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I finally have an OP folder edition

Last thread reached bump limit. Post your progress, ask any doubts you have about development, or ask for feedback for your game or mod.

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docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/movement and collisions/motion planning/mp_grid_create.html
docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/mouse, keyboard and other controls/device input/device_is_keypad_open.html

I forgot the IRC channel. #8/agdg/ in Rizon.

Now answer me you cucks. Don't fail me this time.

Gamemaker Studio question here. I can't seem to find a way to avoid enemies from overlapping each other without getting stuck. How do I make the enemies avoid all solid and regular objects except the ones I marked?

I'd also like to ask a good procedurally generated zelda 1 like levels. Algorithm/pseudocode/gamemaker language.

Mi no undustandu.

How do i make a procedurally generated dungeon with premade rooms? Ever played Zelda 1 on nes? Exactly just like that, but random.

Thank you for posting a coherent question. Unfortunately, I don't posess the knowledge needed, but I'm sure that if you look it up in a search engine, you should be able to find tutorials.

Isn't that what binding of issac is?

How do you use a custom physical material in UE4? I can create assets of the default one, but where/how can I create one that inherits from my C++ class (which in turn inherits from the default UPhysicalMaterial).

COuldn't find it anywhere.

Haven't played that game.

Looking around there doesn't really seem to be an answer, if it is even possible. I guess getting surfacetype then using a lookup table for material values is the best bet then.

Study motion planning grids

docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/movement and collisions/motion planning/mp_grid_create.html




Assuming you named each room room_xx (eg.: room_0,room_1, room_2,…, room_11, room_12,…) and this is the triggering event when you open the door or walk of the edge.

var random = irandom(max_rooms);
var tp = asset_get_index("room_" + string(random));


With different rooms system like that, the enemies and items would respawn. Can't I make it in one room with that mp_grid stuff? I have an idea of creating a set of premade dungeon rooms (not gm rooms) automatically with that mp_grid, but I don't know how to make forking (more than one door in one room, one room can lead you to multiple different rooms).

If you make a persistent object that controls the spawns and shit you can fix that.

I don't know if that is good memory-wise, if you study the thing, you know that is about adding instances that I'll serve as obstacles to the pathfinding, once configured any assigned object that's inside grid will be detected as obstacle by AI, so there is not really a problem in using this in various rooms.

You mean like spelunky? Video related

How do you feel about boids?


Never heard about them.

To tell truth, I'm not a pathfinding specialist I just happened to know this implementation in Gamemaker

I really like the look of the Godot engine, and I'd like to make a Fallout/Underrail style isometric CRPG with it.

Does anyone here have good resources for learning how to script for engines like this? Do I just need to move straight on to C++ programming, or can I make character stats, events, that sort of thing?

Godot uses gdscript, which is python.
A good tutorial for getting started with godot is the gamesfromscratch one, but be wary, there's a clear lack of tutorials and you'll have to figure out lots of stuff by yourself

Deciding on whether or not to give my game octcore support.

Reposting my video in the new thread:

Godot can be used with C++ as well

Nice. Are you making it for something Wolfenstein-esque or are those just placeholder graphics and you want to use 3d in the level design? I see you have jumping and falling physics, so my money is on option 2.

This is going to be a 2.5D shooter more similar to doom or duke nukem, my game engine can support real 3D environments like in the build engine, however I did not put in light-maps.

The engine supports slopes, but the level editor does not allow you to create them , which is why the levels are so blocky. The graphics are not placeholders.

I fixed a big collision bug today, seems perfect now, hopefully nothing else breaks.

To the anons that I couldn't respond in the last thread:

Yes, this is that engine!

There is some acceleration and friction, but generally the movement is responsive, turns feel smooth and believable. I will release a tech demo at some point.

On a secondary note, I made an IndieDB page for my other game Hypnorain. I'm not sure how it works, but apparently more unique visits equal higher rank on the popularity thing. So check it out if you're interested: indiedb.com/games/hypnorain

Modeled the lady. Need to model the priest. Also probably the main character again.

that first picture looks a lot more exposed than intended, that's purely a deformation mistake


A trucker management / dating sim called "Raging Semi"

Do you actually know how to do anything or are you just saying lazy instead of unskilled?


The title alone is worth a 10/10, pre-order and day 1 dlc season pass purchase from me.

I need to stop dropping shit.

MMORPG about Somali pirates in modern day africa.

Willpower is a skill that you can develop.


Get your willpower from your rage. I'm super fucking pissed that there's entire niches that have large numbers of people waiting for games that appeal to them(of which I'm part of some of these demographics) and there's no games for them to play.
So fuck this gay industry, I'm making my own Kaiju games, and it'll be WAY fucking better than recent diarrhea shit like Colossal Kaiju Combat or Pacific Rim(The gameplay is fine, the fact that 75% of stages and characters are locked behind an expensive paywall is not)

How hard and how much do I need to make my own engine?

You sir are my hero. Thank you for existing and being my inspiration.

Also to note, I thought you were small-time until I compared the Steamspy of Hypnorain with that of some longtime SJW dev I've been following who seemed to be really popular in some forums, and guess what, your small game easily made 2X the sales of this other dev team. Really puts things into perspective that the loudest devs aren't necessarily the most successful.

Listen to this user.

I know I'll probably won't get an answer but it's worthy asking since I didn't get any immediate results in google.

I got RPG Maker 2000 on my library, I think that implies that I can legally release any games made on this engine in the market.
But if I want to use the RPG Maker assets in another engine and make another game in it, can I release this game without any legal problems?

You lazy nigger. Procedural generation of game worlds, especially dungeons, has been studied and practiced for decades, and you ask on here like some dude knows the best way off hand and will spoonfeed it to you. Google it. Or start by reading this bytten-studio.com/devlog/2014/09/08/overworld-overview-part-1/ and this please use archive.is/2015/07/28/how-do-roguelikes-generate-levels/

apparently that site is blocked or something archive.is/dUP2J

Thanks, I know how to make rooms, but I don't have idea how to connect the randomly generated rooms.

The mod is apparently a Holla Forumsaggot.

funny enough a kaiju game will be the second I make
I don't want to deal with collision bullshit for my first game

No. Try 95.

You know, maybe I should ask.
Does anyone know any good, thorough explanations of 2D platformer collision systems?
Something that covers common quirkiness and glitches? Maybe documentation for a relevant game in C that's really neatly written?

maybe one of you fags can talk about some of the problems you ran into?

