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oh no alieums

Ok Blizzdrones, explain this. Do you really expect me to buy this shit without trying?

They aren't going to give their only good game away for free, then the br's would have a frame of reference for why all the others are run by drug pusher mentality going 'just a bit more for free goyim!, maybe beg support for free time and tell your friends!'

I'm not joking either. Overwatch has had more balancing in like 2 months than WoW has had in 2 years.

Should have tried during the beta but you were probably too busy being all "hurr >playing blizzard games, it'll be dead in a week fuck off to reddit blizzdrones"

There was the open beta, and the free weekend a month back

To be fair i have no doubt there was probably actual shills at the time. I only bought it after a month of my friends not shutting up about it all day every day and they are all still playing. It killed off TF2 for all of them which made the one 'praise gaben pc is the master race xD" vape life fedorathiest dude we all know fucking LIVID.

That's not what I posted, Holla Forums.

This map is a gay bottleneck hell for attackers

There is no limit to how gay this map is

Its so beyond gay it invented a new sexual preference by making other gays inferior

If it took part in a dick sucking competition it would be banned from competition by not only blowing all participates and judges, but doing so forcefully it gave them a blowjob for the next fifty years guaranteeing it would win even without participating next year

How the fuck this got into the game when its more broken than some 8 year old retard kid designing a TF2 map for the first time actually astounds me

This map is gay

Shills or not there was a whole fucking week where anyone could just download and try the game out and yet the threads were still full of retards spewing bullshit that ten minutes of play disproved because they valued keeping their computer pure from blizzard taint or some shit over having informed opinions.

It wanted you to feel.

Anubis is piss easy because of that.

I think people forget how easy it is to cap the points on that map. People on defence get so focussed on the 4 choke points they never watch behind them.

Just go pharah or tracer and when your tank goes in for a big distraction just blink/boost around the outside. If they have no torbjorn turret you won. You're the guy.

Make trial an offline match with bots or some shit.
Of course nobody want f2p shitters in their games.

I feel mildly upset

Or they could have more than one way to get onto the point

Literally every other map has some way to advance around from the side to the point except that one

I just have to ask, are Hanzo and Genji really needed on defense? so far I have been relegated to heal slut, but every time we hear D.Va or Junkrat's ult coming I seem to be the only one trying to get out of the way.

Anubis is pretty easy, at least for point A, you just do literally anything but walk down the main road. Use a winston, dva or rein shield to get through the main gate and go straight through the side rooms. For point B you have like three ways in and just have to coordinate using more than one at once.

Hanamura is far worse.

There is only one way in


Through the front

The path on the right doesn't even make it all the way to the point

And the left path stops wayyyyyyyyyy sooner

Its a fucking shit map I plan to leave every time its in the rotation

True, but you can't say Blizzard has exactly got the trust of the consumer quality wise anymore.

Personally i saw Overwatch at announcement as "they fucked up their mmo and wows dying so they cobbled together the leftovers into a frankenstein esports cash in with the art style of a kids upturned toybox"

Then much later i tried it and realised its way more of a splatoon than call of duty style game, the music and characters interacting makes it feel like a sort of Incredibles sort of thing that works surprisingly well and on PS4 at least the meathead audience just isnt interested in it because of the aforementioned cawadoody.

Its honestly the best Blizzard product since Wrath of the Lich king. their moba is a bomb, SC2 is a joke even koreas dropping, hearthstone is "get this exact decklist everyone uses" fotm boredom and wow is sinking like a stone pushing desperate fan service to hope they can see 2020.

Reaper of souls is okay, i think the console version i played a little is actually a fantastic couch co-op game like gauntlet or the like from back in the day but other than that Overwatch is the only thing from Blizzard, shit from Acitivision period that is worth playing.

Buy it, no season pass shit, let them milk lockboxes from rubes for cosmetic shit that doesnt effect the gameplay in any way and have every character be identical between players and base it on how much they learn to play with them.

It is a solid "ive got 20 minutes" shooter. In this day and age i can name splatoon and only splatoon that is like this. Everything else is season pass dlc meathead dew the dew bullshit and its so refreshing to find something thats just a solid pvp shooter that isn't just some addiction vector for microtransactions like all valves stuff became.

Oh and lets not forget that every building for the defenders has a path upwards so they can shoot down at you, and there is no way for the defenders to get up there because there is no paths from their direction up there

Its a dog shit map, whoever made it is a for real retard who knows nothing about map design

Anubis is really easy of the defenders commit to the first/second choke point too hard. You could wipe their team and then rush the second point and cap it too if no one has any ults ready. Hanamura is more BS because the only way in is through the front gate, and that slot at the top left is still part of the front gate

I'm confused as to whether you're complaining about point A or point B, because the three paths to point B all go all the way in and the left side room at the main gate to point A has a window up top that any vertically-capable character can use to safely hop across the rooftops to the point.

Bumplock when?

Did I fall into 4chan or are you just that retarded?

They do. just switch to any character that can fly or climb walls. You dont need to stay alive, just cap the point as something that can go over buildings fast, get killed and change to something else at the spawn to push.

Let me guess, you wanted a chance to try out that new VPN?

Hanzo on defence is usually cowardly weebs that want to be japanese but stay back and got killed so many times by [SHOUTS ANGRILY IN NIHONGO] they think its easy wins.

I still don't see why people say Bastion isn't overpowered. A Reinhart shield and Bastion combo is almost unstoppable on certain choke points and positions when the rest of the team is protecting the flanks. I've even seen this in competitive matches and it just decimates teams most of the time. The fact that against a Bastion the whole opposing team has to completely focus on him just shows how he doesn't even need to be in this game. All it takes to be a competent bastion is to not be retarded and be moderately aware of your surroundings so you can glance at flankers to melt their hp.

Because a competant bastion player is like 1 in a 100.
Bastion tends to be played by people below rank 10 in practice and outside of that mostly by stoners.

I dont know why but its always some chuckling xX420dubbleGXx shitking.

bumpplocock when

Here's a quick little mockup of all the routes in Anubis. Winston and Dva are both really good for point A because they can use any of the paths and short of a stack of torbjorns or bastions they're going to most likely make it to the point and split enough attention to make room for the rest of the team to get past the gate. Point B is always where I get stuck because you just need the team to work together there and working together is what pubs hate the most.

A single Genji sneaks from behind, hits Bastion's weak point for massive damage, chips away some of Rein's health and gets away.

