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Any games in which I can donk my ride?

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Also, some person made an okay F1 2016 video showcasing some of the neat bits.

TW: incompetent driving, not the cockpit cam, PS4 version, no steering wheel

Another one with sound
not installing the game in english confirmed

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I wish NFS:Carbon hadn't been utter trash.
Anyone know if the newest NFS is also trash or what?

it's trashier

just fucking end me right now

What are you saying Carbon is trash for? It was a massive step up from Most Wanted (Drift and Touge events were add, Autosculpt while basic was awesome, the vinyl editor was great, and no brown filter It had a blue filter but it's still leagues better) Only real downside is that cars can become obsolete unlike Most Wanted.

But anyways NFS:Fuck remakes that are just the name is a more extreme version of Carbon. While Carbon had Drift and Togue they were frankly played down Well Touge was more in the spot light while every second event in NFS is fucking drifting related. And while NFS fixes the cars becoming obsolete issues, god help you if you want to tune the cars to grip.

Where doing that in Carbon cars to almost flip from grip, NFS just causes understeer to the point of almost being on rails towards the wall. It feels super stiff which isn't good for an arcade racer. While the flip side of the is turning the game into a cheap Ridge Racer game.

Honestly the only reason you shouldn't like Carbon is You're more a fan of the older just blast supercars on cliff roads in which case, you're screwed I'm afraid

Also which one of you submitted this beauty?

Carbon wasn't really trash though. It was okay, not better than any of the NFS from this bad era but not worse.

The new is okay-ish, definitely not as bad as I thought it would be. Though it tries to recall the worst NFS period and be like an Underground 3, which is an awful idea when even Fast and Furious thinks it looks stupid to rice cars. Driving mechanics are okay as long as you don't mind overly arcade gameplay. Story is retarded, actors are meh and cutscenes are cringey as fuck but it wouldn't be an NFS game without it.

Just make a throwaway Origin account and download the 10 hour demo.

What are some games that let me put my waifu on my car?

So far I've got ETS2 and Trackmania.


I've been playing through WRC4 on Vita. I like that there are 10 difficulty levels and I can change them whenever; it means I can keep the difficulty constantly at the point of close victories/losses.

WalesGB rally is fucking beautiful too.

That's some entry level waifu.

Someone probably made a bunch of templates for Forza, most sims will let you make custom skins for your cars, IIRC Project CARS has the Miku Z4.
You can probably use texmod with TDU2 to plaster Miku lewd pictures on a 300SL to upset people.
But really, pretty much any game on PC with some level of modding.

Playing the PC version, and that's indeed something nice. Wish there was a 9.5 difficulty though, 9 AI are easy as pie but 10 AI put me too much on the edge. The game is overall pretty good if a bit short technically.

Except for some of the stages. Hairpin soup is not good design. SS2 in Sardegna for example is infuriating.


Every fucking time I think they stopped development or will eventually ruin the game somehow they release an update that makes my dick even harder.


But did they add some sort of game? I haven't checked the game in a while, but last time it was pretty much just a random sandbox to throw cars around trees

I snagged Race Drivin Go Go for ps1, surprisingly enough it's not bad.

The arranged levels are OK, but the original mode is damn good. Smooth 30fps (could be 60, need to do more research), outside view, possible drifting, semi auto mode like an arcade racer (no clutch).

I'm surprised it never released here in the States since Time Warner put it together.

Honestly check it out everyone.

I need a fucking racing wheel. What's the go-to wheel right now?

Probably still the G29, but it's a bit more expensive than the G27. For the same money you can have a T300 which has a better wheel and rim unit, but worse pedals.

Check sales though, right now on Amazon FR you can buy a T500 for the price of a G29 + shifter, and even without the shifter it's undoubtedly better.

Seconding this.

G27 used to be the go to, but then it got discontineud and the price went up. T500 is still the best wheel, but also the most expensive.

