ITT game genres you don't understand

I don't understand the appeal of MOBAs and even just top-down mouse-movement-based WRPGs like Torchlight.

If you're going to be limited in your character control and/or forced to simply watch the character you are supposedly "controlling" just act out your orders, why not just play a RTS or even a Grand Strategy game?

It just seems like a strange compromise between strategy and action and I've never understood it at all.

How the fuck are MOBA's fun and engaging. You just move your mouse with one character and click how does that not turn your brain to sponge, you fucking cattle.

WRPGs are kind of weird in a way. They don't have very challenging gameplay, but at the same time their puzzles and rpg elements are not that complicated either. Though some were actually quite fun in that exploring an interesting world, nowadays they are just a complete waste of time. As for MOBAs they are for people who suck at videogames, not much else to say

ASSFAGGOTS is RTS gameplay for the ADHD generation. That's more or less the appeal.

Games like Torchlight and Diablo ('aRPGs', though the term is unhelpful) are really focussed on looting and seeing numbers increase/tweaking builds for synergy. Gameplay is the attraction rather than immersion or roleplaying and the top-down view is part of that. Rapid clicking and moving around with that view is part of the challenge and also part of the addictive quality (personally I've never enjoyed the sub-genre but to each their own).

Oh and note that Torchlight/Diablo =/= WRPGs as most would think of them. cRPGs like PS:T or Arcanum are an entirely different thing with only the isometric view in common.

Anyone who says this is talking out of their ass. Yes the genre started as a Starcraft mod, but almost nobody who plays them cares about RTS. The appeal is the same as in RPG's, you start out shit, grind your ass off, get abilities and gear to make you overpowered as fuck. It's just condensed into a 45 minute to an hour so normalfags can experience the skinner box over and over again. Some of the fun also comes from the large character selection in the games, it keeps people engaged because there's always another character to learn how to play and counter.

>Yes the genre started as a Starcraft mod

Well that's just provably untrue but I'll assume you meant Warcraft.

Just because they don't care about them doesn't mean they aren't seeking the same thrill. ASSFAGGOTS gives you the fun of the battle without any of the build up or bigger-picture shit.

There exist recognisable versions of ASSFAGGOTS in which gear progression is much less central yet the attraction remains. It's really just the long-term gathering and managing of resources (as an abstract term). Hell you even have dumbed-down behaviours equivalent to scouting and early game resource raiding both essential elements of the PvP RTS.

Well that part I agree on, more or less.

This too but then that is arguably analogous to faction choice and build routines in RTS games just simplified (you see who they are rather than scout to see what they're building so you can counter appropriately).

More or less every part of an average ASSFAGGOTS game is a simplified, instant-gratification version of RTS gameplay.

Because it's easier to control one unit than it is to control many?

rpgs are THE GAYEST genres


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I think he was referring to Aeon of Strife, which was made in Starcraft and predates DotA.

I don't understand why ==TRPG (Tactical Role Playing Games)== are common these days.

You have to wait X number of phases, move X number of squares, your attack ranges are limited, and on top of that, your typical mission takes you more than an hour.

I can't stomach this genre and there is one game that is a strong exception:

Tactics Ogre: March of The Black Queen.

chess with stats, pretty simple. Basically only squad/military offensive management game that isn't based on gookclick, also potentially better than flat turn based since positioning and range actually matters, instead of just numbers and buffing/debuffing.
Honestly RTS games are just a disgusting halfbreed of grand strategy and srpg

I'd like to add that srpg is a really easy genre to fuck up and make boring as hell though

I thought he meant Defend (and later Attack) The Temple.

For OP, Tower Defense. It's got even less to do than ASSFAGGOTS.