The only counter to a bastion/reinhardt combo is another reinhardt and all of your guys focus on taking down the duo's shields

Even in tank mode bastion can't break down a fully charged reinhardt shield

I'd like to play offense one day, but unless I'm a tank/healer we always lose matches because everyone I play with is a Call of Duty wannabe hero

Its fucking Planetside 2 all over again being the engineer/medic bitch forever just so we can win

If the Genji is decent he can be a massive dick for the back of the pushing team since he gets around quickly. Hanzo is just area denial since all he needs to do is chuck arrows. I'd personally pick mccree over him after the recent buff to his falloff range.

Or flank them as Mei, she 3 shots a full health/armour bastion in turret mode and can then just freeze the reinhardt and fuck off leaving him for someone like mcree or edgelord.

Symmetra and Rein both counter Bastion/Rein if you have two of them or the Bastion is just lazy since you can just peek from a corner and orb or firestrike through the shield until they move or die.

bumplock when

My first reaction to mei freezing me is activating my charge and getting the fuck out of there in whatever direction I'm facing

I actually survive more often than taking the freeze and trying to attack back, least at a distance I can turn around and smack the bitch with my flaming hammer strike

Leaving your pal Bastion to die a horrible death.

I think most are just scared of doing that because -if they are shielding bastion- they anticipate ahead to be death so they try turning on the spot.

Same with zharya really. just walk around a tank as mei and 9 times out of 10 they are frozen.

Nowadays you wait for the ana to grenade them then one shot them with an icicle to the head after.

That's all anyone ever says when it comes to countering Bastion/Rein but it counts on Bastion not even noticing you until you get close enough to get past Reins shield. In Overwatch I can hear anyone coming from a mile away because of how loud the enemies footsteps are in this game and it's not that hard to notice flankers.

The only decent suggestion I see is this guys because Symmetras right click can go right through a Reinhardt shield but even then the projectile is so damn slow that the Bastion can just casually walk out of sight and repair before another one hits him to kill him.

bastion turrets have a tendency to suffer from bad tunnel vision. By the time they notice icicle twos hit them number 3 puts them down.


Jesus christ, I thought ppl like you were just fairy tales

its like poetry.

why are you here, user?
don't you have anything better to do with your time?

oh wait

Tell me about OP? Why does he shill the game?

Bumplock when?

It's as if someone in a street yells "faggot" and someone turns to watch because they think they mean him and not because they find it strange.

I know, my mother is dying in the hospital right now and you don't see me being an insufferable cunt to something I like/dislike

This guys got issues, I just wanted to unwind and talk about the game and one bad map

At last its not illios ruins.


Reminder: 'reddit spacing', 'pozzed' and 'bogans' are goon calicuck talk that always flags them.

Thank fuck for Hide ID.

how new can you possibly be?

The fuck happened in the last 3 months here?

No, they're really not. Absolutely nobody types like that but reddit and if "poz" triggers you then you must be a nigger. I played the game for a few weeks and used to participate, but you've overstayed your welcome if you're getting this cocky. These threads need to go the way of the Undermeme generals and fuck right the hell off if they're inviting faggots like you here that think they can take over.

It wasn't till somewhere around 3 months ago, I've always written that way my whole time I've been online, just suddenly boom its "Reddt talk"

I got no fucking idea what's going on really

New meme brah

Why the fuck is using spacing between paragraphs a meme?

Single sentences aren't paragraphs.

I'm having pone flashbacks.

All part of the same 'make them cry for more moderation' "master plan" goons have been pushing all year. First they tried the "template" shit till their ebig chat log meetings got posted and so most of them scrapped that, then they moved onto pushing console war shit like Holla Forums on a bad day under the false assumption there is any xbox one vocal userbase here to begin with and now its "reddit spacing" "pozzed" and "bogans" whatever the fuck that means.

They try this shit in waves, it never works and when they get called out always pull the 'i-ive been here for 20 years, swere on me mamm' schtik like if they repeat the mantra enough it will retro actively become true.

Check just about any thread and you find them during american posting hours, which is probably why they use calicuck terms like 'pozzed' to begin with.

I count them as individual statements, thus new paragraphs

I just get the feeling you're all being derailed by "bumplimitwhen?" fag

Ah, so they're retards. Thanks.

Anyways, man when I played beta McCree was a fucking POS who seemed to die in like 2 hits, now he's actually got some staying power


No sense of irony, jesus fuck.


Sad part is I've been on the net over 20 years and even I'm confused at WTF is going on with Holla Forums atm

At least with 4chan when that faggot kiddy diddler was spamming the threads with jacked "Save as .js and run" images to bot ppls computers so he could attack moot you had some idea what was going on

This just seems like a small group of retards who have nothing better to do

Oh yeah his ult I swear causes everyone to go run and hide, you can clear a point in seconds and he doesn't even have to fire a shot

literally nuclear launch detected.

I'm not here often enough to care about Chan drama, laughing at retards never loses it's charm though.

I always felt Junkrat's ult was more of "nuclear launch detected"

user are you having flashbacks to a old shitposter that hurt your fee fees?

no fucking sense of irony.

and just like that he blows his cover.

Pulled it off once and the dude quit the match out rage or embarrassment.

Who's the most OP character at the moment? Need to get my comp rank up

officially Skill Rating 35, I assume is the bare minimum or less.

I think is McGree or Genji, not sure.

It all depends the map and what else your team is doing.
Mei is pretty annoying though

It doesnt really work like that though, user

Yeah no fuck that, when do we get to fight korean robot kaijus


I've never seen a less interesting and developed by committee check list directed game since overwatch.

It's kinda sad how bland it is. Whatever, enjoy your shit game folks.

Just go junkrat. Hes nut the most op but hes hard to fuck up and a good junkrat is credit to team.

I also enjoyed TF2 for a while.

They will patch meet your match eventually user, its going to be okay.

wow, if I knew how easy this was I'd have been doing it for months now.

How much time for bumplock?

Can I ask why exactly? not sure what you are referring to, is this thread not supposed to exist? was it reported? does Mark play Overwatch?

In the time after FLAOT's demise a new sacrifice must enter carousel.

He does, but Ive been shitting on this shitty fucking game since day one when nobody knew that fact

You're free to shit talk the game itself all you want, just don't spam shitposts.

Is there any reason for a guy who's been sick of TF2 ever since it went F2P to play Waifuwatch? Should add I'm rather sick of Squadshooters in general at this point as well.The fact that Blizzard are cucks also doesn't help to sell me on this.

no, don't bother playing shooters. It's time to stretch out from the high chair and play some real games son

For starters, once you enter competitive mode at least you can be sure nobody will be able to use the same class at the same time, is always 6 v 6 apparently, skill varies though.

The game is pretty fun. Most people are semi competent and can usually hold their own, there's none of that "friendly" bullshit, everyone is playing the objective, and most of the characters are well rounded with a few exceptions but if you're not sure you can always wait for a sale.