It's either and maybe two major things you can do to make it easier. First of all, what you want to do is have like a rectangular bounding box around your Collision area and then that way you can easily see if two objects intersect or alternatively you can use a circle and radius but for a 2d platformer squares are probably better. Secondly, make sure that you break the movement speed into the X & Y components because that way you can independently check for collisions and you can also determine whether it'll be a collision at a position before you actually move the entity.

One of the more difficult things is updating all the entities and resolving potential collisions before they happen. This is more or less an unsolved problem and there are many different ways to approach this but if you don't need to worry about it then you don't need to worry about it


It's kind of a vagoo, like this.

I don't get it

Then stop hitting on him you silly boy

CWC's mutilated cock is not appropriate for a gamedev thread.

I know that. At the moment I'm testing with rectangles in place of sprites anyway.

You mean like checking each independently instead of as a vector? But wouldn't that lead to situations where, for example, you may make a collision with something while moving right that you wouldn't have hit if you add the downwards motion?

The early version I have does this.

There are several possible cases that still need to be covered with that, but I ran into a glitch where ascending at a high speed got me stuck partway into a tile, and only some of the time. I'm still clueless as to how that's happening and running into more of that worries me.

I know, that's why it's spoilered

Yeah, vectors, sorry. By their nature, they are independly axis'd so it's fine

chris chans septic vagina

I want to get into /agdg/ and start actually making something because I never really have. I have 0 coding experience. Will Python do for a simpleish 3D game?

Sure about that?

It's very possible.

UE4 with Blueprints is practically a drag n drop walking simulator engine.

The important thing is that you know how to make, or at least acquire, the needed 3D models for cheap. The Starter architecture can take care of most level design, but you'll need a lot more if you want to avoid the photorealistic-overdone asset store.


I really wish people would consider practising before trying to code a game. Like, practice creating art assets, practice programming. Make a text-based game like hangman, make a turn-based ascii game like a roguelike, make a realtime 0 player game like balls bouncing around or a cellular life simulator or some shit. I know people like to say, "Just like, make game." but the unspoken assumption is that you have all the skills to do so already. I don't know the music community, but do they say to aspiring musicians who've never touched an instrument, "Just like, compose symphony." I fucking doubt it. Holla Forums has those programming challenge images where you roll and your digits decide what you code today, we need an /agdg/ version.

I just don't want to use 2D "retro" bullshit as an excuse to be lazy. If I dream, might as well dream big.

But going 3D is you're excuse to get lazy. You'll be overwhelmed and do nothing.

You need to start small to learn.

You can start 3D but you should do it with an engine like UE4 or (eugh, don't) unity

Either way you should start incredibly small, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. The more I dev, the more abstract and reductive my project get, in a non indie-fag way. It's how you actually finish something and go from there.

You'll never finish your first 3D game. You just won't.

Making an actual retro 2D game with all the detail it entails is a big dream.

Things as beautiful as Demon's Crest, Castle of Illusion or ANY SNK GAME are not easy to make.

Yeah you just make physical materials and then use a lookup table from surfacetype. Or you can just use a switch case on surface type. I do the former for my bullet penetration system and the latter for the impact fx.

Actually, the best way to practice is to actually aim to ship something. Nothing gets you to look up solutions to problems better than problems impeding the implementation of a core component of your game.

I've learned more from my expensive attempts to ship commercial games, but I've delved in freeware before and they were also learning experiences. Just, aim to ship, everythime.

Good 2D is more expensive in the long run. I see nothing wrong with getting cheap off the shelf models from Turbosquid, putting together something with shit physics, and putting out a working prototype as practice.

I will obviously, but first I need to actually learn python or JS or something I dunno. I started off in /agdg/ codeacademy python so wish me luck I guess.

You've never done anything, you're by definition lazy.

3D games are a huge amount of work and require more skills (modeling, rigging, texturing, bone animation in 3 dimensions) than just drawing some sprites, plus programming 3D games is more complicated as long as you're not copy pasting mechanics that you don't truly understand anyway.

People don't make "2d retro bullshit" because they think it's the hottest shit, they do that because anything else is significantly harder.

I've been working on my game basically nonstop all summer and have gotten further than I ever thought I would, but it's going to come to a gigantic fucking standstill as soon as school starts because of retarded fucking teachers who give you a bunch of busy work and waste your time with shit nobody even fucking uses anymore.

On top of that I have to get an internship, which I didn't even have fucking time for last year because my school workload was god damn retarded. They're probably going to jew me out of my financial aid this year anyways, so I can probably just drop out and go into freelancing.


Are you Asian?


No shortage of either.

Nah. I just have dreams I don't want to be memes.


i thought they already did this, i know for sure they did it with sprites
i'm surprised it took them this long to get it working

Game based around wall powers when?


I kinda prefer this WebM more but ok

How does my jungle look?
I have no clue about game development but gotta start somewhere right?

game dev is just dev where the program is fun instead of productive.

trees need shadows

Probably but I'm no artist so it's unlikely that will happen.

you just take the tree sprite and draw a black puddle behind it, like in age of empires 2

But user I'm only interested in the coding part of game dev.
I actually stole borrowed all the assets.

well fix them anyways you lazy fuck, you can't have trees without shadows, this isn't fucking current year material

need more bushes, jungles have tons of dense wide-leaf vegetation, also add patches of grass with different shades of green, specially darker ones, basically check camo patterns and do something similar for the ground

So, I'm making a turn-based RPG with a unique combat system.
I wanna make it 3D because I have very little spriting skill, but I don't know an easy-to use engine.
GameMaker is a piece of crap, but I have experience with it.
Unity is a piece of crap, but it's easy to use for beginners.

If you good anons have a recommendation for an easy-to-use engine for 3D game development, I'll vacuum your duck.

just use unity, trust me, i'm not jewish

What's your exact problem with Unity? Don't want to recommend something that has the same weaknesses.

UE4. I assume you actually know how to code. Blueprints are easy as fuck to work with, even if you're a C++ mastermind. Blueprints compile on the spot and are ideal to prototype. You can make entire games with it, in fact. It has downsides, of course.

Nothing in particular, I've just heard from friends of mine that do game dev that it's badly optimized.
But maybe that was just them getting uppity because they started using other more mainstream languages.

Cool, I'll give it a shot.

well as you can see, they JUST NOW started doing
performance is shit, but not unplayable on non toasters

I beg to differ. Blueprints are really hard to work with for anything complex. I mean, it's doable, but it kills my brain making it and looking at it.

