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PvP apocalypse has arrived!

Tree of Savior is a f2p korean grindan game with cute aesthetics and a wide variety of classes… and now with 300% more organized PvP.

>too many fucking updates to mention, just check it here:
>just click the damn link, it'll take so much time to cap all of it, seriously

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Main guild on the server Klaipeda under Cider might still have a couple slots add him ingame then PM him in discord but could likely purge inactives because we need warm bodies for all the organized GvG and guild quests. We are waiting for someone else to get to templar for the extension guild. He needs to be a templar to start a guild (rank 7, which happens around lv223), so it takes a while.
Current templar candidates: GlassArmour
Be sure to PM him for hot gay lovin'

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Important Beginner Tips
A good example is the repeatable A Soldier's Favor in Miners' Village for Klaipeda
Orsha has more exp cards, Klaipeda more stats

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First for fletchers

So this patch added quests to new zones, does this mean it's now easier to level above lvl 200 or is it still grinding for days on end?

How good is the INT/SPR scaling on Priest's Blessing?

The new quests are in areas ranging from level 238 to 253 so take it as you will.

All the new repeatable ones are in areas that are under level 100.

Where were you when Rodelero was made great again?

I wish every class had balance changes like that.

Game's launch was godawful.
I really expected it to close its doors in a few months.
Instead it seems that they pulled their shit together and slowly recover it.

I'm just hit 50th level today and fighting actually dangerous enemies in big quantities is actually pretty tense. Not having idea what I'm doing with my skills and equips only helps in this regard.
I'm pretty sure my character is a mess.
Are there any plans for helmets fully covering head?
Is there absolutely no way to get costumes for classes tham my character doesn't have?

Class costumes are only available inside said class, such as Archer3 for Archers, or Peltasta Master for Swordsmen.

Lv50 is not even enough to fuck up anything yet.

About Closed Helemets… idk, probably not. This game is meant to be cute.

So far it seem only some skills get fully covering helms, namely PD's beak mask and Murmillo's Helm
You can get "Circle 3" class costumes for the cash shop even if you're not that class or circle, not exactly class costumes but close

Murmillo class that swordsman are getting at c8 have a fully covered helmet that when they wear it they get buffed.

Post yer build
Murmilo class is getting a full-head helmet, it's a rank 8 class though and isn't released yet
What would the point of that be?

Thanks a bunch.

Well it gives me Tactics Ogre and FFT vibes. Which isn't all that cute.

I dropped the game at like 120 after the launch because I was so massively disappointed.
How much has changed?
Is it still a shitty buggy and laggy themepark?

The sprites in FFT were gorgeous (and still are).

It's not quite as laggy as it was, but certainly still frame issues. I meant to play the game on launch, but due to internet issues wasn't able to start playing until this month. I'm having an o.k. time, which I think is helped by the fact nothing good is out right now.

Let me rephrase my question:
Is there still no reason to play this over RO?

depends, what do you like about RO?

I played RO for a lot of time, I liked exploring all the maps and seeing the different monsters, I'm enjoying that in this game about as much but with better combat, way better.

But I've probably been missing something about RO since there are people who come to this threads all the time saying RO is still better, tho they never explain why.

I played RO from 2006 to 2011.
This game is like RO+Diablo3 child.

If it gets something like War of Emperium later, then it will be perfect.

I played Ragnarok Online on a private server. In my opinion, what made Ragnarok Online slightly better is the fast paced nature of the combat and particularly the PVP.

There were no skill cooldowns in Ragnarok, so there isn't any of what you find in Tree of Savior where people have a big burst combo and then have to sort of twiddle around for a moment until CD's come up.

It was just as grindy, if not more since a lot of the stuff had .01% drop rates if you were playing on iRO.

One thing this game has over RO is at least there's questing and what not. You don't necessarily have to just sit and grind, which was more or less exactly what you did in RO almost 100% of the time. It's nice to be able to go and do some brainless quests and horde up XP cards so you can power through XP deadzones or the ass end of exp resets.

Otherwise they're fairly similar, right down to having weird niche classes with strange almost worthless skills.

The client could use some work, and certainly the FPS/latency issues.

It does put a lot of restrictions on trade and marketing in some strange attempt to curb silver selling and farming, which really just hurts the people who are going F2P. The item min/max prices are bewilderinng, as are the 2 day escrow waits on collecting money from sold items and the limited amount of trades and the fact that every time you sell an item it reduces its potential. Keeps prices high because items are eventually, essentially, removed from the game when their potential reaches 0 and they're stuck on whatever account.

This patch adds a lot of arena-type PVP. I haven't participated in GVG yet so I'm not sure how it goes. RO GVG was fun until the server got to a state where there are just these massive blobs of defenders hurling spells down in choke points and you're desperately trying to yggdrasil berry your way through it.

One thing that killed ToS for me were the amount of meaningless quests everywhere which merely served as EXP dispensers. I was really hoping that ToS would follow the example of RO and have mostly meaningful and cool quests. Instead most of them are really tedious and boring, but you are stuck doing them anyways because it's the fastest way to level.

The combat system had lots of potential for me, but it's ultimately really boring because you pretty much fight all the monsters in more or less the same way. There are no monsters with really unique mechanics such as looteaters, suiciders or casters which pose a real danger.
That just makes the entire experience really boring to me.
ToS had me impressed at first with its amount of different maps, but most of them are really narrow corridor style maps as opposed to ROs open maps. They also give you too many informations. Do I really need to know for which level a certain map is supposed to be? Do I really need to know the level of every single monster? It takes away the thrill of exploration for me.

I sincerely believe that RO is still better, and you can really summarize it with "ToS is a modern game aimed at casuals"

And I'm not trying to be an asshole here, trust me.
I was waiting for ToS for 5 years ever since the first trailers were released because I was expecting a worthy succesor for RO.
I can easily say that this was one of the biggest disappointments in my life


I never had any hope for RO2 because it was shit at first glance

I feel you, man. Ragnarok Online had fast-paced gameplay, more memorable monsters with 100x more character, excellent performance, and private servers that have a large variety of custom tweaks. The maps were way more open, and bosses were actually scary because there was no limit on what mobs would aggro you. There was no anti-RMT market fuckery, just merchants and subclasses that opened shops on the street. Zeny was really only for items and certain quests anyways, and it came so easily from grinding that RMT just fell to the wayside (Having a scattered community kind of helps this too, I guess; Nowhere for the gold farmers to centralize).

Tree of Savior is Oversaturated Diablo III with arbitrary limits everywhere you look. IMC injected a shitload of WoW into this game, which is a good thing sometimes (Jumping, cooldowns, quests), but mostly a bad thing (AoE attack ratio system, shit monster variety because reusing 3d assets, auction house, linear maps, only 2 starting areas, making monsters drop silver). RMT is supposedly a big problem, which makes sense because EVEYRTHING you do to advance your character in ToS costs an insane amount of Silver- Not just items, but item upgrades, item repairing, attribute training, and fast traveling. It's like having someone constantly tax your loot after every adventure.

That's the other thing- Tree is P2W as fuck, and this is coming from someone who donated to RO servers multiple times. Token buffs are BS enough, but since attributes cost so much silver to upgrade, you are looking at sometimes spending upwards of 12 million or even more to reach lv 100 in just one attribute. On top of other gear, attribute, and maintenance costs, the average player will likely never achieve a character with max'd attributes, unless they play for years or pay up for tokens.

Think about it. In PvP, max-level players who manage to top off their attributes through RMT or Token-selling are garaunteed to do AT LEAST 45%-50% more damage with their skills, than players who don't have as much silver and only reach lv 50-55 in the same attribute.

It's totally fucked, but the potential for Ragnarok Online 3 is in there. There are definitely some much needed improvements to the gameplay in Tree of Savior that make the game more fun to handle. Once the game community essentially declares independence from IMC (like RO did to Gravity), private server devs will be able to fix a lot of the problems present in the game. That's pretty much the only reason I still follow this game.

Oh yeah, also channels are fucking stupid

I hope they fixed that shit with the patch and just forgot to mention it in the notes. Who am I kidding, of course they didn't fix it.

I'm glad your whining is completely ineffectual. The only thing you said that is even remotely on-point is that channels are dogshit.

It shows.

Did they ever make dungeons cross server?

yes, at least between Klaipeda and Orsha

lmao nice response. Enjoy your 6k average players hahahaha

Please, guys. This isn't half-chan.

there are actually cuckchanners in the game tho

Of course. I lurk all both threads.

You're right, I should bring up another point.

In RO, you could go boss hunting whenever you want. In Tree, you now have to wait 8 HOURS before you're eligible for boss loot again. What the fuck is that?

And the instanced dungeon limit. Jesus Fuck. Just have to give it a little more time until the first server emulators are completed.

Yeah, not sure why they do that.

I was secretly hoping for Tree of Savior private servers.

RO had boss respawn time, just like TOS.
Now, this new 8 Hour limit is due to players, guilds and what the fuck not monopolizing the bosses respawn times, and crashing channels with bugs to prevent people from accessing them.

Of all criticisms I heard from TOS, the one I most agree is the Monster Variety. It's simply the same monsters, over and over, just with different colours.

Now, about the "Immense need for Silver" in counterpart of Ragnarok's "Zeny triviality", I have to say that this is not true.

Zenys were useful then just as Silver is now for buying high grade gear.
And about spending money on attributes: It's well know that you don't spend on "Enhance" ones because they're fucking expensive - you spend on Armor Mastery (Cloth, Leather or Plate) and Utility Attributes - the "Enhance" ones are to be bought only when you become high level, closing to the 250~280.

About Player Shops: Yes, they need to come back for sure, the Auction House abusive 30% tax and the unavailability of trading Silver is really making things hard for the non-hardcore/top players.

I never had enough Zeny on my Whitesmith.

I entered Mage Tower today.
I'm a Glassnot-yet-cannon Swordy, with 0 points dedicated to CON, How fucked am I, in this den of Magical Suffering?

Also, pic related is evil, isn't she? It's a shame… she's a qt.