Jesus Christ the PS4 version looks painful to watch. Thankfully, it's mostly console specific problems (Texture filtering and LOD) so it should look good on on PC. All the gameplay features look nice like the VSC and having to control your pit lane entry.

Just hope NASCAR Heat Evo is as good (And that game looks a bit nicer every time we see it) and I will be happy.

r8 my treequinox

didn't even do anything but drive there

how did you manage to get this high? when i did it the car just sort of crashed at the bottom

are you lewis hamilton and decided to #rise

By going just fast enough off a specific cliff. Managed to recreate the situation.

fugg forgot pics


Poor twingo….

Is the twingo ok?

no confirmation, police are too concerned with the hostage situation, shows how biased they are #TwingoLivesMatter

Wouldn't cards raised up on huge clown wheels like that be very prone to flipping over?

vvvrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :3

That's awful specie-ism . I sexually identify as a Twingo, and I feel for my kin being trapped in such a horrible situation.

Pic related.

Depends, I reckon with a bit of negative camber it can work. But I don't really think you can take these cars to any sort of dangerous speed in any reasonable amount of time. Hell, even getting off from a standstill is probably a bitch, unless they're fitted with extra short gearboxes.

hon hon



What the fuck just happened, I wanted to post this

Holla Forums pirates got you

It wasnt perfect but I still liked it a lot. Better than Most Wanted.

What do you guys t hink aobut Prostreet? Also not perfect ofcourse but that has to be one of my favorites, apart from IV and HP2 on the PS2.

PS is good, customization is probably among the best of the whole series, the races are varied (not different flavors of street racing, the long high speed events stick out as extra good) and it plays very, very well with a wheel.

I used to hate it back when it was released for being different, but having revisited it 3 years ago I had a completely different feel.>>10186845

ooh it's been a while

vols are cucked and deleted the cts

Shit I missed it.

vols are

Why would they delete the cts? Maybe they bought an m5

The M5 is better but it's not a reason to delete the CTS :^)

damn the low resolution isn't even enough to hide the shit textures on the SC. Probably just bad texture filtering.

but hell

Has anyone tried to use a steering wheel on PCSX2E? I know there is the plugin, but I'd be curious to see what wheel you used, with what game and if it worked

Plugin: github.com/jackun/USBqemu-wheel
Wheel: G27
Game: GT4

I couldn't spot the differences between playing on an actual PS2 and PCSX2, FFB was good and it supported 900° rotation and shit.

I have a Driving Force GT so it whould work too, thank you for the detail

Burnout devs just teased they were working on a racing game. Could be interesting, curious to see how they'll make it work though. Will they choose the cheap easy and low risk cash-in by basically remaking Burnout to sell it to nostalgic young adults, or try to make something new and actually interesting.

And considering the less than abysmal reaction to their last game, slamming the brakes of the hype train is the only sensible thing to do

i meant less than stellar

wtf brain

They will probably go back to basics and do a reheated Burnout 2 as a downloadable game for to get people interested as they are only a small studios. Maybe some added physics wrinkles from Dangerous Golf. I don't expect anything huge like an evolution of Paradise because it's a small studio and they need a big one for a game on the scale they were envisioning the sequel to Paradise would be.The end game for Paradise was that the sequel would be a full "Burnout Vs Road Rash" crossover before EA told them to fix Need For Speed. And now they are making VR shovelware mini-games


I wouldnt mind a game very similair to the PS2 Burnout games. They are still so much fun.

I agree with , probably with the explosive car feature (IIRC it was absent from Burnout 2) and release it as a low price game (less than 20 euros/dollars whatever)

>tfw the last 90's Arcade Racer update is from November 2015

>consistently last place in pub servers

>consistently first place In GTA 5 stunt races

Wait, what's going on? I though Criterion was dead Or at the very least on NFS bitch duty. Are the doing something on they're own with Papa EA's blessing or did a bunch of people jump ship and start their own deal?

