Describe a game's story with a single one-line hint and others try and guess it

Describe a game's story with a single one-line hint and others try and guess it

I'll start

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New Vegas?



Mass Effect 3

metal gear solid 3?

Kingdom Hearts.

fight monsters through investigation

Fatal Frame


Fallout: New Vegas

Good answers, but no.
Here's another hint:

the metal gear solid series?

Hotline Miami?

Fallout 4

Until Dawn.

That sounds about right.


Until Dawn.


They made a new DLC that was basically assets ripped from mods.







Does anyone have the touch the cow webm edit of that?


I see my motives are not too complex for you

Let play a Decision Game






MY FAMILY IS DEEAAAAAAD but it was all right.


thats easy, MGSV


Indigo Prophecy.


W-what are you doing user? This is a Christian board you know!



Destroy all humans
Too easy user.


oh fuck i cant read


Dark Souls 3?



Max Payne 3 or MGS4

I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain


Dragon's Dogma?
Shadow of the Colossus?

here's a normalfag one

That's fucking easy, it's Skyrim.

Modern Warfare



Here's a few



You're actually someone that you don't know.

what can change the nature of a man?

First one is Red Faction
Last one is JSR

EYE? :^)



I think you got your answers mixed up, but yes for

I can't remember.

Here's a few.

"I was only pretending to be retarded!"








lost planet




He says after getting ditched by his shitty friends in favor of the "friend" trying to murder his clown ass while a vegetable looks on




Wow, who knew being a slaver could get you this much money?

Telepathy through time!

Fallout 2?

metal slug?

Tim Schafer's dick.

Bingo, nice job!




someone steals shota and SHIT GOES DOWN

Can only be Monkey Island

Drawing on a dry erase board.



duke nukem forever



The tale of a loving father with anger issues fisting his way through the gods.


Too easy

Holla Forums?

God of war

Asura's wrath.



Earth Defense Force?






First one is original Fallout?


Dragon's Dogma?





Planescape Torment.


Or silent hill 2 :^)

1. Red faction geurilla?

Starcraft 2?

Trolls 2 and Se7en? Why 2 films..

Don't starve?

Half life for kids

Here's a classic

The Thing.


strange journey

Jesus fuck user
it's starcraft, the original

revolution 60

Guilty Gear



Why is it called revolution 60? Because you turn 60 degrees and walk away from it?

Outlast/the whistle blower dlc

GTA 5?


Pic unrelated

If it wasnt vidya, yes


Here's a few.. (easy to hard?)

Half Life
that one zombie game that is really silly and has a ton of sequels
no idea
Sleeping Dogs
GTA San Niggreas
LA Noire
Mount n Dew Blade

Dishonored/Half life 3
One of the dead rising games? Haven't played any of them
Heavy rain
One of the worms games
Spec ops the line
The detective game that ends with flaming enemies in the sewers


Dragon Age? Mass Effect?

Silent hill 2

Awesome! That just leaves the


Red dead
Vampire the masquerade Bloodlines
Oh baby that ma Tropico 4!
Resident evil 4
Door kickers
Was it star wars battlefront maybe?
Secret world?


I don't want to know the answer.

Dark Messiah?

Mech-fucking-warrior mah nigga



Saint row 4?


100% Citrus Suffering


Also correct.

And that's a third.

Let me get that double satisfaction with

Bada bing bada bung. You got it.

I'll admit you're right, but I love it anyway

Metal Gear Rising?

It's not a spin-off.
got it alreadu.


Jet Set Radio Future.

A magical adventure to kill god, children's cartoon characters and spic politicians.

Nice job.


Halo Wars?

Some weeb shit for sure, let's see
Final Fantasy 3-12?

Dune 2000?

A mute fast fuck tries to kill his extremely helpful mother and brother, even though they are pretty much right.


Those ain't spics, they are Italians.
You dumb nigger.

I'm guessing that is Twisted Metal.

Gonna try something.

Should be easy to guess.

Throw a crippled old rich man from the top of a skyscrapper to rescue your daughter.

no time to explain

Oh no, the goverment wants me to rob another fucking bank and give me like a 4% cut, hopefully this is the last time

Nope, good try though.

A bunch of goths fight over a real bombshell.

Ka. Ka. Ka. TA-KA!

