so I'll make my own phone.


Too late, now fucking build a phone.

Hellmouth is almost literally no threat. Kill them last with whatever weapon you want.
Kill the Pajeets. Then Harry. Then Bubba.



How does he do it?

He just runs them over I guess, and spams spin attacks.

I don't understand them. Are they supposed to be used like spins in Kirby Air Ride? Sorry for derailment but my question doesn't deserve its own thread and it's kinda relevant now.

Peet > Bubba > Harry > Hellmouth

So Holla Forums, in what order would you dispatch these dastardly foes?

Repeating Richard
Check 'Em Charlie
Integers Ian
Dante Dubs

Peets first because they'll fuck you up and cover won't matter much.
Harries second just based on my experience playing DOOM in which I always prioritize even the garbage cannon fodder zombiemen first because I can dodge projectiles but not hitscan.
Bubbas third.
Hellmouth last.

Peet will blow you up for most damage and since there are 10 of him he would be a constant threat. Not taking him out first basically puts you on a timer until you are guaranteed to die and would be a huge gamble. We also don't know if the enemies are subject to friendly fire. Take down Peet first.

Harry's shots are the hardest to avoid (hitscan, duh) and his constant barrage will weaken you over time. You have to take him out second. Its possible that taking out Harry first is better, depending on further game mechanics, but the information provided he becomes the second target.

Hellmouth "constantly spawns more enemies" and "spawns every time it gets hurt" is weird so its hard to judge what its priority is. If we go by Doom standard then Hellmouth might as well be last because the enemies it spawns is neglible and attacking it would just make life more difficult. If it spawns faster and more uncontrollably then you need to take it out before Bubba or you will get overrun due to Bubba's tankiness.

Or in short Peet > Harry > Hellmouth = Bubba

user you're killing me with these line breaks.

Actually, I think that idea is kinda interesting. Monster spawners are usually prioritized, but this way, player will be forced to leave it alone during fight, allowing it to pester player with its spawns through the entire fight. And if you make monsters spawned on damage more dangerous than the monsters that are spawned automatically, destroying it after the combat will be still challenging. Kinda reminds me of Fleshpound - he is bad enough on its own, but hurt him, and he becomes fucking bonkers.

What is the terrain? If I can snipe them from up above, then I want to take care of Bubba first, and then take down the Peets as they start moving. The Harry group is deal with next, though if I can cluster them with the Hellmouth to take advantage of explosives and to ensure any missed shots I have go to a good cause, that's what I would want to do.

If I'm on a flat terrain for some dumb fucking reason, then the Peets have to first, followed by the Peets. With cover, Bubba takes priority over the Peets, as I have a lot less mobility to move around. Maybe the other way around depending on cover. Hellmouths are certainly last.

That being said, if I can take out a Hellmouth easily, I will do that to prevent the constant spawns from coming in. I might even do that first if I can reliably snipe multiple enemies from a higher vantage point before moving in to clean up.

Read it all instead of that snippet. I mean the wording is weird. Its hard to judge how much of a priority it is.

You know, what we need to do is to replicate this situation in Doom. Bubba is obviously Cyberdemon, Harry can be represented by shotgunners, I think there should be some suicide bombers on Realm667, but I don't think there is a pre-made Hellmouth, so someone will have to make one. Though it can be replaced by Pain Elemental - it works sort of similarly, constantly spawning lost souls and making another three of them after death.

Hellmouth seems like the most immediate threat, followed by peaceful peet, hitscan harry and then bubba bruiser.

Just blast em all with the BFG.

Whoops, I messed this up. I forgot that Doom has monster infighting, which would make everything easier, and that Cyberdemon does not leads his rockets, so it needs to be replaced with buffed-up mancubus or something.

excalibur from warframe with a onehit double barrled shotgun, accurate and hard-hitting semi auto pistol, twin tomahawks what can ragdoll in an aoe.

priority would be peets, harries, bubba then hellmouth.

fuck if these thing move faster than something that crosses what amounts to a football field from end to end in less than 10 seconds regularly.
kill these first.

it won't be a moment till there dead, rush them and don't break stride towards bubba.

once You get a feel for the rythim of his shots, he won't be a problem even with the others around because of possible cover and cyberninja speed.
hit and run until it dies.

decent aoe damage that excal can deal means the spawns don't even matter.

thinking of it this scenario makes me wish that warframe was a third person musou game with movement designed for hulkjumping accross the battlefield that took it's difficulty from enemy composition.

I think you mean Pointy Patrick you fucking faggo.


