Where were you when the year of sanic is blowing Nintendo the FUCK out?

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Emulating games

Hey that looks interesting
How much does it cost?



How long until Sony does the same with the first PlayStation?

SEGA is cool
Sonic is cool

my fucking dick.

and the handheld version.

That shit better come with rechargeable batteries.


It better have to dualshock controller with Ape Escape in it


IIRC those things let you put put more roms through the SD card slot right

Isn't it impossible to save on those things? That would mean you'd have to beat Phantasy Star II in one sitting.

So it's just the same shitty emulation box that they've been selling for years, but the timing means everyone is talking about it?

Use a fucking model 1 with an everdrive for hardware wants, or better yet, emulate the fucker on almost anything better nowadays.

SD card for saves, this is a rerelease of the original to compete with the NES mini.

I had this convo with a co-worker just a few days ago. Even he admitted the amount of people that know about emulation is pretty low

or care about it for that matter.

While we're on the topic of emulation can I ask what you controllers I should use to play sidescrollers? The Xbox 360's has terrible triggers and direction pad. I'm looking for something more precise.

Saturn controller.

What, you mean like shooters? Probably one of these fuckers

I heard the version of Phantasy star 2 in it doesn't have battery back-up though.

But who wastes actual money when you can hook a wireless pad up to a laptop with emulators and play games on HD TVs with all the features and filters that these pieces of plastic will never have?

No thanks, I can do that with my 11 years old PSP.

Which one? The button layout isn't what I'm used to.

More for platforming. I've been playing Super Metroid, Megaman and Dustforce recently and the movement controls just aren't precise enough on analog. And since I'm a poorfag in uni I have to use a laptop. I was thinking about picking up a used controller.


Model 2.

Oh come on. It looks perfectly fine. It's certainly better than what that plastic piece of shit in OP's post will put out.

its cheap and plays carts, everdrive carts have cheap boards that can sometimes bend the pins of the console, better to use it on one of these new cheap models than fuck up your retro hardware.

its like the new saturn piracy doodad. You can emulate on pc but if you want the close as possible to original experience you go an extra tiny mile. In the saturns case a usb addon replaces burnt out disc drives, in this a cheap little console spares wear on the retro hardware.

You gotta bare in mind in some cases like the truboduo some retro consoles came out the factory with capacitors already leaking on boards and so on. To spare the hardware wear and tear this is a cheap option that lets a collector or oldfag play his collection of carts without any worries.


The best thing about Snes was its best selection of jrpg games in japan. But now it doesn't matter with all those emulators and translations.

After all what Genesis jrpgs are memorable except Phantasy Star series? There's nothing.

So something like this?

Save states? I never said save states. I'm talking about SRM backup, retard.

And the thing in OP's post isn't original hardware. You can't even battery backup on them.

As for the filter war, I know you kids who beat off to playing games on the hardware and hate on emus laugh at them, but as someone who has been into the emu scene since 1996, my own opinion matters a fucking lot more than yours.

Yeah, works. Saturn model 2 is easily the best controller for 2D games.

Mega Drive had like only 5 good games and yet they managed to pack this thing with 80 games, that's really cool.

Fuckin' plebs.

Beyond Oasis
Rings of Power
Shining in the Darkness (and maybe you could even argue Shining Force if you're willing to count TRPGs)
And there are others if we're talking ARPG. The genesis was more focused on other genres but it had some RPGs. Don't get me wrong though, SNES wins the RPG war hands down, just saying there is a little bit more than Phantasy Star and is basically like saying "There was only Final Fantasy on SNES".

Shining force 1 + 2 and CD and shining in the darkness (different series)

Oh, and I notice your picture is Dragon Quest. If we're counting Jap only titles then the MD/Genesis had a few more such as the quirky Rent-A-Hero.

Oh fuck, and sorry, but I'm gonna have to make a third post because there were a few RPGs like Lunar on the Sega CD as well. They probably wouldn't end up in a package like this, but it's worth mentioning, more so because those early CD based RPGs were impressive with cut scenes and voice acting.

Shining force.

And it's shit, what's your point.

Yet you still use filters on retro games, so either you've just been a retard for 20 years or you're full of shit.

I had that thing at one time and it's a huge piece of shit. The games look like ass and the controllers use fucking IR technology so unless you are pointing at the console from 10 feet away it wont work. And even then it doesn't work all the time. You can take that shit and shove it up your ass OP.


This is a redesigned rerelease not the original.


You cock sucking faggot ass little kid piece of shit. What the fuck is it with you kids and this filter shit where you think it's such a travesty to use? Simple fact is, it makes sprite based games look better. I've been using it in DOSbox since 2001.