Either way it's gonna be a simple arcade racing game, but with how the current landscape is (blasted wasteland) it will probably be a fucking oasis almost no mater what.

Because you're one of the nostalgic boys that don't see the issue with rehashing old concepts. You're probably just normal though, judging by the amount of remakes, remasters and ports released recently there must be a large amount of people interested in such things.

And frankly, I wouldn't blame a young studio for doing the cheap and uncreative thing of just reheating one of their previous meals. Guaranteed success.

Though to make it feel like a real PS2 era Burnout, they'd have to license edgy bands for the soundtrack and I'm not sure if that's still possible

They were not killed, but the founders left and created another studio. Quite similar to how Infinity Ward was created out of the chiefs of one of EA's subsidiaries in charge of Medal of Honor that bailed out of EA's boat.


>join a pub GTA V race lobby playlist
felt good man



I picked Trackmania back after a year and holy shit is intense

Let me stop you right there, bud. Due to my strict parents that thought a pc was enough and forbid any consoles, didnt play the game until a year ago when I got a PS2 myself. Hell, I didnt have any console, I was a PC-only guy due tp my folks.
No way, far from it. I have an old pc and the latest consoles I own are a PS3 I got a few months back and an xbox 360 I got a few days back.

Mine, I made that skin about 2 years ago for a league race I never got to enter into. Decided to say fuck it and got it added as a banner to represent the general because we're pretty much invisible still.

(Checked) (Checked)
Alright boy, still would be better to have something new wouldn't it?

True. What are you guys thinking of? What could make Burnout(esque) great again?

that game looks really interesting but i have to save shekels for my country crashing with no survivors



oh hell it's the attack of the army of copy pasted clones

I can't believe they actually did this. Did they think nobody would notice?

What's wrong with that? Cardboard crowd goes easy on the resources and when you are racing you don't pay attention to it.

Is that movieblob in the back?

forza 6 thankfully improved it

There are other ways to go lenient on the resources that don't look so terribly silly. This is from a game where one of the highlight features is the ability to take photos too.


Dr Pavel?





That looks like a fucking model rip out of a Beth game

Is that paint scheme what I think it is?

oh yes

Which really shows how little quality Beth puts in their models, jesus

i have made cancer

racist mario uncensored when

It works as an LOD trick but they fucked up and had to do it all carboard for F5 for whatever reason. There's better alpha blended LOD tricks they use in 6 that are way less noticeable and most of the crowd is fully 3D. Project CARS swaps static alpha sprites all the time.

I'd expect this shit to rear it's head again when GT Sport comes out because it's really bad there. Background of the picture. Because they are using 2D for the bottom crowds

Did Wipeout not sell well or something? I loved them.
And for a racing game it had a surprisingly deep amount of lore.

I like it

Not getting a Xbone just for FORZA but the trailer made to come when the plane flew past.

Any decent racing sims on the horizon or is it all just dogshit as far as the eye can see?

Project CARS 2 :^)
We've already got rFactor 2 which is pretty much perfect, but no one really plays it.

fake depth or just a n64 tier model would still cause almost no performance decrease and be 20x better for no effort

rfactor rfactor and when you're done with that rfactor 2

Anyone played the f1 1985 mod for rFactor? These cars are so fun to drive, they require perfect throttle control.

Also anyone know where you can download Rouen for rFactor?

what does /ogc/ even stand for

Oh God my Cunt

Oily Greasy Cocks

Original Gay Community

Overly Gay Cucks

Old Gay Cucks

Don't listen to the trolls, its:
Open Gaming Cars


GTA Online.
There's only one Donk, though, and it's fucking expensive to make and customize.

do criminal mastermind
good luck finding a group of 4 players in the game who don't have brain damage, and good bigger luck havng them all online at once

I figured this would be a good thread to ask instead of making a new one.