That's like, your opinion, man. I'm still progressing pretty nicely with my own game. It's getting really complex now. If you manage to stay organized, it's bearable. Pic related.

Yeah it is just my opinion, I organize them pretty nicely, It's just ugly compared to a cpp file, and harder to track down specific parts you're looking for. Especially if it's someone else that made it. Just gotta make sure you use reroutes and avoid spaghetti.

I never worked with blueprints or any of those weird modular linking programming methods, but that looks like an absolute nightmare to deal with.

I have a very important question for you, /agdg/.
This logo you use:
is it something that somebody has created here, or is it a design inherited from old halfchan threads?

someone made it here

The agdg square logo is from way before Holla Forums. The specific colorful repeating agdg image in OP was made by someone in here I think.

You could replace the A with an 8 (Holla Forums Game Dev General), but it wouldn't look quite as neat.


More mainstream than C#? Whatever.
Bite the bullet and go with Unreal. Way more complicated than Unity and thus harder to pick up at first, but you'll get there eventually. On the flipside, you'll have an engine that is powerful, flexible and fast.
(I switched to Unreal, after having used Unity for a substantial amount of time.)

Start with Blueprints first. As said, BP is easy to work with and you can do entire games with it. Since I know C++, I use both in conjunction to get the best of both worlds. That means I write almost all functions in C++ and only use BP to wire them up. It keeps the graphs small, which is important for readability. Besides that, complex graphs are a pain to extend, whereas code lets you just insert a new line or expression.

Don't just jump straight into the editor after downloading. Start here:

The rest can be found here:

They get out of hand fast, because they're very verbose. As I said above, I translate most of my BP to C++ (I use BP for quick prototyping). It's entirely possible that a graph of 8-10 nodes compresses down to 2 lines of easy to read C++ code.

I made the original fractal /agdg/ logo in black and white some time ago. Some other user colored it.


I hate dealing with art shit but here you go, trees with shadows.

I just copied the image from OP

That really bothered me when it was in a sticky thread image in >>>/agdg/

It would have been cool if that board wasn't dead. Although we're too small of a group.

I see it more as an archiving board. Being slow also means having a certain level of persistence. These threads hit the bump limit so fast, stuff you post often ends up vanishing.
I still wish /agdg/ would have more users.

I want to make a fan RPG of an existing franchise/series/whatever.
Said IP isn't huge, but it's known. And I've been bouncing some ideas around my head for the last few days that could show off the characters more than the original devs did.
Hunie Pop RPG. Hunie Quest even. Though if i could do it, I wouldn't mind expanding upon the Wario Bros RPG idea that anons were kicking around in a thread.

Am I better off making something original for my first venture into game creation, or are fan games OK since fan games get more of a free pass if shit's clunky (not bad or broken, just rough)?
As oppose to a new brand/IP (hate using those words) which needs to make a good first impression.
And unintentionally, a choice between leeching off the success of the real game to get more people to play/notice it, or working harder to get something new that visually sets itself apart from RPG Maker trash

I was suggested Yoyo GameMaker for RPG making.
Did you find it crap because it was 2D only? Or is it limited/buggy?

Just like make game, you're worrying too much about other people

/agdg/ would be a more popular board if devs actually posted there. But since the ocassional Yoko Taro or Yandev(Although he fucked off because he got too butthurt) visit only ever happens on Holla Forums this is where developers, both AAA and amateur, seem to congregate as a result.

At the very least we should be glad that we're here in these threads actually making games unlike most of Holla Forums, many of whom I've seen straight up say they don't want to make or even play games anymore, they're just here to watch the industry burn.

Well, I started posting content there (my /agdg/ guide to programming). It's not much, but hey, at least the thread doesn't slide off instantly.

Your first game is not going to define you for the future. It's way more important as a milestone than as a game.

Just do what you want to for now. When you start caring about money and have the skills to make it, then ask yourself this question again.

now use less trees, or clump them up in forests, because that's an absolute mess

So if I have some minor experience with programming C# with Unity and did some things with blueprint in UE4 and I were to go pickup some programming books from my local library. Looking to bail on blueprints and being a tutorial fag to Unity(The engine changes so much that a lot of tutorials don't work anymore anyways)
Do I need to start with C or is it okay for me to go straight to C# or C++?

C is basically C++ with less features and outdated ways of doing things.

For example if you want to make a variable but don't want it to be destroyed after your function ends:

vartype *bob = (bob*)malloc(sizeof(vartype));

vartype *bob = new bob;

The major difference is you're actually created a new object in C++ with all the shit you want, where as in C you are just allocating enough space for it.

Definitely not.

vartype *bob = new vartype;

C is completely different from c# and c++ (not really object oriented). It would be easier to go to C++. I know many people that learn with c++ and dive into C later, if that puts it into perspective.

Not to mention theres basically 0 reason to learn C anymore, other than the fact there's a lot of old applications still used written in it.

C and C# are very different languages. Java and C# are way more alike.

C and C++ are best considered different languages. It's true that C++ used C89 as a base, but C++ has been trying to move further away from C. Although you can still use the old C syntax, people generally use the C++ syntax. (E.g. C-style arrays (int a[5]) vs C++'s template arrays (array a;))
On top of that, newer versions of C have introduced features that you can't replicate in C++ without stepping on undefined behaviour or requiring compiler extensions, so for your sanity: Consider them separate.

And to answer your actual question; it doesn't fucking matter. Pick a language you like and roll with it.

But that's wrong user. Unless you're still compiler technology from decades ago.

Newer versions of C have some features that C++ doesn't have. Like for example:
Both in C and C++ you have to write a constructor if you want the object to be initialized for you. The main difference here is that constructors in C++ don't need to handle allocation, where-as you do in C. However, this abstraction means you miss out on features like flexible array members.

So I can just forego C and pick up pic related from my local library?

I wouldn't say there's no reason to learn C anymore. C is low to mid-level and close to the hardware, and thus it's still used in OS programming and embedded programming. For gaming, it probably would be better to use an OO language, though.

Yep go right ahead.

Interesting. I never heard of that. I steered clear of C once I started really taking advantage of polymorphism.

Is it really closer to the hardware, or is it just that C++ has a ton more branching because it's OOP.

No but, while I'm an amateur, I say use C and C period.
Use cpp files and compile as C++. There are useful c++ features, but I don't believe it's worth touching 90% of them. I far more enjoy coding in C and it's much less of a clusterfuck.
OOP as a dogma was a mistake

But look at all of them and see what you enjoy more.

