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Daily reminder

2nd for never ever going back





video games

I composed that comment.

Holy shit it actually got worse from the original sketch? Wew.

She's a big girl

Stop walkie-talkie violence NOW!!!



This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.


Meme Melon vs Josh

And another YFW.


Didn't Jack on;y wanted them rated higher? These people want violence removed completely. They are WORSE than Jack.

Still lightning fast on the delete buttons there I see.

I swear, a thread full of unspoilered CP would stay up longer than a GamerGay thread. I laugh when I think about how fucking triggered we make 4chan just by existing.

He wanted the rating higher - the equivalent to an X rating, meaning most mainstream stores wouldn't sell those games.

Treating game violence like porn, essentially.

nobody cares

That would also mean that only enthusiasts would buy games and not normalfags as well.


Well, they won't push for that today because people don't give a shit about mainstream stores anymore. It won't hurt anybody but them.

Too easy to get games through other means, whether it be more general online retailers or specialty shops.

but user! what about the profits!

How fucking pathetic is it that they try to force anti-sjw as an insult?

Granted, but it would also have an impact on the market. With the budget requirements for a AAA "le biolent" shooter game like CoD or MAG for instance, companies need the maximum possible sales exposure to get a return on the investment. If the retail store market got cut out from under them, game companies would make way less of those games and try to profit more off other stuff. Which was probably Thompson's real goal - less violent games being made.

Strangling the genre, basically. Today it wouldn't have as big an impact, but in those days most people still had dialup. Just downloading a 1+GB game install was out of the question for a lot of people.

Its working as well as their other tatics

I don't think they would struggle all that much.
You can trim off a lot of fat if you're not marketing to normalfags. There's so much money wasted on that shit.
You'd have to work with smaller teams, too, but plenty of excellent games get by just fine with compact teams.

They can move more quickly because there's less bloat. No need to go through management to bounce shit between departments, just talk to the guy across the room.

I always knew she was a plant

Just like them trying to redefine "SJW" away from its derogatory meaning.

DemocraticUnderground, a major lefty forum that's a bit like SA, had a discussion a long while back about banning the term SJW from their entire site. They called it "the new equivalent to 'nigger'." This was in like mid-2015.

And when the SJW media refuses to cover your not-available-in-stores game and nobody knows it exists, what then?

>yfw you realize Jack Thompson was trying to save vidya

it worked for fallout 4, everyone bought, even in Holla Forums

Nice pic
Also I love how they lack selfawarness
Because you know most sjws are white and more than half of them are males

Fucking hiss.

wasn't SJW something they were proud of put almost immediately it became an insult?

That actually did happen when they first started deleting GG threads, there was a cp thread on /d/ (I think)

It's funny, the same media that denounced, and stud up against Jack Thompson, are now doing exactly the same, if not worse then what he did.

Not surprising. I swear they had every global mod on halfchan watching Holla Forums when the Exodus was sparked. I was spamming the shit out of threads and resetting my router over and over, but it got to the point that I would post something and it would be gone by the time the thread refreshed. 2-3 seconds. With the number of people doing the same thing mat the time, they had to be going all out.

I just find it amusing that now, two years later and under a new admin, they're still on a fucking hair trigger for anything #GamerGate. "There are no SJW mods" indeed, moot. You fucking faggot cuck.


There already is an x rating though the AO rating
Publishers consider it a death sentence and avoid it at all cost.
Pity as it would actually have a market if people made games for it or hell someone sold them.

So was cuck. Started off as an insult, then they tried to make it a pride point, but got nowhere, since there isn't much pride in getting your rocks off by letting your woman fuck another dude (who may or may not be black).

Thank you generous Baker

I'm straight up putting sex in every game I make. Showing genitals would be tasteless for anything but delicious tribadism, but there's gonna be boobs somewhere in everything and I won't hesitate to show nipples when damage would expose them even if it's just a boss.

I'd still hug her

Shut up namefag.

The "SJW Media" actually does an alright job at selling things they don't like.
They complain about how shit's problematic, but lots of people get exposed to it and buy it.
But even when they don't talk about things, it's not a problem. When there's something people are interested in, they do some of their own research, and if there is any marketing done, it's targeted at that specific group, not at everyone. That's why Sega pays some guy to shitpost on twitter all day.

Hell, people have favored retailers. Those guys can do a lot of their own legwork as we've seen with playasia.

You're welcome.
Source: doumyakutosi.tumblr.com/post/31110550144

holy shit
can't be arsed to listen to the show though

Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Being on the wrong side of history
☑ Fondling 55 eggs by surprise
☑ Molesting people in VR
☑ Plays DOOM better than Polygon
☑ Safeguards vagina bones
☑ Are the LOVELY, horrible people at 8E8ightC-han
☑ Told God check my quads
☑ Seducing AVGN to the dark side of history
☑ Turned waifus into Gamergate's worst nightmare
☑ Turned Notch into a woman hating MRA rapemonster
☑ Cuntfuses a lot of ovary-acting womyn
☑ Captured all goon territory in EVE
☑ Delivered the final leg drop on Gawker
☑ Corrupted Milo into an internet super villain
☑ Called a jew a nazi
☑ Bullied Reddit's abandoned daughter
☑ Memed life into Liru
☑ Refusing to ban Liru
☑ Uses celebrities lives as fuel for the meme magic
☑ Leg dropped gawker into bankruptcy
☑ Filled up Codemonkey's disk with shitposting
☑ Made Mighty Number 9 fail
☑ Attempted to kidnap someone at E3
☑ Hired 5 fictional toads and a fictional conman to gangrape someone
☑ Using a time machine to harass innocent localizers
☑ Gave a toddler meningitis
☑ Made it rain in London
☑ Causing the UK to leave the EU
☑ Casted the original ghostbusters as all men
☑ Keeping the MN9 booth from being set up
☑ Refused to play with Stephen Tortilla
☑ Playing Pokemon without fear of repercussion
☑ Not watching Grillbusters
☑ Talking to girls who play Pokémon Go
☑ Waging war against Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones
☑ Got Milo bampersanded from Twitter. Again.
☑ Leveled up on the DNC

sorry for of topic

Anyone have sauce? Or just the reaction face of when she reads about young man semen?

The editorial was right. This has nothing to do with gun control and everything to do with the thematic content and play style of the game. I made the same point back when that E3 demo was premiered.
>"hey guys, let's hack not-Donald-Trump's campaign HQ so we can put our logo up and totally embarrass him"
>hacked by le dedsec XD we r legun
It just seems like some devs had a bunch of good ideas but got railroaded by suits who demanded that they appeal to the lowest common denominator. It's still gonna be shit either way but at least it wouldn't be cookie-cutter shit, right? Better to fail while trying something new.

That's mama-chan and imouto-chan. Inkerton-kun's OCs.

>feminist create an outcry to try to get people to buy something Ghostbusters 2016

I love how they can never win

Thanks user

Much as I dislike John Wayne, there's a quote there that fits.

"Life is hard. It's even harder when you're stupid."

It is funny how they think shaming people is going to give them the results they want.

They did it to gamers during gamergate
They did it to redditors during Reddit revolt
They did it to Bernie Sanders supporters
They did it to bronies
They did it to Ghostbusters fans during the whole gb2016
They did it to atheist
They'll do it again
But the more they try the more people will rise.up against them while their numbers decrease ours grows

It's not even because people turn against them, either.

They just keep lumping their own in with us. Eventually, there will be nobody left who they would let side with them.

they also did it to comics but there they succeeded without a fight.


Ever think that they would try reverse psychology and try to get people to not buy something by saying they like it only for those people to end up liking and buying it anyways?

One trick pokemon.

That because comics were basically dead before they even showed up, while gaming was on the rise and only getting stronger.

That's how I remembered it as well, even Joss Whedon thought it was cool at one point. Wonder if he made the cut for social justice waterboy after SocJus cultist put him in the cauldron though. :^)

The reason why they shame is because in their echo chamber it is a valid tactic, when used against people outside of their social niche, it has the opposite affect, and for some reason it always surprises them.


I have "Anonymous" in my name field

echo-chambers do that to you, you get stupidly overconfident on how right you are because no one does anything but stroke your cock.
It creates petulant children.

Hey gookfag, is 메갈리아 related at all to 아바즈 or do they only use their online polling system? I saw the two names together here.