Is the Mad Max game a worthy investment?
I would like to play some glorious V8 car combat but I've heard the hand to hand combat is kind of shit.
Before someone suggests pirating, I'm the kind of person who think you should buy games if they are good.

you're the kind of person who prefers dicks over vajanias
pirate it fag

I'm playing that game right now, the area is pretty well made and the car combat can be fun, hand to hand is Arkham System, the lowest tier of shit, but I'm having fun with it, and that's more than I can say for most open world games today.

10 bucks tops
also denuvo?

Pirate the game. If it's good - nothing prevents you from buying it, if it's bad - uninstall and forget about it.

I had some millions in my bank account back in the day, but Cockstar's anti-cheat false-flagged me and stripped me of all my brouzoufs afterwards. Might make a thread for the game later today, though. Latest updates made the game somewhat more fun and slightly less grindy.
Also pic related is the best car.

you know you're wrong

This is not a car, user.

it has 4 wheels
it's a truck if i want to

I can get on steam for about 14 euro right now.
I have found no information on DRM (except steam), maybe someone else knows?

The funny answers are out of the way I assume someone would actually like a answer since it hasn't really been brought up since the sort-of creation of this semi-constant thread.

It started when the first Exodus happened and someone made an /ovg/ board, but it was soon dead and the 4cuck /ovg/ people were bitching about h8chan stealing their shit so when it was decided to just have a thread ongoing on Holla Forums this time instead of /o/the name was changed to autO Games Coalition.

Either you fucked up wording the last sentence or you're a prancing la la Homo man. Pirate before you buy it is how it should work. Not that you can because there's no good torrent for it Especially now since Kickass is down But anyways I haven't played it but seems like the general consensus on it.

shit hexes, man

The anti cheat now flags you when you spend the money. Don't you think you can have fun this easily.

It's ok

Best car is Glendale

damn threw such a pretty away for some gay shit


/ogc/ wins again

There's codes on G2A for 7 eurobucks, now that I checked.

It was still the /ovg/ name for about 6 months or so, but never got anywhere simply because it was a niche board nobody knew about and since barely anyone else outside of 4cuck knew about it nobody went to it. Then the board owner left, a new board owner came in and claimed it, then after trying to get it popular decided to rebrand it to /ogc/ here on Holla Forums to differentiate it from the other auto general.

Checked and kek'd!


It would probably be more popular if it were cheaper or the crack didn't include a bitcoin miner.


Considering it requires an online account of sorts, the crack is pointless. More people doing laps by themselves isn't that interesting.

Agree about the price, they're probably using it as a filter for idiots who can't drive

Yeah the board here was /ovg/ and we might have had the name for a bit but they ended up bitching and we came up with /ogc/.

Anyways nothing is going on, thread nearly dead, let's talk about Car Combat games Luxoflux's changing slogans was the best thing ever and sadly are now gone

Gas the niggers now

still better than a stanced or riced one

For anyone who actually pays attention to it, Automobilista is on sale on Steam this weekend for $27 compared to the usual price of $36 since it'll be fully releasing within the next week or two. If you liked GSCE and want more of it or wanted to get GSCE and never did, it might be worth jumping on this deal.

There better be aborgines on the road
That said I'm pissed its Microsoft are the ones doing a NT Racing game
Driving a V8 Ute down the Stuart in Vidya just sounds too comfy

good job its on win 10 too then

Tried Nascar 2000 for PS1 (emulated) just to see how it plays.
Besides Dirt to Daytona (because i live in Europe) and Nascar Racing 2003 (because i already have it), what other Nascar games do you recommend?

There's missions, but they're all pretty basic. I'd recommend steering wheel + ultimate sound pack (for vroom vroom noises) + random tours for maximum overcomfy.
Bonus points for making slow cars with customizable engines mod.

They said there was going to be animals like 'Roos and Flamingos you can scare off.

Car list looks tight already though

There's something with Forza games and good car lists that no other game has. Even GT hasn't been on the same level.