You just needed to go to mjolnir_04, kill the fucking hornets that drop Main Gauches [4], made them +10 and the zeny would flow.
You could also just sell them raw to the npc.

Another good map was moc_pryd04, killing Isis to drop Diamonds.

She's good but she gets too hot later on

Kill yourself.

Are you a Swordy yourself? The punch bag of your party? Or are you a Mage? Expecting Swordies to be punch bags in your place?

Also, I'm traumatized by my RO days, when the SinX would use Ice Picks to destroy high-def builds.
Since then, I learned how to play without HP, by adaptation - pure Darwinian playstyle of low con.

You still want a good 25-50 points in Con. If anything it means you won't get 1 shot in missions.


this. "Glass cannon" DPS swordies needs to

You are a fool if you think that a 0 Con swordie is worth anything, unless you expect a pet cleric to apply ass cream each time you get hit and get your hp knocked down by 90%. I bet you do nothing but run around and gulp down potions like an useless fuck whenever you're in a mission.

30 con is mandatory, 60 con is prefered.

Fencer3 mite be gud. All depends on that new crit damage stance. But not full glass cannon.

CON is the status for people who make mistakes.
Just look at this guy is embed.

By his own words:
''In my party there is another swordsman, presumably high or full strength
You can see they just constantly die (sorry..) which results in massive dps loss because dead DPS is no DPS. If not dead, then constantly running in and out of the fight. More CON wouldn't really help either in this situation except to allow you to run away a bit slower/with more success''

Kill yourself. I wish I could delete your character for you, you useless piece of shit.

Hahaha! Butthurt much?

CON is the status for people who make mistakes in EVERY game.
I could just expand this notion by saying how "Tiers" in Smash Bros work in a similar manner: The higher the Tier, the less the player is punished by mistakes - and in the lower tiers, the player must play perfect or he'll be punished.

Just kill yourself, noob gamer - I'm new to TOS, but I'm a veteran of psychic wars for decades.


Just about every class in this game needs some CON, even 'glass cannons'.

Fencer is just about the only class that can get by with DEX instead of CON since it's based around evasion. Even then he has over 20k hp so he probably has at least around 40 points into CON.

Really? lets look at Vanmoure.

I'm going to make a Fencer too, so instead of talking shit about builds you don't know, watch the pros.

The video has the stat build in the description where the author of the build himself says in the comments:

Besides, is there anyone here on 280? Sometimes you guys say some extremely conceited stuff.

Today Vanmoure's Fencer has 235STR 242DEX at lv230, he can face-tank world bosses and don't die.

He doesn't have CON points, he's saying that to others, just look when he opens his F1 - every video has it.

And what my gaming experience has taught me is that having more than the bare minimum of health results in far less time wasted from lower DPS than the time wasted from being full glass cannon and dying/restarting or whatever the death penalty is in whatever game you're playing.

A major element of most video games is trial and error. Even speedrunners spend thousands of hours perfecting their playthrough. You will make mistakes, you will die. Having a bit of extra health usually makes an extreme difference in survivability in most decently balanced games.

In any case, when it comes to ToS, as a swordie you either Dex, get healed as Con or do nothing because you're always dying. I tried STR based sword builds on beta and on kToS and it doesn't work unless you have a party to babysit you.

here's a proper Fencer with CON

OK I see what you're saying. The first video though is of someone else and he definitely has 20k + hp which you need 40-50 CON to achieve.

As for the other videos, it does look like you can do world bosses with 0 CON, but people suggest CON not for world bosses but for stuff like earth tower where there's large mobs of magic casters and PvP.

In ToS, there's really no other way to mitigate magic damage other than face tanking it hence the need for CON to get a large enough hp pool to survive one shots. Magic can't be avoided (other than rodelero and oracle) and magic resistance is shit in this game. Unless they rework the way magic does damage or depending how r8+ classes go, CON right now is the best way to deal with it.

Well now I have my fencer stick ready for when I rank up

Here, have him with a Mission Boss 11 levels higher then him.

This is the first Fencer, Jake, the one with 30k life stats distribution.

The one with +2 fencer skills might be better depending on how OP the crit resist reduction and crit dmg skills are though.

I'm a 3/4 dex barb3, crits are my jerb

So yes, he has invested 35 points into CON, meaning he probably has around 50 total. This is generally accepted as the minimum amount for end game content even for glass cannons.

Ya but the Fencer3 skills might make the Barb attack skills useless because they're not piercing and won't benefit from that stupidly OP crit dmg stance.

Put it this way: if Epee Stance can reach 100% or close to 100% uptime, it means that Fencers would instantly become one of the best damage dealers in the game.

pic related plus pouncing that was already melting bosses, soon to be buffed is a nice combo for starters and while my barb skills may get outdamaged, most of them are self buffs and stuns.

Here's the catch: He doesn't need 30k HP, he just stood there, without taking damage for a long time, and that's because he didn't even bothered to use potions.
He got low HP? Yes. He walked into the tiles? Yes.
He could have avoided both if he even bothered using potions? Yes.

Here's another video from him.

Go check the swordman circle 8 preview again. One of the pics shows a Fencer hitting for 1.8k and critting for 7k+. Only works on piercing skills. High attributes + good enhance on your weapon would translate into 10-12k per Attaque Composee hit, so 20-24k dmg per activation and you can get something like 2 of them off by second. Slap on 2 Gladiator Bands and Vubbe Fighter Gloves and you're suddenly doing 150k+ dps. That's on par with memelentalist, except you scale with Joint Penalty, which can be scrolled with rank 8 Wizard bullshit. If Epee Stance is 100% uptime, Fencers will be really fucking strong.

This is my current "build"
How fucked I am?

The good news is you're not that far and can get back to where you are relatively fast.

The bad news is I'm not sure what you're going for.

barb skills will still stun like always and buff my damage/crit chance ontop of crazy fencer 3 damage nigga

ToS isn't a game where you can go in blind and expect to do well in any way, shape or form without planning ahead.

In other words: your build is already garbage and you may as well start over and waste a few hours than realizing that you fucked yourself over after having spent 300 hours on that character.

I want to become fencer.
I went barb because his costume looks cool as shit.
I'm level 50 and it took me around 5 days? I can't really grind 10 hours a day like most people here. I'd rather buy respec rather than start over, so I'm not very stressed.

My invested stats are 10 con, 10 dex and 30 str.

I didn't say 30k, I said 20k. And you say he doesn't need it, but he still has it doesn't he? The reason is that there will be some instances where he will need it. It's generally accepted that you need at least 20k hp to survive being one shot, especially since dodge isn't 100% mitigation and magic is pretty much unavoidable. In the vid you posted, he uses a potion during the first boss he fight.

Concentrate will be better than Gung Ho, specially with max attribute.
Trust is useless.
Bash is good at lv3, which is when you pick the knockdown attribute.
Pain Barrier is a must pick, you'll know why when you start getting knocked left and right.
Restrain was a must pick, and one of the greatest reasons for anyone to go Sword2.
Pommel Beat can be quite good, depending on the path you're going, but spending points with it instead of other things still is a bad choice.
Stomping Kick is useless.

I think it's not too late to reroll, but idk, everyone has its own way of doing things.

You really do want Pain Barrier. At the very least, 1 point. Otherwise bosses are going to fuck your world up. You'll constantly be picking yourself up off the floor.

Since you went Sword 2, you might as well get Restrain, since it's really practically the only reason to go Sword 2.

Agree with Thrust being useless, especially if you're going to keep it at 5 points. Would be better spent in Concentrate.

Agree that Bash should be at least 3 so you can pick up the attribute.

He had 20k at 266
He has 30k at 280
Investing 35 points in CON.
Which means that his CON allocation was full on late game, meaning that he passed the whole game without considerable CON.

Also, you said 20k with 40~50, which is completely off the mark, specially for swordsmen.

That says a lot.
Evasion beats HP for sure.
Magic kills everybody, high HP or not.
Also, I'm doing well at Mage Tower, with 0 CON, not even close to dying.

Aw shit I guess I'll just respec my dude when things will start to get too tough. It's not too expensive, right?

What about stats? What are ideal figure for fencer at high levels?

You want Fencer? Here are the best builds I saw for it until now:

Also, you don't seem to be doing Klaipeda and Orsha quests - do them both, you'll level up fast.

I think it's like… 69 TP? I think? So roughly $7 USD.

You can keep going your path tough, there are "Skill Reset Potions" after all. and Sword2>Barb is not that bad, you just lost fucking shameless Peltasta.

I get it, Fletchers are OP.

Here's a better fencer, again, with CON.

It says what? All I said was that just about every class needs some CON for endgame,even glass cannons, which the video shows and what you're basically saying now. Also, he doesn't have 30k at 280, his max hp drops in that vid because his buffs run out and he drops to around 20k for a bit until he gets buffed again (around 2:40 mark).

Tell me more about it.
I posted the video to show how CON wasn't groundbreaking for him (he has 0 CON), not to necessarily show his strength.

Fuck, which one do I pick?
Also I don't want to go 3 barbarians, I wanted to get corsair and maybe some other class along the way. Or I will be fucked completely if I do that?

You can, actually.


His HP dropped because he changed from Plate to Leather.


That's ridiculous, how the fuck they haven't been nerfed yet? Or the others buffed?


Well what works for Fencers right now is something like this: or this

I've found Concentrate rank 5 to be pretty useless and a waste of silver, especially as Fencer since you'll eat through the charges super fucking fast. And the time spent recasting the skill may not even be worth it compared to getting another skill use in.

Pain Barrier is an absolute MUST and you WILL want to commit suicide once you start fighting bosses that chain CC your ass, which will happen very soon. Trust us on this: you NEED Pain Barrier to be effective as a Swordsman.

Thrust is useless. Bash rank 3 is so-so, Gung Ho doesn't really need more than 3 points so you can get the attribute. Restrain is scheduled for a buff soon-ish. Pommel Beat is useless.