Isn't TRPGs pretty much dead nowadays? Only stuff I can think of is XCOM and Fire Emblem, and FE is a hollow husk propped up with waifushit

MOBAS allow anyone to play a 'competitive' game and feel like they're a champion even if they only contribute 1 in 10 games (5 wins, 5 losses, each team member doing well once). If you lose you can blame it on your allies. You can blame it on team composition. You can blame it on things that aren't your fault.
Because you typically control only one unit, or maybe up to 3-4 if you're playing a 'hard' pick, it is easy to manage and still feel like you're a hero. Because of ultimates, you usually get a chance to make that one big play that made a difference.
Like with RTS, the resource management is in many ways more important than the actual combat. If you stay ahead of your opponent in money you have an advantage going in. And also like RTS, the team that wins is usually the one who does a better job of capitalizing on their own money and denying the other team money.
The games are also typically filled with the usual cha-chings and reward bells for playing the game at all, so even if your game sucks maybe you got a random drop that makes you feel less bad for playing, or encourages you to keep playing because you might get one next time. These are almost always cosmetics.

RTS require too much management for these people. You have to manage a base, manage your forces all over the map, manage your resource generation and balance, you have to advance through a build order or tech tree, harass the enemy resources, micro and macro carefully to get ahead and then know when to push to win.
ARPG's are similarly off putting for these people, as you need to prepare a build that requires more thought and dedication and relies on getting the right loot to support it.


It is pretty much dead, since the last TRPG has been released two years ago.

Seconding games like Torchlight/Diablo, but mostly for the fact that it takes no skill to fight enemies. Your character is just a lawn mower that you direct where to saw through the crowd. Sometimes you have to add more lawnmower fuel or hit a special button on the lawnmower to make it more effective, but that's not engaging combat. That's lawnmower maintenance.

I don't get how people find it fun in the slightest.

but user, that's exactly what it does

I love dice-rolling TRPGs.
Fuck Wesnoth in the ass.

I think the appeal for games like Diablo is making your own lawnmower from scraps you find in the local junkyard that's full of demons.

Farming gear + creating new builds that do increasing amounts of DPS and can survive the game.

Musou games. Super grindy JRPGs. They just feel tedious and repetitive. I don't know how the Disgaea and Dynasty Warriors series have lasted this long. Well, it's autism, but I just don't see how that shit can be considered fun.

In a sense you are true. It's hard to and was hard back then too to find people who are actually filling to but hour or 2 on a single match of AoC2 with random people. It was all this "instant gratification" with Fast Castles then spamming knights knights knights every fucking game so they rarely lasted more than 25-30mins usually 15-17.

I like seeing numbers go up autistically hih.

Because they're completely different games.
They might control in similar ways, but top-down RPGs offer a much different experience from RTS games.
I honestly cannot wrap my head around your logic at all.

The challenge in those games is based on how you build your characters to match the challenge the game sets up for you, and how those builds inform your interactions in combat and your collection/use of loot.

ARTs are for fighting and player interaction and to not have to use your brain for a bit
co-operative centric not really a genre for solo play
Isometric Dungeoncrawlers are for tangible shiny things and to not have to use your brain for a bit- or do, if you prefer minmaxing and theorycrafting
co-operative centric but playable without others as well
(traditional/J)RPGs are for tangible character improvement and plot progression for people who like increments and slow gains, generally the fighting portions require the least brainpower but the rest needs careful attention to truly enjoy
single-player centric with very few notable exceptions
(proper) Tower Defense games are for minmaxing and challenging yourself, and often other genres and games elements are mixed in with this for more variety
single-player centric with very few notable exceptions
Tactical RPGs are for efficient and careful players of the like who enjoy wargames, it's about bang for your buck and your decisions meaning something, with brainpower being your only major asset
single-player centric with depressingly few exceptions despite potential for otherwise, thanks handhelds

that's all of the ones I see in the thread, but to sum it up, it's catering to aspects that appeals to you, a nice little square that gets exponentially larger as more nuances come into play
generally speaking, why would you like ARTS? because you like the idea of playing with friends and competing but you don't want to be super mentally engaged as you'd need to be for RTS. why would you rather tower defense than play an isocrawler? aspects of the challenge and your mental involvement may be inhibited to the isocrawlers, so you gravitate towards even more minmaxy genres like Tower Defense
there are pretty of bad games including arguably every assfaggots currently played but no bad genres and even the people playing the worst of the worst have tastes and preferences that gravitate them towards it
please understand

Seeing numbers go up and down with minimal movement doesnt do it for me

Fuck no. That game is good for a match between friends or shit. The AI cheats

I knew about the 'tism, but tell me man. Do you really feel like all the time you invest to get those stats up is worth it? At some point I just start thinking about all the other fun shit I could do.