Metal gear solid 5


Populous: The Beginning


No More Heroes

This is Nikoomba. His views do not coincide with ours, and that makes him dangerous. Silence him.



Vampire Bloodlines?




A pirate kills everyone who is fighting over a bomb in the casket of the Lord of all vampires. Because the vampire pirate was bored and thought it would be funny.

That was a good guess, but it was Grand Theft Auto 5.


Conquer a country via rape.


Too easy for ya, huh?
I'll come up with something a bit more difficult.

Are they making a BLM game?

I don't think that's the answer pal.

Let me try this again minus the retardation.
Final Fight.

No, but close.

What can I say? I know my porn.





>Burn shit Okay it isn't really a game but whatever
>Play as a hipster who must chose between a town of people or a dumb bitch who some how managed to shoot herself. Ok it's obvious but whatever
Pic is again, unrelated

Life is Strange

Prison Architect

Sir, you are being hunted

Surgeon simulator


Little Inferno.

Postal 2.


We happy few


you cheeky cunt

yes, is it good?

What? That doesn't sound like BBS at all.


you go on a mission to kill yourself

No just kidding

Meh, you just burn stuff, It is nice to watch but I highly recommend torrenting it or getting it if on a huge sale.


starts with an S, but no

Puzzle Agent

I like it but it's barely a game. The atmosphere is nice though.
I likedd how the game motivates you to burn actually meaningful things.

[Ubisoft title]?

Soul Reaver.

newer than that

Fran Bow?

Here's mine:

stalker Shadow of Chernobyl

I am thoroughly dissappointed.

Soul Reaver 2?

good work, you got it


That one basketball game by spike lee?

You got it.

And just to restate the ones no one got yet Because I want People to figure them out

Test Drive Unlimited 2?

Binding of Isaac.


Metal Wolf Chaos

Gone homo

The Wonderful 101?

Here's another
>dumb marines shoot demons in SPESS

no sorry
no again, sorry


GTA Vice city

Isac something, that faggot indie game made by that fat hipster faggot.


Far Cry 4


Fill Fish's Phez



it's PAYNE

should have gone with "A BOMB"
Holla Forums loves to jerk off at how good the writing is but they never discuss it.

Using rumors, I want to organize people into a large treasure hunt for an artifact that I may use to kill myself.



No, and I don't think that anybody will possibly be able to guess it.
That does fit though.

Yes, finally.

Those were all wrong except for the last one


You like Castlevania, don't you?

Metal gear solid 1

YEs, exactly


aliens from the future attack earth for a crime they haven't committed yet.

Fallout 4


Wonderful 101





Shadow of Mordor?



Fucking asshole

Brouzouf is EYE.

LISA The Joyful.

Whaaaaat? I know
I really need to play that game.
Already got it

Fuck your bantz

Make sure to pirate. Dingaling went SJW, though I'm not sure if there's any torrents of the current version of The Joyful with the new attacks and shit.

Please tell me your trolling me You are joking, right user?


Monster girl quest paradox.

Do you actually have a source? Or is it "from a friend"?

[citation needed]

Stop saying stupid shit if you don't have a source to back it up. I don't even like Lisa and you piss me off.



Princess Sacrifice?

Every modern Telltale game.


Whats the point to lying to everyone like that?

He found a paperclip



mother 3



I highly doubt a guy who comes here is an SJW.


Half the people here ARE SJWs, you mong. Confused trannies and basement NEETs is the prime demo.


All correct except for:
Resident evil 4..

This game did come out of japan, but it had konami written on the box ;) and the european cover was consider better than the american one If I recall correctly.

I'll give you that one, but it was actually rainbow six :P


Finally someone got the

Okay here goes some more:

The Witcher 3
Resident Evil 5
Left 4 Dead
Mass Effect 3
Splinter Cell
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

These things are supposed to be challenging, you know.

Walking around in my metal suit, building useless artillery

Well seemingly they are seeing as you got

Harder though? Hmm..


Pardon my retardspeak


>Kill all the terrorists in the world FOR AMERICA
No one got it when I posted it ;__;
1001 spikes
left 4 dead 2
Watch dogs 2
The Witcher

the cat lady
If it includes a frog man then
Fantasy league football? nah but seriously it is on the tip of my tongue

satellite reign
blood bowl

Evil Genius
Alan Wake
X-Com: Ufo Defence

That also applies to Max Payne 2

Damn.. You niggas know your games.. Or best friends with google search bar.. Either way:

I'm gonna help you guys a bit with this one. That was a quote that people said about the game when/before it first came out, but I think I may have got the number wrong or only I remember that quote.