Embowel and Stomping Kick are useless. You only need 1 point in Helm Chopper. If you're going Fencer, don't put points into Frenzy since it's useless once you get your Fencer skills (stacks build on auto attacks, Fencer never auto attacks).

In any case, the biggest thing you're missing out on is a rank of Peltasta, which is simply fantastic for Fencers since it gives you a taunt that makes enemies bunch up on you and it gives you a pretty good evasion skill.

For stats, you want up to 50 (25-35 is mostly fine) points invested in Con, rest in Dex. The 30 points you have in Str won't break your build so you don't have to reset that, no worries there.

Keep in mind that circle 8 classes were announced, which finalizes the Fencer skill and seems to give it class defining abilities. Nobody knows the numbers associated with those abilities, but the preview screenshots are staggering. Depending on how things pan out in the future, the min-maxed/cookie-cutter Fencer builds might change drastically. But I doubt you care about that too much.

PS: Anyone who tells you to invest your stats in both Str AND Dex as a swordie is a moron. There's a system where the more you invest in a single stat, the heavier the returns are. If you only have a bit of Dex, your crit chance is gonna suck (unless you're a Hoplite) and your dodge chance will suck. AKA, Dex is all or nothing for swordsman.

Corsair feels weird man. The flag is useless for PvE (the money is so bad that it's barely worth the mana expenditure when you consider mana pots) and the damage bonus is either so bad it's not noticeable is bugged. Iron Hook is ok for solo grinding against the harder enemies in 200+ maps. Dust Devil is very average. I don't have Corsair2, but my understanding is that Double Weapon Assault isn't fantastic while Hexen Dropper IS fantastic. Pistol Shot is apparently worse than Skull Swing/Vertical Slash, so Corsair3 is out of the picture. In any case, the best Corsair build, in my partially informed opinion, would be Pelt1/Hop2/Corsair2/Shinobi. Hop2 gives you Finestra and Spear Lunge for Hexen Dropper and Kunai/Clone bullshit and Corsair2 gives you Double Weapon Assault to make up for no spammable skills.

I personally went Corsair before Fencer and I regret not picking Squire as my filler circle.

Ah I thought he was getting the hp through buffs. That makes sense, people generally switch to plate for extra hp when they need the survivability. Still, his max hp doesn't drop below 20k hp which I mentioned is basically seen as the minimum end game especially for melee.

Like I said earlier, few classes can get away with it, some archer classes being one of them. Also, he's going to have a bad time in PvP and some enemies, that build is a pure world boss build. If that's all you want to do then you can probably get away with 0 CON.

I mean I wanted fencer for looks anyway.
Can say go corsair instead? And just take one fencer for costume?

You def can go Corsair1>Fencer1, but after that getting another Corsair circle would be pretty wasteful since all you'd really get out of it is Hexen Dropper. Thing is, Fencer2 does what Hexen Dropper does with Prep > Sept Étoiles, but does it better.

If you intend to PvP, then things change, but for PvE, I see no reason to take more than 1 in Corsair if you want to go Fencer on top of it.

If you go Corsair its better if you went Hoplite, a build for your needs would be:


But Fencer is really out of place here - it can work, yes, but the synergy is not the best.
This guy speaks truth Pelt1/Hop2/Corsair2/Shinobi is the best Corsair build.

Go Dragoon, or Lancer.
But you made Barb, and Sword2…
So go with:

So I'm wondering, do Shinobi clones get the double dmg from Double Slash vs bleeding targets and the crit% attribute?

If so, couldn't you burst something like 36 hits doing double damage on a really cheap attribute to max out that also has built-in 35% crit?

Out of curiosity - at what level approximately will I unlock rank 7 class? You know templar or shinobi?

Late 210s/early 220s

Rank LV
Rank1 - 1
Rank2 - 15
Rank3 - 43
Rank4 - 79
Rank5 - 127
Rank6 - 177
Rank7 - 225
Rank8 - 280

EXP Resets:

daily reminder to get on the discord chat if you need quick help

read the damn updates. organized GvG is coming and its 1 on 1 unlike WoE… but if you want to do it like WoE you can always just declare wars.

i can go point-by-point why most of what you said was uninformed bullshit but there's too many RO posts already. you have a thread. i hope you're no longer lurking around here if you can't take the nostalgia goggles off. ok, the RMT restrictions is pure bullshit, i can't fault you on only that

kill them before they can rape you. pretty much works on everything. idfk how you managed to level with no con without investing in offense though. she will effective be your "support" through the dungeon… who is useless and you have to keep saving

low con works only if you have other forms of decent mitigation, ie. heals/evasion/blocks, but be warned that magic fucks everyone and low con might mean you don't even have time to react. all the assrapery of being frozen will get you

underrated post. remember: it can, and will, happen to you

niggah, you shoulda asked sooner. i'm pretty accepting of sub-optimal builds that that's just full masochist. i'll just give stratight recommendations because if i leave any vagueness you might fuck it up again.
>swordsman: 5 concentration, 5 gung ho, 3 bash, 1 thrust, 1 pain barrier
>sowrdsman2: 10 concentration, 5 restrain (in case you want to pvp, down if you don't), and your choice between pommel beat and gung ho for the rest
generally you'd want to have an endgame plan before building and most swordsman endgame plans do better with peltasta circle swash taunt is futureproof instead of swordsman 2, unless you're going 2-hand swords in which case go highlander. swordsman 2 is really for pvp hard builds and will most likely end in niche corsair, fencer and shinobi circles.

str with a little con is the safe route as always. dex is really for people who can reliably dodge aoes and burst enemies fast also pvp, because good luck hitting dex characters without any dex yourself

rule-of-thumb, unless you know what you're doing never pick a class/circle that is below the highest available. ie. picking barb3 before going corsair instead of just leaving it at barb 2 then going corsair. it ensures your power level is somewhat matched tot he content.

that is not to say that there are no benefits as many optimized builds do backtrack ranks because of powerspike synergies.

i don't know about the attribute, but shinobis do specialize with the burst out the ass in exchange for extreme glassiness. theya re getting reworked to include more skills and stuff like that in this patch so you probably want to look around the forums for more info since none of the people i know around here ran a naruto.

Yarr harr I wanna be a pirate autoattack god.
Is this build good for it? Do I invest in str or dex for it?

well that build is skewed as fuck, no utility and really reliant on bashing the opponent with successive hits from DWA. assuming you are also planning to be a mostly PvE build since you skipped on the cc.

going str+con would be a stable build, but if you want to shit out damage then go dex+a little bit of con. you can get your base damage from good equipment anyway so critting more often will net you more overall damage.

The most glaring problem is 10/10 Unlock. That skill is garbage and you should feel bad for considering.

Sword2 is pretty pointless if you don't intend to pick up Restrain. One rank of Pelt will be better for easier grinding and for tanking.

My personal opinion on Barb is that you either Barb3 or don't go Barb at all. Barb skills are ok but fall off very badly later on. Frenzy and Warcry are both pretty useless without Barb3. You don't get Pouncing, either. Cleave and Seism are nothing special as far as attack skills are concerned aside from Seism's high AoE attack ratio.

Well my problem with not picking Barb 3 is how Corsair is locked behind bazillion of levels. Why can't we choose from all classes from get go? Would it really be too casual?
I picked up Sword2 because I would assume that Pelt is based around shield and I'm won't be using shield in the end so it would be a waste.

Is this better? Do I need to reroll for pelt? Does anybody here run autoattack corsair?

looking great. swash works even if you don't carry a shield, as long as you're not using a 2-hand. never tried it myself but its in the skill description anyway. barb 3 is great but it pulls away from what you're trying to build for, barb 2 is really enough unless you want to just go fencer.

classes are tiered so that they synergize instead of being one-offs making early game as much an important part as the late.

if you're splitting it like that anyway, might as well ditch the flag for more dust devil and keel hauling.

also, in defense of str builds, swordsman atk scaling off str is getting a buff as well as concentration working great with str. dex is great but the new changes might make str+con both more convenient and easier to build for than the old dex build.

To be honest, I don't see the point of an "auto attack corsair". Double Weapon Assault and other 0cd skills are meant as a filler for when your big skills are on cooldown. Problem is if you're not going Hop2>Corsair2, you won't have a "big skill" until rank7. With Hop2, you get to Spear Lunge > Stabbing and Spear Lunge > Hexen Dropper for lots of dmg. With Barb2 or High2 (don't even think about High3), you have some "ok skills" but no synergy. Cleave, Seism, Cartar Stroke, Moulinet, Skyliner and Hexen Dropper are all average/above average skills on their own, but what you want in ToS when making a build is synergy, either with other classes in your own tree or with different players in your party.

With that being said, Double Weapon Assault, on its own, doesn't really offer any synergy towards a Barb2/Corsair2 build beyond "a bit more damage".

Pelt is a weird class. You can take 1 circle of it and it's absolutely amazing and works incredibly well if you're dual wielding or going 1hsword/spear + shield. Doable with a 2h weapon if you want to struggle a bit. Or you could take Pelt2-3 and "maximize your tanking" at the expensive of taking another 1-2 circles that offer nothing to you or your party beyond the ability to draw more mobs together for AoEing.

So some classes feel more powerful than others, so you get the joy of unlocking more powerful classes, so you look forward to unlocking said classes which keeps you playing, so new players aren't completely overwhelmed by choices early on and to facilitate game balancing for the devs.

Long story short: Corsair is a weird class that doesn't fit very well with the other classes in the swordsman tree aside from Hoplite2 as Hoplite2/Corsair2 and maybe Fencer as Corsair1/Fencer2. None of the rank 8 classes have any apparent synergy with Corsair either, which pissed off about every player who went Corsair.

So you are saying you could tell me why I'm wrong, but you don't feel like arguing against me. How convenient for you.
Well then, I'll move on to the RO threads. Just a few months ago, before ToS got released, I actually went out of my way to play on the shitty official RO servers, and even there I had more fun than on ToS.

Thanks matey, you put me at ease a bit.

Autism mostly. I just wanna be pirate dude swinging blades around.

Again autism. I want it to be sword and dagger, not spear and something else.