It's a shitposter. Don't mind him.

Absolute madman.

If all namefags must die, then what about the people namefagging "Anonymous"?

Holy shit, things are boring.

I need some powerless assrage against tits and ass.

아바즈 means avaaz. avaaz is where they often use to manipulate and fabricate the fact, truth, trend, and pretending their rigged, cheated poll is some kind of 'popular opinion'.
it's one of their main propaganda field.



If it was Dindu I might understand, but even then that can mostly be attributed to ignorance because Dindu isn't race-specific.


I'd say that's mostly thanks to WikiLeaks.


Its really fucking happening.

Man, I cant wait when turd is forced to suck trump d and is vilified by the rest of the liberal party and the media because he has to play nice.


Don't forget the GG are "meme terrorists" now.

If Trump somehow manages to win the election, they'll kill him.

user, we know damn well if it wasn't for
Liberals would've wooted and applauded Bernie when he said they need to rally behind Clinton and Kaine.


Meant "are." Fucking hate it when I catch typos the moment the post gets submitted.

billy this nerd!

Now you see why they keep pushing the common core

The liberals, kill? No, they like money too much and tarnishing themselves forever would ruin that. But the tpp being ruined will make the big corp pissy, and I hope they are stupid enough to try purging anti tpp employees. The riots would dwarf the no tpp protests.

saving the world, one shitpost at a time


It's a good day


I billy myself enough as-is.

I'm more amazed that they still insist that "education" is supposed to translate to "tell people what their opinions are supposed to be."




If the leaks did not happen, yes. But now, even if he demanded they vote hillary, they would simply say he is being bribed/lackmailed/coerced into saying it.

A good day you say?

Where will you be when the meme wars begin?

If there's one thing I hope Trump does, it's to stop the TPP and any similar measures.



It kinda reminds me of when they told people to read to Quran to see how Islam is the religion of peace then with people read it they decide that is even worse than they thought.

You know how I can tell it is skewed? Most open pols are still 50/50, anf many bernie supporters are voting against the tpp and against hillary. And it does not include third part leaning.

Like wow, you must be a misogyracist. According to some statistics a group that includes you is less educated or wealthy, so you should consider not voting.


I wonder how long will it take for it to be revealed that it's a brave soul from the Religion of Peace as the only way a Japanese person goes stab-happy is when an idol or voice actress is nearby and said person is crazy.

Says stabber was a former employee. You think the nips would let someone from the Religion of Peace take care of their elderly and disabled?

Is Shillary anti/pro TPP or is she waiting to see which way the wind is blowing before she makes up her mind

That legit made me smile. I'm sure I've seen the word before but just thinking/saying it out loud put s a smile on my face.

A likely story. I can state with 99% certainty, based on looking at the headline and not bothering to read the actual article, that it was an Assault Glock. They have silencers, now, as well as state-of-the-art plastic construction to get through most security checkpoints. These attacks are just going to keep happening until Japan finally passes stricter gun control laws.

she is pro corporations, take a guess


Acid, that's Sachie from Starless. She's a bitch who takes and gambles your money (4M yen) away like it's nothing. And if you seem disloyal enough, she'll try to get you to steal from the Mamiya family which will have one of two scenarios - benis guillotine and personal toilet to the constipated matron or eternal family servitude as the Head Butler to the Mamiya family. Nobody sane would want to dick that.

Topic came up too late for her speech writers to incorporate it. Or she's doing a Merkel and just waits until there is a popular choice. Or a double Merkel and do whatever she wants and just don't talk about it.



She called TPP the gold standard in trade agreements then did an about face on it when Trump and Bernie were rallying people against it. Her VP choice is all for it too.

Stab proof leisurewear when? I want chain mail to become fashion.

A likely culprit. Better watch out for explosions at middle schools, high speed high way chases/ shoot outs and giant rape cults too.

Everybody knows she's lying when she said she's against it.

Isn't hilarious how Shillary looks like the antagonist of UAB?

Everybody knows she's lying when she opens her mouth.

Any relation to emperor Sheevy, cause I'm seeing a resemblance


I wonder what her poop smells like

When streamlined carbon nano-tube production becomes a reality, we'll have completely bulletproof everything. As long as the weaving is done correctly.

What about carbon nanotube bullets?

On one hand it doesn't bother me too much because it's funkoshit and there's not really much room to "sexualize" a character there. But as long as they keep censoring poses and costumes for females they are still irredeemable.

The bullet would be undamaged after it bounces off the armor.

And what about nanotubes getting into your lungs and going all asbestos on them?

Why'd you inhale them? Don't do it.

Normal result of everyday wear and tear in a nanotubes everywhere environment.

No studies have been done on that yet, so we don't know.

Carbon nanotubes are going to be the asbestos of the 21st century. Mark my words.

She is literally whatever her corporate overlords want her to be.


oy vey the goyim are getting uppity


Oh yeah, I'd like to point out that this guy who is giving WL grief for an old Assange tirade about jew reporters being out for him, is a jew reporter out for him.


Now where have i heard that before? Is the left just going to go down screaming at everyone else? I better get popcorn if so

The DNC fucked up again. Some mayor made fun of irish people over the mic by saying Irish Lives Matter.

I also keep seeing retarded Bernie supporters so retarded that they say that these leaks have to be Russian based since they make Clinton look worse than Trump and that s impossible since Bernie supports clinton. Seriously, how retarded do these people have to be to buy this shit when the leaks even mention refuting those against the DNC as the wrong people or russians. Look at the comments here. Hell, even if the leaks were from russian sources it changes nothing since it still proves how corrupt Clinton, Bernie, and the rest of the DNC is.

Jesus fucking Christ. This is what passes for evidence of his ambitious claims? And these cretins literally make the headlines. They shape our reality to fit their biases and their imbecility.

The alphabet was a mistake.

You'd think Jews could invent a good conspiracy.

Hillary Clinton's POTUS Quest are now dead in its track thanks to #DNCLeaks. They can't damage control it anymore. I remember too that there's more to come according to Julian Assange that will deliver the coup de grace not only to her career but to her life and the Clinton name. Future's bright.

And now Verizon just buy Yahoo for 4.5 billion dollars, now tumblr is property of a Cellphone company, kind of hilarious

What pisses me of, there is a lady in the first chain who goes "It was bad that the media colluded with hillary to deny bernie the nom, BUT IT IS COMPLETLY OK WHEN THE MEDIA COLLUDED WITH THE DNC TO ATTACK THE GOP AND TRUMP." No. Fuck no, it was bad in bot instances, quit having retarded double standards. That why we are in this mess. That is why hillary is where she is right now. It is not ok when you do it. Just lik it is not ok when christians pulled the pray the gay away camps it is not ok when parents try to force their children to be gay or trans instead of leting them gigure themselves out.


This DNC is officially the most degenerate thing I've ever fucking seen.

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit.


Only best for the press.

Smile! We are all on some magazine cover.

this picture sums up the current situation





The fuck is happening, this has gone beyond anything I could have imagined.

How many groups are they gonna piss off before this is all over

I mean at least wear a collard shit or something.

What's funny to me is that soutwestern hispanics voted primarily Republican due to the fact that the amnesty act of 1986. In my own experience, critical thought didn't factor, just "my father did it" and that was it

Looks safe.

Auerbach is back.

What's it about?

I could have sworn this was posted before, but I can't find it.


Looks like the goons found the tweet.

Man, they're about to turn their figurative dumpster fire into a literal dumpster fire.

Looks like they are really asshurt about people making fun of the artist or saying his political opinions do not matter. Who is this guy? He has a ton of super edgy SJWs and bots following him.

goons gonna goon.



Wasn't Assange supposed to drop a Shillary bomb today? One he said was sure to get her arrested?


Supposedly he wants to wait for her to lie on stage and then BTFO with more leaks. Makes sense, but he said he was going to drop more bombs through the weekend and didn't. I really do hope he has more dirt to fuck her up with though.



This doesn't matter in the long run, but I am shitposting at Gangrene and his site


Does anyone have the tweet where he thinks the feminist robot was offensive


I can't tell if these people are joking or just completely retarded

It's just a pro-hillary goon ripping on bernouts

He has Weird Twitter written all over. One of the guys replying to him, @mobute, was king of Helldump and is now a professional pearl-clutcher by day and prince of WT by night.