Its an aquired taste. Its more of the novelty that other games cant give you. Its just fun seeing those 1-2 min long animations racking up billions of damage.

Isometric RPG games are simple. At their height, those games offer so many different options that you can transcend genres. Play a Diablo 2 necromancer and the game becomes an RTS.

Me, I don't get grand strategies. I played Civ 4 once and it just looked like a really long boardgame when I finally understood it. Plus every culture had an identical tech tree except for maybe a single unique unit each.

Civ is 4x, not technically a grand strategy, but yeah "long boardgame" isn't too bad of a way to put either genre.

People who play MOBAs are the people who tried out RTS games like Starcraft but stopped playing the ladder because they were bad.

When Dota and League came out these losers flocked to it because it was familiar, but much easier. Being able to blame your teammates for your own mistakes is an even greater benefit to the MOBA genre.

I still get ladder anxiety while playing Starcraft, I'm pretty sure everybody does. That fear of defeat and all the stress that it comes with, incentives people to become better.

Go kill yourself. I normally don't mean it, but for you I do. Only the lowliest of the low of the most worthless morons pretend to know about video games when they actually know jack shit.

Bullet-hell games, or really any kind of game where it's super hard ONLY because it requires pixel-perfect precision and robot-like timing and there are little to no save points so messing up means losing hours of work; commonly referred to as "nintendo-hard" games.

There are millions of games out there that require strategy, or tactics, or logic, or careful planning, or creative/lateral thinking, and you choose a game that only asks you to have the precision of a computer? Are you… too fucking retarded to play the other types of games??

It reminds me of those stories you hear about idiot savants who can't feed or clothe themselves and can't even speak, but can multiply two ten-digit numbers in their head and provide the correct answer in an instant. It's impressive, but they're still profoundly retarded.

The classics must've been harder when they were released. There's no way people playing Daggerfall all night long were as good as someone who boots it up today with all the knowledge there is out there. It's a damn shame that the era of clueless wandering and experimentation is gone in video games, every genre has been done to death, all mechanics are known by the average user.

Name of the Tiberian Sun mod?

Holy shit this, thank you OP.
I can't fucking stand to play Diablo clones any more with that stupid control scheme. Why the fuck haven't they migrated to WASD or something by now? I just can't bring myself to play any more Torchlight 2, and I refuse to play Titan Quest or Path of Exile because of how backwards it is.
My brother-in-law has a PS4 for some reason, and he invited me to play Diablo 3 with him and holy shit the controls weren't retarded why can't this shitty use-mouse-to-do-everything trash die already?

Click-to-move is a fucking cancer that has been plaguing Western RPGs since the advent of isometry in the late '90s.

The real thrill and appeal of arcade games is pushing yourself to the limits in a short amount of time. It's having substantial replayability due to conciseness.

Perhaps your problem is that you view losing as "lost work"–as though the only point of a game is completion. Mastery is the most satisfying thing. There is nothing else like mastering a brutal game like Metal Slug 3 by beating it with a big score on one credit.

Don't you find it unfulfilling to have only accomplished something a mere computer program could have done much better in a lot less time? There's no creativity involved; there is no "you" in the experience. You've made nothing.

Though most of the RPGs i have played are generic faerie fantasy story reliant shit with some skills pasted in, and i'm not just talking about WRPGs

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For me, it's the loadout-based FPS.
I can't stand using the highest-tier weapons because they're always shit like assault rifles, which are objectively the most boring guns in this or any universe, and the actually interesting weapons are rarely able to compete.

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I really have to disagree user. Improvising in a desperate situation is one of the most personal and satisfying parts of a tough action challenge. Play a Gradius game sometime and you'll see what I mean–there's nothing quite like the tension and immense satisfaction of dying in a tough spot and figuring out how to recover from a checkpoint with a limited number of remaining ships. It's that feeling of pulling off the impossible that I love.


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