I would say its a solid splatoon/pre hats tf2. In an age of mostly hardcore esports wannabe shooters for energy drink pounding meatheads its a fun game where the moba style hero characters means its very hard to experience the same game twice and with no season passes or paid dlc of any sort thats all i want, though i got the ps4 version on sale for £30 and for some reason its gone back to up £45, i dont think i'd pay that but id say its a solid £30/$20 game.

My advice would be play it at a friends first if you can and maybe trade in some shitty games you dont play anymore.

If anything some characters are not quite playable outside of certain objectives, and yes, no emote spam, which means no friendly outside of custom games I guess.

The PTR is suggesting the emote system is getting an overhaul. As well as the new "Theres a hidden enemy here!" for Somba players theres more "group up" sort of stuff like "Big group this way!" and so on.

I'd bet good money 3 months from now the emote system will be unrecognisable to what came out at launch.

Not that I noticed, I bought 2 with some spare money I had from a commission and the only Legendary skin I got was from a level-up box.

Also, they aren't lockboxes since there is no lock to buy.

I hope they expand the coms first, it would make the game a little less reliant on microphones.

I enjoy nothing as much as blocking teammates with Mei's Ice Wall.
All that salt from the players is well worth it.

I had some money left off a psn card from the summer sale and got a legendary out of 6 or the 8 i bought. I've gotten 2 from all my earned ones ever.
Could be funny luck but knowing all the background stuff about 'positive reinforcement' they do with hearthstone boosters i remain wary of shenanigans.

As someone who mains Mei and is good at her everytime i see your kind i feel a sickening bile rise in my throat.

I hope they make the microphone system less retarded.
I get the idea but if you que with someone you're most likely going to be using something like Discord to talk.


I had that happened during a competitive match… by accident, I was Mei, trying to protect them and all… they blamed me for losing, apparently at least 3 of my walls prevented them from insta-killing an entire team or something.

PC version in my case, not sure if I want to buy more, I wish I just got credits instead and spend them in whatever I like instead.

Speaking about competitive, sometimes we start a match and a player leaves immediately, of course, it cancels and kicks us back to waiting, I find it weird that competitive matches seem very hard to find when you are on the placing match lines.

That's my biggest issue

There is 24 characters and only 3-4 I like, I'd rather just earn credits to buy shit instead of countless fucking drops for characters I don't like/use


Mark please

Considering we get sprays 99% of the time, at least is no TF2 when you just get locked crates every time you want some "useful" drop, even if they don't count towards the weekly drop cap.

The smug

You have all been visited by the most refined Nacho Gobbo.

Good crate drops and plays of the game will come your way, but only if you reply 'IT AINT EASY BEIN' CHEESY GOBBO!' in this thread.

We're all gonna make it bruh.
Time to be a stubborn mule

How does ranked work? What happens when I reach 100? Do I then get bronze and start back at 0? Please, I'm retarded.

Yes, 'prestige' rules.

Trying more in practice and i think the key to Ana on consoles is shooting from the hip in close range is way more accurate and that grenade cooldown is so fucking fast you dont need to be stingy with it.


t-this cant happen with reaper can it?

Reaper, Pharah, McCree, and Roadhog ults are all canceled if they get stunned. Do it too soon though and they keep most of their charge.

What happens is you don't reach 100. The highest anyone has gotten is 87, odds are you won't make it past 60.

Sorry correction: I sleep Zenyatta ulting and our genji instantly wakes him like the weebpleeb his is and that red aura is right back up.

Account rank, not season rank.

The word you are looking for then is "level".

I don't think you can sleep zenyatta ulting at all. He's supposed to be immune to stuns.

Thats what i thought, maybe we just hit the buttons at the same time and it bugged out and he just woke himself up going 'talk shito get hito'?

The fuck is wrong with people? why do people leave in the middle of competitive?

people that want it to be an esport are there for the win. When you realise winning just gets you a bit of xp to your next crate win or lose you still try but dont care about losing.

Your account level is a number that constantly increases as you play the game and it never goes down. In essence, it reflects how long you've been playing.
Once it reaches 100, it will go back to 0 but you'll get a little star beneath your portrait in-game, to show for that. That's why you'll sometimes see some people that even have 2 stars underneath their portrait.

Keep in mind that this level means nothing about a player's skill, only that he has been playing for long. There is an hidden MMR value tied to your account that does increase and decrease as you play and the matchmaking system tries to use this value as best it can to pit you against equally skilled players.
However you can't see this value or change it in any meaningful way unless you are losing on purpose or something.

Then there's your Ranked Level that's tied to the Competitive gamemode. This rank goes up and down according to your matches. Winning and losing makes it go up and down as expected but there's more factors here. If you are against a team with an overall higher level than you, you'll win more rank if you win and lose less rank if you lose. The opposite for a lower ranking team, obviously.
There's also your personal contribution to the game that changes how much rank you gain\lose after the match. This isn't very clear or well known, but basically getting medals and actually carrying your team means you'll win more\lose less rank than your teammates. Personnal skill is indeed rewarded.

Ranked Level has a neat system where the average is 50 and most players will be near it. It follows a gaussian distribution so players above rank 60 are only about 15% of the playerbase, for instance. This means if you wanted to reach rank 70, you'd have to be better than about 85% of the entire playerbase or so.
Otherwise, when you get to 67 and face off against players even more competent than you, you'll lose and go back down.

I actually like this system and I'm not even a very competitive person. It means the top players are there because they actually are better than everyone else by personnal skill, so it rewards them for that. I have no aspirations of reaching that high (just rank 50 now) but I also get the satisfaction of knowing most BRs and russians will be stuck at the 30-40 range and I'll never have to put up with them. At rank 50, both my enemies and my teammates actually know the game and are quite competent. Even if I don't win, it's always a fun match.

did "competitive" players forget junkrat exists or something?

They are retards that don't want to lose. As in, they don't want to stick around for a game they know they are gonna lose.
It's fairly stupid, they can't actually queue for ranked while the match is still going (it will prompt them to join in) so they still gotta wait. Unless they went for some smokes, it's not faster to farm rank for them.

The funny thing is, when they leave, you can also leave after a minute and although it still counts as a defeat for you, you'll lose less rank than usual. While he loses much more rank than usual. He thinks he's the one winning since he "doesn't have to put up with a team of retards until the last minute" but actually he's the one getting the worst deal.
Oh and don't worry. They leave too many games, they get longer queue times. They leave even more games, they get banned from Competitive for the rest of the season.

might that be a bit harsh? never seen anything like that

personal contribution to rank is minimal if it exists at all. By far the biggest factor is "streaks". Once you've won or lost 3 in a row rank change caps at a full level in either direction

I'm sure it takes a lot of leaves for that to happen, which is why it's probably very rare. And it's not even just "leave X matches, you're banned", you can offset it by playing to the end other matches too.
At least, that's how leaver penalties work in Quickplay as well, where they did this in case some people just have connection problems. As long as you play more matches to the end than the ones you leave in the middle, you should be fine.