Ever since they stopped masturbating to hypercars in FM5 and going for curios and weird shit in Horizon 2 and FM6 it just improved massively. There's biases at play like how Ford paid a huge advertising deal for FM6 for their cars in the game at the front and center (Which was a huge deal because it was the first time a manufacturer started paying to be in games and involved in development), they have huge access to Ferrari because MS used to have the exclusive and Dan Greenwalt is a massive Alfa Romeo and Itallian Classics fanboy which is why there was a ton of those in F6 and the DLC (I'm not complaing. Alfa's are classics)

FH3 they said they already had almost every major car from Australia's automotive history and most of the "New To Forza" cars are Aussie classics.

Even the older Forzas had quite nice car lists, FM5 probably suffered from the jump to another gen and the fact they're not stupid enough to include old and crappy models to artificially bump the car count. Also, not 30 different models of Skylines and 40 Evos, some literally differing by the badging or the paint.

They've managed to do what GT2 did, which is to have some sort of global map of cars with a few oddities here and there. Every other GT game is very unbalanced. GT6 is about 54% japanese cars, and about 12% of the total car count are Nissan, which is way too fucking much.

None. Nascar is shit.

ohh shit nigger that game was the best. The alaska level was the shit. Also the level with the crater where you can shoot down the donut. Top notch, havent played the game in 15 years.

You could also take out the game disc, put in an album and instead of erroring out it would actually keep playing and let you listen to your album while you shoot shit in game. It was really rad for a PS1 game.

Embed related to another car combat game very little people liked.

NASCAR Rumble (and the spiritual sequel Rumble Racing) and Test Drive Eve of Destruction (Done by the guys who did Dirt to Daytona and apparently have nice little cross over stuff). Other then that, unless you like Turn Left I'd say just do what you can in Forza or GT.

And it shows, you're talking about the Superior sequel SILLY. The only thing the Sequel is missing is a story mode for all characters Which is weird since if you enter the cheat to get a mini-movie which is just the endings cut together there's endings for the three characters you can't play through story mode in. and Beeswax But in return we got the loaner fraction, two of which are my favorite characters so it works out I guess

Plenty of PS1s games actually did that the real cool trick was inserting a copy of V8 and playing all the maps from that and I think the music as well

Also I'm taking a stab in the dark after a bit of googling and assuming you're talking about Interstate '82 which is related to V8 by virtue of one being a sequel and the other a spin-off of Interstate '76

Shame we'll never get a Vigilante '83

The video doesn't work for me as a Canuck but now I'm learning DEVO is actually pretty good outside of their one hit anyone remembers, Especially enjoying "What we do".

Oh, the joys of CD audio. Even old PC titles had that feature, which is now completely broken for most people as they don't have the cable linking disk drive and soundcard.


just how many waifus have you had

You don't need many Waifu's to know the entry level ones, hell I know that Miku is entry level. How about some /ogc/ related waifu's? There's not that many so let's see what others have. And yes I do consider Amy a Waifu. Wouldn't you love to have sex in a stripped out 180sx that she built up after a hard drive through the hills in your own machine against hers?


None because I'm not a nerd, but judging by the amount of Miku porn out there I guess she's very popular

get in the car there's no time to explain

Alright granny who we shooting up today?

Those filthy nignogs.

Here we go fuckers


"Now the Flowers will grow"

So glad that that game is going somewhere. Will soon to be joining the pantheon of STALKER and Witcher for slav games Needs more Hardbass thoughThen again you can never really have too much Hardbass

My Summer Car is finnish though, not slav

It finally happened. So good.

if youre judging waifus based on their obscurity you probably dont deserve one

Are there any good car games that let me make some body wraps or general heavy aesthetic customization? I want to make a bonafide shitpostmobile, preferably one with online so others can see it. I know APB has pretty good customization of the sort but that game sucks.

witcher is shit
t. polish

If you can into 3D modeling, Trackmania lets you drive pretty much anything.

vid related.

Trackmania is pretty rad, never really looked into custom content for it though. I'll take a look.


NFS 2015 is okay and the vinyl customization is good, but since it's night time only no one really sees your shit art.