That's one way to put it. Another one is to say that OOP is all about abstraction and abstraction doesn't come for free. In AAA game development you have what is called DOD (Data Oriented Design), which is taking things back to be closer to procedural programming (while still using CPP, just designing your code so that it doesn't fuck your CPU over). Vid related is well worth your time.
The gist of it is that while CPUs got a lot faster over the years, memory did not. It's really easy to write code that stalls, because the CPU spends more time waiting for the data to be fetched from RAM, than actually doing its calculations with it. Over-abstraction is the main cause of that.

And to think I was just recently bitching about not having that.
Stroustrup, what the fuck are you doing?

Damn, these guys are everywhere when it comes to gamedev presentations. I mean fuck, they even had their boardroom power point presentations available online from when they where working on the ps2 which was a huge nastolgia trip when I saw that

As an added bonus: Variable Length Arrays are also a C99 feature, not actually part of C++. It's only there because every compiler offers it as an extension, since they need to implement it for C99 anyways.

All this talk about data-oriented design makes me wish my college hadn't started with teaching me Java for a year and then cramming C into half a semester with C++ (object-oriented) taking up the other half semester.

Sounds like my college

This worries me when I release my game and a good amount of users have a major bug. The only thing I've really done is use a custom exception class, which I might make report to my to-make logger.
How should you log things anyways? Just at the start of a large process and when things go wrong?

That's how mine has done it to. You don't learn shit in college.

So did mine.
However, DOD isn't actually that complicated in and of itself. The arguably most difficult parts come from the fact that it bases code design around how the computer's hardware actually works. You know, the thing that OOD tries to hide from the programmers at all costs.
I'm about to continue writing my /agdg/ guide on basic data structures (today: hash-sets). The next and last chapter, will be about dictionaries in which I will showcase both, OOD dictionaries and DOD ones. DOD dictionaries aren't any more complicated than their OOD counterparts, and not harder to maintain either. It's really just the result of looking at the problem from a different angle.

you learn to not waste time and money on college.

to be fair I already knew programming before college so it's not that big of a deal.

Every day I regret going to college but you can't get a job here without a piece of paper saying you went to college.

I did to. I don't think I learned a single fucking practical thing in college aside from math. But it's like you said. Can't get a fucking job without a degree.

starting pay at retail > any place that requires a college degree

Oh god please don't read the Mike Dawson book, ANYTHING but that. I actually looked in there and it was horrible.

Also you should NOT be staring with Sepples. C is the best starting language you can learn.

I don't like interacting with people and getting a programmer job is pretty sweet. Already worked for some company as dev during the holidays. It's just sitting in the office all day and hitting the keyboard, pretty comfy.

Sepples isn't a bad start if you learn in a very restricted subset.

The main thing is that starting to learn programming with any compiled language for game programming is a mistake. You either use a higher-level language that will take care of everything for you or learn on a compiled language to program without the game overhead.

Using video game programming (other than tic tac toe and battleship) to learn C or C++ is a terrible mistake.

I did the recolour. I also made icons for spoilers and deleted files for /agdg/ but they never got used.

The state of /agdg/ is because of it's moderation, not because of bigger devs visiting Holla Forums once in a while.

Funny, we had to know how to program in C++ to get into college in the first place. First year involved improving your skills with it, as well as learning C# and making two games with small teams in Unity, a ton of math, and shit like design patterns and low level optimisation. Fail 3 tests and you're kicked out.

I'm getting frustrated just trying to open the editor.
I don't want this to be a sign of things to come.


Just pirate it

It'll be alright user

And I'm in!!
Tutorials here I come.

I feel like giving Godot another go.

What's the best tutorial to get a rundown of the basics?

Made a new weapon, it's a laser fired from the left or right side. It has a little wind up phase where all the turrets light up before it fires to give the enemy players a chance to react and get out of the way. The hitboxes are far from perfect atm, but how do you guys think it looks?

It looks like it's pissing neon urine.

Fuck, now that you mention it.

The buildup is really cool but the actual lazer itself is kinda dumb looking

the wiggling is stupid
just make it straight

Yeah i agree, i'll work on it.

If the beams were straight (what a laser actually does, it looks more like plasma or something) it might not look so silly

Is that series of books really that bad? I got an opengl version with the same skeleton hand but yellow (same company, everything except authors), and it just seemed like an extremely botched version of the OpenGL super bible. It was terrible for learning on its own but it pointed me in the right direction a few times.

Use the games from scratch tutorials. They are both in video and text format.

Keep that graphic for another weapon or purpose though. (plasma-thrower? Use it to represent fuel leaks?)

While we are on the topic, the engine emissions look like it is farting. Why is it bellowing out gas and not flames?

Oh that engine emission is not supposed to be there, i just haven't made a proper "small thrust" animation. Here is a look at how the proper engine thrust looks like.

As a mod, you're supposed to show some level of interaction with your users, advertise the board a bit to get users, and generally moderate your shit. It's not unusual for AgdgT to not be there for 5 weeks in a row. Most moderation is done by the botmod, the thing that removes a bunch of cp spam automatically.
As my previous post stated, there was a thread about getting custom spoiler and deletion images. Some were provided (even aside from mine), yet nothing ever came from it.

The several months old sticky doesn't help either.

I too remember the time the thread became amateur wallpaper development.

Can i get away with claiming this is a plasma launcher or a photon cannon thingy?
I'm considering just scrapping it and going with a different color and particle system all together

That actually looks pretty cool. The one that was flaying around where goofy as fuck

It looks decent as a rocket exhaust effect.

It looks like flames are being projected- so yes it has a use.

Any sort of plasma state (fire, etc) it'll work. In fact, if you add the flare around the nuzzle of the engine here and make it a little smaller, how does it look?

For light (lasers) you'll need something else.

Play Binding of Isaac, because it's exactly what you're talking about, but with modern design patterns.

But basically, what you do is generate a runner to determine where rooms are actually placed. In Isaac, for example, you start in roughly the center of the map, with a few branches that lead to the treasure room, boss, or dead ends. After those key locations are placed, a few other special rooms (secret rooms, stores, libraries) are added to the map. Once you have the layout determined, you actually start to generate the rooms proper.

Isaac just uses room templates. You have a 4-way room that can be used anywhere, for example, but design it in such a way that you can selectively choose which exits appear on it. Isaac also has rooms that are specifically shaped, like a T-shaped room, that only supports up to 3 exits, for example. All the hazards are determined ahead of time.