You're an inexperienced little faggot, bitch.

Go fuck yourself.


Are you a SEGA shill or something? That's the exact piece of shit I owned.

I looked it up on Amazon.
It currently costs €75, it does not list which games are included (though a review says half of them are complete garbage) and apparently some games don't work with two controllers due to some technical fuck-up.
Doesn't sound very inspiring.

No i know what you mean, this is a redesign of the one with bad soundchip form the ground up that got announced today.
That shitty one had 40 games, this has 80.

So how about that fancy sega brand emulator

Are there any schematics for that board? I only saw the 10 minute explanation trailer last week.

thought I'd turn on all the cancer settings for a laugh


looks horrible.
nigger you really are a failure

feeling powerless?
lost control?
maybe a bit OLD?

More like
What the fuck is wrong with your eyes if you think filters are good.

Yet they still couldn't be bothered to put in anything better than Mono if OP's pic is anything to go by.

these comments are going youtube quality pretty quick

The addon? all i remember is its a device that goes into the mpeg video card slot because that was so niche they never had copyright protection for its input.
As for the saturn board? guess what its a fucking slaved mess SURPISING FUCKING NOBODY.

But now EVERY saturn owner can player panzer dragoon saga on their saturns, the collectorfag tears are truly soul enriching.


No i know what you mean, this is a redesign of the one with bad soundchip form the ground up that got announced today.
That shitty one had 40 games, this has 80.


Hang on. Are you that john candy avatarfag that was telling us all that guy releasing dozens of carts previously thought to be 'one of 6 in the world' like robin hood was "a socialist mosnter destroying my capitalistic freedoms"?

I know about it, I just want to know if it's been formally released yet. The video indicated that he's still working on it. I was considering doing the replace-the-loader-on-the-AR-cart thing but I don't want to ruin my Saturn drive since it still works last time I checked (although some of my discs are fucked sadly).

Still working on a mass reproduction design but i'd hold off. Its too good not too.

Citation needed, none of my everdrives have bent shit.

End of thread. Fuck off.

Not to defend nintendoage or shit on this(by the way, how much is this going to cost?) but that's not really how it works.

They dont all do it but every time you use something like that its possible, the most notorious was the R4 which ruined many DS lites that would no longer read normal carts period.

Is he thinking of the retrons? Because the pins on those things are extremely fragile and are prone to bending(rip the genesis portion of my retron 5.)

Everytime a game gets made easily accessible to the mainstream when the retail version is rare the collectors that bought it just so others couldnt have it go nuclear and that is always the sweetest nectar.

So not an Everdrive then? I'm not doubting that shit flash cards will fuck up your gear, but Everdrive is like the Cadillac of flash carts. I'd be shocked to see evidence that it's boards could damage the gear they were meant to be used on.

That wouldn't make sense just because the Retrons can't play flashcarts anyway.


The everdrive 64 was the worst model from what i remember. They used bought up official cart shells but used cheap boards and they got a bad rep for bending pins, wiping data, corrupted files and generally being really unreliable bordering on straight up faulty.


and don't forget:

Okay, so that I can actually find a few posts about online, so fair enough, though it looks like that was an earlier version they later fixed in revisions. So I can see where that came from. Still, I'd say Everdrives are solid from my years of use with them, but it is absolutely fair to beware of cheap random Flashcarts, and one should always research even Everdrives if they plan to get one.

Not surprised. Fucking nintendo age though is reall a hive of jews. Vid releated was in the hands of one of their more prominent members, who wanted A PINBALL MACHINE, 10k(IIRC) or a complete copy of stadium events for the prototype, while mocking anyone who wanted a copy preserved on the internet because "lololol u jus wan free gaymes"

I already have all of the Genesis games I want on the Wii, but this would be a decent deal if you had an Everdrive.

I've had one of those, and it would be perfect other than the sound being totally fucked up.


Its AT GAMES emulated trash.

Just buy the collections discs for Xbox or Playstaion. They have all the games and sound and play better.

Everdrives only run on original hardware, I really doubt this clone system could handle it, I don't think the "Model 4" supported it.

Its the same shell as the 2015 version.

And the sound is trash and its emulation.







Fucking every playstation up until 4 could run PS1 games, so not any time soon.

Not exactly. This isn't to compete directly with the NES mini.
Sega licensed these sort of devices ever since the main support for the Genesis ended. Tectoy, Atgames and Majesco are the companies behind most of these devices.

The "80 games" system from OP's pic is available in Amazon since November 2012, greatly predating the NES mini thing. Granted, there is now a new batch incoming with a 25th Sonic anniversary logo, but it's the same system.

