Even Arkham Knight did The Killing Joke better

Dramatic scenes in games ruined by bad animations & voice acting
Video very related.

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how can anyone take capeshit seriously?

ugh another capeshit thread by Holla Forums

Why didn't they style it after the comic? Probably too time/money consuming, I guess. I still remember being blown away by it the first time I read it. Also,

Feminist pandering ruined another classic storyline.

I get the feeling it wasn't very good in the first place.

Wasn't there a twitter cap of some lardfat saying she's going to kill the killing joke

Which one? No seriously. Feminists are still shitting on the Killimg joke movie even though it was turned into a batgirl story.

They blew the budget on voice actors

It's pretty good, but this is coming from somebody who never ventured far into comics outside Moore and most of the major Bertman stuff. I particularly liked the ending.

They're also crying about Batman and Batgirl having a sexual relationship. Honestly, the whole thing is a fucking mess.

The Spawn animated series had wonderful animation that would have fit the movie perfectly.
They have no excuse

And even then, Hamhill did a shitty job - he merely put on his voice and read his lines, some random on Youtube did the monologue far better than him years ago:

The movie was underwhelming and batgirl was the worst part of it

No wonder Warner Bros. is losing to fucking Marvel in the movies, if they greenlight Batman v Superman while outsourcing their animation to that cheap as fuck studio from south korea with a shitty budget and shitty quality at the end.

Only saving grace is the voice acting, doesn't really mesh well with the animation and art direction.

That is pretty disgusting.

It is, even Arkham Knight which was a shitty game and technical garbage on the PC had more labor of love than this cheap as fuck adaptation from shekel-deprived Kike Bros.


Hamill's voice in TAS was great but then, Batman TAS wasn't meant to be as serious as The Killing Joke.

Whoever added that shit about Batgirl fucking the Batman should be sent to North Korea

All I know is that sjws are triggered by it and it's portrayal of batwoman. So I'm gonna support it.

You can thank Bruce Timm and his fanfic from his Batman TAS days, really fucking needless, this could have just been a OVA not some soulless movie adaptation, still amazes me that the Japanese are fucking miles ahead with their anime movie adaptations than the goddamn Burgerfats, but gotta save some money by outsourcing to worse korea.


it's because there's no prestige or competition in American animation. It's just schlock for children and toddlers. the East has been far ahead since the 80s, and the West failed to compete since it's been getting imported. Why do you think it isn't imported so much any more?

Yeah and they did. They're still shilling the movie as a success even though it hasn't made its production budget back yet.

That animation is kinda sad. I really hate how choppy it is.

Western animation is supposed to be fluid, while Eastern detailed.

This managed to have the worst aspects of both, the quick details of Western and the choppiness of Eastern.

I blame Disney and the fucking censorship moralfags of the 50s, animation has always and always be attributed to kid shit in the West, same boat with comics with capeshit being the identifier for the industry because they got cucked by that lying piece of shit who pushed for the Comics Code.

ah, government interference. fortunately you don't have to settle for shit. Just watch anime.

The Wests and especially the US animation and drawing culture have been fucked because of the massive push for modern art in the cold war, shit fucked a lot of things up and took away prestige from actual animators to give it to frauds

For the DC animated movies, they've been outsourcing their animation to South Korea, check all the credits of the movies and you'll get Nip and Gook names, they'll only do the animation themselves if its tumblr style shit or when there's merchandising money involved like Lego Batman.

Who did the animation for Spawn?

Its 17 years ago, but I'm wondering

In house by HBO and Todd McFarlene, also, Spawn the Animated Series that was being produced and teased since 2009, NEVER EVER!

Also, we need more Spawn games.

To be fair, there definitely were some that tried to change that. I think Rango was the last animated film I've seen in recent years that actually felt like something made for both kids and adults.

And anything by Ralph Baksh, still kid shit because of Disney though, and adult swim is just comedy shows.

even when bakshi was doing his thing he was having his shit marketed as animation but not for kids

the animation was never that great, and the actual content was never too entertaining.

Man, fuck those stupid liberal assholes who pushed for modern art. Now we have faggots who only want to 'express themselves' and no one can draw for shit anymore.

Where's that picture of that famous animator lamenting that same fact?

It's like a animator had a self awareness moment of how shit the movie will turn out….

Not sure what picture you're referring to, but I'll leave this here. Maybe you mean the Miyazaki quote?

Personally, I could care less. I feel I know good art when I see it. I think there were some great "modern" artists who broke away from convention, but it all started going downhill with Warhol and the great ones that came before and after are too few or forgotten.

How did this got pass the Proto-SJWs? It's the 70s. 70s New York was a hellhole because of uncheck hippie bullshit.
Than again I shouldn't complain. We live in a world that thinks Fritz the cat and Rocky Horror picture show are pro conservative movies

I'm not giving a fuck about it but how fuck they managed to do a 90 min movie with 46 comic pages?

30 minutes of the Killing joke Run time was a batgirl love story.

you mean highschool drama

A highschool that batman fucks his student and his adopted son girlfriend.
Also teen Titians fans got butt hurt over Damian Wayne & Raven cuck beast boy

He basically fucked his adopted daughter/his best friend's daughter/his partner's daughter/his father figure's daughter.
This is the stupidest thing he could've done.
And then we had to listen to Barbara be clingy and bitchy and throwing fits of anger at complete strangers who literally din do nuthin. The fucking Paris France character is a CIS WHITE MALE DUDEBRO CHAUVINIST PIG strawman that's… I wanted to say "bordering" on satire because he uses the exact wording the femcunts are screaming about after yelling "1 OUT OF 5 4 WOMYNZ!!!", but this is just bullshit. I wish entertainment was about fun again and not political activism. It's all a big joke, nothing makes sense.



Bravo, Timm!

This one was quite better, not sure if is the same I watched before.

Cheap Calarts Tumbler level labor

Magical girl Starfire gave me a good laugh.
Raven got some thick ass legs for a 14yr old.