I tend to queue with friends a lot (since it's the best way to play ranked anyway) and I'd have to disagree. I've had matches where I won double the XP they got for rank and the only difference was the amount of medals I got.

I've had other games where I murder so many people as Mei, I should've been arrested, and in the end after I won, I got a lot of XP. Next game I go healslut, still win, but get less points than before, despite being a streak.

Streaks being a factor would make sense as a way for the system to compensate faster and get you at your proper rank faster. But due to problems with overshooting and the placement matches we have, I highly doubt that's actually a factor.
Your victory on the previous match does not have anything to do with the victory in the next match, afterall.

i'm 1 game away from lvl 100. all my friends are away and i want to play but i don't wanna ding alone …

Thats just because Mei is Bei so she gets bonus points.

Streaks are definitely a factor, literally every win or loss after the third will be 100% rank, regardless of personal performance.

As far as groups, there are definitely some individual factors at play, but I doubt they have anything to do with medals and shit. I usually play healer and will gain more rank xp than my friend with 3-4 golds to my 1. I think it's some bassackwards shit where the highest rank and/or playtime and/or hidden MMR in the group gains the most and loses the least.

What can I do to make losing, dying, and being bad my mistakes instead of anything else.

What's the best mouse sensitivity?
How much shit do I need to kill in my background programs?
Will someone watching youtube in the other room killing my connections?

I just want to know how I can stop hitting a connection hiccup the moment I start getting shot at.


The worst thing in the last match we played was that if not for him leaving we would have won, we had to push the payload fairly close and we had control over the situation, then we got outmanned.

Yes, as it is someone also chatting or something, it piles up.

Option 4: She's a disgusting lardass

Somehow, Holla Forums always finds a way to disappoint me.

It's really not that hard to counter him anyways. I found that Tracer and Widowmaker/Hanzo are great at keeping me suppressed or paranoid about sneak attacks. It's also all about the positioning. I usually set up in bushes, doorways, or near health packs and fire away. Completely destroying Reinhardt's shield or shutting down Pharah's never gets old.

You know in your heart.

So instead of giving depth to characters and giving player's choices about how to build their hero, they just add more heroes who do the same thing a bit differently? Christ, I can see the roster bloating to MUGEN levels right now in the near future.

It's a side effect of the game trying to put you into very close matches.
You never really know if you're gonna win until the last second, your heart beating fast the whole time.
Lots of people just give up when they aren't clearly stomping the other team in the final 3 minutes or if a game is about to reach overtime, they don't enjoy the chalenge, they just want the victory.

I have a friend that's actually a good sport about this, but he makes every match a fucking drama. Everytime he is killed, it's the end of the world. Everytime someone on the other team pulls an Ult, the game's over man! Gameover! And whenever we reach overtime, it's a constant wailing of "Oh man, come on man, we can't lose like this, I'm not gonna lose like that, this can't be happening!"
Everytime we play, he sounds like a bad anime villain. Thankfully he's a good sport and the bad humour doesn't last after the end of the match, but it's still like being the MC in anime playing with him.

I just hope Sombra doesn't play like TF2 Spy, I am fed up with backstabs and spychecks.



I was kind of pissed when I was losing so many placement matches, in the end I only won 2, then I realized, I would need to be a total beast and paired up with equally skilled players to win all 10, but since I was still confused about the system I thought the only way to get CPs was if I "qualified" by winning more than half of those matches.

Mad idea's guy is mad. I'd rather have a well designed game than one with an horizontal hierarchy where nothing cohesive sticks.

Maybe play the game first, before making an ass of yourself?

Oy vey! Where's the censorship when you need it?


Same here. I started getting a little worried after I heard they might have a cloaking ability. Pair that up with a tracer, and I'm going to have to come up with some new strategies.

Step it up. They're all from comp, so try your luck there. Make sure to taunt if you have some time. It seems like it's mostly from Hanzo, Roadhog, and Tracer players. Go figure.

If anything that user would need to show us the original concepts where Overwatch "stole" from.

I just don't know how much faggier I can play in some of these games.

The key is, it's not just a bit.
Take Widow and Hanzo, for instance. Both are snipers with mostly the same role: get kills to soften the other team, keep open areas clear and the oposing team seeking for cover, pick their support characters.
However, the way they perform that role is widly different between them, with Widow taking a bit of a more passive aproach with range and the hook for set up and relocationg, while Hanzo has to go into medium range but his relocation (wall running) has no cooldown.
Compared to the Widow, Hanzo has less range, but more mobility to compensate for that.

This means the oposing team has two snipers but they aren't countered in the same way. Widow's as simple as a Reinhart putting his shield up, she barely does anything after that. But Hanzo can flank him and kill people from the side instead with much less noise with every shot. However a Tracer will shit on Hanzo when she goes near him, while Widow still has a mine and a decent SMG to fend her off.

I hope thats ironic.

You forgot the tits in the redline, my man.

Its just a basic outline, the tits are still oppai

yes but where are her TITS

I would be more worried about an instant-kill backstab like ability, even if it gets a cooldown of a decade, we have enough with Genji and Tracer sneaking up on people, cloaking is the less cancerous ability a spy can have, and I also hope she gets no disguises either

he fucked up.

Fuck me.

I was bastion on Route 66, decided to use the moving platforms to harass the attackers, my team is closing in but Hanzo thinks I am more dangerous somehow and uses his dragon on me, that is, 90ish degrees to his left and up, instead of covering the payload and the area in front, they just had to take cover behind the payload to avoid me.

I had an attack on Anubis game where we had 5 Dad 76s, me included. I was the one that started out as him, and as people saw me breaking through their defences, most of them switched. Needless to say, we lost.

Oh BTW, in case someone wants to play later
I still don't know how am I supposed to join a game when a friend is playing or queued, I assume there must be a way to play the same matches or something.

So people just heard she can be OP now and dont know that means *if you use her alt huh?

I think you spectate till a space frees up or when it finished they are sent to join you i think. On console at least.

Last night I was in a game with a diverse team… vs 5 D.Va + 1 Lucio, we won, but you can imagine the ult spamming.

Considering how Sombra seems to be more about "information", I doubt she will be anything like the Spy. Most likely she will be all about monitoring the oposing team, seeing where they are and what they have set up. Considering how we are one Tank and one Support short of 6 each, she'll most likely be Support and Doomfist will be a Tank :( Probably will have turrets like Symetra that just reveal enemies instead of shooting, like Widow or Hanzo does. Spycams of sorts.