3djuegos, a spanish language game site, made an announcement about this 'new' system from Sega, and their report is written in a very obvious "haha, look at sega copying nintendo" schtick, but that is just plainly wrong. The comments for the article don't help, either. It's amazing how people can't bother to do research - I'm quite sure that most of us who were in big chain stores would eventually come across one of these Sega miniconsoles.

And the cherry on top with this device is definitely the cart slot, completely absent in Nintendo's offering. Aside from that:

Damn nigga, when you right you right


Dad please get off Holla Forums, we were gonna have a play date since you were off from work.

I didn't need this user, that nostalgia hit me so hard i almost got fucking whiplash.

Only problem is, if it's anything like ATgames' previous version, it won't fucking work!

i have one of those, the infrared controllers don't work unless you hold the controller directly parallel with the console and less than ten feet away.


one of these costs 500 tickets.. better hit the jackpot a few more times.

one of THESE

For PC? DS3. Or 4, if you really want to.

Maybe when they start putting the left thumbstick in the correct place.


the genesis had 80 games?

It's a shame that Sonic games are fucking terrible. Does it have Gunstar Heroes?


I ain't touching one of these until they can make it not sound like shit.

Too bad it only has shit for A/V ports.

There's at least 100 worthwhile games


Yay, I can't wait to rebuy my Nintando games from when I was a kid XD
Yay, I can't wait to rebuy my Segga games from when I was a kid XD
Yay, I can't wait to rebuy Resdent Evil 1 again like when I was a kid XD
Yay, I can't wait to rebuy episodic Finale Fantasy 7 games again like when I was a kid XD
Yay, I can't wait to rebu-

40 Sega games, and 40 action-52 quality original games.

And the music runs at 80% speed on all of it.


I remember those things even though I never played them.



The image also looks worse.
Nintendo BTFO Sega on this one.

SEGA should make an actual new replica of the Genesis so it doesn't have the horrible emulation issues.

I think some hobbyist already did it with the NES, so why not have it done officially?

Why use filters when I can just use my CRT monitor?

Awesome, I am going to have to relive Sega vs Nintendo again. Great. Fantastic.

I thought console wars threads were banned on da 8chin?

The Yamaha YM2612 is the chip responsible for making that hard-to-emulate sound. They might not be able to source a replacement.

I miss the time of console war threads. You don't see them anymore because we somehow matured and grew out of those, but because modern consoles are homogeneous cut-down PCs and have no strengths and weaknesses over their competitors. To the point where we get shit like
Not to mention how most modern games are shit.

Does it have blast processing?

and people thought a utopia of vidya would dawn with its passing.

But history refused to change.

Welcome to the hell, where fans of American comics and movies have been for quite some time now.

These threads are highly amusing. We have everything in these.

We have the fathers who thing these "retro consoles" are the best thing ever because it plays like when they were kids, and who want their kids to experiment it. We have the retro players who appreciate it because it's a dick inside the scalpers' asses, and because it forces them to lower their fucking prices. We have the pirates and the emulatorfags who are there for a good laugh because they don't have to pay for this and benefit from it since years, even though they aren't the target for these release. And we have everyone else shitposting inbetween.

All thread, every thread.


Shut up, putito.

Always a nice thing to listen to. You have good taste.

Come on, prove me wrong, if you really want to shut me up.

You're not wrong. You're just a little faggot who needs to hush his little faggot mouth

They released a Mega Drive 3 a few years back though.

Yeah but Nintendo made thing, so they gotta make thing to but with MORE SHIT so it's cheaper and it's got more games and shit!

… it's just that the image and sound quality is crap so Nintendo still wins.

Fuck that, how about making Neptune real?

Why not making this one real instead ?

Because the 32x library is shit. If it had a CD-ROM drive I could see it for those sweet few Sega CD games, but 32x just isn't worth anything. And it's clear sega agrees with how they've never revisited it.

NES is a better system than Genesis, though, and I say this as a staunch Sega fanboy.

SNES can go eat a dick, though.

I wish we could have gotten a Pluto and a takeover of SoA by SoJ.

Literally all the Sony consoles can run PSX games. And the PSOne existed.

PS4 sadly has no physical BC. Really embarrassing I think. Should have at least standardized PS2 BC.

The same company that killed SoA out of jealousy and achieved nothing outside of the arcade market?

the same company that had the Saturn decimate the N64 in Japan where it's only real competition was the Playstation.

That's not a really big feat.

