What's the video game equivalent of Bayformers?

What's the video game equivalent of Bayformers?

Call of Duty

Probably the Bayformers video games, you fucking faggot of a memeslinging OP


Honestly I'd say Platinum.

Laser focused on their target audience, and applying as much action as possible.

However, Platinum works to make sure that action is fun and challenging (as it is a game, pressing one button to be "awesome" is bad). Bay might work hard to get fights and visual effects just right- but his target audience is bad. Not sure what actual transformers fans think of it.

Otherwise - but the first 3 could apply to 99.9% of AAA games.
Hell the first 3 could apply to 99.9% of Hollywood releases.

The problem there is Platinum knows when not to be over the top. They get how to build things up so the big moments feel even bigger.
Bay doesn't know how to do that. Video related

Brutal Doom


Anyone else surprise by Micheal bay not doing a Call of duty movie yet?

Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

Actual Transformers fans recognize the movies as the only reason Hasbro is still even making Transformers, but they're making them cheaper and shittier than they ever did, even in the nineties. Hollow limbs, shell-former designs. The movie designs are basically "what if everyone had lips and creepy eyes and was made of metal doritos?"

I, for one, while acknowledging that the acting is garbage, plot is nonexistent and the writing is insulting, love the movie robot designs.
The technoporn is right up my alley. I was a bit put off by the lips at first, but I got used to them, and they definitely don't ruin the overall appearance of giant, murderous, shiny piles of scrap.
Also, Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime is still one of the most complex transformers toys ever made with crazy lengthy transformation process.
I will never pay Bay a single more buck, but I will pirate each future movie.

Also, Bayformers is the only reason why TF Prime was ever made, and it was probably in top 3 best (If not the best) transformers franchise entry.

knights of xentar


This is the Cisbuster

nocturnal illusion

kill yourself retard

lightning warrior raidy


They are also both fun if you can turn your brain off and want some mindless stiumulation for a bit



I almost want to say Memelands, but Memelands has some style for the substance it lacks.

Can't be Uncharted, since most normalfags who've seen Bay films know they're shallow, explodey action drivel that are only good for entertaining the kind of people who haven't read a piece of fiction since leaving school. Meanwhile, normalfags who play Uncharted seem to come away with the impression that ND has achieved the pinnacle of digital entertainment.

All things considered, the closest vidya to Bayformers is probably the last two Far Crys:

Does anybody remember that one scene in one of the Bayformers movies where Bumblebee essentially takes a piss on somebody?
I question what the fuck Bay was thinking when he was directing that.

I read your last sentence as the first two far cry's for some reason. I played 2 and 3 back-to-back a few years ago, and looking back I remember a lot more and more positive memories from 2 than I do from 3.

That's because Bumblebee was the funniest character they've ever had in a Transformers movie before.


Well, if you count the number of EXPLOSIONS and ACTION…

then EDF.
But EDF is far too good to be assiocated with Bay.

EDF is like an 80's or 90's sci-fi action movie

Kids like fart and piss jokes?

The correct answer.

Do they?
I never found that shit funny. The movie doesn't even have that much toilet humour, so it's even more out of place.

toilet humor? its the sheer disrespect factor, how is that not the first thing that comes to your mind?

Better question is:
Who laughed at the scene where Sam is accused of masturbating?
I imagine kids and parents alike turned their faces away, pretending they don't know what the movie is talking about, and young adults either cringed at the recent memories or cringed at how juvenile it is.
The only audience i can think of that would enjoy this scene is old pedophiles

Probably "robots can have urophilia, right?"

The first bayformers wasnt to bad.
The following ones were dumb as fuck.