I loved the Spy in TF2 but backstabbing, disguises and spychecks are terrible for game design.

lucio has become insufferable after they buffed his wall ride.


Oy vey, the goyim have standards, shut it down

dumbed down
with minor ASSFAGGOTS elements
and a shitload more pointless overspecialized classes

That's pretty much every class based shooter around, isn't it?

Shh, you arent signal boosting the right narrative for xim!

I thought he would be more specific about the characters and what "inspired" them instead, not just say "this game is the Dark Souls of Dark Souls" or something like that.

The sad irony is some people on Holla Forums do behave like self moderators seeking a safe space and only posting with a close minded single agenda.

Yo what?
Please don't nerf Roadhog
He's the only character I genuinely enjoy at this point.

Same as what? Really can't say something is "the same" without clearing this first…

Tyranny of the Majority, look it.
Last I checked on self-moderation, Call of Duty was the best videogame ever since so many people keep buying it.
This explains it.

It has 22 classes, all perfectly viable to be picked, instead of just 4 being seriously considered to play as. That lone makes it literally not TF2.
So minor that they are the first thing retards pick up when shit talking about the game. So minor that they won't compare the Scout's Soda, the Medic's Uber, the Heavy's Sandwhich, Sniper's Jarate, Demo's Charge, Pyro's MMMPH, Spy's Watch and Icicle, Engineer's Eureka or the Soldier's Banners to it.
Literally every class in TF2 has a mechanic where they get to use a move with a cooldown associated with it and yet nobody has ever called TF2 a MOBA.

Are you somehow implying having the Soldier being the best at literally everything is somehow good design? that classes being specialized for game balance is bad? Funny guy…

Going back on what I would change in the game.

I would like Pharah's ultimate to just fire a cluster instead of having her floating around, even if the missiles hit harder, spread more but are less in quantity.

IDK, the aimbot ultimates are kind of stupid if you ask me.

soldier should just have SC2's ghost strike calldown

I guess he doesn't like the idea of having to switch classes in the middle of a match.

Her Ulti works as it does to allow for some counterplay. If you look at her entire design, it's pretty consistent, actually.
She constantly exposes herself to hitscan weapons with only 200 HP but gets massive burst damage in return and has to use her mobility to flank or position herself in a way she can rain death with little or no repercussion. Proper usage of her Ulti follows the same guidelines or you will be shot.
I actually like a lot the way she works, since it's neat to be a healer or Zarya and keeping her alive on your side, or any sniper (and this includes Torb and Zenyata :^) ) and take her down during her Ulti.

As far as I know, there's just the Soldier. His Ulti serves a purpose, as I've come to find out: you put massive pressure on the other team when you charge on with it. However, with no support from your team and fighting multiple people, you will be fucked since there's no extra damage to it (just very short cooldown)
It's great to clear a point or make people retreat, but you're still very much vulnerable to ambush, traps, melee heroes and all the usual tactics against you like Rein's shield nullify your Ulti completely.

It's actually like the Sprint ability he has. You'd think it's a brain dead ability "press button for extra speed" but there's some neat stuff and depth behind it that you gotta learn to use it properly and that makes it a bit more interesting than you'd think.

Is it just me or has XP gone down since yesterday?

First instance of a team so bad we spawn camped them
that ram isnt reinhardt tier now but its fucking close.

We should be glad to see some TF2 clones come out even if they dont quite live up to the original game. Its good to know that some rich corporation thinks that genre is worth investing in.

Think about how many counterstrike clones there are. Lots of them still do OK.
And for kids, making the gameplay simpler while increasing the amount of things that whizz around and fly about on the screen is probably what they want.

get over yourself, faggot. literally any game out there takes inspiration from something else. EVERYTHING takes inspiration from something else. everything humanity makes is just a copy of something it has previously made with a certain twist or a new mix of two other things that have already been made. nothing is truly original but if they combined two or three different game styles that haven't been combined before then we actually do call it "original".

pong - ping pong
MMOS - management, mythology and other fiction, history, dnd, tolkien ( whose influence was again mythology and other fiction), etc.
TF2 - shooters, the 60s era, james bond, naked gun, team games, etc.

and you can go deeper as far as your general knowledge on the subjects lets you but the fact is that you have no real argument here. you are shitting on the game solely because you don't like the company behind it and that's it.

inspiration is taken from other stuff for everything in games. no game is truly original as it takes gameplay elements from other games and story/setting elements from other mediums. this isn't exclusive to games either as other mediums do the same. it's literally just evolution. we think the way we are.

Please Blizz, chinese dress Mei!

put the god damn tits

I got you covered fam.

Second best girl after Mercy.

Do you open your loot boxes right away or wait until you've amassed a few?

mercy is a flat and only sadists play her

I will kill you.

Only in terms of butt size. That corpse in a biotic suit suit is as old as Torbjron. Gmilfs are one thing but an undead pear is a deal breaker.




I don't think blizzard are competent enough to write that.


There's taking inspiration from something and then there's just taking that thing and making a few minor tweaks without any real thought into whether or not they make the game more fun so you can sell it without being accused of ripping them off. That's what Overwatch does.

>>>Holla Forums
Because it was originally designed around the interests and skills of Quake players and not mass-market meme trash

One post closer to bump limit :^)

Ftfy :^)

How another shit stirrer trips up and reveals he isn't from Holla Forums, an performance in tripping up and eating shit in 3 acts.

genji genji genji. does tracer even exist anymore? interesting how they tied the lore into the gameplay with how she disappears for days at a time.

Feels fuckin fantastic.

She's fat. Just admit it. There's nothing wrong with liking fat chicks.

Its a good edit user, u da boi.

this only makes my penus harder

thanks bud.

what happens if i smear peanut butter on my dick and put it in front of her?

despite losing breast volume, the way that suit grips her body just wakes something unholy inside me and i like it

It would be extremely painful

People confused thick with cottage cheese. Some girls are fatter without having everything sack like cottage cheese in a condom.

And Mei is THICK. Not in an empowering way but in a "Chunky girl eating a large hotdog suggestively on a doujin cover" thick.

Poor anons so broken by tumblr they forgot the 'cheesecake' pre ara figure exists.

Point is Meis the fattest girl, but i also think shes one of the more fuckable ones.

Clearly everyone would probably agree the shittest is probably pharah because shes kind of plain without the armour. Even Symmetra has that oppressive sexual dom more sever bayonetta attitude and 3rd largest butt after mei and mercy.

You want a chain chomp to bite your dick off?


