Power Glove finally working in 2016

I doubt anyone here saw this yet.
Italian dude just made a hardware mod for the powerglove and it works like it was supposed to do on release.
He's planning on releasing tutorials on the modding, and also the software involved.
For obvious copiright reasons he will do it all for free.

Looks like it works like shit

VR is a gimmick

It's still a prototype apparently, but seeing as it's based on the usual compass/accelerometer/gyroscope combo it can't get a lot better.
It was actually supposed to be to play other games than VR but i see how you might think there is a connection.
It's mostly something someone with a powerglove could do so he doesn't have a piece of useless trash lying around i guess.

Also imo it looks rad
Hipster hardware is my weakness

It's so bad

Italy proving to be the best country once again

wowzers! who could have known shit that wasn't cool back in the day is still not cool!


They are only good for free shit.
I can name three translation patches for jap games italian dudes released in both english and their language.

life is a gimmick

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But aren't vr controllers basically the same thing? If i recall correctly oculus has those two nunchuck-like things that works the same as this glove.

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In all seriousness can we just have an 80s aesthetic again without the layer of irony? I want to see giant chrome letters again without the imaginary hipster whispering into my mind-ear "The 80s were weird, amirite?"


It's fuckin nothing

80s games do a poor job of representing the 80s