That would've required a lot of engineering.
They moved to x86 which has different architecture from PS1 and PS2.


software emulation would be feasible with the hardware in the system. I'm not asking for PS3. I'm asking for at the time, 13 year old, and 18 year old hardware to be emulated in software. PS4 can do both, as it's proving right now with the games on the store, but native support that gets improved over time would be tremendous for people who still have their libraries. Many people still do.

I personally use back up loading, but I'm just thinking from a general consumer standpoint.

Are you saying you can't just put a PS2 CD in and make it run?
You have to buy it again on the store, IF available at all?

Oops DVD*

PS2 used both CD and DVD (purple games were CD, gold were DVD.) And no, you can't play PS1 or PS2 physical games on a PS4, you must buy the ones available on PSN.

Is this some fucking bait?

No, it's summer.

No, it's a accomplishment given that even GBA had more good games than all Sega consoles combined.

No, it's summer.

The GBA has around 400 good games, the MegaDrive has around 500.

enjoy missing those extra dozen input combinations


So like I can actually put my old games in and it will work?
That's actually cool compared to ninendo's shitty android emulator.

The NES mini is the only plug and play that I know that had native HDMI support but I never really looked too deep into it.

Ashens to the rescue (again)!

Gundam is back too (apparently a reskined Wing).
HxH may count as a Yuyu Hakusho replacement.

Because no genesis thread

What's this? Is it a jest ?

huey was a good guy who sacrificed his own future so that others would carry on his legacy
if you call him a cuck or an antagonist, then you're saying the same about olga and the boss

If you had any cells in your brain to use common sense you'd realize that you are stretching a 4:3 aspect ratio picture all the way to a 16:9. All you are doing is distorting and stretching the image, nothing more. Either you are underage or just completely clueless.

IBO a shit, don't bother.

HxH, on the other hand, is fan-fucking-tastic.

How long do you think it'll be before the creators habits get HxH canned?

With all of those licensed games (licensing a Battletech game for a plug n play is ridiculous) it is definitely a jest.

Olga and Boss were plot devices without any personalities to them.
Huey was an actual character.

it's unrelated to the plug and play. This is just the most appropriate thread for the question

save states are a reasonable time period console modification for everything until the later SNES games

so he's like the boss but better



Does it have Crusader of Centy? This is important.

No, they're nothing alike.

your CRT is going to die someday.

I'd likely get it just for the controller. Has anyone done anything interesting with it?

No thanks, schlomo.

Dem hips

except they had the same motives

Just imagine you get to live your life the way you have for longer than he has to and see even more of the horrors than he will ever see.

Don't you feel special?

Doing gods work user.


What? No.
Olga's motive was to save her kid.
Boss's motive was to do her mission, whatever the fuck mission was, even to get killed if needed.
Huey's motive was to make /m/ great again.

Are you for real m8? You wanna play the "I'm a grown-up" card? To faceless strangers even?

My brother has one, he says the controllers suck. I'm inclined to agree with him
They're infrared so you have to always point them at the console. There is also input lag.
Some of the games don't work either, or they're the arcade version for some reason.

Darn. I was really looking forward to throwing down $40 for games that I've been able to play for free for the past twenty years.

I thought CDs were Blue and DVD was Silver

huey's motive was to save his kid

Huey confirmed for the best dad.

except he never wanted his kid to come in any danger

Just being inside the robot is more dangeros than being african killer niglet in training.

can you give me one example of that within the canon?

Considering how popular HxH is despite all the hiatuses, probably never. The guy doesn't even really need to do the manga from what I recall hearing, that and doing YYH for so long made him kinda tired of it.

Frankly, I don't know much about the manga industry. But I imagine as long as it remains popular, he'll still get work whenever he decides to draw a new chapter.

This. Nintendo also dropped the ball with this shit with the WiiU which is capable of playing NGC games natively, the only problem was that the disc-slot which doesn't read mini-CDs. One can run Nintendon't from the vWii (obviously when modded). Why make the system run the fucking games and not add mini-cd support? Or even sell those games through the store like Sony does? It would surely lower the prices on the current NGC market in America. Well, at least I still have my modded Wii to play NGC games

Here's an organized pack of Mega Drive games.!P0llyBQT!65rs2oN_UswoXYUqsLi2d3gv2RVX7gcRWm184MSZ-_k

If the robot he's inside of is a Metal Gear, then all you need to do is look at the history of how they all ended up blown up.

Shouldn't take long for people to lose interest once the anime reaches the hiatus.

…Why can't your Wii play NGC games normally?

congratulations SEGA™
SEGA™ never misses the mark when streamign high quality conferences


This will never stop being the funniest shit