Canadians sneaking across the U.S border to play Pokemon Go

Trump needs to build a second wall

It already launched in Canada though. They can play it there.

This belongs on /n/.


I don't think it would take much encouragement for Mr. "if you kill your enemies, they win" to bend a knee.

Not videogames.
Land doesn't belong to scum. Kids can go where they want. Keep an eye out for parasites like everywhere else. Probably some real cop style faggots trying to make this into a big deal. Be careful crossing borders, could be all kinds of shit, mines, wannabee soldiers etc.

The danger should make it more fun for people especially kids. Army should make a set of activities on border areas. Get nintendo to heard addictamon into the area. Make niggermon country specific like mexican jumping spider on leaf. Kids can beg their gimps to visit the border so they can pimp their heroinomon to them or form penpal relationships having a posative outlook on the world rather than te one they get from tv.

I like the thought of some kids sneaking into other countries for fun, as long as they aren't victimised by parasites might turn them into human beings. Something different, learn to disregard government.

Should make games more about rewards for real activities though. Construct shelter, filter water, could even determine what was wrong and give them a procedure to do if they photograph themselves nude, breaks, cuts etc, I really don't care how that sounds.

Make exploration fun, get rewards for fixing up animals, system suspicious of animals harmed to get exp. So they only get reward when it couldn't have been made, or not, a lot of animals would have been fucked over from hunters etc. Good fun to go around where homosexuals are shooting animals too.

Measure someones health, what they need to eat for nutrition, what in the area might be an option. Take a photo and system says yes or no and how much they should eat how to prepare it etc. Should figure that out themselves but education would have wiped any ingenuity from their heads.

Journalists etc try to travel though kill them on sight. They have a camera they die. Regardless of where they are, shit people, same for all students.

Kids and real people going and helping animals or being self sufficient. Or just having fun is good for all. Govt loving student cocksuckers don't count.

As regards the cowards who forfieted to France and the rest of the world, obviously they don't own anything at all. Disregard them as people. Soldiers have people to save and things to do. Those serving govt aren't the same thing. Traitors.

Real Army should be keen to show off, take kids riding around on tanks smashing through the trees, letting the kids shoot off grenades and stuff. Let them play around in cockpits, let them fly etc. Give the Army a good image that is the real image, also show off the country that all the things are painted with, country in the blood. Two sides of the border could compete with kids and people determining which was the coolest by the experience they had with them. How fearless and competent the other was, able to catch them in their stride and keep smiling showing them a good time. Should be telling stories about the bastards. Kids can have fun with SF doing sneaking training, telling on them. They can all team up on some arsehole that spoils the fun by doing it for real. Or they all chip in to help them, and all that turns the arsehole into a human being.

Oh shit, you're back. How autistic will you get this time?

Borders between countries could be semi conservation areas. Both countries doing their bit so the only harm to the environment is fun or war related. Could be a way for emerging countries to estaish the right for them to exist: being able to maintain something around them.

This fuck has posted before? I thought it was just fuckheads who couldn't cut trolling pol were leaking all over Holla Forums?

Nothing wrong with autonomy or independence. Shrinks haven't called me names, but you shouldn't care about what they have to say, they need sorting out. If they say you're anything argue unless it's complimentary, they can call you sexy.

It's his posting style. He always makes long ass posts that are disjointed and all over the place.

This guy pops up and does a general stream-of-consciousness that only barely relates back to the thread, it's actually pretty entertaining

oh no they might spill maple syrup on your dick

What you Americans need are not walls. You should build a giant dome to keep America safe.


He's some schizo faggot who always makes ridiculously long posts that are barely related to the thread.

This fuck again


Yet that person managed to sell all the country's gold at the lowest price.

Old story.

Anyway, OP, listen to me for a bit. It's related to the thread. I went to the local university's gaming club. Game club. The place was packed, so I couldn't sit down anywhere, then I took a careful look at the banner hanging down and saw that it had "Portal 2 launch event" written on it. Oh, the stupidity. Those idiots.

Hey idiots, you aren't regulars of the Game Club, but you came because of Portal 2. That's real foolish of you. It's Portal 2. P-O-R-T-A-L T-W-O for crying out loud. There are even girls with their boyfriends there. Stacys and Chads at the game club? Now that's just lovely. "Alright! Now we are thinking with portals haha! Where's the meme cube?", the blond girl said. I can't stand watching them anymore.

You fools, I'll give you a copy of Portal 2 if you vacate your seats and don't come back. The Game Club should be a bloody place. That tense atmosphere, where two guys on opposite sides of a game can start a fight at any time. Stab someone or be stabbed, that's what's great about this place. Women and normalfags should screw off and stay home.

Finally, when I was about to sit down, the dude next to me starts hyping about Skyrim. I got angry again. Idiot, everybody know that Skyrim is going to flop! He said it with a smug expression on his face. I want to ask him, "Fool, do you REALLY think that Bethesta is going to deliver?" I want to interrogate him. I want to interrogate him for roughly an hour.

Since I'm a regular of the game club, I'm in a position to tell you about the latest craze among regulars is the Deus Ex sequel. This is it. Deus Ex. This is the regular's way. Deus Ex and Catherine. Or at least the new Duke Nukem. We have been expecting it for decades. However, it comes with a price. The next time you hype about unpopular games that are coming, there is a chance that the members will mark you up for it. It's a double-edged blade.

This is not recommended for amateurs.

I have no idea if I made it correctly, never was a good writer, at least I regained bit of hope in myself from reading this.








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Woolie will always find a way in.

Wait, does it means that we Russians can go and take entire Ukraine instead of just Crimea?