His actual response was a lot more muted.

you piece of shit…

Looks like capcom is doubling down on the whole tumblr SJW audience who did not buy their game. At least it flopped hard and is losing relevance after they keep censoring shit.

It also looks like a shit ton of people in the manwa and webcomic scene in South Korea are sick of this shit too. Apparently a ton of artists attacked their own fans and proceeded to isnult them for being bigots who like games and hate feminism. A ton of fans called them out and cancelled so many pre-orders that the artists in question got fired and the publishers are sick of this shit too.

Hahahahaha. Not bad.

doggy style

Oh, so it looks like his marketing company is just virtue signaling.

oi, fuckbois

The hell is happening in Korea?


According to 8/co/, shit is going down and it seems feminism is involved

Well is that korean guy who used to post those information walls like last year?

I'm guessing this the version he mentioned.

Long story short. Pray for gookanon.

I also wonder why panda retweeted KCgreen.

Basically, Korean SJWs are borderline rioting in the streets because a Nexon VA got fired for wearing a shirt in support of some kind of criminal or something. From what GookAnon said, they're doing shit like plastering used tampons and pads all over buildings, going into kindergartens to terrorize little kids, and encouraging abortion if the fetus is male.

Well I learned something new today.

I can't believe I have a legitimate reason to say

He's been a professionally trained photographer for 15 years and this is his work
Edgy photos taken through a filter with the middle cut out


The DNC is fucking awful.

Gookanon posted about The Tamponing on Holla Forums and I think it was him that made the thread on Holla Forums. Some crazy feminists called the Daughters of Megalla (i think) are having a chimpout

Does the death of the author even apply here?

It's not like the comic has it's own political message. Even if it did, it can be applied to bad situations almost universally due to how generic it is.

I thought that the death of the author is generally considered after creating a popular argument that differs from the author's personal interpretation of their own work or the world.


Post your face when Democrats pull and SJW and lose not because anything their opponents did but by being incompetent, corrupt shitters

Assangae looks like quicksilver.

If Hillary goes to jail… who would "oppose" Trump on the elections?

Holy shit, who is this new Ash I've been hearing about?

And what do you mean last Pokemon arc?

Crazy Commie Bernie probably

I watched too much chinese moving pictures that I read it as ass ah nage


A pretentious, depressed, talentless 30-something burnout goony beard man who posts as a persona on Twitter though multiple layers of irony to deflect any criticism about himself, his work or his opinions


Jesus fucking christ.


Oh yeah, for whatever it's worth, he was commissioned to draw that.

You get an F- at Japanese

If the fucking FBI archived all her shit, who the hell is left to arrest her? We'll have to build motherfucking Robocop just for this job.


no worry. I think I spelt his name wrong anyways

The gop and dnc are crashing hard this election
with no survivors

stahp user, I don't want to empathize with goons

Lastly, here's his games writing:
Just a whole lot of nothing, really. Pointless filler.

thx for screencap of my posts.
it's desperate fight. rational people in korea fight like a good ol' days of gg. sending e-mails to politicians and journos, start boycott campaign against all megalian cultist artists and authors. fight against lies and disinfo with facts and truth, diggings, expose, to save this damned society from it's madness.
but the megalians and their supporters are just indescribable. they puts western hipsters and SJWs into saint state. i never seen this insanity and madness before ever in my life. i read every single articles on ED few years ago and never seen like this.

young dumb fuck artists and webtoon authors joined to megalian and transformed into full culture warriors, calling their readers as "I don't need your fucking money", "fucking useless money giving slaves", "so, you won't read my comics, ayy, you fucking slaves?". it's complete direct translation of what they wrote on twitter.

i feels like im seeing the very early days of gg, though the intensing madness is worse in here.
you guys should thank for the western thick glass hipsters for how they so gentle, classy and naive compared to our own version of culture warriors.
western hipsters wanted full control of culture and society. and our ones wants violent, extremist gender war against all men and full genocide of one spiecie, and wants the whole culture, history, art form to burn down once and for all.

we reached the point to the pinnacle of insanity and madness. the mass psychopathic lunacy ourbreak.
fuck this gay earth.

My bet was that Trump's rejection rate would be the deciding factor in his defeat, but now Wikileaks may have thrown a wrench into that.

Go outside and take photos, gookanon.
Record it, document it, post it here, and maybe we can make it go viral.
Pictures are far more useful than your longass textposts.

What game devs and artist have tried to shit on fans and what ones have been fired? I know Denam is shitting on fans and is now asshurt that she may be fired.

it's very well edited, i admit.

Get a camera if you don't have one, post vids of the happenings.

Don't you guys have a phrase similar to "don't bite the hand that feeds?" I mean, it's not like they'd listen to anything like that regardless, but still, it's amazing how eager people are to go "I don't need your money."

I am just hoping some of the 2hu fanartists are not joining the madness, and I expect the men who try to join the feminists to suicide when neither side wants them.

Sweet Jesus.

RNC's today. That's why.

The forum sliders are out in full force today. Shit is nuts.

I feel bad for him in another world he'd shitposting here instead

you need to level up!

Well if you win you might end up going into a golden age

We can get word out if you give us content to spread.

Oh, and one more thing: they're like this because they don't expect anyone to fight back. That's why men are harassed in the streets. They're expected to be meek and unarmed.
So do something about it.
I know you cannot own firearms, (and I don't suggest using them here, regardless), but I do suggest carrying things like Pepper Spray (if legal) and record any and all of your interactions with these groups. Any instance of harassment or attack should be documented and reported to the proper authorities.
I know your law makes defense limited, but you can do the best you can to leverage the law to fight for your side.
That's how you win.

Just wanted to let people know that a ton of nutthurt faggots are now trying to defend Megalian and are now trying to slide the thread. A ton of them seem to be asshurt halfchan faggots, but that is common on this Holla Forums due to SU threads and GF threads.

Standard rules apply.
If somebody says that what you're doing is a waste of time, it means you need to keep doing it.

DNC mentioned Holla Forums indirectly

Next will be Anita Sarkeesian in the DNC in CA. Mark my words.

There are a shit ton trying to defend this shit though. It really does prove that this

I also saw some of this cancer in that thread about the situation in Korea about people burning out as GG is now super mean due to Trump supporters and Milo supporters. You even have people saying they hate gookanon and GG for not liking nintendo or censorship.

Not really sure if it's true or not, but if really happened, good on the publishers for shitcanning the VAs and artists.

You can ask gookanon for more details.

Fuck those retards then.

I know i sound like a broken record, but, really, these fucktards are going to let their own spite for the right burn them out.
KIA is a fucking cancer obsessed with patting themselves on the back for being good progressives but the hatred is still there, they are just more civil than sjws

You can search around the net and find talk of this stuff on English speaking sites that dates back a decent while.
That's what is funny about this. It's just not gookanon. There are others talking about it.
Most of the idiots saying "we can't find sources for any of this" on Holla Forums are absolutely full of shit, but I don't care enough to respond to them because they won't be convinced regardless.

Just to clarify: I'm not the OP of the thread or anything, just to clarify. I consider Holla Forums a lost cause.
I was just checking out the thread to see what people are talking about.

like /r/the_donald?

the board Trump himself is doing an AMA on?

nexon building is fucking far, far away from here and i ain't have any car.
and there's already plenty of photographs. like those fucking sanitary pads vandalizing shit. they're like one big organized hivemind and they threatening every photographers to sue them and those pussies already deleting shits on the internet.
beside i ain't took a single picture in my life except fucking shitty phone cam picture for my cat.

i have a plan to upload picture based truth bomb to expose the identity of megalia on twitter and shit soon. just gimme time to get my shits together cause i feel like dying right now. i turn my pc power on today for like since 3 weeks and i refused to go to work and soon to be jobless.

it's not women vs man, or even feminism vs mra. it's mass inanity outbreak vs rational people who desperately control it. i feel like satan took over this nation in one day. cause used to be cool people now became fanatic megalian cultists who wants gender war and violent terror attack just over a night.

game devs are ordered to stay silent and observe the situation until this shitstorm end and one side won. they made some posts online and it seems legit. even nexon employs ordered to ignore them and they reporting inside megalian spies fucking sabotaging company inside and leaking all kinds of info and shit.
for webtoon fagets, i don't know what to say more. they still thinks rational people are minority and won't effect them at all, and in fact, they believe siding with megalian is the only way to end patriarchy and genocide all males. fucking lad as fuck.
normal fan artists are dichotomized into two sides and cat fighting on twitter.
it's just like culture civil war. that's all i can say.

even teachings and lessons from out old fathers won't work when young fucks decided to stick with biased ideology, superstition, ignorance and insanity. they thinks themselves are the king of the world, ruler of this universe, and master of all justice. the most hilarious delusion i ever seen. we gonna need an ayslum size of fucking china to contain all these madness.

