Games that can be played forever

AKA sandbox games with good progression and procedural generation.


read carefully dipshit

Oblivion is better than either of these shitty games.

How do you think Skyrim has an infinite number of quests?

I want random dungeons, not random quests.

kek, now i gotta play that music again
>you can ruin the economy of that town

Fallout 3, it has over 300 endings



Daggerfall is a meme game. I have it, and played it. It isn't that good. You pretty much can only play as a warrior, or else you're going to have a really hard time.

Don't even think of playing as some pure magician. You won't even make it out of the starter dungeon unless you ignore all enemies and make a run for it. After casting a spell or two, your mana will be completely depleted, and those two spells would only kill the first rat in the dungeon. If you dare rest for too long to regenerate your mana, the dungeon will spawn lvl 20+ wraiths that kill you in 1 hit.

Warriors can't cast mark and open locks. They're both crucial in this game.

Who forces you to? Morrowind has the same problem.


Also, check out if you want to get started on OSRS.

Says who, nigger? Having the stats of a warrior based character doesn't forbid you from ever casting spells.

Not nearly as bad as Daggerfall. Magic in daggerfall is only supposed to be a supplement such as opening a door or something, or levitating rather than it ever be for the purpose of combat.

Damn. That's the cover art for Daggerfall? Makes it look like a horror game.


The game is pretty horrendous.

So I am not the only one who thought about this.
I always wondered why the fuck they didn't bother to make proper dungeon generator.

Only thing you do in this game is clearing dungeons with shit story reason to do it.

The point of good procedurally generated game is to make it not boring. Tales of Maj'Eyal and Terraria are examples of how to make not boring procedurally generated game.

I concur, I always get back to both ToME and Terraria.


Wait, are those for real procedurally generated?

They can be played forever and you can never get bored.

Why live?


Daggerfall is one of my all-time faves. It's a shame no one makes games like that anymore.

You kidding us? Oblivion is the shittiest one by far.

No procuderal generation but

Jesus fucking christ, I'm during my first playthrough of New Vegas. When I try to think in how many different ways I could've done most of the quest my brain starts to fry. Great game.

Nigga oblivion is like the absolute bottom of the industry. Even F4 is better than that.

because a game being big doesn't make it good. Thank god some abortion like that will never exist.

I have watched Rome fall. This is how the world ends: not with a bang, but with a bunch of newfags. Time to move on. I know, TF2 was dead you'll say -but I never had those kinds of horror-story tales that I read about for years. Not until this last update

I'm always pleasantly surprised when I get that itch to replay NV and I come across a quest I have never done before or finish a quest in some weird fashion that I never would of thought of doing before.

On a purely technical level it was the worst, easily. But it was still more enjoyable than Skyrim.
The quests Oblivion were actually interesting, unlike Skyrim's literally infinite fetch quests.

Daggerfall is damn near perfect. Aside from the bugs and incomplete features it still has so much depth and size to provide decades of play value. If any of the modernization projects actually get complete and allow for mods the game could be perfect.

All builds are possible in Daggerfall. The only reason to say that you have to be a warrior is if you just want the game to be easy. Stealth, illusion spells, lockpicking, all these can get a weaker character around dungeons. Backstabbing, archery, etc. can be used to avoid close encounters. You can play a stealth character pretty easily, you just have to be smart about your assets. You obviously only know how to swing a weapon.

I do agree that the dungeons can be extremely frustrating, but the recall spell and left and right brackets cheat make up for it.

Would be nicer if the naked and half naked girls had unique conversations though.

Go home, schlomo because I'm not buying your bullshit.

mfw DaggerXL just got put on hold again

Modded, Oblivion still surpasses the full potential of both games. Skyrim has a long way to go. Even Oblivion's adult modded content is still better. And when jewthesda releases the special edition, it will most certainly stunt Skyrim's modding scene again.

In a way I almost admire bethesda's commitment to ruining the mod scene. Their in-house gamebryo is trash but they somehow have the technical know-how to restrain skyrim's mod potential, fallout 4 is an unnecessary mess that distracted people from the f3/nv merging project, and Skyrim SE will disrupt Skyrim's maturing mod scene just when things were getting comfy and it got past the awkward growing phase of "I want this mod from oblivion but better."

Everyone bitching about Skyrim and not mentioning the golden tactical game.

All previous game apply as well.

It'll be complete before we all die

What about 2?

your opinion sends my sides to oblivion


i trust you arent implying jrpgs are any good either. that would be erroneous