Yo man you got more of those? I've got some dumbass friends who could use those maps
(Dubs Confirm)
Mercy is for healsluts who like to be pegged

why not the devil? worked for me.

SJW's may take it from me IRL but my love of problem colour hair in 2D will remain pure!

it's 3D tho


From looking at the playtrhoughs on youtube it resembles one of those incomprehensible japanese robot games where lasers and people are just flying about everywhere at random.

They be 2D

you can perceive the depth and distance just like in the real world and move freely across the space where she "exists". 3D.

You mean making the burst damage class (Soldier\Pharah) a fragile glass cannon, instead of giving it the second highest HP pool in the game?
Focusing on having her actually use her mobility to stay alive instead of just outlasting anyone else by sheer HP alone?
Or not having rockets of instant death in short range, but still highly reward direct hits with them so both Pharah and her target feel good about the combat?

You mean picking the second burst damage class (Demoman\Junkrat) and limiting the amount of stickies\mines he can have out to 2 at best so they aren't spam worthy and he has to learn how to use the grenade launcher instead? And even make them more utility-worth it for juggling and setting up traps? And even complementing it with the bear trap so you hammer down that it's a character about laying ambushes, not charging with a claymore?

You mean making the Sniper much more fun and mobile (wall running, grapling hook), instead of the most static class in the whole game?
Or have their version of the Heavy much more versatile at any distance and still requiring proper timing and skill on her abilties?
Or how the Engineer version isn't a coward that can just hide behind his turret and focus on wrenching it instead of actually going out and fighting?

Sounds to me like a lot of classes in Overwatch are simply better designed classes in TF2. They pick a class and instead of thinking how to make it even more obnoxious, they look at every other hero and consider how can this class work with them instead.

The ironic part is that both Holla Forums and Holla Forums are indeed an example of that. The great majority of people on those boards decided how things should be ran and what kind of content they want and everything else is shunned off.
Their majority in those boards created an actual hugbox for each of them and neither is right anyway, this is why you don't just trust majorities to make decisions.

One post closer to a new thread :D

One thing I've noticed, even in 50+ level games?

People don't seem to know what the fuck pushing a point is.

They're so scared to die or take damage they refuse to make any progress.

Have a single winston, genji, tracer, reaper, etc… Get around the choke point using their movement? Suddenly they have to back up onto the point to deal with you.

The worst is when you expressly tell people exactly what you're going to do. And they just sit there with their thumb up their ass afraid to take damage.

It's a game with free respawns you nutless valium-blooded retarded kittens.

only figuratively

I think the solution to your problem is get out of quickplay. Even solo queue competitive is better than quickplay for people getting on the fucking point

I can perceive the girth of Meis fabulous rear end.

Her cloth is as THICC as she is.

But if they die they lose their precious killstreak

and because it's 3D you can perceive it from every angle


Of course, TF2 is nothing like LoL. Wish we could say the same about every FPS but it's too late for that.


i was wondering when somebody was going to draw letty mei

somehow people get the idea that taking risks is always a bad thing and that if anybody died something went terribly wrong. yet theyre also afraid to stand behind reinhardts shield

i dont understand

Needless to say I got the FUCK out of quickplay after that.

Woe unto thee

No you can't. In 2D images, you perceive depth by comparing sizes of objects at different distances. If the image stays static, that's not even something you can easily do, you'd need to move around to the sides to actually perceive something being in a different plane and therefore not in the same scale.

You can pretty much experience this by covering just one of your eyes and looking around with the other. Try to perceive depth that way. Then uncover the other eye and try it again to see the difference.

pic related, this is only possible because of this shit.

well youre an odd one. you arent posting monster girls because you dont them attractive.

No, I posted them because I drew them along with the other pictures I posted.

casual game for casual faggots.

well, draw more then

She's thick not chubby learn the difference retards.

If you're talking about point A, Genji and Hanzo and maybe D-va too can take a route through the window in the room with the healing pack. It leads to the main avenue from point A to B, which makes it a really good route for flanking point A and also clearing the high building on the left from enemy Hanzos/Widows. The route on the right can be taken to a ledge behind point A, where you can pretty neatly attack healers. Also the route on the right has a really high ledge to the immediate right of the point, where you can easily harass people going for the medkit in the room near the point.

I would but I'm pretty burnt out from work.

New D-va is very good against that combo

what about an illusion of 3D?

since life is an illusion, that should count right? were all just perceiving things in "3d"

s-so if i don't move, i'm living in 2D? i have the power to make 2D real?

Just admit it, you're a fucking chubby chaser.
>>>/tumblr/ for all your waifu needs.


In the UK thick means someone who is stupid.

And chubby means someone who is too stupid to know how to exercise and eat properly.

in skeleton land numbskull means someone who is stupid
and big boned means someone who is too stupid to know how to exercise and eat properly, however their calcium intake is usually just fine
haha im just ribbing you buddy

I admire your post on numerous levels.

This happens quite a bit in competitive play as well
It happens to all of us.

Especially when I'm playing lucio. I don't know why or how it happens but everyone loses their mind and wander off the moment I get near the point. Or they become deathly allergic to it when the opponent has it, because I always end up going in alone to try to at least keep it from moving forward.
I don't usually want to even play lucio anymore because I usually end up doing so when nobody plays a real healer.

Move bitch, get out my hue. Seriously, why don't Lucios do this more often?

Has anyone played with Mark recently?

Why would someone play with cancer?


I was talking about the official model, retard. If you really want to fuck a piece of whale blubber, >>>/tumblr/

That is the official model, retard.

Actually many people have talked about this.

A lot of people are high on leaderboards for k/d ratios, and they are less interested in individual games and more interested in their placement on them. It's why many people will refuse to even go near the point.

A good way to tell if someone is doing this is if they only go onto the point after it's been taken. They will seemingly always be far behind the line of conflict.

Meifags are truly the worst. Just own up to the fact your waifu is a little overweight.

Her soft girth only makes my pinus harder.

Better a thicc chicc than a waifu-baiting Evangelion reject

Is she? I know she's the best at advancing on a Bastion but once she's in close range Bastion can shred D.Va like paper.






nigga shes a climatologist not macready. she just wears a coat because of her cyropak.

Why do you fear it, you cannot ignore Meis girth.

Mei is overweight in all the right places.
Enjoy your skeleton.

fat deposits first on the thighs and chin area.
She has a thin neck and no fat on common areas that are seen.

quit your bitching, she's not fat and your fetish is shit.

There is a word for fat centered on hips, thighs, tits and to a lesser extent arms and belly.


except her legs are normal sized.
she has big titties i'll give you that.
but JUST that.


There is nobody with a fatter ass than her out of all the girls.