2hu fanbase in here is bit smaller than other countries. im sure it won't affect them. and beside there's no value to be lost anyway.


i'm fully aware of that message. even buddha warned us. in end of days, the true one creator and deities will test humanity by engulfing chaos, madness, all kinds of shits that we can't imagine and those corrupted souls from bellow will try to overrule this 3rd demension. the buddha's teaching says it's the most important test of all times, because if we fails, the madness will dominate this material world and we will fall like atlantis did. but the good thing is there's still hope. if we managed to overcome this, the shinning golden age will come and our soul guides and deities will sing a song for us.
simillar to bible, huh? buddha and jesus were both spiritual friends and mentors for each other. when buddha reincarnated jesus guided his soul and when jesus persecuted buddha guided him to survive.
secret teaching from old age is sure weird.

there's unfortunate news. pepper sparays are illegal in korea. period.
i've read some articles from experts before that the korea is the most hardest country to get accepted as self defense by the law. if i ever do anything to those cultists, they will try to eat me alive and the media will slander me as the most filthy criminal on earth, and i will go to jail for several years.
im ready for gladly murdered by those extremists when the time comes. and i will laugh at them, and will pray for their pity souls in heaven.

i never seen or read about this degree of crazy, organized, psychomatic group in my while life while i read loads of history books and educated.
well the good thign is we're fighting against absolute evil. enough reason to stay alive and see the results. for whatever side wins.

What's up with that red version of anonymous guy I see posted.

red pill me on it.

The donald is just watered down shitposting for plebbit
although those clinton/byrd pictures are my weakness

There are shills on KiA. Japanese game censorship is widely hated there and KiA was plenty active in Torrential Downpour.


Oh, its a wild ralph shill, kill yourself

Checking on the Holla Forums board and reading . Damn, it's like someone tried to take a sneak peek out of pandora's box, and it just blew up.

I just find it confusing how you have a few people talking about people being against censorship as a bad thing and how games need to be censored.

To be fair, you won't convince them otherwise since our Holla Forums is dominated by halfchan faggots who came from the SU and GF threads. The thread is now getting spanned with shit about the OP and those who don't like megalia are now women hating bigots. There are a ton of faggots there who get asshurt at people making fun of Bernie, hillary, GF, SU, tumblr, etc.

How the fuck can anyone be expected to follow those guidelines in a fight or flight situation. are gooks robots?

Dismiss generalizing retards.

Someone kinda called you out.

Details, man.

Holy shit those fucking self defense standards are absurd. South korea really is worst korea.

Oh, sorry to hear. If that's the case, then documentation is really all you can do.
Is public recording legal? If so, carrying your phone to document everything with video (and upload to the cloud) is probably your best plan of action in the short term.

Honestly, I bet the thread would be better suited for /a/ since it more closely matches their interests, but I don't know how they feel about non-japanese material

You're expected to die.

Here's something for a laugh

….? What's your angle user?

Jed "One bad wank away from murder-suicide" Whitaker loved Gal-Gun, but he still had to get digs in for "problematic content" to avoid the clique roasting him:

I'm also betting it's going to be the next memegame. Streamers are already playing it. I'd bet money the wackyvoice cancertubers will be all over it too.
This is a good thing. It could redpill normalfags against censorship.

I'm fucking sick of believing in hope or waiting for whatever higher authority that exists to fix shit.

When I die I will NOT rest in peace. I'm going to find a way to seize whatever power there is on the other side, fight my way back to among the living and kill the absolute worst of everyone wrong with this world including some personal targets. Then I'M going to personally guide things to a fucking brighter future.

Those are my fucking spiritual beliefs.

Do they not realize that people can make their own websites away from these censorious cunts?
Oh, right, well, at least were still standing somehow

This election is a shitshow.

Woke up to the local news playing a clip of wasserman trying to shout into a mic over the booing, was fucking hilarious

I was listening to NPR this morning how they were going to spin it and the dude that was reporting live from the DNC could barely be heard over the BOOOOO's.

Milo wrote that in 2012. All the SJW bloggers are using it as some kind of smoking gun against him.
Also, The Kernel was his site. He sold it to the Daily Dot.

Well, to prevent that accuse them of ripping off 2bfp since they played this game a year ago I think.

The thing is is that milo is a reformed asshole in that regard


it sounds like dry humor with the "psychology fragile" bit but I'd need to see it in context.

(((Sarah Silverman))) was speaking and kept getting booed and having Bernie being chanted over her. She even tried to stop it by insulting them.

This whole thing is a train-wreak and I'm loving every second.

I think we're all well aware that Milo just does whatever gets him attention and cock. He's still somewhat useful to us at this point, though.

it is legal excuse to not violate the constitution while completely prohibitting self defense act. presented by lawmakers.
korean males are castrated and now they becoming defenseless damsels, while our womens arming themselve with fanaticism and eventually becoming just like males they hate.

apparrently yes, public recording and pictures are illegal and can be criminal offense. the megalians alreday putting 'candid shots' charges on the photographers at the nexon protest. they fucking making the biggest propaganda lies ive evern seen on twitter that men took candid shots of their bodies at the protest to fap for it. fucking beyond joke.
my clear mind, faith in lord and buddha, hope for the humanity, and unblinded insight and intuition is my weapon, and the truth is my closest ally.
i will stay low irl and won't be lynched to death by feminist mobs until the end of days. probably.
beside my town is small as fuck southern city full of diehard people in it. megalians hates 전남 (Jeonnam, meaning southern region of korea) to death. just like the old southern american way.
there's no way the madness will engulf here too. if it happens, there will be no hope left in this damned place.

i fully understand your point. but it's MY country. without me, no one will love this fucking hellish shithole made by us. it is my, our responsibility to fix this shit. no one will rapair this broken society for us. it is our job and it's out fault.
i believe all mankinds are connected. it's just our own bigger scale gamergate i believe. stay safe and let's wish this madness overcomed with reason and rationality soon.

I still don't understand what "memegame" means.

My pre-order for Gal*Gun just shipped, I'm looking forward to it

He still agrees with the no troll shit, but he would not agree on who the trolls are with the msnbc.


oh shit nigga someone call the police!

You sure about that? Last time I went there, they still hate those things like Tumblr and SUfags fucked off into their own containment thread. However, I do agree that there are a ton if not a vocal minority of fags getting asshurt about those things, and they try to derail some of the threads by saying something about Holla Forums or some stupid shit.

Not exactly. 8/a/ board is pretty slow, and it would probably be derailed.



Prepare for the axe.

Unknown niche games that go rapidly and inexplicably viral, becoming cancer in the progress.

There will be better tools to communicate with via the internet, along with better attitudes towards two-way communication (or at least not shitting oneself over statements), and chucklefucks like won't be a part of it because they can't take jokes without thinking of those jokes as assaults on their dignity rather than invitations to joke back and learn about others.

Look at this pretentious fucker accenting anime like its a French word.

If there's one thing I wish Jed would do, is to put at the end of the article whether or not he liked the game overall, with no ambiguity whatsoever.

That's insane. How do you ensure freedom of press? Or do you just not have it?
If your radfems look anything like American radfems, you guys should have a very easy day in court. But that's pretty ridiculous.

I know /a/ is kind of slow, but it does seem closer to their interests than Holla Forumss, and the board doesn't seem like a complete lost cause.

SWEDEN YES! breitbart.com/milo/2016/07/25/milos-gay-pride-march-in-sweden-cancelled-after-threat-revealed/

Tippiest Tip Top Kek

Fair point.

Nice to see the kid has plenty of ambition.

Holyshit how new.ru?

You have to be over 18 to visit this board. Why don't you go away and give Holla Forums a try?

Dammit I'm a faggot. Billy me.

Holy shit!

push back anyway. Madness ends in violence, sensible people put an end to violence and the madness behind it.