Any particular Forza to look for or is it a case of Dynasty Warriors syndrome where the latest installment is the best solely because all the games are the same but with progressively more content?

Forza 4 and 6 are the best ones, 4 has more content but 6 has some neat shit too.
As for the Horizon games both of them are worth it and 3 is looking pretty good.

Fair enough. Horizon 1 is pretty cheap but Horizon 2 is still quite expensive, is there enough difference in the two games to justify buying the first one and waiting for the second to drop in price or should I just occupy myself while I wait for a price drop on 2? Trying to really stretch my dollar here.

What console do you have? The first horizon is what you want if you just have a 360, if you just have a bone you'd want the second, and if you have both than I guess the first is good enough if all you really want to do is paint lewd korean pictures on the sides of ford transit vans

Wasn't the transit van in 1 DLC?

Horizon 2 has vehicle fine tuning, and takes place it Italy You wouldn't think fine tuning would be a selling feature but it is.

Yes, but if he's saving the penny on getting one over two he could get the DLC that has the transit.

Anyways bump

oh shit i almost forgot
avoid 2 for the 360 like the plage

For an arcade game it's something, especially if it's proper tuning not NFS-like shit sliders.

Though they just had to enable the FM menus to make it work


They closed down Evolution studios in favor of this


They closed down Evolution Studios because Driveclub was known as "that shit game only PS4 shills play" and as such probably only had about 4 people playing it.

Fine tuning was what truly missed to horizon. Not being able to change the way you want your suspension and gearbox setup and all that jazz was one of the things that was sad about it.

Also, I'm pretty sure GT Sport's budget is about 2 tuna sandwiches and the spare change lying in Kaz's pocket after funding all the other games that would actually be good

Kaz strikes again

Anyways Bump

No they have a large budget again. Kaz has gone crazy again and said that they are making 500 cars (From the ground up. Not reusing the PS3 premiums) and the game would ship with "around 100". Then said they rest would all be delivered via patches to the game via long term support along with a season pass over the next few years

And let's put it this way, "long term support" sure as fuck didn't work for Driveclub or Evolution Studios.

I'd agree they need to delay it though. As it stands, it's launching the same day as Watch Dogs 2 so it's already DOA. Kaz must have some serious dirt on Sony execs to be allowed drive Polyphony to the ground the way he has.

I don't think it launching on the same day as Watch Dogs is a death sentence. They're two vastly different genre's and the hype for Watch Dogs 2 isn't as much as the first. Honestly thinking about it they're launching it the same day probably so they have an excuse when it does poorly.

You're right about Kaz having some Yakuza-baby-fetish-club-teir shit involving the sony execs for how much shit he's managing to get away with (The TV show for 5, the awards for SEMA, the continued use of hoover sounds for cars, and the piss poor quality control).

I get that GT is a big brand for Sony but that means they should be MORE protective of it and replace the loony at the helm considering it hasn't produced results for however many iterations. As it stands it's a joke that we'll get to laugh at until it burns in a glorious fireball.

aw shit son

it just needs 90s electronic up the ass

Interesting, I thought since the game looked like some sort of spin off it would have been a cheap effort to get some more funding in for a real GT game, like the Prologues we got for other GT games.
1/5th of the car list on release then the rest via post release patches sounds like the sort of promise developers make in Early Access and never fulfill.

But IMO they can make long term support work. Just by running more and more GT Academys they can keep many people interested in the game, and gearing everything towards a competitive multiplayer mode might be a very good choice in this day and age. If it works smoothly, the game can be expected to last. Also, unlike Driveclub, it's not a launch title. So people waiting for the first batches of broken consoles to be sold won't have to pass on it.

They're different games in different genres, but in the end, they're competing for the $60 of the average gamer. Maybe it will make a difference, maybe it won't. I honestly think that GT Sport could overtake WD2 on the Sony console because of the power of the GT brand.