Monsters appear based on different factors, but are usually the same; sometimes because of difficulty or RNG, they'll be upgraded to elite or alternate versions.

I'll try doing that, i bet it'll look way better.

I could also just make it burst in intervals so it seems like more traditional plasma projectiles. What do you guys think looks better?

I see what you're going for; I'd suggest maybe smaller particles, more of them, and have them be transparent.

As for speed, I don't know if a constant velocity would work, or having them start off slow and rapidly accelerating to a moderate max speed would be better

Still too dispersed, looks like a blue flame thrower. It looks like you learned about particles and are trying to use them for everything now. You can probably get a better laser effect with just an alpha blended texture on a quad + some bloom, then scale the quad quickly to show it firing.

kinda beat me to it

Why don't you figure out what weapon you are trying to make and make it, instead of trying to shoehorn in this particle effect by coming up with a new weapon?

Also, how are you generating the path for the red laser? It looks nice

So, in fucking with Game Maker, I've learned that it interprets some controller inputs as keyboard inputs. Specifically, the L and R buttons on my PS3 controller respond to keyboard_check_pressed(ord("L") and keyboard_check_pressed(ord("R"). Or rather, those functions respond to the PS3 controller, depending on your perspective.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to figure out which buttons correspond to which keys without going through complete trial and error?

Check the docs :^)

Hey fam, I'm the user insisting about weapon placement. I've moved the rear sight forward a bit, and started using 110º of FOV. How distracting is the weapon now?

Thanks, user :^)
docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/mouse, keyboard and other controls/device input/device_is_keypad_open.html
God damn it, I was hoping it would make my life easier and I wouldn't have to directly deal with gamepad inputs.

Maybe consider moving it down a hair?

I mean, everything but the sights themselves are basically unimportant as far as gameplay goes, and even the sights are unimportant if you're going to provide a crosshair. Seeing that much of the rifle is kind of jarring. Maybe that's just me.

This day is ruined.

working on an inventory system for the rpg framework and i took the UI system from some youtube video, so i've had to try and reverse engineer a lot of it
sort of copying skyrim's inventory since i think it works for my needs better than a diablo one
and i spent the last two hours trying to get the right amount of items and the right amount of space between them for different resolutions
and i still need to get the windows to start from the top and not the middle

I have a pool object for textures, models and shaders. Basically if I want a specific one of these anytime I have the pool search for it in an unordered_map and then it returns the GLuint related to the object. These pools also handle loading and initializing these objects. I heard manager classes are a shit idea though so will this backfire eventually?

I'm brainstorming ideas for controlling the player and other units.

What I have in mind is almost like an RTS style of controlling a group of units with the mouse and giving them orders, but you also have a player object on screen that also moves. My idea was to separate the styles of moving, so you don't get your player caught up in the motion accidentally.

I made a picture to illustrate this. So you have a player and they move around on the screen with WASD. while you have a group of units that you manage by grouping with the mouse and clicking around.

Do you think this would be too un-intuitive?

That sounds like it could make for fun gameplay, but what purpose does the player serve?

If the player does anything, you might want to make unit selection a right click function, so you can reserve left click for player character or whatever.

Skyrim's inventory UI was complete dogshit. I hope that's not what you mean.

I used to play the shit out of a flash game on newgrounds that did something very similar to this. You moved your avatar (which served as little more than a powerful unit you had control over) around with the wasd keys and while you could not directly control minions you could give them these "patrol zones" that once an enemy entered one of these zones they'd move from their lair to attack.

well eventually the player will be able to cast spells and things like that, and could do a weak auto attack as well. I was thinking kind of a 2D overlord thing. Do you think the player character is redundant?

So I'm the sort of faggot that knows nothing about modeling, but works with primitives programmatically because that's all I know how to do.

How would animated textures work? Is it just a matter of using a vertex shader to shift the UV coordinates, or what?

Eg, suppose a cube or quad with animated gears or something underneath a static texture

How do I generate rooms that aren't only one way, mang?

Please elaborate, my post covered this.


If anything is distracting, it's that guy's broken left arm. Seriously though, talking as an AR-15 owner you aren't going to see the rifle until you have a cheek weld and are looking down the optic/irons. I don't know how that would work gameplay-wise, trying to toggle between shouldered but barrel lowered so you can see something besides gun, peek around barriers, etc. (how you'd realistically be 95% of the time) and barrel up, cheek-weld, eyes down sights, shooting at someone. Hold what would normally be the zoom button to bring gun up to firing position, disabling movement at the same time? Idk what kind of shooter you're going for though. Found this while googling meme images of FPS gun placements, might be useful technicalgamedesign.blogspot.com/2011/04/aim-systems-in-first-person-shooters.html

once i finish my current project, should i go back and learn C just for an engine?
or would it be better to try to we-write ioquake into C++, or is that overkill?

That's it, I'm sending an e-mail

Just pirate the damn thing.

Where is Sigmafag when you need him?

I'm coming up with with a weird as fuck error I can't understand. Can anyone see what I'm missing?

I'm getting

error: unexpected initializer before '*' token
internal SDL_Renderer* <

for this
internal SDL_Renderer* InitRenderer( SDL_Window* WindowHandle ){ SDL_Renderer* Renderer = SDL_CreateRenderer( WindowHandle, -1, SDL_RENDERER_ACCELERATED ); if ( Renderer == NULL ) { printf("The renderer fucked up\n"); } else { //Initialize renderer color SDL_SetRenderDrawColor( Renderer, 255, 255, 255, 255 ); } return Renderer;}

internal is a #define for static.

This function was working perfectly before and I didn't touch anything related to it.
This error is just so vague I don't understand.
Any clues?

How are you guys going to market your games? My only idea I have is to send a review copy to DSP when the game is ready.

Nevermind, there was a missing semicolon for one of my enumerations.
Apparently sublime highlights that mistake only for structs and not enums.
Why can't compilers just recognize when a semicolon is missing?

I'm working on two games right now. Neither is going to be sold, just posted on Holla Forums for free. One will be posted on Tumblr for extra salt.

Give the player a option to where to put the viewmodel like CS:GOyim. One thing that game did right.

Are you aiming for realism? Then that's good, are you aiming for a good experience from the player?