Not out of hipster mentality, but I don't really like depending on some big shit that is on cool-down most of the time. I'd rather shit out constant mediocre damage rather than burst high one and then waiting 40 seconds for repeat.
But I get it that it is most probably sub-optimal.

I didn't like its costume. I know that is a retarded reason. Problem is you can't apparently have dodge bonus and Gung Ho up simultaneously.

Now wonder I have so much trouble figuring it out.

Last question - going full DEX with a bit of CON - will it really help me evade shit without peltasta's skills? Or I just roll with STR and rely on potions?

So monk got pretty much a 30% damage boost and the much needed remove knockdown attributes, nice patch.

You can go pelt without using the costume.

As for Dex vs Str for swordsman: unless you have a party tailored to carrying your dumbass around and pampering you with heals and invulnerabilities, go Dex. Str will most likely end up being more DPS with the patch for everyone except Fencer3. Problem is, you do 0 dps when you're dead or when you're running out of range and waiting on the healer's lengthy cooldown to top you off. Dex keeps you alive extremely well against physical attacks and provides very good DPS still.

One thing to note is that in ToS, there is no diminishing returns on avoidance. There is a cap, but that's it. So the more Dex/avoidance you get, the better. If you split your stats, you'll miss out on a TON of avoidance and survivability. The difference between 60% avoidance and 80% is immense. It's not 20% more avoidance, it's getting hit twice as much.

If you're dead set on auto attacking, why not consider Corsair1>Fencer2 then? You auto attack with Attack Composee, still get your Corsair costume, you have your sword (albeit a stabby one instead of a slashy one), your flag and your pirate hat.

The way I read that is either "each hit gives a 10% chance to proc 30% more strike dmg" or "each cast gives a 10% chance to proc 30% more strike dmg". First one is pretty good, second one would be a lot less reliable.

Too bad monks still suck at anything other than Kamehameha combo with Cryos/Runecasters.

What's the fucking point?

full dex + con is enough to evade shit, but magic will shit on you regardless and with no burst skills you'll have a hard time getting through those areas alone.

Thing is, dex will give you better overall durability than str anyway because str gives no evasion. str is just generally more reliable and scales more reasonably because it checks your stats as opposed to dex which has to check opponent's stats.

you're going to rely on potions either way because you're building melee DPS, PM Imix for guild-sponsored lvl 10 pots when you can

like the other guy said, corsair>fencer as DPS works better in the long run and you still get pirate costume. going peltasta doesn't require you to wear the pelt costume so you could just avoid it.

the same can be said for most other classes. they did mostly good rebalancing. all the nerfed shit gonna get a ton of crybabies for losing their OP toys though.

Well monks being decent DPS would be somewhat unfair since they are also capable healers.
It's still a great class to play solo and I love not needing potions.

Pyromancer's damage output is obscene. Raw damage doesn't mean much, what matters is multihit. And pyro is one of the best multihitters in the game, is extremely versatile build wise, has three uncapped AoEs and does a metric fuckton of damage. Hell, I personally think Wiz3/Pyro3 is better than Wiz3/Ele3 because of how much more multihit potential you get. Best thing is, Wiz3/Pyro3 gets even stronger with JP scrolls and that new class that copies Fireballs and makes your AoEs bigger.

Or you can go Pyro/Linker and do great damage while bringing a damage multiplier to swordies and archers. Or you can go Pyro/Thaum and be a buff bot that does great damage. Or you can be Pyro/Psycho and do great damage and good burst/CC. Or you can fit Pyro into a Sorcerer build because of the low mana costs of the Pyro skills. Or you can do Pyro/Chrono (Pyro/Linker/Chrono) and support and do good damage because you reset your two main damage skills every Pass.

Pyros are awesome. Go burn some shit.

Diev does more damage, heals better, brings more offensive support and more defensive support and lets you take rank 6/7 classes.

Well that's interesting, thanks for the info.

But diev is unbearably boring
And I'm not that sure about its DPS, I made one in Orsha before realising the server was dead and everything took ages.


Diev is great once you get Owls. Before that, it's one of the worst levelers in the game. It really shines in dungeons where you carry even the worst of groups.

Owl statue DPS is crazy good. It's basically 6 hits every 2 seconds in a small/uncapped AoE. If your owls are hitting 3 targets, you're competing with Magic Arrow in terms of damage output. If mobs are brought in front of the owls and there isn't a boss to knock your statues around, shit melts. Carve World Tree is obscenely strong against normal enemies and Ausrine is just as strong against bosses, assuming your group knows how to use it.

With Druid3, a Diev3 will bring 15/16 seconds of invulnerability every 24 seconds through ST, 40 seconds of invulnerability every 72 seconds through Ausrine, 45 seconds of silence every 72 seconds through World Tree and Fade/Safety Zone for more invincibility fuckery.

Can someone explain to me why Valia is 1mil? It appears that just normal, every day, weapons at higher levels are outright better and not even a 10th of the cost.

Good to see. Might makes me want to level again.

when you just need pure unadulterated DPS, you go fire, if you want cc you go ice, if you want futureproof magic bff go vanilla wiz.

pyro damage lasts quite a while because it scales off int and magic amp.

diev is my personal favorite support type. them statues are baller. its DPS is also really good if the owls don't get knocked out of range. which they often do

as for boring, well maybe, but almost all cleric classes are boring for one reason or another. its the nature of being cleric-dom.

i heard a long time ago that stat resets aren't a thing because it fucks up the bonus stats you get. idk, would be nice though. i'm confident to a degree that with all the skill changes that we're getting skill reset pots.

Holy property attack when equipped on a Cleric Character +50 is worded really strange. So it acts like Blessing / Arde and adds that 50 damage to all hits? Or since its elemental does it not stack with like, earth damage? It's a bit confusing.

I guess I'm settling on this.

I'm currently on Barb1 so any input regarding past that point is still welcome.
Since I already have 30 something str, I guess I'll just leave it as is, and go for con and dex from there on.
I also assume that I should wear leather armor to maximize evasion?
When and if I get to 7th ties, what class is better considering my "build"? I have no interest in guns, so I'm thinking fencer.
Fencer's coat look really cool, but I'm not sure how his abilities will synergise with corsair.

i would think so because they are worded the same, but really i don't know.

might as well go for fencer. it scales amazingly with dex and synergies well with corsair. hunt for cafrisun set and find a way to get your hands on an arde dagger or that 2-hand sword that gives crit rate, i forget the name

Holy trips.
I kinda wish there was gender swap potion too, fem corsair looks sexy as fuck.
But moving camera this close uncovers the fact that characters' heads are flat sprites attached to 3D models. Also clipping everywhere.

they say swap gender is going to be a skill. i forget which one, but probably oracle 3 or something.

inb4 all the feminists cry when swap gender actually does stat alteration like females get +50% int and dex while males get +50% str and spr.

Even underage autists such as myself have problems with how oldschool this shit is with stats and theorycrafting nonsense.
Do you really think any sjw will even come close to it?

Sjw's aren't playing this game.

Does it look like Firewatch?

look at what happened to the hp/mana naked ladies in path of exile.
but i agree they don't play because they completely missed the mutilated naked ladies in act 3 as if they didn't even play the damn game


So with box delivery event you got to find a randomly located guy somewhere on the map. At least they make name very obvious for you but I'm pretty sure people will gripe over it.


I'm surely going to make a Monk soon, but I'm waiting for Clerics' Rank8.

Corsair1 doesn't have Double Weapon Assault.

I prefer going GoldenFalchion+Arde, Velniup+LedasShield, Catacombs/Magas/Holy+Karacha.
Specially because of Cafrisun, and even more because of DWA.

Did any of you ever reset your skills?
Do you get to keep attributes?
For example if I have level 3 bash and knock down attribute for it, then reset and only learn level 1 bash, will it retain knock back attribute?

I curious about this because I missed the chance to play Ragnarok Online when I was younger. How is this? Anything I should know, going in?

I used skill reset potions way too often.

Yes you do keep your attributes

I only played RO for a few hours, so can't make in-depth comparison.

But there are my impressions after around 50 hours:

It's slow.
It has target based combat.
It can get pretty cuhrayzee later on though, much later on. At least that's what I got from videos. But first, I dunno, more than 50? or so hours things will be hella slow.

Visual customization at this point is pretty limited. Girls as usual have it better, guys only have a bunch of costumes and hair styles.
You can slap accessories on your head, but those are pretty tame - hats, goggles, hairclips, cat ears, that sort of thing.

Building your character is hell of a task though, prepare to do a lot of research or reroll a bunch of times. There are a few bread-and-butter established builds, but if you want something unconventional, good fucking luck figuring optimal build for it out. Thankfully oldfags ITT are friendly and cooperative enough to give you sound advice.
I already re-rolled my dude twice, and am going to buy skill reset on third one, because fuck wasting my time on the same shit again. I don't blame the game really, but DO RESEARCH if you want to play it.

Technologically game is pretty shit. Apart from art style visuals are primitive, no fancy effects or shaders, water is literally color filter, yet game manages to dip under 60 fps even on something like GTX 760. Pretty lag dependent too.

That being said game's art style is beautiful. I don't like portraits and official art, it looks too tryhard and overdetailed for me, but actual in-game character models and locations are wonderful.
Music is one huge mixed bag. Some themes are absolutely mesmerizing and I added them to my personal playlist, while some others are absolutely terrible and make my head hurt. Where the hell does this inconsistency come from I don't know. Stylistically music is inconsistent too. You have some baroque and pseudo-classic tunes along with metal and electronic disco whatever it is called. I have no idea. I'm afraid that at some point I'll hear dubstep or hip-hop.

As for monetary model it's pretty p2w, but it's not obvious at first.
For dosh you get faster leveling, faster movement, A LOT more freedom regarding putting your stuff on sale, you can also buy enchant scrolls that will put random upgrades on your head accessories. I don't know anything about those however, how powerful or useful those are.