You will have victims, real ones, but you must keep pushing. You will have killings from them, but you must keep pushing. You will see suffering, but you must keep pushing on.

The second you stop is the second they need to win.

Never let up and never back down. Depression is a tool of the devil.

Speaking of the DNC:

Kirsten Gillibrand took the stage earlier and said something about how video games and gamers are oppressing women and pulling back women's rights. If you may people from NYC, dig on Kirsten Gillibrand. I can already smell her connections to Anita Sarkeesian. Mark my words.

They need to send in the express kebab removers

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.


My internet connection is unstable for video streaming, only found this.

They both attended the Women in the World summit in 2015.


if someone is trying to kill you, the general response is to kill them or harm them.

1 and 2 are reasonable, although 2 can be lied about if you plant witnesses like people do all the time in my schools, but the rest is bullshit.

if you don't have the ability to use more force then the agressor, then you're not defending, you're a victim. if you can't use a weapon or an object when someone else is, you're dead, if you don't inflict more damage to the assailant, you're dead. If you aren't able to inflict bodliy injury on your agressor to disable him, you're dead. It does not matter about treatment, because an attacker is fully willing to exert power over others and thus lives are at stake.

If a man tries to kill me and I kill him instead, because shit happens fucking quickly, it should be investigated to prevent abuses in the system, but if i'm innocent on a self defense charge due to defending myself, you have no sane right to inflict punishment upon the defender.

They are asking South Koreans to die. This encourages people to not comply with the police, because their job in South Korea is not to serve and protect, but to to fuck everyone involved.

This is an absolute disgrace, and people should be fucking shot for it.

You Remove the threat completely, or it removes you.

That's how it worked in school. A kid gets the shit beat out of him by another and both are suspended for an altercation. Get suspended too much and get expelled. A group of bullies could take turns beating up a kid to get him expelled. It almost happened to me. School taught me that it's better to be a coward.

Anons, help me, what's the best antivirus right now? because I'm seeing that Avast is not helping me at all


th.. thx user… im pretty sure we will stop them before verge of point of full gender civil war.
because if we fails, i can't even expect what circumstance of our children would live in futre.

that's rational thinking. the pinnacle of holy masculinity, sacred rights of self defense and protect lives of people we love.
apparently korean men are castrated by constant media brainwash and now we're the most defenseless, powerless male on earth. and at the time, the women becoming the monster and the true oppressor, and started to abandon their true femininity, the holy unconditional love and peace. we losing our own gender identity given by the god, by our choice.
it's like people disarming themselves and kneel in front of the emperor, and oath to be a slaves rest of their lives and people seems happy about it.

i don't care if they lynch me to death. but if they try to harm my family or the ones i love and care, they will have to pay their karma both in this life and afterlife.

Nice post! Well Chaika'd, my friend!

Also I just stumbled across this fucking gem from all the way back in September 2014.

kernelmag.please use archive.is.com (use archive.is)/issue-sections/headline-story/10314/how-to-detoxify-web/?tw=dd

Never been archived before, so here. archive.is/q5rUA

Choice quotes:

>But if I’m going to be honest, underneath it all I wondered: Those guys who asked for help—what if they’d found me before Opie and Anthony? What if I’d gotten to them first?

(Brackets hotlink a #GG hitpiece)

>I’m wondering if it all comes back to men.

To top it off, the author looks like she's cosplaying as Sarkeesian.


What did you do? Kaspersky and malwarebytes are both pretty good and cover everything you need.

Fuck off with that common sense thing, I already have one, at least tell me one

use kaspersky and malwarebytes at the same time and you are nearly virusproof.

Common Sense 2016 or Malwarebytes


No, it's just that my Avast doesn't update despite have the updates on, and doesn't do any check despide I put it to do checks every two days, it's not a really reliable Antivirus I'm seeing

Can Malwarebytes or Kaspersky be cracked?

I also forgot to mention that you should only go for the free version of malwarebytes as the paid version can conflict and hog resources when using kaspersky. The free version only lacks real time protection which is covered by kaspersky for the most part.

Well people say that the computer put slow as fuck with two antiviruses, it will happen two me with these two on?

It's what they want, and if it DOES happen, the suffering caused will end them very quickly. But if it does happen, much suffering will happen and your country will be subject to tortures from foreign nations.



The more they escalate, the more they lose. force them to attack by exposing their every move.

The fact that they talk of slavery and that they constantly demean is great, because that's their downfall. That sort of blatant language and horrid intention is way too strong to not have a huge backlash from the normalfags.

there's shit tons of free lifetime malwarebytes keys on the internet and i dunno about kaspersky.

Why there's someone attacking video games and calls it sexist, they're either friends or in close connections with Anita Sarkeesian or they attended the same summits and conferences? So much for being co-incidences!

Spread this shit.


They are going to bring up GG/harassment of women in gaming aren't they?

In case you forgot about the HEVGA, Tracy Fullerton has ties to the Fez Indiecade scandal.

Constance, who is speaking there, is also aGG.

If you got a legit MS OS, go for Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free and the best anti-virus program out there.

Malwarebytes is free unless you want real time protection with it. Kaspersky is pretty much a situation where you have to pay for it. The free version of malwarebytes and kaspersky together are pretty good.

That is why I was saying to use the free version of malware bytes that only scans. The main conflicts between the two programs and the reason why it can hog so many sources is because the paid version uses real time protection along with kaspersky using real time protection. Both are good together and will cover pretty much everything.

I want to see Asuka's teenage bush.

I means, Kaspersky as my antivirus and Malwarebites as something that I must use ocassionaly since it's activation is manual?

At least can Kaspersky be cracked?

fucking cant even escape this shit when looking at porn

This ain't looking pretty fellas.

School taught me how to use influence to end someone's social life, how to emotionally manipulate people and how to frame someone by playing the victim, all while remaining unnoticed because you're the teacher's sweetheart. As a dude.

School taught me that fighting back and hard is the only way that you gain respect. School taught me that you should disregard authority because they don't know shit and they're blind.

And we wonder why society is so crime ridden.

Fortunately, I respect cops. I don't respect teachers or anyone in the school system, or politicians.

I saw enough injustices to say enough is fucking enough.

We knew it would come to this.


Spread this far and wide, NOW!

Won't she just be drowned out by Bernie supporters?

She'll just have them removed by security for assaulting her.

Considering how shit everything is for the left in Burgerland Politics, they'll do anything to revitalize their base to the point of appeasing even the most insane and fanatical of their members.
I expected this move before Bernie dropped out anyway.

Microsoft Security Essentials throws false positives left and right. That broken clock might be right twice a day, but that's no excuse to keep it around.

You're better off running Kaspersky (or Malwarebytes Pro) if you have to run something realtime.

That doesn't seem to be happening/working now.

Looks like that one thread on Holla Forums was locked by faggot mods who thought it deserved to be derailed.

I have both so, there's that.


Watching how you discuss that much I'll go for both, I'll see If I find how to crack or get a key of Kaspersky

Which makes them both look completely retarded and full of generalized bullshit.

Oh please, that would be fucking suicide for them if they brought in some cunt to talk about games when real shit is happening.

I want off this ride. I want to get off. I just wanted play video games.

We could actually use this, it'll bring a lot of people back in.

We are going to stay strong user, they want to ridiculize us but they don't realize they are ridiculizing themselves

It's okay, user. We're "meme terrorists" now. No one can stop us.


It's still amazes me someone actually used the phrase "meme terrorists" completely unironically

It wpuld be a stupid move on their part reviving gg. And I think they know it. But they will revive us, namedrop or no.



How does such an event get 3rd world safety standards?

Let's be honest. Just for a fucking second here.
GG showed up in every fucking vidya rag available as
This scaled up when it showed up in Burgerland nation-scale news media and "entertainment television" trying to make a quick buck off of it.
Considering the fact that we're still around and several of our opponents have
>supposedly dankweb connections as yet to be proven, although considering how the pedos have gotten protected so hard, I would not be surprised in the slightest
This was an inevitability. It should've been really obvious when Chelsea Clinton made a few tweets about harassment in the tech sector.
We may be nearing the end game and we may be witnessing something worthy to hold up to Saint Peter as a work worthy of being admitted to Heaven for.

Anti-gamers are not known for making wise moves.

I like how the DNC narrative is RIGGED SYSTEM.