Finish a fucking project first

You mean…what, like Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch?

not to divulge into ideafagging, but its akin to a more gritty first person binding of isaac but with 'muh moral choices'
i have friends who have already supplied me with samples that would fit the idea, so i want to to do it
what i dont want to do is have to either re-invent the wheel or learn a language im uncomfortable with so i dont have to re-invent it.
but hey, if worse comes to worse yoyo's gamemaker has basic raycasting in its documentation

Why can't you?


What's a 2D FPS anyway? 3D FPS with doom-style sprite billboards for NPCs and items?

You could just say Doom.

Can't you just grab Doom's source code and work with that?

either raycasted or boxes with textures and sprites for entities
basically quake/doom

well i'm aiming more for SKYUI, but the generic idea was that it's gonna be a scrolling inventory, rather than the kind with slots

You can always render onto a texture depending on what kinda animation you need. That's how you play videos on polygon surfaces for example.

got an info panel working for the inventory, and also the option to drop an item out of the inventory
tons of spaghetti code, which i'm sorry for
next step is making a lootable/tradeable inventory

Great work user, I believe in you.


Just like, go with something fam.
Try something out, if it werks for you stick with it.

Yeah, probably. I'm not going to provide a crosshair, by the way. The only UI in-game will be the pause menu.

It's a girl, though. That arm is broken because I'm still trying to figure out how to properly rig a forearm twist. It must be one of the most complicated things to rig in a humanoid mesh.

You don't see the rifle, but it must still be in your field of view, right? That's what most FPS games sort of try to simulate. I do have plans to introduce a barrel-down stance, apart from barrel-up, no iron sights, and aiming down sights. I plan to introduce leaning around corners as well, but not much more when it comes to weapon handling.

That's an earlier iteration of the AR-15's position. I've been recieving mixed feedback. Some people said that it should be more centered, but you're saying that it would be better if it was off to a side. I'm kind of trying to mimic Project Reality's weapon positioning here, but given that I'm not working with viewmodels, it's getting a bit complicated to find a proper balance between realistic weapon handling and making it not get in the way of the player's view.

Yes, I am aiming for a decent experience while keeping it real. It won't be Squad or Ground Branch level of tacticoolness, I'm trying to mix up things here. I've got plans for augmentations, exotic weaponry electrolasers, decent melee combat, juggernaut gamemodes I play a lot of versus saxton hale, man do I love it while keeping things like moving speed being limited by weight, freedom to carry any weapon and ammo, and possibly a skill system. I have all of this planned, but I'm not sure how it will play out exactly, so I'm refraining on confirming all of this until I get it right.

How about a hip fire mode where you don't see most/any of the gun and firing will be very inaccurate, and holding right click turns on an aiming mode where you hold it more in front of your face and your movement speed is slightly reduced.

Maybe even a keyboard button to toggle precision mode where you look down the sights and switch to walking speed. It takes a moment to aim down the sights on a gun, so it makes sense for it to be a slightly more clumsy to turn on.

Is there any resource that tells you how to make a good logger/crash tracker/error handling thing? I have next to no error tracking in my engine and I know sooner or later it's going to fuck me over.

By hip fire, do you mean pic related? There's a reason people who want to actually hit shit never ever fire their rifles from their hip. I think you should watch some videos of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan or something. What you see in these videos is what said regarding weapon stance. Most of the time, you don't hold the weapon like what I've done in those pics. Soldiers usually hold their weapons shouldered, but with their barrels pointing downwards, they only lift their weapons to shoot at shit. It's basic training.

There's a backstory to the game I'm developing here, and it includes player characters knowing minimal weapons handling. They're supposed to be below popular army-tier in terms of this knowledge, but as I've said earlier, a skill system allows you to improve them.

By the way, here's a pic of the AR-15's current screen space. I'll see if I can lower it further, but I need to worry about aim offset as well.

To me, the solution seems trivial then. Implement the lowered barrel stance and the shouldered stance as a toggle, hold rmb to aim down sights, rig the stances so that from the outside it looks the same as when real soldiers do it. If this means the gun covers half the screen then that probably means that's the case for real soldiers too. If realism is the goal, that's acceptable.

That's precisely what I had planned, fam.

i finally figured out how to get the list to start the buttons from the top and not the middle of the screen
now i'm wondering if i should get rid of the thing that scales them, or if i should just make the first button large instead of the middle one

How's the OpenGL SuperBible? Should I consider grabbing it?

The way I used it was to get started, then when I had a spot to work from I just did my own thing and referred back to the book when I wanted to progress my graphics engine or had a specific thing I needed to do. It's not so much a "Sit down and read it start to finish" as it is a tool to use when you need it (along with the Internet). I haven't even gotten 1/3rd of the way through mine, which I've had for 3-5 years.

I would consider getting one for OpenGL 3. Mine is OpenGL 4 and I had to convert everything I wrote over because my laptop (which is fairly new) did not support OpenGL 4. From what I understand OpenGL 4 is not really widely supported yet for games but I could be wrong.

nevermind, i got the buttons to simply highlight on hovering them

thx bae

but I still have NO IDEA how drunken walk works without becoming tight square shape

Sounds like Freedom Fighter.

The door configuration concept is pretty confusing too. I lack any programming creativity.

I've come to the conclusion that what Godot really needs is a tutorial that explains how the engine works.

All the tutorials I've seen so far just jump straight into making some copypaste game. But I feel that Godot works in a very unique way, so what they should do is thoroughly explain how the nodes are supposed to be used and how they interact with the UI.

I'm getting the vibe that there's many different ways to use the Nodes and none of them is necessarily "correct", so showing just one way is not a good way to teach it.

There were also some fundamental texture related settings (such as interpolation, which makes sprites blurry by default) hidden under 3 levels of menus accessible by tiny barely noticeable arrows next to other settings.


Holla Forums wants to do all kinds of things but not actually learn the skills to do them.

Not that that's unique to Holla Forums though.

i still remember /namibia/ and the likes

I once promised to make them a game, but I grew out of neetsoc before I could start making it. Politics is such a huge time waster because the Eternal Jew will be eternal no matter what. /christian/ is the real deal, they introduced me to beautiful films, literature, poems, and actual philosophy.

network programming is a bitch

I've tried to learn PHP server for my college project last year, and yeah, it's such a BITCH. Or maybe it was just because I didn't have much time to learn.

php a shit
i'm working in golang + javascript using weebsockets.

Do yourself a favour and use Java instead. Or Go. Or pretty much anything else.

Most nodevs are like that.

Feels good to be a script kiddy

Literally the entire human race is like that. People who consistently don't are outliers.