In the end biggest downside for me is visual customization. You'll be stuck looking the same for quite some time, and down the road you're limited to whatever class costumes you get via your build.
Cash shop has very few costumes too. A bunch of them were added today, but still there are not much. And for some fucking reason they're class-locked, so you can't wear costumes that aren't for your class.

P.S. There is a limited selection of quite neat knightly armor in there, but no helmets. Bummer. So I settled for a pirate.

Research your build. Then ask about it. Don't go in blindly. Spend a lot of time looking at build planners and look at videos of the build/skills in action at higher levels.

A high level character is a huge time investment, even for omega-neets who play 18 hours a day. You don't want to reach lvl 130, run the dungeon and figure out you're completely useless. And you absolutely don't want to keep pushing to 200 with a bad build because you won't even be able to solo.

how are you liking the changes?
did you win in PvP?
share your tales of glory!

warning, if your chat seems bugged and is blank, don't try to scroll up with your mousewheel over it, it'll crash your game

gotta say this at least twice a day. git in the discord if there's anything you need quick advice for.

Did the update break the game for anyone else? I can't seem to actually get in game no matter what.

I can make it to character select, but from there the game crashes 100% of the time at the end of the load screen.

you got addons? certain addons crash the game.

Yes, I researched on the official forums and quickly found that out. Seems the enhanced chat add-on was the culprit.

I uninstalled it and all is well now, but this needs to be fixed post-haste. This game is dogshit when you're forced to listen to all the botspam.

Just had an apostrophe.


Full Int, 0 Con.

Allahu Akbar > Transpose > heal yourself to full with the healing effect

You mean epiphany?


I stand by what I said.

Also, anyone know if there has been any news regarding which skills the Sage class will be able to copy. They showed Fireballs, but what about Fire Wall, Ice Wall, Prominence, Fire Pillar, Pole of Agony? And what about cross class skills like Diev statues? Sage could have some serious implications regarding the power levels of other classes.

This comes way back, RO was just like that as well. I like it

Not at all, if you want to buy a Token, you can with Silver. Apart from that, there's nothing "P2W" in this game.

Also, have some RO masterpieces, by SoundTEMP.



You can transform IRL money into silver. Silver buys power. That's P2W.

You could argue that, eventually, someone who plays enough will reach the same point as someone who does p2w and then point out that it's pay not to grind, but current hard content of the game is locked behind harsh DPS checks.



It's meaningless Silver. You can farm 1kk easily in this game, at higher levels.

The rates are atrocious, but it's still p2w. That's the essence of p2w: to gain an advantage through your wallet over others who don't pay.

So, what's your alternative, pay to play? and fuck off TPs?

Convenience (server transfers, character slots, extra bank slots, etc) and aesthetics. Releasing a new cute-sy pet/mount/head accessory/costume/hairstyle every few weeks keeps their artists busy and generates a lot of income for a very, very low work:money ratio.

that shit is bleeding into here, too?

Why is it so fucking hard for people to say 1m?
people can't really be that dense

k = Kilo
Kilo = Thousand, in Greek
kk = Kilo Kilo = Thousand Thousand = Million

Yo man, you need to chill out. What I do with my kk, my miles, my acres and my gallons shouldn't concern you.

If I want to know how many kk gallons it takes to fill .5kk miles cubed, that's my business, not yours.

Shit, I bet you use the metric system and you use a sensible date format like dd/mm/yy.

next time i want a billion i'll ask for a ghost with a pointy white hat then

Any, ANY sort of advantage gained through money is p2w. Storage slots, character slots all of that is p2w, no amount of mental gymnastics changes that.
Even cosmetics, IF you can sell them for in-game currency, are pay to win.
And of fucking course if speaking of TOS - while you can't sell costumes, skill resets, exp scrolls, hat enchantment scrolls all that jazz - it's epitome of p2w, you can't argue that. Worse case scenario would be if you could fucking buy weapons and armor directly, like in warframe. Holy shit fuck warframe.

I can't think of a single f2p game that is 100% not p2w. Well maybe current evolve lol, but they're going to add cash shop sooner or later anyway.

That being said you can't keep servers maintenance and constant updates without making games p2w, that's how world works, nothing can really be done with it. There are fucking pay to play games that also have much heavier p2w model in them, for example BDO. As of now TOS is pretty tame example, and I'm fine with it. They just need to add more cosmetics in, this is true. I hope it will do well and run long.

Monthly height of guild activity at the moment, grinding for Demon Prison 2F.

ibs fun

The one with the purple lenses is the only one with good sense.
But I'm not picking any lens until the Blue one appears.

Is it possible to preview the new hair/lenses before you commit to purchasing them?

Hair yes, lenses no fucking koreans, they know…

No, it is something they need to add.

That's what I thought, but some nerds I know are swearing up and down that you can.

I guess googling can count as previewing?
What if they add skin color dye?

Probably name it "Tanned" - that way they'll have the darker skin color and still will not be a nigger.
There are some NPC with tanned skin, like the Smith of Orsha - they can implement that very easily, but they don't want. Asians hate niggers

Best bet is find someone who is wearing the hair dye or contact lenses but you will have to zoom in to see it really

Here, I'm only buying lenses for this eye color here.

What class is that?

Shit, why swordie can't have badass costume like that?

lancer wont be too bad

They have the cutest. Also, Dragoon is pretty badass.

Oh my fucking god. I can actually choose that instead of fencer. I just wish it had actual helmet instead of weird poker visor thingie.
Why dragoons always get the best armors?

Dragoons have their thematic helmet.
ANd, bro, if you want that much a Helmet Class, look up the Murmillos.

Yep that's poker visor I was talking about. It's better without it.
Murmillos are all sorts of disturbing though. Just googling the word up gave me the chills in a bad sense.
Fuck murmillos.

Patrician taste my negro.

I might not even care if dragoon synergize with corsair at this point.
I mean you can use most of swordsman skills with spears right?

All r1 doppel skills have no weapon restriction. It isnt until you get to c2+ you need 2 hand sword. Also a bunch of dragoon stuff you can use with 1hand spear too. So flexibility.

thanks for this will tweak my addons.

the heart lenses doe

because you are too edgy for style

Is there a way of getting your hand on a skill reset potion for free?
Or do I have to bite the bullet and make a new character.

Also know that there is no stat reset.

Is the game any good ? I'm bored so I might try it.

do the scavenge quests, they give free TP… though i never checked how much the reset potion is. so far they've given 50 TP away (halfway to token) and they still have mystery items that could potentially even be a skill reset pot. willing to bet enough TP for a token or last prize is a token though

yes. read through the OP. dick around in the discord if you need stuff answered.

Farting penguins

No, it's utter shit, stay away.

You're the guy who went Sword2>Barb with the horrendous skill choices?
If yes, consider rerolling for Hoplite instead, if you wanna go Dragoon.
Also, do your research, study the builds.

I'm planning on redoing my character because I'm an idiot.
What's your opinions on this build I'm planning on following

This one seems to be more DPS oriented
I do like my dps though.


other than the bullshit stat distributions he goes through claiming good mixes, you probably already know that spreading thin like that could bite you in the ass. really, you don't need spr as a swordsman.

Dont title the OP post "PvP apocalypse has arrived!" until we get open world pvp

Cancer killing mmos.
It should not exist anymore tbh.

Open world PvP should only be a thing when you actually lose your character and all your gear on death. Without that, there's no meaning behind world PvP other than griefing.

Only the two extremes of the PvP spectrum work well: full on PvP where characters you kill are fully lootable and can't be played after death or full on cooperation where you always want to group up and play with others (like GW2). Everything else just feels dumb. WoW type open world PvP is stupid, especially on PvE server where you're competing with other players you can't kill. It's cancer and you should feel bad for wanting to get cancer.

Is there any healslut here? I'm thinking on becoming one, but know nothing about the class.
I'm thinking in doing a Monk and later a Daoshi (possible Rank8 Monk's successor).

The most "meta" builds that I'm finding is:


I liked the concept of Krivis a lot, but peoploe bash it a lot. Is it that bad?

Also, people say that Monk3 is not quite good (those people said that before the latest patch's buffs), so, what about Oracle and Plague Doctor?

Also, how the hell pic related is a man? Does these dirty Koreans really want me to start fucking boys now?

Since the official site apparently doesn't have basic info like what classes there are, is there a better place for info? Think in the OP is outdated so I'm not sure how reliable it is.

This is the best right now:

I don't think they were updated with the latest patch tough (released yesterday, and changed a lot of stuff)
Here's the patch changes:

There was also been announced the previews for Rank8's Swordmen and Wizards:

Monks suck. Hard. Their damage is laughable, they have no survivability, no team synergy other than with Cryos and they don't have synergy with the rest of the classes in their tree.

Here's what's going to happen if you roll monk: you'll have a decent start and things will go fairly well until you reach the 150-180 areas where enemies start having 50k health. It'll start taking you 10-15 seconds to kill a single enemy. If you pull more than 2, you'll have to use "maintenance" spells to keep yourself alive, so it'll take even longer. Then you'll get to 200+ and you'll see every other DPS and most support classes solo grinding shit so fast you'll want to reroll to a class that doesn't completely suck.

But you're thinking, it's not that bad, right? It is that bad. If you go STR/DEX Monk you're literally 100% useless in groups outside of putting down Heal tiles and maybe Mass Heals. If you go SPR Monk then your damage will be so abysmal that it's pointless to even go monk in the first place, but you'll be able to use Stoneskin and be somewhat useful.

In any case, don't go Monk. Maybe some rank 8 shit will work with Monk, but until cleric rank 8 is revealed, stay the fuck away from them.

Krivis is an ok class. Krivis1 provides Daino and Zalciai, both of which are superb if you're going for a SPR based Priest3. Krivis2 is more damage oriented since their damage ability becomes not garbage at that level. Krivis3 is for gimmicky shit, not recommended unless you have a party tailored towards it.

Oracle is a pure support class. More PvP oriented than anything. Plague Doctors are mostly there for debuff prevention and for PvP.