Like where is the cognitive dissonance

As if everything they've done at this point hasn't been bad pr to normal fags

It still amazes me that said people live in such a fucking bubble that they think disagreement is terrorism.

You're welcome.

The only reason why I'm laughing is because she's still retard moe after all this fucking shit that's happened.

If I'm not mistaken, it was redrawn and colored by a different and worse drawfag.

At this point, violence is your last and only remaining option. However, it is worthless unless you can get into groups, create some kind of organized pushback against the cultists. Otherwise they'll just pick you off one by one, until there's nobody left to fight them.

What planet have you been living on for the last thousand years?

Where's the Spec Ops: The Line/US politics crossover?

Bernie just re endorsed hillary, his group is more pissed than ever.

And I tried sharing the vidya info on the Holla Forums dnc threads, I doubt any user noticed though. Save the info for whenshe is on and share it with Holla Forums then.

When vets get sick of the third world treatment they're given which they already are and start training people to conquer their homelands. which may already be happening

Gilda is like Mayuri. Dumb, but sweet and probably the moral center of the team.

I have it.

Here's the specific time for the HEVGA event. archive.is/kbUGL

Tuturu is nothing like Gilda
tuturu a cute
gilda is just down syndrome

Gilda is pretty cute.

Rev up all of the OC's, infographs and screenshots of all what feminists have said about video games! Expose their hypocrisies once they are in the podium and hijack the DNC tag. To arms!


Seriously what the fuck

I guess they're banking on the utter retardation of the average american.


Its funny, Trump is trying to turn the RNC into the worker's party while you have the biggest corporatist in Washington as the democrats' nominee.

Politicians trying to make GamerGate apart of their pathetic cultural squabbles?

Look how little fucks I give.

Save it and share with pol when the time comes.

They're both workers parties in a sense. Trump wants to get normal Americans back to work, while the Dems want to import cheap workers (and votes) from abroad. See also: The DNC leaks about "locking down" the hispanic vote "for generations to come."

Shit's scary. The Dems have basically pulled an "Americans are Dead, Americans don't have to be your voter base" on this country. They're just going to replace 50%+1 of the votes with imported illegals through amnesty programs and nonexistent border security. They're literally replacing the American voter, because thats what it takes to get their way.

Just more unintelligence to shit and mercilessly unleash ad hominem on in retaliation.

This took longer to materialize than I expected. I'm beginning to lose my faith in the Internet.

Hey, GG.

Still fighting these pathetic cultists entirely with my own hate to counter theirs. I thought you said being unable to laugh at them would ruin me?

that jacket/dress is hard to draw. its a mess.

Yeah, but there aren't even any of her just naked, which I would be fine with too.

Her jacket is overly designed and innecessarily complicated.

Oh, and Holla Forums found a bernie post that sums up trump/hillary perfectly. Better the honest rouge over the crooked sherrif who gets you to trust them, stabs you in the back, then frames you for the crime in which you were a victim

What happened? Who is this?

Pretty much, the only Bernouts that are going to vote Hillary are party diehards and Holla Forums and I think Holla Forums has more to do with us than it does the candidates.

The leader of the republican Team Valor for Pokemon Go. Their designs were just revealed and it was a race to see how long until we got porn. It took a little longer than I expected.

My life fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a time of chaos, ruined dreams, this wasted land. But most of all, I remember the meme warrior, the man we called Holla Forums. To understand who he was we have to go back to the other time, when the world was powered by the dank memes and the boards sprouted great cities of shitposts and trolling — gone now, swept away. For reasons long forgotten two mighty warrior tribes went to war and touched off a blaze which engulfed them all. Without memes they were nothing. They'd built a house of straw. The thundering OC machines sputtered and stopped. Their leaders talked and talked and talked, but nothing could stem the avalanche. Their world crumbled. boards exploded — a whirlwind of bannings, a firestorm of fear. Anons began to feed on anons.
On the generals it was a four leaf nightmare. Only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage would survive. The SJWs took over the modding, ready to wage war for a tank of memes, and in this maelstrom of decay ordinary anons were battered and smashed — men like Holla Forums, the warrior Holla Forums. In the roar of a DDOS, he lost everything and became a shell of a man, a burnt-out desolate man, a man haunted by the demons of his past, a man who wandered out into the Holla Forums. And it was here, in this blighted place, that he learned to live again.

us Holla Forums*
Forgot what thread I was in.

I guess everyone's on Holla Forums…

shame she's voiced/tainted by Burch.

Retarded moe is about one of the few voices Burch can pull off, see: Persona Q. That said, no one is forcing you to watch the dub. Cookie-cutter Kana Hana is still there.

butcha-u did a thing.



Stein's;Gate is a very well together anime, and you basically get the full story with it, minus a tangent or two. I find it impressive how well they were able to characterize Okabe without constant first person narration.

Just when this thread was made, shills came to sage the thread. Co-incidence?


I like how her smugness fucking died once she realized it.


One thing I can assure you user, the me that existed since 2014 is death, all this stuff made me lost so many faith in humanity and made me more assertive and fighter that I no longer consider myself someone I was in the past.

When people tell you that sooner or later something will happen that will make you grow up as a person and turn you into the man/woman you need to be…

This was the thing that did it to me, it's good to be kind and all that stuff, but you need to be rude and say no as well, it people will manipulate you for your kindness.

Excuse the Tvtropes lingo but you need to be a jerk with a heart of gold, be distant of everyone but remind of yourself that you are human like them and sometimes they and you will need help, it matters if they return the favor, not at all, at least for me.

Try to not depend of nobody the most possible is another valuable lesson I got from all this.

You anons tell me, what valuable lesson you got from all this consumer revolt?

The only thing more retarded then the bernie fans in that room are the hillary shills.

Feminism is shit and the media hates me.

GamerGate has only further reminded me that the game industry doesn't give a fuck about what its fans want.

The cult of socjus will fall and shit will go right back to the way it was before. Burn it to the ground once this is all over and wipe the slate clean.

The Bernie fans aren't even being retarded, they're fully justified to be pissed off. Bernie got over 40% of the vote with the DNC trying to rig it for her the entire time, he probably would have beaten her if it wasn't for that bullshit.

This happens because every fucking time someone goes and makes a really important thread, they back it up with a non-informative OP, so nobody knows half of what the OP is talking about.

I may lose the one thing that kept me sane, I may starve, my life may be worthless to the grand scale, especially if a massive war breaks out because I'll die in the first waves

I know they are aggravated and have every right to be, but they are still retarded for supporting someone so spineless, hypocritical, and someone who still supports hillary after all this shit despite saying he wants to be against big business. He is a massive spineless faggot.

Never trust the media. Even a little but. That liberals use guilt as a weapon to promote ideals that benefit them and that narcissistic, no-talent internet whore use the same tricks. That eventually you can push back with the free market but it still takes way more time than it ought to. That people will use a hot topic to their advantage, and will turn on a cause in a blink if they feel they weren't getting their way enough. That there are anons autistic enough to make these threads for two straight years and there are anons autistic enough to shill these same threads for nearly two straight years.

Honestly, this is how beta former bernie now current Hillary supporters are. They talk about how it is ok to silence and take away people's posters and that is somehow supporting the first amendment.


why the gg board is ded as fuck?

Alright faggots time to make some graphs

Probably because the DNC disaster.

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Trust no one when it comes to important shit, and actively look at what goes on in the background - both with enemies and allies. Never ignore what the left hand is doing.

r/S4P is closing up shop. Enjoy the salt.


This could also be a good thing
It'll breed new life into the hashtag and piss more people off

Archive and verify everything.

Shits been slow af for a while. It trickled down until we dropped off the topbar a couple months ago and has just sorta stayed that way. Not much to talk about, and once we lost critical mass we stopped getting big boosts from habbedings. Still some lurkers, but I dunno where everyone else went.

Don't fuck with these gamers

Didn't the site as a whole bleed users after the Infinity Next disaster and various posting errors?

They're most likely out playing vidya.

We did lose a batch during that time, but there's also been a slow general decline since about July '15. We've bled something like ~75 UIDs a month on average until it sort of stopped at about 40. Had a couple minor upticks during the FBI thing and the first anniversary but that was all, and they were offset by the numbers we lost to posting errors and Holla Forums generally being shit for months on end.

