World of Warcraft: Legion (TM)

Hey guys the new World of Warcraft game is around the corner. What class are you guys going into the broken shores as?

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ur mum


I dropped it just before kung-fu pandas became a thing, I have seen nothing that would bring be back.

oh boy todd shitposters want to latch on to something new because they finally FINALLY realize how hated they are

No one pays WoW any more grandpa, everyone is playing Fallout 4™.


Everquest is for fucking casuals. Ultima Online was the truest MMO.

If you want a real MMORPG, try Ultima Online.

you might as well just post "real life"

stay assmad blizcuck. you obviously don't post here often.

well that seems a bit desperate

ultima online is just poor mans runescape, pvp a shit
and I mean the old runescape, not that abomination it's become

Everyone I know, goes away, in the end.

dont worry, someone will be along to tell you why warcraft was never good shortly

Warcraft 4 will be made by the people who made Starcraft 2

Warcraft 4 will be a Heroes of The Storm expansion.

It's like it's a fucking drug, what the fuck

Fuck off Mmo-champion scum

for playing 3 months out of a year? sounds like one of the few people for whom it isnt a drug

I dated this girl in college. She was the first person I met that I could describe as the…."Tee hee. OMG, I am such a nerd" type of chick. Funny part is this was years before the BBT or the general rise of this shit.

She casually played an MMORPG. That game was Dark Age of Camelot.

Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot were just precursors to WoW.


3 months a year for 8 years or more

when compared to the people who have had full time subscriptions for however long the game has been out and base their entire lives around it, that is one of the more rational approaches

nope still trash.

whats wrong with her titty

they remove some of the old jokes (/silly) from races, especially undead, because too sexist and problematic

Quitting WoW is something I have never regretted.

It is cursed titty.

Do not grope

are you implying there is user here who still play retail wow ?

there's a chunk of Holla Forums that plays private servers, check the catalogue

God, I hate that place. Blizzdrones there are the most delusional people I ever saw. I have urges to violently kill every single one of them.

Ashbringer is an artefact. Literally every ret paladin gets one with no time or effort or even gold required. Everyone is the chosen one.

As for legendaries, there's a shitload of them added in Legion, and they're just random drops. They're the new epics, except I think epics were probably less frequent for much of vanilla WoW than legendaries will be in Legion right off the bat.

the processe of making the ashbringer make it a legendary item.

there can only be one ashbringer.
so making as rare as legendary in BC should be obvious.
if you can t or won t do that: then it s an NPC's item.

else it RUIN the RP …

but well … can we consider the guys playing RP in retail real Role player ?
they are the kind of guys who use transmog and such all day….

Bretty deep :DDDDD


I really wish some new mmo did PvP and gameplay (apart from rs combat obviously ;LoL!) like Runescape had it.

Wilderness was just damn close to perfection especially because of the full loot system going on so it was actually risky to go out there even with friends.

I dont think i've enjoyed PvP in any mmo after RS apart from some AV matches on vanilla WoW because the whole idea of 2-5vs2-5 arena shit or at best 10vs10 bg's is just alien to me when i got used to all those massive battles on runescape where we sometimes had almost 100players from the same fucking guild just rollan around looking for prey only to be met with another guild that also had 50-100players just rollan around PK:in shit.

DUBS for



I only play real MMOs


muh nigga

I have nothing better to do with my life, what MMO's should I play?

Either resto shaman or prot warrior the first time around.

I'll play for a few months, I'll level 2 or 3 alts, but I won't be burned as hard as I was with WoD with the WoW token artificially extending my subscription for over a year and keeping me logging in only to find nothing for me to do except collect my nearly free gold.

vanilla wow was actually kinda complicated. like, still way simpler than everquest or what have you, but i mean, if you were there in the beginning and you look at what it became after pandaria or warlords you'd think you were on a different planet

i mean, like, here's an example. in vanilla, when it had just launched, rogues were so massively overpowered in pvp. not because they had super damage output or anything, but they were equipping maces in their off-hands and daggers in their mains, so they could still spam attacks super fast. back then maces had a chance on hit to stun the target for a second or two, so these guys were just mace-stunlocking every single enemy and tearing entire teams apart

now? now i don't even know if rogues can equip anything BUT daggers, but man


also rate my transmog.

Why post the inferior version?

Can WoW just die, how many years has it been?

I hate that shitty game, it turned one of my friends into a shit eating sheep zombie.

If it wasnt WoW it wouldve been another shit game like league of legends.