They're called 3d MODELS for a reason. Hint the model part, it's not actually 3D.

muscle =/= fat

if legs are normal sized and ass has shape, that means it's NOT FAT.

also, if there were FAT, you would see significant drooping and pooling, there wouldn't be a clear line where the buttocks meets the thigh. that only happens when you are in shape.

if you have fat deposits it DOESN'T HAPPEN,

It's like nobody looks at the models in their neutral states.


Wew laddie.
Chubby chaser really are sensitive, aren't they?

They fear what lusting for her girth might awaken in them.
I fapped to BBW hentai before i was a man. Born in it, molded by it.

It's just a matter of people not seeing the truth
I mean I get it: d.va doesn't have much of a personality except "lol video games amirite?" but there's no reason to shit on other characters just to feel better about yourself.

You just fear being 'tumblr' yourself. Shes cute and chubby with massive tits and thick thighs. That doesnt mean shes a bed ridden blob with a rag on a stick. Shes just thick.

since there is a defined buttocks that doesn't sink into the leg, no she is not.

But thick and chubby are two different things. I've seen thick, and i've seen chubby. You don't have a waist like that when you're chubby; there's a bit of a paunch there and you start to see some "bulge" in the midsection. Like the start of a muffin-top.

Bubble butt and ghetto booty: explain.

it's something called "squats" and "muscle" that makes a defined ass, not piles of lard.
but you wouldn't know that, would you

Its like you dont want to engage in softcore bullying and squeeze her hip chub softly and watch her goe red in the face and tear up.

I don't think the guy who likes the generic tumblr quirky shy girl has any room to judge any other characters personality.

Well we can't all be top of our class navy seals with 300 confirmed kills Chad.


Literally a Gamer Girl. That's it. Her entire personality is "I play video games". She's a child soldier who fought in a mech but everything she has to say is about video games. At least mei has some unique interactions. Meanwhile the only thing remotely tumblr about mei is that she has a blog, which wasn't even her idea originally.

is your personality anything but video games

Is that really the best you can come up with?

so… no?

You mean acting like a generic quirky shy girl? Then yeah sure.

I'm not defending D.VA but all the characters in overwatch have bland and generic personalities. Trying to single one out for being shit in overwatch is like digging through a sack of shit to find the biggest turds. At the end of the day they're all still shit.

Oh course she does.

Shes a movie star, soldier, e sports gamer and celebutard.
Hanas not shy, shes a brat which is why shes slowly mutating into korean umaru.

I'm just waiting for an actual rebuttal. After all if I start naming off my hobbies and habits you'll just steer this in a direction away from the actual topic because you can't prove that Dva isn't just "Quirky Gamer Girl™"

It's like you didn't even finish the sentence.

He's talking about mei with the shy part.

bitch you do nothing but play video games, fap to video games and bitch about video games, then you talk shit about someone that apparently does the same thing, but is also a fucking mech driving child soldier and professional.

you ain't got room to talk tubby

I'm talking about Mei being a shy quirky girl.

Yeah I'm sure someone is forcing her to keep up with that blog too. Someone should call the cops and let them know some maniac with a gun is holding poor Mei hostage and makes her update her blog!

I didnt know this was a video games board, with all these video game conversations going on

Look at what you just said
Now does any of that ever come off in anything she says or does?

The other reason why I'm not talking about myself is because it doesn't matter and neither of us have no way of proving whether what I'm saying is true or not. I could say I spend my weekends cataloging insects in a nearby forest, drinking tea, and writing long melodramatic poetry about the short lifespans of the fruitfly.
I could say I'm a cuckold with a basement dungeon full of big black dildos and a 200-page photo journal about the black dicks I've recruited and the nine illegitimate children I raise as a result of that.
I could be two midgets in a trenchcoat.

But since I can't prove any of it, it doesn't matter and only gives fuel to drive this away from the current topic.

Welcome to Holla Forums, enjoy your stay.

So you can't tell someone is a mech driver when they're DRIVING A FUCKING MECH. and posters for her are everywhere.

you're going full retard mang.

Thanks friend, i just came over here from the internet forum known as reddit :^)

post more korean japanese garfield

Which is still that mei isn't fat.

Does she mention any of that? Does she talk about her mech at all? Or her time spent fighting in korea? Or how she is the top-ranked starcraft player or anything involving that? She has jack-shit of her backstory aside from "lol vidya" in her dialogue. Even for Overwatch, her character is flat.

Jesus Christ, the cringe from that image is fucking palpable.

are you implying that other characters have more developed dialogue?
yes, i'm sure "DIE DIE DIE" reflects so much of the origin of overwatch and the relationships with soldiers that reaper has for instance.

I'm curious about how much overlap the average overwatch thread shares with the average tumblrtale or waifu wednesday thread. I'd bet all shitposting stems from the same roots.

I miss when Holla Forums had standards.


Holla Forums never had standards
this is the home of pissbottles and NEETs
enjoy your stay


at least it's not anal vore

Reaper, at least, has interactions with characters that give more to his backstory or relationship to other characters.

That's still way more than what we get about Dva.

We dont need to talk about mercys fetishes again.

*isn't all that intimidating.
They shit-talk him.

Widowmaker: This is no place for children.
D.Va: Who are you calling a child?

Lucio: "D.Va in the flesh! Can I have your autograph?"
D.Va: "Only if I can have yours too! I love your new album!

Reinhardt: Can I have your autograph? ….I was wondering if you would sign something for me!.. I-It's for a friend. D.Va: Of course! Here you go! Love, D.Va! / After this match is over, right now it's time to get serious.

D.Va: A giant gorilla! Just like in those old video games! Winston: Um, well, uh, okay then. / I get that a lot.

Torbjorn: Any chance I can peek under your mech? D.Va: Hands off!

Yeah I remember how CoD4 threads flooded the front page when it came out and how Holla Forums played it together all the time.

Is there anything Torbjorn wouldn't fuck?

Wew. That's pretty lewd Torbjorn.

And Tolbjorn gets more depth from that last one because all Dva does is react.

Okay so I take it back. She's 99% LOL VIDEO GAMES and 1% "I'm famous because of vidya"

Backstory that shows she is a famous professional gamer, doesn't like being taken as a kid, takes her job seriously and is protective of her mech

you're just salty and butt flustered.
fuck off meifag. Mei isn't fat, D.Va is objectively better in every way

They really need to rework the victory cards system


She isn't even a GMILF


Heard they're supposed to try and fix that soon. Hope so, because it really sucks. You just wanna rub those 4 gold medals in your shitty teams face, but the game says lol fuck you have a shitty card.