Its a little sad, but the board is basically in what I think of as "maintenance mode" now. I'm not abandoning it, and we'll keep it clean and running in case of need, but our anons have chosen to be somewhere else for the time being. Unlike the previous BOs, I don't hold anything against our users. /GGHQ/ will be there for them if and when they need it in the future.

you are not going anywhere, faggot!

Yeah, it normally slows down in time for the holidays. The end of summer & fall is where it's at and I predict that we'll be seeing an uptick in activity once the closer we get into 2nd anniversary and election time territory.

It's prime time for journalists to slip up and blame us, fueling the cycle again, just as they're currently doing now, but we're not yet at a climax. That will probably start when Wikileaks reveals their Trump Card.

this will be a good day

wait, if hillary wins we get WWIII? what are we waiting for?! we need to advance technology and war is our best option!

Counting on it. Wouldn't want to miss.

Sundowner pls.

Id rather no war thanks. And the middle east/china cannot afford war the same way russia can. They rely on external support too much to start a war.


Anons, I humbly request your help. What do we know about GookAnon, Megalia, and the Daughters of Megalia incident? Do we have archives or references?

i myself want the water wars to start as soon as possible.
can't wait to live in a warzone

Erdogan is going to start warmongering in the middle east and then the NATO gets dragged in, then the US and then Russia and everybody is fighting everybody all over again.
Incidentally, there are around 6 million Jews in Israel.

Past 3 breads have gookanon posts and links, and are archived, link to the past breads is in OP. I assume (1) posters digging to not know this.


This topic needs to go under current discussions, with links. Diganons could really use it.

I also again suggest "violent vidya" as a topic. There was the German article the other day, and now the DNC is shilling it.

I'm trying to redpill some people about Korea, and while the gookanon posts are terrifying, they need sources.
I'm specially interested on the Overwatch Geguri incident, the prosecution of Manhwa, the censorship laws about hentai and everything ero-related, and the Daughters of Megalia.

So south korea isn't a safe heaven anymore

Just a heads up.

Constance wants to use video games as a "trojan horse for progressive pedagogy." The audio clip is in the first link provided. She talks about using games as progressive trojan horses around 52:00 of the first audio clip.

This is the same individual that's going to the DNC tomorrow to hold a talk about video games.


Games are a medium and as every medium it's sole purpose is to spread propaganda and ideological indoctrination. At least in their mind.

Much respect for your intent, but these breads don't have verified primary sources that I've seen, just gookanon's highly believable statements and some media reports. This whole story needs moar Trust but Verify.

Is TOR still useful? Heard it got shut down, but info wants to be free, yo. Were I not a mobilefag, I'd do like I did for Brazilians last year and get verified pics of the riots and cerfews circulating.

Sorry I can't be useful. Good luck and Godspeed. ;_;7

The thing is, I can find the Overwatch incident. I know that Geguri was cleaned of cheating by Blizzard. What I'm not seeing because I know jack shit about korean is the media spin about "Misoginy!!!!". I have the archive of the Gookanon's tweets, but I didn't see the incident on the threads.
I need some confirmation, as in "yes, the media did this, here is the source".

Like to.good ol days after nine eleven

Operation Mash when?

Can we have a webm or a YouTube video of this

Mobilefag as well
My computer just bricked on me and I wish I could help

I like the name and have ideas for OC, but we need more verified information, as well as clear objectives. My reading of the last few breads leaves me unconvinced that it's actionable yet.

Post your post in the Holla Forums dnc thread

>>>Holla Forums6894710

Keep marching forward, and no matter what, stick to what you have faith in and what you love doing.



DEAD !!!



Guess who is supporting trump?

Hello, I'm Gilda




nobody wants to post at the same time as val and the ralpshill

Why though? If Hildawg, or a high level shillarry bot actually gamedrops. It will likely have the same effect of Clinton doing that barking dog impression, or when she went Poh Kay Mohn Go2dapolls. It would have a huge Streissand effect, there will be people wondering 'what the fuck is she going on about? video fucking games, really?'.

Then again Clinton does represent the right side of history. So I hope Clinton does NOT throw GG into the briar patch! That would really kill GG. Oh sweet sanic mario master chef NO! Please HRC, please do not gamedrop! :^)

Seriously though, the namefagging should be kept at an absolute minimum. If you're not contributing anything particularly important that requires an identity to be posted, it's better off to discard it and post anonymously. For the sake of cancerous attention-whoring & derailment based on a name.


It's midday, decent people are still at work and neets are asleep.

I'm wide awake, it's high noon

I'm looking at the news. Killed priest in a french church by two now dead guys during a hostage situation. Not claimed yet, but witnesses swear they screamed islamist cries.
My country is now fucking Israel, without the jews.

Wide awake here. Crack of dawn.

So what's the plan? This piece of shit right here will take centerstage at the DNC in Philadelphia to talk about video games and how it can be used as a medium to "educate" people about multiculturalism, diversity and feminism. Concrete plan is a must!

Silverman and Franken behaved like pampered out of touch twits who thinks the peasants are being ridiculous for not unquestionably supporting Chairman Clinton praise be Her Name. Gawd, not to mention why would these ridiculous peasants not eat cake if they complain there is no bread to be had. These peasants need more education. Good, liberal progressive current year education.

for any fans of tio's big brown titties (latest monmusume chapter cover)

Monmusume can use a MonSquad spinoff if it did not happen already. Action and /k/ level weapon autism, combined with sexy antics and office comedy with Ms. Smith.

Damn it!

The throat slitting hasn't been confirmed yet. And the priest wasn't 92. I don't know what sources you use but maybe you should pick them better.

Remember to do it for her goobers.

And for Gilda!

I'm not even Harukafag and I'm offended by this.




Meanwhile, on Wikipedia


Typical baguettefag.

Have some pity, theyre probably standing behind him right now knowing how cucked they are

I need to watch this shit.

Great Wall of Europe when?

Reviving French's Order of the Holy Ghost to launch the Crusades 2.0, when?

If you mean the Iron curtain; that one failed when Europoors decided letting Slavs flood western Europe was a good thing.

Youre lucky you are not in any dm groups on twitter with him in
He writes full fucking novels while defending them

Walls work.


Speaking of mudslimes, I recently found out about exactly what I fucking want to see; Muslim Reform Movement.

Literally all the worst parts of Islam intended to be stamped out.

And he have the gall to leaderfag in the threads and calls people shills when he got rekt in arguments. What a sad and pathetic excuse of a human being, his name is Val.

It failed because of what happened after it fell?

Can we talk about the Holla Forums twitter cabal?

I like seeing what people talk about and sometimes good shit I miss is shared like in the deepfreeze one
Im in a lot of shit ones like a fucking furry one

Here's hoping but I doubt we'll seen Islam reformed in our lifetime.

Well I say it needs more people speaking about it, especially potent with all the shit retarded kebabs have been doing lately.

Those poor saps are going to get beheaded and killed.
The religion is built in such a way to make an enlightenment/reformation nigh on impossible.

Don't know about any specific Holla Forums group and I'd rather have it that way.

It's no surprise that pretty much everyone on that stupid skype group back in the first year of GG was people who eventually left or burned out.

That's why I'm not fond of having such levels of tribalism, Also, it discourages people by making them have the perception of some people being more important than others.

There isnt really any Holla Forums group and almost every group ive been invited into nobody even talks in
Its like ya know on msn where some retard just sdded their entire friends list to a huge group
Basically that

Not gonna happen so long as the major denominations are codified in Saudi-Arabia (Sunnis) and Iran (Shias), respectively. Not to the least because the governments of both countries are dependent on "god's grace".

What matters is that it works out in America.





You don't have control over that, idiot.

The "this is fine" dog is a stale normalfag meme by now anyway.

Literally who and literally why?

Yea but whate even more pathetic he does a commission of it for thenib and even says that

Damn it, Green. You finally got some level of recognition in the mainstream worthy enough to show up in major media outlets and you fucking bitch about it.
And to think I like his comics.

It's a shame to see such shit opinions from him. I used to read both Gunshow and The Anime Club and they were okay but after seeing him sperging out over that feminist robot comic edit I stopped caring about his work.And on top of that he talked shit about GG without providing any actual criticisim.

Seriously what's up with all those people who get so bullied by leftists to the point they become submissive and start drinking the kool-aid on their own? It's sometimes a frighteningly effective strategy.