If you want to healslut, these are the builds I recommend:
This one is strong for both solo and group play. Great offensive and defense support, lots of damage and utility.
This one is much weaker for solo but provides more healing and is better for strong multihitters and pairs better with physical classes.

Thanks, man. Plague doctor seems like an interesting choice, and I think I'll try to aim for that.

What's the most summoner class? I'm not sure if it's Necromancer or Sorceress

I'll wait for Rank 8 then…
It's sad, because when I decided to play ToS, I was thinking in mimicking my old classes of Rag:
Assassin Cross and Champion (I had a Whitesmith, Paladin and High Wizard as well, but didn't like them very much).

Assassin Cross: The closest to it is a Corsair+Fencer
Champion: Monk

But well, It would be unfair for Monks to be both Healers and DPSs, right? So they seems to be some kind of middle-ground - good at both, excels at none.

Monks are really good for PvP I hear. But in PvE the class offers nothing. From my experience, Paladin1 offers almost as much as Monk3. Monk3 also blocks you from using the higher ranked classes as they become available. It's so fucking bad.

Literally no one would play that, unless there was some sort of account-based progression affecting all your characters.
No, not like collections, something worthwhile, interesting and actually making you more powerful.

A MMO where levels don't exist.

Like no shitty gimmick "not-level" progression like in Warframe or Skyforge, but actually no level progression?
So you grind what? Money and Class exp, with money being lost on death, but Class exp remaining bound to your account? So you can start new dude with class that was initially locked?
Like being level 1 Templar if you managed to unlock him on previous dude?
Do you realize that shit like that would be even harder to balance than conventional system we have now? And guess what it isn't balanced at all.

The korean version of Dungeon Fighter actually has the option to make hardcore characters that are deleted when you die. If I remember correctly, you get a unique costume and your name on a leaderboard if you get to the level cap.

Everything on you is lootable on death. The guy that killed you can loot all your items, money, underwear, everything. Stuff in your bank/home/storage or whatever gets its ownership transferred to your next character.

You go out in the world and get killed? You lose a lot. You go out in the world and kill? You gain a lot. There, world PvP is meaningful instead of being a chore you have to deal with when the guy with a maxed out PvP character gets bored and decides to gank lowbies. Which is what usually happens in world PvP in modern MMOs. That or getting steamrolled by a gank squad or getting attacked by some dick ass thief while you're fighting a mob and low on health.

Looking a bit further in, I want to combine the curses from the Bokor, the shapeshifting powers of the Druid, and the debuff/affliction theme (and visual style) of the Plague Doctor. How does that sound?

I don't suppose someone would know of a build like that? I've just barely dipped my toes in the water. As in I've rolled up a cleric, realized that blindly leveling would be bad, and came here after looking over advanced classes again.

Shapeshifting is for gimmicks and exploits. Don't bother building a character around it.

Well the shapeshifting just sounded cool, honestly. I'll stick with voodoo and disease, then.

If you want to do Bokor, read up on the class as its mechanics are fairly complex.

That game is for all intents and purposes a diablo clone, not really an MMO.

That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard. Now wonder shit like this doesn't exist. Did it ever? As I said nobody would play that. Not even you.

I'm checking it out now and there's a lot more of a zombie focus than I originally thought. It'd probably not be a good idea to ignore all that right? I wouldn't really have much muscle then and would be strictly a debuff build. But on another hand specialization like that might be useful? I'm usually the type that just dives in, so building like this isn't something I'm used to. Closest I did was planning my fire/darkness witch in DFO.

Whatever you do, don't just dive in. This game will punish you like you wouldn't believe for diving in without any prior knowledge. It's one of the unfriendliest games I've ever played in that regard except maybe old Infinity Engine games (fighters don't need Dex, right? I'll just leave that stat at 3 then!).

Also, keeping the Bokor/Plague Doctor idea in mind, should I even bother focusing on healing while a cleric or is it just a waste?

Yeah that's what I figured, checking this out. This is currently what I had in mind but I feel like this is all sorts of horrible.

as for summoner, you'll probably want a sorc, but be warned, getting the card is no easy feat. i would not recommend anyone going for sorc as a first ever character. necro is so far up the tiers that you'll either go sorc > necro anyway or forget about summon necro anyway because you got so used to just magicslinging.

if you're looking for a silver lining, then its just plain fun, i hear. you do poorly in pve generally but you're still more than a welcome addition to any auto-matched party by virtue of the cleric base. i have not heard how good it is in pvp since the raining cc won't let you stay channeling the solar beam for more than a couple seconds anyway. lots of doomsayers, but you're not as bad as crafting classes at pve by any measure. fletcher is not a crafting class

MMO binding of isaac with random powerups and friendly fire ON

just word of caution, zombies aren't exactly reliable in dungeons. the curses are a beast in 2v2 pvp though because you have the freedom of running around. general pvp is super easy, you gain the ability of walking death.

i'm setting myself up for a big disappointment aren't i? lol

Tbh its the kind of game survival online games like ARK are, but in a mmo which would be impractical.

I'm so sorry. I leveled 2 of them up, one on ktos and one on beta. Your inability to dodge is gonna fuck you up real hard in dungeons, missions, world bosses and PvP.

I was referring to AD&D system where Dex is an extremely important stat for melee characters since it gives penalties/bonuses to evasion based on how high your stat is. 3 Dex for a fighter type is disastrous in BG/IWD.

Also Lewd if you are out there they made it so cubes now give an 8 hour debuff you must be logged in for it to decrease for world boss cubes. So the mafia has been hurt.

Are these numbers DPS rankings for the boss or overall contribution?
Can't find about them in the patch notes.

any opinion on this? I don't feel like waiting a week to start this.

I'm just dying to make a Cleric right now, but the shadow of Rank8 coming this week or next keeps haunting me.

Cleric1 has some "obligatory" build, that is
Heal5, Cure1, Safety5, D.Zone3

And you're planning on going Cleric2 as well, so:
Heal10, Cure1, Safety10, D.Zone3, D.Might5, Fade1

I cannot comment on the rest because Bokor, Sadhu, etc are far away from my radar.

Jake, the Fencer Monster uploaded another video, soloing two bosses from Siauliau Mission.
I think that he got hit hard, like, that his evasion of 1070 is still not enough?

Do you know if those two bosses have any magic attack? If yes, that explains a lot, if no, the we're facing a dire situation here for DEX adepts.

If you're going for INT Cure does great danamge, don't leave it at 1, better leave Deprotected Zone at 0.
If you're not going for INT don't take Sadhu, Out Of Body's damage depends on it.

checking out other similar builds. how does look?

Idk if this will help, but still:

If you want to pvp, pick a mage class.

I'm "spectating" some of the GvG battles and it's like Mages x Mages, with an occasional healer. Not even archers.

hp > active block > passive block > evasion > mitigation

staying out of the glowing red circles seems to work well enough because i got a bunch of con. if only madef had a counter that isn't way down the line in mitigation for the mdef stat that's really hard to get.

mafia has been hurt bad. they can't monopolize hard anymore. we need our posterelf of grindiness back to inspire glass to get off his lazy ass. also, may i borrow your brandish once you hit lvl 220? i'll pop the free 7 day token for it so i can trade it back to you some day. :D

they say its just straight DPS contribution. which is kinda weird as i somehow out-DPSed a lvl 220+ monk as a lvl 157 or something. not sure about all the factors that go into it… but its really just cosmetic and made for the ego as it doesn't affect anything.

all i can say is, bokor is str-base if you want to use the zombies so that doesn't work well with the int-based sadhu. your zombie damage scales off str. but if you go curses and have a bunch of int, then sadhu is a good choice i'm not really sure if the curses scale with int though, you should check

as for the cleric circles, you will almost always want safety zone levels. cure only if you are int-based, deprotect only if you are str-based. almost never a reason to level them both on a character.

just off the top of my head, mole has a lot of magic, bear's "earth wave" move is magic i think (can't be blocked), and the tree's clap of wind and aoe knockback if you're close seems to be magic as well. might be wrong though. i can't play YT where i am.

seems, magic dependent, more cure levels for more damage could be helpful early (take from deprotect). your zombies won't be doing much damage but i guess they are just added benefit when you got your hexes maxed.

amen bruddah
i fought a team with 4 cleric-base and an archer-base. we won one round but holy shit when they discovered they could play defensive and be immortal it was all over.
also decrease freeze duration and give it a trigger cooldown!

I think they have a few magic attacks but what really hits hard is the mole's spine attacks, which I think are physical. No matter how high you get your evasion, it's still not 100% (people are guessing that the evasion cap is 80%-85%) so if you do get hit with a hard hitting attack, it's going to hurt.

the scavenger hunt ends on aug 9 so you need 9 days to work your way to that token.

token = the greatest thing you can buy with cashmoney in the game, if you get it the game is not only completely free but you will have all the benefits of a paying tokened player for 7 days.

if you play enough, you can save up silver to buy 1 month tokens straight off the marketplace.

if you ever argue with anyone if this game is p2w, shut them up with this free token.

and the kicker: there is still 3 unrevealed special rewards. i've already got 50TP from the event, 49 to go and i get a FREE 1 MONTH TOKEN worth 99 TP (est. $9 USD).

at some point we gotta wonder if IMC is making enough money from this game considering they are giving away so much free cash shot stuff

not to mention top guild from the GvG competition gets a whole bunch of free TP too

Magic is king in this game.


but, idk, using semantics you could argue anything. if you have to bring it up then you're probably not gonna be assed to listen to sense anyway.

in any case for everyone actually wants to get their free cash shop items:
free as in you don't need to spend money for it.
work / grind as in log in and rummage through a map taking 5-15mins depending on how lucky you are.

now go spam more arguments as i ignore them

It's p2w and you're shill.
Go die.

Consider it them giving free trials to get people used to the advantages, that way they increase their sales.

