Deepest Lore

Best lore prove me wrong faggot

Yeah it's kinda funny because in KH nobody can ever truly die because Disney.
If you think about it it's almost a meta commentary.
It's like "Oh characters can't die? THEN NOBODY DIES. EVER." and it becomes a hellish cycle of reincarnation and endless violence.

KH is actually the biggest fuck you to Disney ever created and nobody noticed, including Disney itself.





Why is it called Ape Escape when it has monkeys instead of apes? who is escaping: is it them or you

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Does the game help with actual dating skills so i could go and hunt 3DPD next?

I mean, there are probably some girls who can be wooed in the same way, but there aren't really tips so much as 'remember what she likes and what personal details she's told you', which is pretty obvious. There are minor tips that don't work like "be an asshole to her", but the general tips of being a decent person and answering honestly works in a lot of cases. In others, not so much.




If you want to date real girls, just be straightforward about how you feel about them, tease them some, and be polite in regards to their time and space.

Seriously, the more you TRY, the more good lines and stuff will stick with you. It can take a few tries to get down material that will melt a heart.

Like, if I am courting a girl, I reuse lines sometimes. I still mean them, and they continue to work.

You just need to put in initial effort, and once you're there (and visit /fit/), then it's easier than you would think.

It's just that people get discouraged with the FIRST girl they meet if shit don't work.

Tl;DR have some perseverance/patience. It does get easier.

Also, come join us at /fit/

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It gets easier, but the women seem to also get worse and worse.

Seriously, after the 15th lay, you start to wonder why you're exerting any effort.


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This is oddly similar to the villain of Pillars of Eternity.

The entire Kingdom Hearts universe has Auto-Life cast on it the last time the universe collapsed and the "children" saved it. You can not die, only be broke into component parts.

And how did they avoid coming under fire for that? I can't believe their fanbase let that kind of commentary go.

Okay, thanks for the invite user.
Ill give your board a visit, maybe even a stay.

He's too dead to notice his legacy turn to shit.

KH is deepest, darkest shit.
The bad kind

Was KH the undertale of the ps2?

You're supposed to replace them with videogames.


bullet bill and torpedo ted

I probably should actually get around to playing KH one of these days. I never really was interested in it when I was younger since it just looked like a poor man's version of Final Fantasy with Disney characters. Plus I never owned a Playstation (still don't, so emulation will have to do).

who needs a goddess when you have a fairy?

No-one except literal autists gives a shit about the lore. It's a VIDEO GAME, people play it because it's fun.

lore can also be fun you possible homosexual

I still don't believe that KH exists.
it's honestly kind of amazing in its utter bizarreness, like if daffy duck was the protagonist of morrowind

But user, the protagonist isn't a nigger

That was Final Fantasy X

old screwy daffy, or later angry all the time daffy?

Nah, bruh. Game was shit and only homos played it.

both, it's an RPG after all.

You fight Sephiroth alone. You can't bring party with you.

Goofy and Donald are also very sympathetic characters in the game, and it is easy to get attached to them.