Peace Peet > Hitscan Harry > Hellmouth > Bubba Bruiser

run to area where suiciders can not reach while strafing and killing bruisers with hitscanners at second priority, once I reach where suiciders cant, kill the spawners, kill the rest of hitscanners from cover

Gun down Peaceful Peet, use Bubba Bruiser's rockets to gib all the hitscan Harrys, make him blast hell mouth and then laugh as Bubba breaks down after killing all his friends. Or just shoot him.

Depends on what kind of enemies the Hellmouth is spawning. Is it spawning lesser Hellmouths, the latter three enemies, or something else? Moreover, its description says "Constantly spawns more enemies," but in the very next line, "Spawns one every time it gets hurt" – is it the former, the latter, or both?

Regardless, if the Hellmouth is just spawning generic enemies rather than any of the other three,

Peet first because they're easy to kill and a dangerous threat.
Harry second because they're easy to kill.
For the last two, kill whichever one is easier to kill first.


See sorta because you're gonna get aloha snackbar'd.

does peet explode on death? will it damage his allies?


I'm not sure what it would spawn, exactly. If it's spawning Petes, you still might as well thin out numbers first. Less is better.

unless youre actively damaging it with low damage, it shouldnt spawn them at a rate you cant handle.
then again there are 2

Peets are probably going to run at you first-in-line ahead of everyone else and outrunning you, so you're going to have to kill them first. Harrys aren't so bad as long as you can tank the hits, so next up would probably be Bubba, since he has the most menacing weapon. Kill all remaining Harrys when Bubbas and Peets are dead. Last up would be Hellmouth. Since a Hellmouth spawns enemies only after being hit, it would be safest to leave them for last. Any enemies that pop up during the Hellmouth fight you can choose to ignore or kill. Ignoring the enemies guarantees the Hellmouth will die faster, killing the enemies that are spawned would take more time, but would be a safer bet.

1: Peet
2: Bubba
3: Harry
4: Hellmouth

If you want a more detailed answer, you have to answer questions such as how fast can the player move in relation to the enemies, how much damage does the player deal, what weapons does he have and how fast do they fire.


their splash damage kills other peets and other enemies nearby

Pretty much guaranteed to be first. If they're far away then you can delay for a little while but once they get close enough they become the first priority.

Just how much damage do they do? Are we talking rifle Zombieman or shotgun Sergeant? If they can do a lot of damage quickly they need to die immediately. However, if they don't do much damage then they can definitely be delayed to take out bigger threats, depending on how long the bigger threats take to kill.

Really depends on how tanky they are and just how good of a shot they are. If they'll die in a few rockets then they can be a higher priority.

What kind of enemies are spawned? Are they fast? How much health do they have? If they used ranged weapons, are they hitscan or projectile? One big thing to note is that they're stationary. If all they spawn are basic enemies that don't have hitscan weapons and don't move particularly fast then they are absolutely going to be last priority because they and their spawns will be easy to avoid, at least if you have a decent amount of space to fight in. If they spawn an enemy like a Lost Soul that can charge you very quickly and can take a decent amount of damage before going down, then they become a much higher priority. Still, the fact that they spawn more enemies when hit means you need to nuke them with high damage weapons as fast as possible if there are other serious threats on the field, which makes taking them out early tricky.


Peet clearly needs to be dealt with first. Like it's not even close (unless there is a way to make them detonate without hitting you, like if they have a lag time and you can roll away or something).

Then it's between harry and mouth. If you can kill the harrys really fast so that mouth only spawns a few targets, then wipe out the harrys real fast. If they are sturdier, you might be better off just soaking them while killing the spawn guy.

This is all relative to how powerful it's spawns are, how fast they spawn, and how damaging the harrys are. It would have to be a feel thing based on playing the actual game.

Then the bruiser. Ironically, harry or mouth, whichever one doesn't get eliminated, would probably come after this. If the harrys are so weak that you can ignore them even at ten of them, you likely can continue to ignore them tell you deal with bruiser. Same with the hellmouth. If it spawns things that are so weak, you can continue to just ignore it tell you deal with bruiser.


What if the Hellmouth spawned Hellmouths?

that would be problematic

As a Serius sam player

nuke the bruiser as fast as possible (quick headshot snipe or rocket launcher ) all while running backwards and then focus on the Peetes (machine gun ),Harrys (and Hellmouths for the latter

Peet can't be outrun'd or outranged, so he must go down first.
Then comes Harry, then Bubba then Hellmouth.
Now it would be nice to know how often and/or what the Hellmouth spawns.

Hitscans must always be dealt with before projectile enemies.
Doom 101, user.