Too many games

There are too many games i want to complete. How to complete them all? I want to play for fun, but at the same time i need to hurry up and complete them.

How i organize my backlog properly? How i make myself focused on one particular game? If there are more than 10 games in the series, how i make myself try for completionist run on all of them?

And all those fucking games at least 60 hours long each, without counting side objectives and shit.

Why am i sitting on Holla Forums instead of playing them and forcing myself to play them not for fun, but to complete them faster? Why why why…

Fuck my life, and fuck my habits.

Prioritize the games that *you* want to play over the games that are just highly praised and worth playing. I have a lot of great games, but if I asked myself which games I *had* to play before I died, I'd pick the Dark Souls Games and the SMT series.I'm playing through those now (with occasional breaks) and once I'm done I'll deal with what's left.

Prioritize Shorter handheld games over long pc/console games in order to clear through your list faster

Reject completionism. Beat a game once (twice if there's a good NG+) and move on. If there's anything else to see then go to youtube

Force yourself to play these games when you have the time. Don't wait for moments when you're in the mood and the time feels right. It will feel awkward at first but you'll become used to it after a while.

Use guides and cheat

You are never going to finish your backlog, but you can identify the games that you absolutely *have* to beat and you can try to finish those.That will make your backlog far less intimidating

Disconnect your modem.

Raise your standards so high that you only have a short list of them. Don't even write down the other ones that don't make it to the list so you don't have that going on in the back of your head.

Avoid multiplayer games and MMOs because of the grinding and how online games just waste your time if you're looking to complete a backlog.

I understand the feeling. I missed being a kid when I only knew and had a few games so I would take my time with them. Pick 5 of the best ones you think you'll enjoy and focus on that and not care about the others even after you beat them. Helps to look up their criticisms

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You're just anxious due to personal issues user. Since we're human and therefore kinda shit at dealing with that, follow the only good tips on the thread:


Well, only the multiplayer/MMO part. Those things will get you in a rut. I'd also add 4X games sorta.

You don't play games to complete them, you play them to have fun. Some games are uncompletable by design.
If game isn't fun anymore you're basically completed it, move on to the next.

Is that so hard?


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I can relate to this since I went on a panic download rush for my emulators during the height of the TPP scare. Now I'm left with a lot of games, and the advice I have seen so far here is very helpful. Is it advisable to delete emulator games that I don't like since I may lose the opportunity to share them with my friends when the TPP arrives, but I also need the hdd space since I only have 500gb?

Backlogs create anxiety
They give you a precise number on what you want to play, and how impossible it is to play them all
Trying to work through such a mountainous backlog turns a once joyous hobby into a tedious job

Let go of your need to play every game ever
Play only that which you want to play
Trust in your own gut instinct to take you to the game you need right now, and allow your tastes to develop and mature organically

I still have a backlog, both physical and digital
But I simply pick games off it as and when I feel the urge

Also, I agree with the other anons
Limit your internet time
Last time I was visiting parents, their internet was shit
Ended up getting through several games and books in the span of about two weeks

I just want to add, if you made the mistake of downloading every single game found in every recommendation chart, try to play a few games of each genre first. I already know that I don't like point and click adventures and JRPG's because I played a few games from those genres and I didn't like them, even if they were in the recommendation charts or generally praised by Holla Forums. Also if you feel bored by a game, don't hesitate to drop it and never come back again until you think and feel that your "backlog" is done.

People actually anxious about maybe not being able to play all the video games.

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Just have a numbered list and roll for it.

I now have to play this.

youll have time to complete them after the tpp hits. for now enjoy the multiplayer and online games while you can

I just don't understand the concept of video game "backlog". Just play the games you want to play. Playing these games doesn't offer any benefit other than entertainment. Nobody is going to congratulate you after you have finished all the games.


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