More specific x)

Hopefully this is gonna be much harder..




no Max Payne 2 is more like

Sanitarium(al pacino voice)

Fallout 3




Actually surprised that someone got that..

Someone else remembers the quote!

The Last of us?

first might be serious sam

last one might be dwarf fortress or nethack

Both right

Harry potter (but what one?)
Paper's please
The movie
Call of Cthulhu

The multiplayer furry/beastiality roleplay experience.

Forgot to greentext, I am a faggot.

All good.. Actually the first one was a spin off of the actual franchise :P

Quidditch cup?


Still nobody got

Lemme help you..

I don't want to know.

"Eat shrak you shrak-eating shrak"
"After I'm done with 'ya I'm gonna take your corpse home for playtime"
"When I instruct you to die stay dead"
"Kill that other captain for me and we'll be friends
"Do we have to fight? I wouldn't hurt a fly"
"I just wanted to put my feet up for a bit and then you show up, I now gotta kill you"
"Fish-leather oh shiny…I can smell the sun!"
"I've killed those of noble blood who are you to think you've got a chance"
"I'm gonna kill you so dead that you can't be alive"

Garry's mod?


Second Life.



Eh, could have been, but not the one I am thinking about.

Of course you aren't a furfag, I believe you user.

IMVU then.

Didn't know IMVU had beastiality, nop, not the one I am thinking about either. Have you people never played to best furry MMORPG ever?

Even I have limits..

Sometimes I try to take the furfaggotry off of pronz to make it look fappable.. Feels like i'm doing gods work.

I'm not an MMORPG guy, I wouldn't know. Just throwing wild guesses.

What are your thought on monster girls.

At least you are trying user, sometimes thats the only thing we can do.

To be fair, you have to be more of a furfag guy than a mmorpg guy to know about this one, but I am sure it has been the flavor of the month on Holla Forums at some point, although most likely ironically. There can't be that many furry mmorpgs anyway.

Ok archeage ?tera?

Furcadia? I saw that bropill video

Ding ding ding, we have a winner, even if he doesn't want to admit to being a long time player.

Still kinda gay, depends how far it is. Generally don't find it hot, demons are hot though.

Thank you brotha :')

Wait a sec.. How did you know about it then..?

Skip to 5 mintes

The fact that this type of thing has an actual market.

Well, in the end, its pretty much the best current MMO. And if you don't believe that, I challenge you to take an actual deep look at the current MMO market.

Yeah, sure, as long as we can blame somebody else. Might as well blame you knowing furcadia on GG or canada.

To each their own I guess.. What makes it so cool anyway? Don't think I could look far past the furfaggotry tbh.

Ok, no, I haven't actually played that shit. For some Holla Forumsstyle raid or whatever I once made an account years ago, and the game is complete shit. The only thing there is to actually do (if you are into that shit) is cybersex with furry avatars. I don't know if there is anything else to do in the game, nor do I care. Still, nearly every other MMORPG we currently have is made for faggots anyway, at least this one isn't hiding that its for faggots.

True.. Well Secret world has some nice lore, and in all honesty i've probably sunk hundreds of hours into other mmo's in the past.

If that game's only selling point is furry cybersex, thats a very small market to adhere to (*I hope*).

I don't know, but I checked out the site, and it seems to also have some parts designated to children, with full parental control. With the last bit of faith I have in humanity I will assume that it is not actually used by children in any way, shape or form, no matter the parental controls that can be used.

Anyway, thats pretty much as far as I know about the game. If you are however an SJW, know that you could select "unspecified" as your gender in the past (pretty sure I saw a screenshot somewhere where they now have many more options), so if you really don't like binary gender choices, this one might be for you.

Nah fuck that game.. Let's pull the plug on the subject and let it die in peace

Back on topic.

Ace Combat 6 or Assault Horizon

←- ur a faget

Sorry guys.



I'll start with an easy one:

A British guy complaining about an excess of sniping


An autistic kid with a furry who uses coloured smoke to beat a big metal robot on a tower