That sounds like fake advertising mate, a free token in some event wouldn't make this game any less p2w unless they did it every month, it's entirely about how big of an advantage paying does to the game.

that's a valid point. the puppeteer is pulling strings i did not anticipate because it seemed too good to be true. i never spent on this game, i'm sitting on a bunch of TP and two tokens from the market plus the 7 day token i just got. but then again i play like a snail stuck in honey so it made sense to me that someone playing faster could definitely make it work

i'm not completely off though, using that token and legit grinding (no longer spoonfed to you) you can farm up the silver to grab a token right off the market. farming silver made much easier with the free token you get from the event… but you'd have to have the knowledge to make that setup work so i don't expect true newbies to be able to capitalize on it. that should have been a caveat to

Are we talking EVE or WoW levels of grind for premium here?

Pastebin for the new update coming to kToS (which means this will eventually come to us, iToS)

i really can't tell. people grind at very different rates, me playing slowest of all at lvl158 and sitting on 1.5mil silver after lavishly spending a lot of silver on attributes i didn't really need. all i can say for sure is the price of a token is just a couple hours of serious grind in upper level 200 maps because of silver drop scaling. but getting high enough level for that takes a looong time. going from the ground up, saving silver, grinding for equipment, paying only for necessary attributes, minimizing cost of warps through smart quest turn-in planning… it'll still be quite a long time because silver is pretty damn scarce early.

looks like i'm going plate after all.

They keep buffing STR, but will it make it worth anything?


► Vertical Slash
○ Skill Base Damage Increased 115 → 1218
○ Damage Increase per Skill Lv Increased 75 → 112.5
○ Damage dealt based on debuffs increased 10% → 30%

Do you want to know how bad Vertical Slash is? Even after all these buffs, it's still not worth taking High3 for.

After a bit of searching for builds I found this one
Any thoughts on this?
I'm planning on using this build.

I liked it, but make sure to max Pouncing.
You'll follow the Str/Con path as well, so make sure to use Plate and max Plate Attribute during your leveling.
Also, max the Swash Buckling as it gives 25% more HP.
You'll be the party tank, so keep in mind that you must learn how to play to survive, and keep monster aggression focused on you.

1. Push swash buckling button 1x
2. Done!

That is how easy keeping aggression is in this game. If, by some ungodly reason, your DPS is doing 9999999999999999999999999999999 damage and somehow manages to draw off agro, just repeat this simple 2 step process and you are golden.

Ah, and here's one if you don't want to go Peltasta.

It seems that Guardian now will be % based, so a lot of people will reconsider it due to loss of damage.
It seems that lv1 Guardian (a skill that people pick primarily for the attribute, that can give you 18% evasion) will be -10% Attack, +14% Defense.
That's a lot, -10% Attack is huge.

The other reason for Peltasta is Swash Buckling, but will it be enough, compared to the whole Highlander's skills?

People are debating it right now.

Actually, Swash Buckling will draw aggression to you first, but Aggression is directed to the one dealing the highest damage to the monster, which means it constantly slips to Archers and Mages if you can't periodically out-DPS them.

Fortunately, Mages and Archers deals massive-constant-multihit-litte damages, and Swordsmen one-hit-big damage - so attacks like Cleave, Pouncing and Cyclone can hold them focused on you.

I actually reversed.
-14% Attack, +10% Defense

This is simply not true. I've sat through entire battles doing nothing but holding block, and not once will the agro drop from the single swash buckle.

It's true, that's the mechanic of the game.
Maybe the one who was dealing high-damage was straight behind you.

I'm only willing to concede that, if it were true, then the game must be bugged. Because it simply doesn't happen.

One swash buckle will grab agro until the end of a monsters lifespan 99% of the time with no further action necessary.

Here's how to explain it better:
The Damage x your "Threat Level" commands the direction of the mob.

You see, Swash Buckling generates "Hate"m which is "Threat Level", while Provocation is the ability to "Hold Hate".

If you're a Swordsmen with Lv10 Provocation attribute and use Swash Buckling, you'll have a 1Hate+5, which means 6 of Hate.

Now, let's see how much damage a Mage or Archer would have to do, per hit, not overall, to steal the aggression from you, if, let's say, you're dealing 1000 damage per hit (which can be easily done with any skill, or some dumb auto-attack with high-crit or high-strength)

1000*6 = 6000

You see, they would have to deal 6000 damage per hit to steal your aggression, keeping in mind that, for example, Elementalists lv280 skills deal 4~5k damage multi-hit.

So, even if they deal more damage with the multi-hit aggregate, they don't do enough to curb your Hate lv6 with mediocre damage.

That's why you think that Swash Buckling alone keeps aggression, when its not.

The thing here is that you have to know how to control it, dealing damage periodically instead of just holding C in Guard position.

I'm glad you broke it down piece by piece. Now everyone knows I was right all along, absolutely, and it really is that easy.

Hit swash buckle once. Retain agro forever. Just as I said.

Well, no. But if it helps you feel better, you can think it that way.

Why is combat in this game so clunky? When I saw the great art I thought it would be smooth and seemless.

Design Team is godly, Programming Team is a bunch of retarded niggers.
This game's code is so badly optimized that it runs worst than Witcher 3 on Max.
The cheap-stake servers that IMC is renting to host the game doesn't help either.

Class balance team makes WoW's class devs look gifted.

Does anyone knows where pic related drops?
And there's people saying that we're gonna have new Rank8s today - I'm hoping for Cleric's.

OP has a lot of useful info

but not for those headgears

This week they revealed Rank8 for Archers.

New classes are Hackapell and Mergen
Waiting for translation.

Nerf Mergen Girl, just too OP in cuteness

When will we get that animation of the Mergen girl? I want it now.

That's what you get when you have 6 gorillion classes.

Here it is, the offical translation for Archer's Rank8:

Another dealing blow to Swordies: they can equip Swords off-hand now.

Don't need class balance between classes, need class balance against the game itself. And it's not raiding MMOs where autists cry about BiS class X doing 3.5% more dps than BiS class Y in an excel spreadsheet.

All this game needs is a dev to sit down on a dev client and spend a day figuring how if each class is useful in some way, shape or form at different points in the game. Hell, you can have a QA guy do it so you save money. "Builds who take Archer3 tend to be significantly weaker than QS3 builds; A3 offers nothing good compared to other third circles, so maybe we should buff Twin Arrows and put in an attribute that requires A3 and makes Heavy Shot more interesting".

Rinse repeat for every class. Apply changes (or have an engineer do it). Send the build to QA for bug and balance test it. Fine tune everything a bit. Release patch notes.

Etc, etc. There's so much obvious shit they could fix with minimal effort, but they don't. Which is why I think they suck at their job.

Will they implement WoE?

We're having some GvG Tournament, idk about WoE style stuff, like weekly GvG thematic with castles, towers, etc.

Mergen seems fun. Seems a bit underwhelming in terms of 'coolness' for a rank 8 class, but it seems strong and fun. Then again, I've always been a big fan of split-shot archers.

Mergen sounds like it'd be really fucking good with a Ranger2/Wugu3/Rogue1 build. Wugushi poison damage scales with % modifiers, so for example a flying mob that's weak to poison dies almost instantly to Wugushi poisons (which is a PITA to deal with because you can't AoE at all if the mobs are low HP). So depending on what the Mergen bow bonus is like, it might end up making Wugus even more powerful.

Hell, Wugus are gonna be disgusting with Joint Penalty scrolls since the class is completely fucking ridiculous when Joint Penalty comes into play, even better if the poison attribute can affect scrolls.

the hunted has become the hunter

I was going to go A2 > QS3 > Falcon 1 > Musk 1 but after looking at the new patch notes, I'm considering just going falcon 3. Since I'm auto attack heavy already being QS3, falcon 3 with preemptive strike seems like my best bet, especially since musketeer 2 looks lackluster. Any thoughts?

You need some AoE dude. Although with Joint Penalty Scrolls, who knows.

Musketeer 2 seems like exactly what it is: A single target hyper killer, the opposite of Cannoneer, who's a AoE CC Support.

Falconer right now has put himself in a contender position of one of the best classes in the game overall, there's little to go wrong here.

I figure circling will compensate for lack of QS AoE.

Yeah that's what I'm thinking. I guess I'll have to see the actual scaling for musketeer 2 but like you said falconer looks good now.

Circling doesn't magically turn non-aoe skills into AoE skills. Circling only enables skills that hit multiple targets off of the AoE ratio/defense to ignore the defense ratio and hit unlimited targets within the skill's AoE range. Now the funky thing is, if you pair Circling with the new skill that increases hitboxes, small AoEs/swordsman attacks will be able to hit everything in the Circling range. So if you have 30 mobs piled up, use Circling and use the new hitbox skill, you could have a Fencer unload a Prep > Sept Étoiles and rape all 30 mobs.

Now imagine a 100% crit Fencer doing that with the new skill that quadruples crit dmg. Elememes are dead.

I know, but since I'll have archer 2, multishot benefits from circling which will be enough to use while running shot is on cool down. Since I'm QS3, I'll be using AA 90% of the time anyways and circling for multishot and party buff.

QS3 is there to support your higher ranks by giving you a strong scaling ability to use when your good shit's on cooldown. Problem with Falconer is that you don't have "good shit" to use. So basically all you do is Circling >hitboxes > Multishot combo wombo for your team and then you're stuck doing nothing but single target damage for at least 35 seconds or however long the hitbox skill is.

If you're dead set on QS3, then you probably don't want to be Falcon3 (Falcon1 would be fine and dandy for supporting, but for R7/8 you'd want damage abilities). If you're dead set on Falcon3, then you need something that gives you some real damage to make up for not having any good offensive abilities in R6/7/8.

My suggestions are either A3/QS3/Cannon2 if Kneeling + Running + Cannon auto attacks stack together or A2/Ranger1/Wugu2/Falcon3 so you still deal some serious damage yourself between Circling cooldowns.

Although A2/Falcon3 could be stupid strong in a group setting no matter what you sandwich in there if Pass scrolls become a thing.

I'm already QS3 and I'm just figuring that preemptive strike would benefit it the most. Even my originally planned build of A2, QS3, F1, M1 relies heavily on running shot and using musketeer skills on running shot cooldown.
Depending on how well musketeer 2 skills scale that might still be how I go but now with preemptive strike, I have to consider going falconer 3.
I probably won't make my final decision though until the specifics are out and I can compare them in detail.