You have no idea how much of a torture learning java OOP was. One of the shittiest languages I've ever used tbh. The class system is complicated as shit. I absolutely loathe programming.

Java's forced-class system is kinda clunky, but not really bad. What I mean is, you will have to write boilerplate in some places where you wouldn't usually need to, and it's annoying, but everything else works well and as expected, and it's pretty straightforward once you get a hold of it, which should be just after you make a single small Java project.

Feels better than being an ideas guy :^)

It's not that they're using RPG Maker. They're using it in the most basic, mundane and uninspiring way coupled with shitty meme writing.

those digits

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little nodev? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in Computer Science, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret jams on itch.io, and I have over 300 confirmed ideas. I am trained in creative writing and I’m the top game designer in the entire high school. You are nothing to me but just another nodev. I will wipe you the fuck out with floating point precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this imageboard, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of game devs across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your game. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can dev in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with Unity. Not only am I extensively trained in C++, but I have access to the entire arsenal of game engines and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable game off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon your game, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit games all over you and you will feel inferior and give up. You’re fucking dead, nodev.


Please don't lump all of Holla Forums in with the double spacing, "I've said again and again", moonman autism probable reddit anchorbabies. A lot of us just want to watch the left implode live on television.

Aren't you one of them?

I know that character! are you doing more?

One of what, furfags? Not really, but there's no wrong way to make easy legal money. This was a gift for a guy I talked to a few years ago, though.

Might rig her eventually. If you mean more of his characters probably not, most kind of gross me out.

Autists on Holla Forums.

so if I wanted to develop a class based, bounty hunting game that used gps and augmented reality, would I be screwed? I'm afraid everyone will say "Hyundai durr pokemon go did it furst!"



Screwed how?

There's always a gajillion clones when a popular game happens, especially if it's simple.

I live again!

Well yeah, but not the obnoxious moonman in unrelated threads kind like the guys doing that rpgmaker thing.

This picture kinda reminds me of Sudden Strike.

So apparently AMD's graphics drivers have memory leaks.

Where did you read that?

I just figured that something that uses similar mechanics would fail by being written off as a knockoff.

On a related note, has anyone here developed for android? How is it and would someone completely new to the process have an easier or harder time doing so.
Same user, btw.

40 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 15 of 31at : calloc (in /usr/lib/valgrind/vgpreload_memcheck-amd64-linux.so)



I feel your pain. I just had to throw out 2-3 days of work because I completely overcomplicated the problem and thought of a much easier way to do it.

I made great progress today but at the same time I'm horrified by the code I've written. I just know I could cut half of the variables, loops and conditionals and it would still work and be faster and easier to read but at the same time I have crippling fear of fucking up something in the process if I do that.

It's been a while, did something happen?

Yes. I got kicked out from my father because he was drunk again, so I had to live at a place at my sis for a while and only had a shitty laptop to use.

And I dont have a SATA -> USB wire so that I could have still worked a bit on my shit.

So that's why I was offline for a while, through I worked on a model with the toaster laptop.

That's interesting, I tried to use valgrind too some time ago and had tons of errors from the graphics driver. I just assumed it was valgrind being stupid and unable to track the driver properly.

Sanity check, is the actual memory used (i.e. resident in top and such) actually increasing over time, like say if you leave it running over night. If not, valgrind is confused.

I'll have to check by leaving it on. It's such a small amount at a time (40 bytes) it'd take a while before it'd accumulate.

Just left it on for a few minutes. had a .2 MIB increase while my game was idling which definitely implies theres a leak, because each tick just does a few drawcalls without input.

I should also mention. Rerunning it with valgrind, 100% of my leaks originate from /usr/lib/valgrind/vgpreload_memcheck-amd64-linux.so

Well, that confirms it.

You don't need to correct the speling of "hurr durr". In fact it's better if you don't say it at all and just let the contradictions of the opposing argument speak for themselves. Saying hurr durr makes you look retarded.


See? That one made sense.

Is that my name now?

If you dont want to spend a year, then its not a good idea… I thought I could write my engine in 6 months, but its already been 8 months- and it will probably be at least another month before everything is implemented.

Maybe learn C for ioquake, and make engine modifications for features you need? I dont see a point in re-writing it in C++ if you arent adding in new things.

bruh, please integrate mipmaps, that ceiling makes my eyes hurt

I changed it to use bilinear filtering instead- it seems to make the environment look better, but makes the enemies look worse- I think i'll load in the environment textures as bilinear filtered and the enemy textures as nearest-neighbor.

Your engine looks interesting, is there a page where I can read about it or something?

There is not, i'll make one I guess, and then get back to you

i dont think im a good enough programmer for the kind of low level i would probably need, but fuck it

once i wrap up what im doing ill look into C to see if its possible

btw, what is your engine made in?

Thanks m8y

Also how are the sprites handled? Via a sheet or a single file?

just using C - I am using several libraries though

OpenGL for graphics
OpenAL for audio
LibOpus for loading audio files
and Libwebp for loading the textures

by the way, these are very useful gamedev resources:

My engine only uses the first part of this tutorial in its rendering engine, so it is not running on a very advanced rendering engine like, say, the quake engine uses. But this is an example of how complicated it can get.

its a sheet, and then it gets cropped based on what direction you look at the enemies, and what frame they are displaying

im better at writing C#, or even C++, and C seems fucking cryptic to me
my plan was to just familiarize myself with the source code of ioquake enough to understand what its doing, then re-write it to C++ or C#

the other option is a 3D engine like unity or unreal and try to fake it, but thats autistic and i would rather spend a few years being an enginedev and sucking at it than have to fork over money

also, since i have someone using C i an pester, how is C considering the amount of code-reuse and all that stuff people complain about?
ill be honest i fucking hate the idea of classes, and OOP and inhertiance structures seems like a confusing clusterfuck that rarely has a use that triumphs over composition
how much suffering is C compared to C++ on a project to your scale?

Good choice man.

Well, I cant reuse a lot of my code that an experienced programmer would be able too, some of it is badly made because I dont have a ton of experience. I dont really have problems like that though. I think that I can understand why class inheritance would be a good idea now that I am working on the enemies, but I am not having a lot of problems working without classes. In fact the only part of the code where OOP would make it a little easier is the enemies, however standard control flow works fine.

something I use for example would be:

switch (e->type) { case ENT_WORKER: case ENT_ELITE_GAURD: velocity = MOB_FAST_VEL; break; case ENT_ARMORED_INFANTRY: default: velocity = MOB_SLOW_VEL; };

To make different entity types behave differently, even though they use the same struct… so its not really a problem to use C over C++ for me.

