Nintendo really are experts in selling nostalgia over and over again to the same customer, heh?

Nintendo really are experts in selling nostalgia over and over again to the same customer, heh?


Shitposters really are experts in rehashing the same shitty thread over and over again to Holla Forums, heh?

What do you expect from Jews?

i think the word you're looking for is

How are they experts? They have made something only fake "nerds" would ever want because they seem to have drastically overestimated that demographic.

This is some amateur hour shit and far from skillful exploitation of old content.

gee I wonder where they came up with that idea, just Ninty being totally 100% original as usual right family :^)

…is that El Donte?

For the cost of one modern game you get ~30 NES games and with the system to boot, even if it's a glorified emulation box. I'd prefer it to be $40 or so but it's not bad at all when you take shit-smeared scalpers or the Virtual Console's higher pricing into account.

You sound buttblasted for some reason.

It's time to stop.ɯebʍ

And upwards of $30 if you buy physical cartridges, depending on the game

Yet emulatefags will argue to you that "I can emulate all those games for free, and so should you".

Good Goy!

Well I'm not against Nintendo or anything, but I can just download them all for free.

But considering that this mini-console probably has all the games worth playing on the original NES and comes in a nice package with an NES controller, if you don't have a USB NES controller already, it seems like it'd be a good investment for both what it offers and for its decoration. And it'd be nice to break out for the little kids to play so they'll leave you alone to shitpost on your computer


I don't intend on buying this, and neither should you. But think about this - You are not the target aimed by this re-release.

The targets are either the parents who want their children to re-experience their childhood, and the occasion market for cartridges, which might plunge down because some of the games in the compilation are upwards to 30$ a piece. And I'm not against those.

This. Plus, there's the fact you can buy the USB NES controller alone, which means the sub-market of USB NES imitations will die too because people will prefer to buy the original.

It's not USB, it plugs into the wiimote.

It has already been confirmed to be USB.

I've always figured that people who would buy the device in the first place don't know or don't fucking care about emulators so "you can get it for free muh emulators" is kind of a moot point. Or they just want a present for their kid or something, or even they're just the kind of person that likes playing something on a dedicated physical system instead of on a computer or their phone or a specially-built emulator box or something.

So check out this whole thread, you'll see how it is a moot point.

That being said, emulation is always the superior option, between the choose in better outputs and some enhancements to roms, plus the accessibility to the whole catalog for free. But this Mini NES isn't aimed at emulatorfags.

I know, right?

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Is Nintendo the Valve of Holla Forums?

It's USB powered. The back only has the mini-USB and HDMI ports. The controllers are the same hookups as Wii Nunchucks and Classic Controllers are. In fact the site proclaims any Classic Controller can be used.

A lot of people wanting this from my side is either collectors or those wanting a gift for kids in the family. I've already did hacks and dumped tons of VC games onto kids' Wiis already.

Apparently it uses the same jack as the classic controller pro, so that means it comes with one NES controller but also can be used with your classic controller for the Wii/Wii U

Really there are some perks to the console:

1. It is effectively an official re-release of many of the most valued NES games, so it helps stick it to retailers over charging for the old cartridges, which is always good

2. Being a separate plug and play device that is easy to boot up, it works very well if there's someone in the house, like small children who are bored, but maybe you're too busy playing the Wii U, Playstation or whatever.

3. It's fashionable to say the least and comes with a NES controller which feels good in the hands

Emulators are better for solo players, but the console works as a nice piece of home decoration and extra family entertainment device that can be used separately on a different tv if necessary

The dogbone controller would be better, but it's not remembered too well in the public eye.

If the SNES Wii Controllers were more readily available, then I'd use those.

And it's a pretty reasonable price I would say, so it's not like you're getting jewed. I don't know if I'll buy this, but at least I can point out to all those "le retro game collectors" how retarded they are for paying 60 dollars for NES cartridges to stand in front of when they record their youtube videos. Think about it, Nintendo releases an affordable emulator of all the best non-shovelware titles and has the games up individually on VC and these fedora wearing fucks waste hundreds of dollars to scam artists on ebay and at local game stores for cartridges just for internet cred

I can get a Chinese NES on a chip for less than that, usually with light guns, a respectable built-in library, and compatibility with NES/Famicom carts. I don't see what's special about this other than the curated game selection.