Although like you mentioned, if kneeling + running and cannon AA stack, then cannon 2 seems really good but I'll have to wait until details are out to decide.

I'm returning to the game. I'm a meme Fletcher re rolling to a Schwarzreiter if Fletcher ever gets nerfed.

I don't post often I prefer to lurk, and I haven't been playing recently.

Can a measly >>(1) Join the guild?? Left my info in the spreadsheet

You will want to join the Discord along with probably adding cider as a friend and get cider to get on to add you to the guild. It might take a bit because Cider is busy with real life stuff a lot of the time but he tries to get people when he can.

You're not even doing the events? Well, you've lost so far:

But yeah, I was fucking happy when I won the TPs, and the Token too, but this today's Skill Reset Potion was simply the best.
I was planning on keep saving TPs to buy one some day, but now that I already have one, my mind is at easy.
I'll guard it until the 280s though.

Whats a good build for a Monk3?

Is Cleric1 - Priest 3 - Monk 3 ok? Then cram all my stats into STR/AGI and a bit on health?

Monks are on hold right now due to Rank8.
I myself am researching this, and it seems that, the build that you post plus:

Are the most optimal right now.
Also, now Blessing scales with SPR status, which means that, if you invest in SPR instead of STR, you'll still gain Attack, but a bit less, and will benefit the whole party much more with Blessing + Stone Skin too.

For going this path, the "SPR Monk", Cleric1>Priest3 is the best by far.

But take my words with some salt, as I'm researching still.
I'm planning on a hybrid DEX+SPR and a bit CON - Evasion, Crit, Buffs and some Off-Tanking.

Is this a feature? I barely made it through Karolis, with my HP in red zone but in Letas I'm routing huge packs of mobs no problem. And I didn't level up or change equipment yet.
How does this work?

"A bit of Dex" doesn't help at all unless you're going for crit rate gear and gems. It provides no evasion due to mobs' stats handily beating whatever evasion you'll get from your small amount of Dex. The only class that can get away with "a bit of Dex" is Hoplite, everyone else either wants full Dex (swordies) or a lot of Dex (archers who get passive crit rate from levels and swift step).

Also, Diev3>Monk3 isn't possible because Diev is a third rank class.

Monster have Armor Types, so some classes can kill them easier than others.
Also, the Red Apparition "punch" is actually Magic - Eldigos are magic as well.
Letas is really easy, as there's no magic monsters - but they hit hard still.

Read again, it's "A bit of CON" - Full DEX+SPR

The new skills in the Circle 8 update are some of the most original and creative I've seen in any game.

I only hope they fix the clunky combat some day or even a complete revamp of the combat system.


How do you deal with magic? Just upgrade accessories for magic def? I take it you can't dodge magic attacks regardless of DEX?

It's not clunky, it's delay-based or whatever it is called. The only way to fix it would be making it 90% client based like those action games - PSO2, Warframe, etc, but seeing how incompetent devs are it would never happen.
They still can't deal with the bots even with the current system, making combat client-based will ruin the game for good.

This game has the potential to be the best thing out there easily, but, like, either the programmers are a bunch of retards or they consist of a team of 4 people working 2h/day.

The damage formula for this game is Attack-Def.
So, If the monster Attacks you with 300, and you have 30 Def, the damage will be 270.
That's why Full CON builds aren't that much popular: It's incredibly hard to keep stacking DEF and MDEF, to have so little result back, and that's why people prefer to go DEX to avoid being hit.
In case of Magic attacks, you're screwed, no matter which class you are - the stat that gives MDEF is SPR, is only 0.2 per point, and you can't dodge or block it.

Maybe if you go FULL MDEF, then you'll have SOME survivability against magic mobs, like using Sage Wall (a Shield), or mastering Cloth Armor, and getting MDEF gears all around.

That's why Mages are the most OP class in this game, not because of their skills or anything, but because of the damage formula.

Also, here's some useful info about Elements and Armours.

Swords are usually Slash, Lances are Stab, Maces are Hit and Magic is Magic.
In the weapon description says what kind of thing it is.
"Strike" is the same as "Hit".

Archers don't follow this table, and instead they have Penalty Damage depending on the Monster Size.

When I started playing, I felt really frustrated when I first encountered a Plate Monster. It was a Yognome, and no matter how much I attacked him, my damage was ridiculous.
Then I discovered this table.

Splitting your stats three ways is a bad idea, plain and simple. Especially if you plan on using that character as the level cap rises over the years (the next lvl cap increase is gonna come soon-ish, probably before 2017).

Here's how you have to look at it:

1) Monster stats scale, meaning that your evasion/crit chance go down as you fight higher level monsters, in other words the higher level monsters you fight the higher your stats have to be to achieve the same result

2) Your crit chance is lower when you level. This means that the higher level you are, the higher your stats have to be to achieve the same result

3) The more you invest in a stat, the higher returns you get. Once you've invested 250 points in a stat, you get 1 extra stat point for every 2 points invested. At 500 points, you get 1 extra stat point for each point you invest. In other words, the more you spread your stats around, the less total stats your character has.

To sum it up: when you split your stat 3 ways with one of them being Dex, each stat has a lower total, each stat has less returns and monsters "beat" your stats easier giving you weaker derived stats.

For some builds this matter less (archers get free crit rate, so having STR/DEX hurts them less), but for Monks this is crippling. You end up with a weaker Stone Skin, Blessing and Zalciai if you go that route. You end up with a not so great crit rate and almost no evasion. You'd literally be pumping 150 something points into Dex and end up for 40-50% crit chance (assuming you'd be using crit rate gems and gear).

What I'm basically trying to say is either be a Priest3/Monk3 with a bit of CON and a ton of SPR and be a great support/healer that can put in a bit of damage or be a Cleric2/Diev2/Monk3 with a bit of CON and a ton of DEX and be a decent support/low damage and hope rank 8 has something that makes Monks a viable choice. Anything else just seems like you'd end up with a very, very weak character.

Unless you want to PvP. In which case a full CON Priest3/Monk3 might be a great choice. Slap on a shield, pop up Stone Skin and laugh as people try to hurt you.

It's very achievable to have 250SPR 30CON 250DEX at lv280.

I wasted about 50 points in con and str. Mostly in str.
How fucked I am?

You're a Monk? Well, You'll be stronger than a SPR Monk, but you'll be much less valuable in parties compared to some dedicated Cleric.

But bear in mind that if you went the STR path, follow it trough the end - stopping now and starting pumping SPR will bring you nothing but a crippled character.

Also, no one could have ever predicted that Blessing and other buffs would scale with SPR now, so SPR wasn't even considered for Monks until the recent patch.

CON for a character who have healing abilities and the possibility of a High Evasion + Iron Skin build seems a waste to me. But well, if it's 50 it's not the end of the world, really.

I'm a swordsman.

STR and CON are good for swordies. Fencer benefits more from DEX.

Do you guys even lift? Your theory crafting and 'insane deeps' aren't worth anything when you die from a stern gaze.

You need to invest at least 130+ points into con or you might as well just fucking reroll.


There's only one class in the Swordsman tree that feeds on DEX, and it's Fencer.

For every other, you'll need a lot of STR and Blocking.

Evasion builds don't even need CON. Monks, Fencers and a lot of Archers can go to 280 easily with low CON.

Your 130 CON is just for some standard Cata/Rodel/Whatever STR builds.

It's not that bad right?

looks like a pretty regular str/dex swordie statline

Super standard, nothing messed up, nothing to regret.

For corsair>fencer I need to go dex from here right? What are my ideal invested stats for say level 250?

What class are you aiming at? Just for comparison, this here is what a HighDex build looks like, and if you're not going Fencer, just don't go this path.

Pump STR, forget about DEX right now and invest more on CON.

Well I'm kinda torn between Fencer and Dragoon, but I didn't take peltasta when I could, so going Dragoon will be sub-optimal.

Oh, you ARE aiming to Fencer.
Well, although the class sinergizes A LOT with HighDex/Evasion/Crit builds, you can make a Tank Fencer, with STR and CON, it's up to your tastes.

For example, the guy in pic Related can go any build in the Swordsman tree, except Crit Fencer.

If you're not doing PvP and using a dex evade build, you can get by with 30-50 CON.

Fencer here, just get your str to 100, your con to 50 then everything else in dex. Fencer skills really benefit from a high dodge value as they increase dodge in percentage.

Guess I'll install this game, I hope I don't regret it.

Get ready to grind. Grind like your life depends on it.

The single most important thing to know about this game is that you absolutely must research your build before you start. If you go in blind you WILL ruin your character, you WILL waste your time and you WILL have to restart, potentially wasting hundreds of hours.

Here is a place to look at popular builds and stuff.

And forgot the link

Is there no way to reset my stats?

No, Mr. Dog.

There is. I have a stat reset potion in my inventory. Don't remember where I got it from though.

Well thats kind of a make or break for me then.
I don't want to start a new character if I mess up my character.

Only skills

I think one was given in the founders pack but theres no way to get one now.

Skill, not Stat.

Kinda worrying, but It doesnt seem that big of a deal if I was to go with a STR/DEX monk and just wing it.

I have a skill and a stat reset potion.

Probably, I bought one of those.

I'm going to try making the new Shade Set guys, wish me luck.
What do I need right now:
8 Shaman Doll Cotton
3 Medakia Metal Decoration

Actually I just finnished a mission with 2 other monks, one was full DEX the other full STR and I'm 5 STR : 3 DEX and thanks to the new DPS ranks I can tell my ratio and full DEX are probably (the sample size is tiny and the "experiment" wasn't at all controlled) better than full STR.
I ended up number one but I was also a couple levels higher.

Thats nice

No blue eyes = not true aryan

You're fooling no one if those eyes, kiddo. You're no true Aryan.

Templar still looks like garbage unless they fix the entire guild system.

New thread?

Right here