The alternative is to have 50 pointers to openGL texture objects for each enemy- instead of just cropping a texture. A real big mess to do it any other way.

Still working on it, here is something:



Let's not debate that in this thread, please. We have many, for that purpose.

Workin on a warp ability to speed the game play up for the small ships. What do you guys think of the animation?

you should still and add mip maps.

Looks neat. Can the player only warp in the direction they are facing?

Yeah and you can chain them together! You have three charges which regenerate over time.

I will once I rework the texture loading so I can say who gets mip-maps and who doesesnt- because it makes the enemies look like crap

Looks neat. Do you have a gamename already?

I don't actually. Shit is too hard.

Well, post, if you have something, I would like to play with your game
Looks like a bit Sunless Sea, mixed with action

thats interesting
im guessing that code runs on an enemies entrance to the room?
also do you have your source code up somewhere? I'd love to take a look and see what it takes

God dammit, 1600x900 resolution breaks the menu.

I dont have my source code up anywhere, but I can post the part for the enemy AI.

That code is from a function that allows the entities to move towards a vector- usually the player, or when following a path towards the player. I can show you the code for the enemy AI, and you can read something I wrote about how the engine works.

this is the file for enemy AI: "entity.c"


This is my website about the game:


If you have any questions about part of the code, ask me and I can explain them.

Admirable that you're coding your own engine, really. To everyone else considering writing their own engine for a doom/quake-like: I shiggy diggy. You can get the same look, feel, behavior, whatever in any modern 3D engine, even the barebones ones. Just use simple geometry, disable texture filtering, use billboards for NPCs/items, and thats about it. Hell, even if you are aiming to run on 386-tier toasters, there is shit like ioquake and other idtech clones out there already. Trust me; you'll have your hands full writing the rest of your game's code without having to hack together a renderer, texture/model loader, that kind of shit on top of it all.

Added projectiles into my game. Still needs some work…

Still a long while of developing this part of my game since I've got my AI system to finish up, but what do people think about hacking minigames, and which games do it right?

I've had a few ideas but one I've been leaning towards is a timed sequence where you have to type whatever words pop up on the screen, with difficulty based on your characters hacking skill compared with the enemies hacking defense. Hacking overall is going to be optional, but will have a lot of cool things you can do with it, so if there's a game involved with it I don't want it to be too annoying or tedious. If I do it purely as a skill check, it's not engaging enough and too easy.

i hope im not over reaching here but if i have any questions about C or implementing something mind if i ask you?

It's looking pretty good mang.

go ahead, I don't mind answering questions

if you have more after the thread closes you can email me, I filled out the field


meant for: not , sorry

As an artist, how good is UE4 if I want to make a 2D JRPG?

2D as in pixel sprites, or papercut? While UE4 has a few 2D functionality, you're better off making lowpoly models.

Pixel sprites, but what is papercut? Is that something like sprites in a 3D environment like Doom? That'd work too.

I don't know a lick of modelling and I heard low poly isn't as easy as it sounds either.

Papercut animation like that in Ubiart framework. Even Vanillaware games, though they make sure their animations don't look like Flash. Basically puppet parts animations.

Unity actually has better 3rd party support for those.

alright, i got buying/selling/looting/storing items to work, albeit with even more spaghetti code that i just don't feel like restructuring
however now i feel stupid, since i made it directly give you money when you press the button, which means that if neither of you have any money, but have items, you won't be able to exchange them
i SHOULD have done it like in mount and blade, but at this point i just don't feel like doing more work on it
i'm sure everyone will overlook this

right, i also got vendoring/storing to work from the dialogue
not quite sure how to get it to go back to the dialogue after you're done vendoring though
and now i'm noticing that there's an item slightly outside of the game's window, making it impossible to scroll, so i need to fix that

if anyone's still here, i need some help
i've got two vectors, lowerbound and upperbound
if any button goes beyond these two, it gets put in the opposing side
like if i have a button, it goes above upperbound, it then gets placed at lowerbound, and vice versa
my problem is that now i'm getting a slight gap between the buttons that's different for each of them
as you can see in pic related, the bottom button WAS at the top, i moved it further top, it went beyond the bounds and was sent to the bottom
but the distance between it and the next button is not the same as the distance between each other button
public float MinLowerBound() { return _upperBoundPos_L.y - DistanceBetween * MaxWindows; } public void Setup() { //default editor screen height is 325 //default button height is 30 //vector2.zero is at the middle of the screen, so we have to divide the screen height by 2 //remove 50 for the additional text on the bottom _lowerBoundPos_L = new Vector2(300, -Screen.height / 2 + 50);//-112.5 _upperBoundPos_L = new Vector2(300, Screen.height / 2);//162.5 MaxWindows = (int)((_upperBoundPos_L.y - _lowerBoundPos_L.y) / 30);//9 max number of buttons on the screen DistanceBetween = (int)((_upperBoundPos_L.y - _lowerBoundPos_L.y) / MaxWindows);//30.5555555, int would be 30 or 31, not sure _lowerBoundPos_L = new Vector2(300, MinLowerBound());//should set the lower bound to be exactly where it needs in order to get rid of the gap

more visible example

wew quints
anyways, i'm now sure that the source of the problem is actually in the movement
the buttons attempt to move 30 units, but go just a wee bit above that, and it stacks up everytime
not entirely sure how to fix it

checked demn get

finally got it working
now i'm just using vector3.lerp with a target location specified from the start
till now the original code was using it's own lerping method that was changing adding a lerped vector every frame, which was a wee bit inaccurate, which was causing my shit to end up in the wrong places at wrong intervals
at this point the only thing i have left to do for the inventory is to get each inventory saved in the savefile

and for some reason my video didn't post

also noting that saving inventories works now
so now i need to get the scenes to also save what items are in the world, as well as character positions

Holy shit, I really fucking dig your working music. Care to give me a name?

it's just Chuck Mangione

version control you retard

Thanks, m8!

i dont want to go through the process of disabling all my browser addons to get to the email, so ill just leave mine, just shoot me some empty message
[email protected]/* */
its real
im sorry

You bring shame to the famiry!

Where do I even begin bullying you?

Maybe having to disable shitty browser add-ons. That would be a nice buildup until the e-mails. I'm looking forward for your art.

Gas yourself, heretic.

Turns out someone made a thread way before this one hit page 14-15. Please remember to not make threads before that point.