In KC Green's case, especially if you note his older works, he was already submissive as fuck.
Include the fact that he paid $10 to read a fucking internet forum and this was years ago, the taint of goons clearly had their way with him.
Whether or not he was that way before or after, I have no idea, but I cannot trust what he says now because it reeks of Kool-Aid.



captcha have been down for over an hour but is up now


We need our biggest names to crack the safe space of twatter's Q&A and ask the tough questions. Somebody contact Ralph.

Hopefully he notices twitter.com/Noahs_Arkanoid/status/757972713889595392 or figures out their names some other way.

Looks like it's confirmed now. He was actually 84.


Fuck off with that shit. That sort of mentality is why Holla Forums has degraded to the point they constantly fall for misinformation.

I want y'all to think about something ethics-related.

There's been a lot of articles today concerning a "leak" of the Nintendo NX, and they're reporting these rumors as fact. Supposedly it's going to be a handheld/console hybrid that runs on a Tegra X1, and the big headline they seem to be pushing is "Nintendo NX will have weak hardware." And IGN even specifically states in their article headline that "it will be less powerful than the PS4"
Archive of IGN here: archive.is/OlWiH
And you can find plenty of others saying similar things.

This is weird because people have been speculating about this shit for well over a year and nothing actually credible has been said at all. Why are people talking now because someone new has spoken up?
I don't think the timetables match up for this leak to even make sense. The Tegra X1 has been available for well over a year, and the NX was slated for Holiday 2016, but things have been pushed back and now we're looking at next March for late Q1 2017 release.
We know Nintendo's been a big fan of AMD over the years, and AMD recently announced that the Zen architecture would be in very short supply this year, and that they're expecting full availability in, you guessed it, Q1 2017.

The timing of this leak just seems too suspect, if you ask me. Nintendo stock has exploded in value, and even after the announcement that Pokemon Go wouldn't print money for them, their stock is still much higher compared to before. I can't help but feel that sudden leak is an attempt to push it back down and drum up interest in their competitors.


I thought you liked the EU and their open border policies?

*They actually stated that correlation implies causation*


Val only likes user

post your entire miranda folder already faggola

I guess that explains all the ones defending Sarkeesian instead of criticizing her.



Nigger, we've been over this.

So this originally just comes from Eurogamer? Seems hard to evaluate without knowing how they verified their sources.

I think this is more a problem of news outlets citing each other. Does that fall under a breach of ethics and if so, what's the next step?
If that's the case, then they wouldn't be releasing the system in March. If full availability happens in Q1 then Nintendo has to wait until then to acquire it, manufacture the systems, and ship them. Unless they can do all that in a couple months we're either looking at another delay or those articles have some legitimacy to them

German government funded a website to combat "hate-speech trolls" on the internet.
How they fight trolls is by having incredibly old, unfunny memes.

that's old news

It also listed GamerGate as a criminal organization.

because "Playing Video Games Correlates With Patronizing" isn't quite clickbaity enough.
I can only imagine where feminism is going to be ten years from now possibly recognized as the fringe ideology that it is, but without CHS around to explain anything.

Link? I vaguely recall such a thing happening, but I just want to be 100% sure.

Didn't realize Holla Forums was so /furry/. :^)

There's a fringe group of swedish MtF trannies calling themselves fourth wave feminists.
I heard them on radio last year talking about how womyn and other 3rd wave feminists are "patriarchy enablers".
Because only trannies know what REAL opression is.

The pdf itself seems to have been removed, but the page for it on google is still there. Maybe the author of the video still has the PDF.

I don't suppose it's too much to hope that they'll be less radical?


They cut their dicks off, what do you think?

Actually, In the interview they came across like a group of lwu's.



The things I've read were discussing full retail availability, which to me would imply that you can walk into a store and buy products with it. The first chips should be hitting shelves by the end of this year, so I think they'll be able to make the release just fine.


That's bullshit
but I believe it.

I think I found it, or some alternate version, but I'm not entirely sure.

Kill me, Pete

SJW's getting BTFO!

Pure (((coincidence)))

current year is truly great

also wtf is wrong with the site. I can't post pictures because it times out.

>mfw some random dnc staffer died in an "attempted robbery"
shillary is going down the list of people that might have leaked those emails, i guarantee it


I wonder how the faggot SJWs that also make shows there think about Sonic being on as well.


I hope this guy is a recurring character; he captures the essence of modern identity politics pushers so perfectly.

Actually, maybe it's better if id politics are kept out of the show altogether

Oh this is the OSU Stillwater group. Their studies are typically trash, in one they even cited their own unpublished research as a source.

They also have connection to Craig A. Anderson through some collabrations with Karen Dill-Shackleford.

What led you to their studies?

I looked into them last summer with psychfag and posted my findings here. Also here is the original PDF


Moneybags has lost weight

This is why you don't work in politics. Especially if your boss has a lot of friends who die in "tragic accidents"

So another detractor of Clinton's campaign commits suicide with a gun he didn't own that was fired from twelve feet behind his head?


I knew I should've capped that post of the user on Holla Forums accidentally invoking Rea

He literally died before the leak.

Hillary used her Jew space lizard powers to go back in time and assassinate him

Time that wikileaks put it out is not the same time as it was received so that's meaningless.

Inb4 bill did it.

It's a one-shot character from episode 41 of the first season; he forces the heroes to tone down their violence (eg. putting foam on the end of Sonic's quills) and try to resolve their conflicts with words (so, obviously, Dr. Robotnik just shoots at them). The 4th-wall-aware redpilled character, Sticks, disposes of him at the end.

Also, it ends with Sonic saying "Being a role model is overrated. I'd much rather be… hilariously edgy."

They have got to be the most retarded people.

Holyshit. I just finished the worst fucking sociology class ever. They played fucking word games. I'm not sure how I did on the last test. This shit is out of control

JillNotHill seems to be taking off, they had a pretty big rally outside the convention.

And then they wonder why school shootings happen.

Document everything.

Write it up and send it to the department chair, the dean, the local news.

Contact FIRE ahead of time because you might need legal support to keep your grade.

I had to write three fucking 2 page papers. The first two were fine. Third made me choose between writing about archive.is/oHS3O or archive.is/qLWw3.


I recorded the classes. But I don't want to fuck anything up or get my family involved or the people taking the class. My phone fucked up and didn't record the last half of the last lecture. I should have started earlier.


Going to edit the recordings and release here sometime in the next few months, as I have other shit to do. I don't trust the school to take my side. The required class book had the 77 cent figure in it, among other things.


New Holla Forums thread about Megalian surprised the previous one hit the post limit
>>>Holla Forums6897269

I've looked at this FIRE organization. Do they actually help, considering how pozzed many universities are?



I bet Anita is such a freak in the bedroom.


At this point, the only correct response to them is "you'd bitch anyway, so why bother."

What's the article she's linking to? is it some TMS shit?

I would not be suprised if she said she was ex-amish/metenite.

She'd charge you $20,000 for a handjob and then leave before you're even halfway close to orgasm.

Please stop. /anita/ might hear you

gawker hitpiece on killing joke goy


Source? Are there more of those? That was great.

Pretty sure femfreq has always been Joshboy, Anita is just the koolaid sales rep. Josh is the one that drinks and does the mixology.

Of fucking course.

Just the one from this channel: youtube.com/channel/UC4nZ2v4VY-77TwhL-lVH76w

Anything that's not worshiping Saint Anita is toxic.


Josh isn't part of femfreq anymore.



Na, menonites are not that prude contrary to what people tell you… Amish otherwise, totally prude

At least provide the title of the article.



Wait what the fuck? I thought the basic timeline was:

Did Josh get cucked out of femfreq by Sark? Because that would be fucking funny as fuck. Who runs it now, that tranny who always shadows for Sark?

I need to leave the house guys, care to shitpost to 600 to put the new bread out of the oven?


Miguel is gone too. Anita realized
Was all she needed for sheckles, and that she does not need to share.




Durr make that
these numales of the Joss\Josh variety are starting to blur into one amorphous beta blob.

That sounds right for her. All according to keikaku, sasuga Anita Grifta.

DNC stream if you care.



Wait, isn't the amount it closes at the meaningful one? Is 1% considered a meaningful amount? I thought changes like that were basically noise, but maybe stocks are less volatile than I thought.