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personally I am a little disappointed with the L4D2 mod community, most mods are simple model and sound replacements and while it is nice to fight Bane, Mr Plinkett, the Sniper, Hitler and Osama Bin Laden as the girls from Dead or Alive I also want the mutation gamemodes I was promised.

pic unrelated.

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forgot to mention, on the other hand, I am really impressed by any form of modding of fourth and fifth generation console games.

I. Need. More.

Mountain Blade


Halo 4 believe it or not actually had a pretty decent modding community, if only because the default custom game options were absolute garbage.

Fallout New Vegas?

Nope, same genre though. Any additional hints would make it too easy.

Was it made by Bethesda?

This isn't fucking Guess Who user.


I find it amazing that people are still making mods for Morrowind.

Not even that, but the fact that OpenMW exists and is completely functional is insane. I wonder how Bethesda feels about the fact that none of their other games have spawned such a dedicated community. There may be a shit ton of Goyrim and Shillout 4 mods but none of them have nearly the effort as a lot of the big MW projects like TR and OpenMW/CS and they never will. The only projects close to that big are pretty much just entirely different games made in the mod tools because the base games are shit.

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I'm actually talking out of my ass, see any good Morrowind mods released recently?

I don't know if this is what you mean but big updates for both OpenMW and TR have come out relatively recently.

Any full releases? I know OpenMW and TR, I'm using both, but I need more quests, more dungeons, more content. I enjoy Morrowind a lot, but I don't enjoy the tedious bits too much, like walking from point a to b several times, unless there's really good scenery or the chance to run into someone or something.

Well there is that up until it became time to promote the Steam Workshop, Left 4 Dead really was the most locked down game Valve had (at the time) ever released.

It's all alive and well. Here:

Witcher 3?

Your not exactly giving enough information on your first hint.

Thanks. Problem is, a lot of them are just texture mods, or variations upon better bodies/heads.

I gave enough information for him to figure out that it was a Bethesda game, and that it was an RPG. At that point, all it would've took was a good guess.

I'm just waiting for a dance of rogues 2 in a modern game.

Can you name any megamods for Morrowind other than OpenMW and TR? I'm in the market for something to give me another score of hours in my second-favorite timehole.

Theres the Doors of Oblivion mod that adds the oblivion realms, it should have a new update somewhere soon.

This recommendation is a bit unconventional, but have you tried Azura's Touch? It adds a great amount of content, though it's more combat orientated. There's also Morrowind Rebirth, which is basically a overhaul of Morrowind, changing, adding things about the game.
Theres also the symphony mod, which is more of a graphical overhauler but also changes up the game a bit and also adds quests aswell.

I looked at Azura's Touch before, and it looks like the same kind of horribly unbalanced "overhaul" that I suffered through with the V:tM:B Antitribu mod. Thanks for the recommendations, though!

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Silent Storm. Devs were actually actively hinting that it would be possible to make X-Com mod for it, wink-wink, if you catch my drift. Yet the mod scene for it was so desolate, the only worthwhile mod that was made back in the day got released as standalone game. There are couple of mods getting slowly developed right now, but that's it.

Reminds me of how me and my friends found Space Hulk campaign for L4D2. It looked promising but turned out to be complete dogshit. We then splattered



Amazing games with absolutely no mods.

Not true, there's always the Gaston mod.

hard time is my favorite with wrestling mpire second for his games

I missed the bayeux may-mays.





Didn't the SDK require that you set up a fucking SQL server on your computer before it would allow you to run it?

Gets me every time