That's the funny part about all of this. I actually like Mercy way more than I like mei because she's a snarky medic and I love snarky medics. The only reason I jumped into this is because people keep falsely saying mei is fat. It doesn't take any effort at all to see that she clearly isn't.

I already took it back and adjusted things accordingly. 99% vidya is still LOLVIDYA. DVa is a shitperson that defines herself with vidya for almost all of her dialogue.

you mean you shifted the goalposts. But I will agree that mei isn't fat.

Shes a GMILF the same way Lisa Ann is a MILF despite having no kids.

Mercy>Pharah> D.VA>MKEA> Ana>Widowmaker>Mei>Tracer>Zarya>Curry Nigger

Seems more like he's just a tinkerer and would love to know how the mech works.
I'm not saying it's not meant to be innuendo, though.

I never liked undertale, and I never hang out in any waifu threads.

Torborn sounds pretty bro tier.

maybe she should get a boob job then

Tits of any size are better than fake tits.

im sure fake tits arent that bad in 20XX

No. I admitted I was wrong, and changed my opinion to better suit it.

Symetra's turrets glue to anything. I'm sure she could put 2 on Dva's chest.
Huuum… Laser Tits…

How to create a conspiracy theory:
Step 1: Find an enemy to fight.

lazertits.com/ i wonder how long this has been in my bookmarks

Right away, the staff said contents is generated when they are gotten and not when they are opened anyway.

That's the joke.

I don't think Reapers exchange with Mercy means she has anything to do with it. I think he's saying "I don't know what happened to me, you should be able to figure out better than I can, doctor"

Well that would imply that he has no idea why he is riddled with bullets

more to the point of no idea why he's not dead and is instead some sort of cloud thing

He is constantly disintegrating and regenerating

Zarya's ULT should draw all friendly fire to the center from the area of effect.

It's implied (somewhere…) that it's Ziegler's technology doing that shit. She developed nanomachines that regenerate tissue and cells on people in order to heal them incredibly fast. Reaper is in a state where he is constantly breaking down and reforming and since that shit started after the incident on the facility where Ziegler had her research, it could very well be possible that it's directly related to it.

Perhaps there's two nano-cycles operating on Reaper, one that is actively breaking him down and another that keeps regenerating him. Remenber the Damage Boost Mercy gives? Something like that.
Or maybe her technology was used against her will or without her knowledge (explaining why she doesn't know what happened to Reaper but he knows it's her "fault") to resuscitate him, but since Ziegler wasn't directly involved, it failed unlike it did with Genji.




Its fucking impossible to have the mentality of wanting to win in quick play apparently

ana buffs wooo

Apparently the instant recovery was a bug.

99% of the people who "want to win" will do it in Comp. They go to quickplay just to "have fun" or to practice some character they are shit with.

I just had some people not care in comp, fuck people

Kind of weird.

Point A is literally the easiest point to take in the game. B is tricky if they can actually play together, otherwise your two retarded pub teams will have a war of attrition at the front while you waltz up behind and take out the standard Bastion in the corner, then capture the point

I only ever see Reinhardt, Lucio, or Zenyatta on the payload. I'm not exaggerating when I say 90/100 matches I only see one or two of those choice three on the payload, until the entire enemy team has been killed and they can safely push it for the next 15 seconds until Genji or Reaper comes up and fires a warning shot. Then they scatter like cats, leaving you to run in circles around the payload until you die or manage to somehow clear it

two times someone quits on me, ruins the possibilities of a comeback, I am not too concerned about my rank but I never thought pubs were more reliable.


this is the part where they do not walk in

wew ana is now by far the best healer, do they test any of these patches or are they purely guessing?

i think they just go by collected data and feedback

Is it just me or have POTGs been a constant stream of Genjis? Honestly I'm starting to hate him, both playing with and against him.

me too but i still prefer it to widowmaker on every team. i wish our genji was as good as theirs. im getting pidgeonholed into playing soldier or mccree to deal with them every game when id rather be causing havoc.

I fucking hate these people. It becomes clear shit isn't working, you suggest changing things up and then they just don't respond by voice or chat. Then you've got the fucking Asians who are all locked into Hanzo and Genji for the entire match, regardless of map, performance or team composition.

Why the fuck do these people play comp? They must realise that the amount of times their ult did something helpful is that of an grain of sand compared to the galaxy of times they did fuck all. They just drag teams down and then start dickwaving about their gold eliminations.

It doesn't take a lot to deal with a Genji that gets behind you, generally any character barring someone like Mercy should be able to take him out if they can aim straight, hold fire when he's deflecting and melee when he gets close. Teams just ignore them though and it inflates people's belief that Genji is a valuable character. It's getting to a point where I'll rarely see Pharahs unless I'm going Pharah, she can wreak far more havoc with well rockets and concussive blasts.

depending on who im playing i dont really have a problem with genji, but im always the one that has to deal with it every time or he just goes on a raping spree.
people have this interesting belief that the genji that attacked them from behind on their previous life isnt going to do it again.

Yeah sorry, I phrased that poorly, what I should have said is that I'm getting tired of being the player that deals with Genji. I think you and I are in the same boat here.

McCree's gonna be popular for a while after his buffs Main reason I play him is because he's a cowboy, but Genji will be played constantly unless Blizzard just removes him from the game. He has a double jump, a wall run, and a dash whose cooldown is reset upon eliminations. His ultimate is also a sword. Not just a sword, but a katana at that.

That guarantees that you'll have a bunch of annoying Japanese ninja cyborg flies all over you, regardless of game balance. The only time I feel comfortable in relation to fighting Genji is if I'm playing either McCree from a good distance, Lucio, or Zarya. Ironically Winston isn't included, because Winston's nothing more than free ult meter for the other team. Symmetra's not good either because she's a squishy character with no mobility. There's enough people attracted to Genji's aesthetics and playstyle that the chances of you playing with or against Genjis who only care about team wipes are much higher. There's no middle ground Genjis, since his playstyle is too polarizing to allow average people to exist while playing him.

I don't even want talk about the Genji players who use his younger skin. Nothing says "I browse Deviantart and dream about being Sasuke Uchiha's buttslut" more than that skin.

thats the real reason hanzo tried to kill him

well said. although genji is my pick in those rare once in 100 games situations when we don't have a flanker but desperately need one to win and i do play him with that middle ground in mind.

Your fat distribution is HIGHLY genetic. I used to be obese, yet I never had a double chin or even close to it. I also never got any significant amount of fat on my forearms. Some people are completely different and you immediately notice it on their face when they gain weight. Some women get most of their fat going to tits and ass, others thighs and stomach. It varies. It is by no means a constant.

I need those webms of D.Va marching to the beginning of this song please.


New Bread