SS was also a new franchise from a relatively unknown developer and published by Disney of all people. And I can't even recall any sort of marketing effort to promote it. Saw it first of it when shopping bargain bins, can't recall anything before, which is a shame because the game is alright.

Not, let's say, the franchise that invented console sims (what would be called simcade now), popularized 3 digit car counts and sells consoles by the thousands.

though they did jump to making shovelware, RIP

Wasn't Pure also a failure?

Failure as in commercial failure, the game is fine too

Is it worth getting Forza 6 even though I've only played Horizon 2 before? Is it better than the 360 Forza games so that I'll just wait for them to be backwards compatible if they are the better games since my Xbone is my first and only Xbox so far.

Would any of you boys have a copy of the Driver Parallel Lines draw distance mod? On PC it's pretty much ass with peds, props and shadows popping like 20 meters in front of the camera.

There's a mod floating around the internets, but the website hosting it is down and I can't locate a copy.

Sorry for the late reply, thanks for the help. I do have only a 360 so Horizons 1 is what I'll stick with. I'm not so sure why avoiding Horizons 2 for the 360 is such an imperative but I can only assume it has to do with the fact there's also an Xboner version so I'll take your word for it. Thanks again comrade.

Forza 6 is pretty good from what I've played of it. Don't know if it competes with Forza 4 since I haven't played enough but night and rain races were a nice change of pace.

You want to avoid 2 for he 360 because they pretty much just took the xbone version and started stripping random things until it would run on the 360, so it comes out barely better than the first while both looking and running worse

I figured as much and am not surprised at all.

Didn't even know that it was a thing. A quick goggling didn't turn up anything either. I'd say try searching for just DPL mods and work you're way from the sites you find.

Bump, pic unrelated.

The problem with that is the whole "now we will have 500 Cars long term" seems like a reaction to the game being criticised for a lack of content. GT Academy is nowhere near as popular as it used to be as GT6 having the same problems helped tank the franchise.

The game not being shown on stage at E3 was a big enough red flag (It's Sony's biggest IP. Why wouldn't you?) and it's was still looking rough as a bears ass at E3.

As well, Normalfags bought exclusives. They don't any more. GT has enough damage caused by 5 alone on top of the decline in racing game sales that it's likely not going to do much compared to Watch_Dogs 2 which will be a normalfag magnet.

Split/Second wasn't the racing game that launched on the same day as RDR though (Though it came out so soon after no one gave a shit because they were still playing RDR)

It was this masterpiece.

RIP Bizarre Creations you magnificent bastards ;_;

Falling back to the usual GT selling point of a big car list in the hopes that this will motivate people to drop their cash. The preorder numbers are probably not as high as expected. LTS sounds like a thing that will only work if the game is successful enough and be silently dropped if the game fails.

But really, I still think the game can make a dent in WD2's sales. If Kaz doesn't do it again and the game comes out feature complete, it can be the second competitive based racing game and we're living the age of competitive based everything. That's a strong selling point.

On the topic of rfactor, are there many aussie cars (other then the v8 supercars) ingame? by that i mean as mods or official content.

id love to drive a XA/B in rfactor!

Get a load of this faggot. Your second picture is of a Holden anyway.

No shit user. im not picky playing with either company cars.

I however refuse to drive the Robin

I think V8SC are the best you'll get. One of the GRID games had a Ford ute. I've yet to see any game that let's you hoon in a stock Holden or Ford V8.

2012 VE SS reporting in

2010 Series 2 VE SV6

Turns out a P plater like me can drive SS Commies, found that out after i got my car

I know theres a drifting Maloo somewhere out for rfactor 1 but i forgot where it is, i wanna give it a try as well as other Holden/Ford cars.

Was this what you were talking about? Looks like it never came out of wip.

In searching, it looks like Forza Horizon 3 will have some Aussie cars.

Son of a bitch, im not gettin a bone just to drive some holdens.

Thanks for the list though user.