I rather the list be around 40, even though some of it would require more 3rd Party dealings or scraping some of the 1st Party stuff, along with not undermining certain potential sales. For some, maybe a few lesser games would be nice to go along with some added gems.

I also wish Nintendo would use the "Original Edition" update Donkey Kong got instead of the one they made in 1983.

A lot of those Chinese clones run the games like shit and have cheap as fuck controllers. Even that Dendy-styled Korean clone my friend had feels off and cheap using it.

Lesser-quality, I mean, not fewer games

I think we can all agree that a SNES version would be 10x better

Yeah, but going by how Nintendo chose things and what the internal hardware might be, they don't have a huge 1st-Party library on SNES to cull from that's also on VC. I'm sure Capcom, Konami, SquareEnix, Taito, etc. would gladly let their 3rd Party stuff be on the SNES Classics, but it's not like there's 5+ Marios to fill the roster like on NES. There's only like 18 SNES games published on Nintendo that are on Virtual Console in the West, and that includes shit like Vegas Stakes. A lot of this is due to license disuptes with ex-Argonaut employees with Super FX games. Either there would be fewer games installed or a lot more 3rd Party games, since Nintendo wouldn't want EVERY game they have on there.

However, a list of only 15-20 SNES games picked from the Wii/WiiU/N3DS VC would still be a solid best-of for most people, even at $60.

Mario All Stars gives you 6 if you put in both Mario World games


Yeah, but that's if Nintendo would want to throw in All-Stars when they like selling it on its own for $20 on a disc. Also Yoshi's Island falls under the Super FX debacle and why only the GBA version is on VC. At least they can load up on Donkey Kong Country games.

Here's a decent setup of 20 games they can use:


It's the only NES cart to do so. Coincidentally, it was the last published NES title in North America.

Yay can't wait to rebuy Mario just like I rebought Resident Evil 1 two additional times! XD

If I had young kids I'd probably buy this for them, it's less likely to break and the fact that it contains multiple quality games means they could probably last on it until they were old enough to use a console/PC (which for me was when I could afford one). I was stuck playing shitty plug-n-play consoles until I was 10, with really janky controls and boring gameplay. This would have blown my mind as a kid.
tl;dr great for kids, if you're an adult and buy this you're a fucking lunatic.

The NES is absolute fucking garbage. The graphics are terrible and gameplay for the most part is complete shit. I quit playing the NES the moment the SNES came up for sale. My mom told me I could either go to a St.Louis Cardinals game or get a SNES. Several decades later, I have still yet to attend a sport game of any kind.

Thank you for your time.

You kind of have to respect it though OP

They are the oldest console manufacturers that are still around.

The one game on the list I find strange is DK Jr. It also seems odd they only put 2/3 of the NES DK trilogy in (either use 1 or go all the way, don't half ass it).

The original DK deserves it's place just for being the first appearance of DK and Mario.

But all the 2nd has the retconned idea of that version of DK becoming Cranky while DK Jr grew up to be the current DK, making it HIS first appearance. But I think not many of the casual audience buying this are even going to know that.

I have a bad feeling consumers are going to be disappointed to find they have TWO NES DK titles that are only 3-4 levels long, when it would have been better off having the first one only.

Any of the games you posted would have been a better choice.

Jesus, haven't you learned your lesson?

To answer this mystery OP, Ninty's stocks are dropping after the temporary rise due to Pokemon Go. It's no secret the WiiU underperformed and the 3DS is barely keeping the company afloat. There's is a game drought on their systems, and 3rd parties have been stingy with nintendo since the Wii. So of course they'll ride the wave that always seems to yield profit no matter what: nostalgia

This Kikery is still doesn't leave the same bad taste in my mouth as Sony's damage control for Feminazi Ghostbusters tho