Toontown rewritten

does anyone play this still? its on mac & linux now too

p-pls i need help with some tasks

I installed it over a year ago, but I've always had other games to play. I think I'm in Donald's Dock.

im in the brrrgh
its like chewing aluminum foil
nonstop lawbot buildings for these stupid tasks
im not even to lil oldman part deux yet

I used to actively play it but the team became so fucking incompetent with releasing updates in a reasonable amount of time. It's been seven months since the last permanent content update

i thought they just had a huge update? at least the news panel says that ( ijust came back from a long leave as well so)

ugh the toontown community is so fucking toxic and cancerous
ttr's mods are the literal most incompetent ppl ull ever meet

but i'm still in mml tho

Aren't all the mods ultra SJW who'll ban you if you don't address people by their preferred pronouns?

ya, the ttr mods will ban you for saying a phrase in the ultra safe chat they have set up too.
in short, play if u wanna feel the expierence but dont if u wanna be with the ass community

Released more updates than Disney did in five years before closing
Does it for free
Team age average around 20

Go away tumblr cancer

Bullshit, except the "ultra safe chat" part. What are you expecting from Toontown?

source: am part of team

*raises hoof*
how u play tho? server shut down
*isnt sure*


I'm watching you

go back to tb faggot

I don't understand how this children's MMO got so popular here.

*tippy-hoofs out the door, cheeks red with embarrassment but obscured by horse fur*
*quietly shuts it with his tail*


I still play Wizard 101.

Is that what they call quests in this game? Fuck me, I would have figured they'd be called "gags" or something.

gags are the weapon you use

They didn't let me have the initials CIA
0/10, it's shit



*unnzips dick* :)