Reminder that Archie did the greatest thing ever and combined a huge amount of Capcom and Sega IPs into one long story

Reminder that Archie did the greatest thing ever and combined a huge amount of Capcom and Sega IPs into one long story.

In case you were wondering, this is Sonic Boom Issue 10.

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last I read archie sonic it was god damn trash
why should I give it another chance

When was that?

I don't owe you shit, shill
shill your fucking garbage comic to me before I start saging

What? When did I say anything about owing me? What are you, Shadow himself?

her name is sticks now?

Wasn't it always?

I googled it. I must be thinking of a different character.

I never even knew I wanted this.

Maybe Marine. Forgettable characters tend to have that effect.

i don't know if you noticed the monster hunter character earlier

yeah, that's who it was




-but you remembered…

Why's this shit keep reversing the image order?

I admit I got slightly confused before.

Amy wants some Mega Man inside her.



will the autism ever end?!!??!?!



but it is, goy

rotor can't fucking do that shit

How autistic are you?

When the hell did Rotor get buff?

Oh shit, this is making the 10-year-old inside me so moist

That moment was dicks. Absolute dicks.

I want to protect her smile.

And we will never get Capcom vs Sega because fuck you

Oh fuck, I didn't know that was a monster hunter character.

I'll main palico if capcom gave them X or Zero armor.

So what I don't get is if Felynes are literally Palicoes or not.

Are you referring to what I posted or the moment where Rotor got buff, because if it's the latter I assume that means it involved lots of implied nudity.

i assume that felyne is a race, and palico is a rank

Nah, dad problems.

Ritz is great and if I didn't know about him back when Psyguy/Fireball20xl was a thing, I wouldn't have admired his work today.

Ok, it's just that, there's all these new animals like pronghorns and chinchillas and shit so it's hard to tell whether you mean that these people are dicks or that this animal has multiple penises in nature or a fake anus or whatever the fuck ducks have.

I was just describing how bad that situation was by calling it "dicks".

Ok. As an aside apparently Walruses have the largest relative penis (bone) size of any land mammal. Also it comes out of a hole in the groin for some reason, I assume because of water friction being hell on a flaccid dick. I honestly expected worse.

This looks like a huge mess, like some fanfiction made by a 16 years old amateur.

I can't think of how something like mixing so many ip's can make a coherent story. i am not interested in crossovers.

In Monster Hunter the term Lynian refers to a category of small sentient humanoids. Felynes and Melynxes are the cat people and they're a species of Lynian. Palico refers to any Felyne or Melynx that hunts alongside a human hunter. So more or less what said. Palico is the term for cat people that hold a certain position.


also there better be a Deviljho somewhere in here goddammit

Nope, just Magala.

ya know, i think im attracted to sticks

She has a really bad voice, how can you enjoy that?

Where can I read Mega Drive?

Whoally shit, there's a name I haven't heard in forever. Who was Ritz again?

Tyson Hesse. He does Boxer Hockey and some Sonic stuff. Now he pencils at Archie.

Reminder that sonic got cucked in one of the comics, and the furry fapbait married a cheese eating surrender monkey.

got you fam

Thenk, already found it though. Couldn't find it on Tails Kicks Ass.

Glad i never really read the specials and just kinda ignored the comic.

You guys remember The Ride?

Except World's Unite was disappointing and not all that good. World's Collide was leagues better.

Is that… is that a Sonic Crackers recerence?

just looked it up, im not particularly annoyed by it. its more of a physical attraction, the tomboy factor helps a lot too

i wanna fill honeywomans cunnycombs

But what about Knuckles Chaotix?

This is offensively bad.

It's a deviant-art garbage, but with production values of commercial product.
No wonder it's super popular.

No, this is.


More like (((the yeti.jpg)))

Anyone got that old comic where Robotnik rapes Amy?

the killing yolk

Aren't the Sonic comics overly serious furfaggotry with characters that are shit, or did they actually achieve something good with it?

2nd crossover was shit, and the fucking tease of a MMZ crossover was depressing.

It was like that until ian flynn took over. Things were going well until the legal purge happened, and the whole comic world was basically reset. Most of the original comic characters are gone and (At the moment.) It's going through it's own version of unleashed's story. Which right now to me is a low point. The only moderately interesting stuff going on is in universe and Mega drive.

So basically imagine SatAM if it was tied much closer to the original games.

What's page 457 from there?

nvm, found it




That crossover was absolute shit

Archie's first crossover with just megaman and sonic was fantastic, and the standalones comics are pretty decent as well.

The eggman SU arc was the best since the reboot i think

The one with all the Egg Bosses? Yeah man. Great shit.

Although is the vulture with the mechanical face really good? I forget her name.

Well she has been shown sabotaging Eggman's shit.

Woman, you are downsizing your assets.

Reminder that archie sonic is a load of shite and STC is the only good sonic comic.

You don't appreciate how Ian Flynn literally saved the whole comic?

Honestly all of the new egg bosses are well designed.

The reboot just pisses me off.
Why would you attempt to make the story of the games canon when the stories in the game are imfamously inconsistant and shit?
There's other shit too like strange retro pandering and the new designs. I honestly can't stand any of it and it's probably just that I can't get over losing the old universe.

This is like looking through a catacombs, full of the corpses of long dead franchises that will never return. It's kind of cool but at the same time disturbing.

The last time i read a sonic comic was when they started to turn Sonic unleashed's plot into an arc. Did anything actually relevent happen since then ?

New characters and such. A shark Mobian, and some new Egg Bosses. Plus werehog shenanigans, and a Freedom Fighters fan base.


Kek, Viewtiful Joe operates off of the Feig Ghostbusters theory of what constitutes an audience.

Have you even read the comics? They were far worse than the worst stories from the games. '06 would have been a high point relative to the comics that were coming out at the time. The only reason they got away with it for so long is because nobody reads comics, so the sales expectations are incredibly low, and the licensed name and actually being sold at newsstands was enough to sell the couple tens of thousands of copies that modern comics can get by on.

The old comic also had almost nothing to do with the games. It was a completely different cast in a completely different setting with a completely different backstory. You could remove Sonic and change Robotnik's name and the comic could have continued on without anyone ever knowing it was ever connected to Sonic. When the main branch of your franchise is a video game, a medium which sells exponentially more than comic books, it's retarded to distance your licensed product from its more popular parent product. All that results is that, on the rare occasion you actually get a new reader, some kid who is so into Sonic games he picks up one of the comics, they are left confused and bored by a story that is absolutely nothing like the material that made them want to try the comic in the first place. What the comics are now is far, far better than it was before, both from an entertainment perspective, as it got rid of tons of stupid baggage that wasn't entertaining or fun to read about at all, and from a marketing perspective, as now it has a chance of kids actually picking up an issue and finding something that has to do with Sonic, which is what they wanted, which increases their chances of buying a second issue. Though the comic could still be helped by making the Freedom Fighters tertiary guest stars, like say the Chaotix, or the Babylon Rogues, instead of the fucking stars of the comic. Not only does the show the Freedom Fighters come from also have nothing to do with Sonic aside from the name, but it got cancelled over 20 years ago, so no kid is going to care or want to read about them, as opposed to characters they might have actually seen in the games. You'd be better off if fucking Bark and Ray were main characters over Sally and Antoine.