Get Windows 10 :^)

No problems m8. Sorry I couldn't provide better news.

Ill do that the moment i buy that cheap XA for sale near me.

All good mate. apparently round here the mobile speed cameras are getting glassed.

This is a whole new level of awesome.

No, the mobile ones, the ones that dont put signs and hide and clock people for the time they are parked.

heard a story of some guys who superglued wood sheets to the rear window so the camera couldnt record while the MSC driver was fast asleep.

The shit you find on craigslist sometimes.

that paintjob is pure quality

the shit you find on autotrader fam. Thanks to the insurance laws in brit-cuck, no niggas with talent will customise cars, only rich niggas with no taste will.

Split/Second released the same day as RDR, blur released the week after.

I recognize those rims on the Lexus from Carbon I always did like how they looked on Wolfs DB9

Wow, that's just bad planing. Still though I remember Split/second never really got coverage while Blur at least had the "haha fuck Mario Karts pussy bullshit" ad going for it haven't a clue why I can't find a video that isn't either A. Recorded on a potato or B. In German but oh well.


Because the rest of the world and people with correct hardware were playing RDR

The fucking 30FPS lock i swear to god.

r8 my new daily driver /ogc/

It's got a cvt :^(

Just get it on Windows 10 goy :^). I already own one but just having read through the list each week is already bringing me joy.

I already get like 12 or so free cars just from trivial bullshit like playing FH2/FM6 and being Tier 7 on their Rewards app.

Saints Row. Not sure if you can change the suspension on IV though.

How could they have correct hardware if RDR was Console Exclusive ;^)


atleast you dont drive THIS

the chrome bit looks like a mustache

So got around to playing Dirt to Daytona. And wow, how the fuck did they make Test Drive Eve of Destruction Which despite finding an American iso seems to want to fuck up on the level 30 video like the euro version. From pure fun to pure autism.

It does how ever have a template that you change the colour of and sponsors and more involved customization, both of which are missing in EoD.

At least Monster seems to be doing well developing Nintendo games and they're making another Nascar game for anyone that would interest But we'll never get an updated version of EoD


is there a f-zero esque game out right now? i just wanna go fast and blast eurobeat

Apparently Nascar Heat isn't that brilliant though, there might not be the same people behind it
Not sure if Pretend Race Cars is a good source for it, but


they did it the absolute madmen

If you want f-zero, best bet is to emulate because this genre is pretty much dead. There was one game in EA that was pretty much that, but I can't remember its name or whether or not it was anything near completion


Also apparently Ride sold enough to warrant a sequel, and that baffles me

Excelent. Hopefully they continue to update it and bug fix stuff. Though considering they did that for a game 10+years old and got it put on steam for less then 10 bucks I don't think we'll have to worry.

Also it seems like it's shovelware day for steam as something called extreme forklift 2 is available as well. Something called Hover Havoc that looks like an expanded version of the Burger King game,

And Coffin Dodgers got a VR update if anyone cares.

Well it probably had a cheap budget all things considered and it's not like they're fighting anything besides maybe Road Redemption.

Posting Slav Eurobeat for no reason.

By the way, is there any game in which you run underground races on soviet shitboxes while listening to hardbass?

I think putting it on Steam is to raise money for the sequel as, IIRC, the kickstarter failed. Was surprised by the updates, but it's cool nonetheless.

Need for Russia
SLRR has soviet shitboxes mods

There's Need for Russia which is surprisingly good for being kinda jokey. And there's never a shortage of Lada mods for the regular Need for Speed games It's almost to the point I'm slightly surprised they didn't include any in NFS '15 And we'll never get to throw a murdered out 14 Chaika Limo around a corner.

But sadly you must provide own hardbass regardless of what you choose.

I forgot they did a Kickstarter type thing. But hey at least they're trying to make it happen still as opposed any of the whiny shits that come from San Fran who need millions to make a shitty point-and-click.

But the real question is Would you rather have a good driving model or have it be stable?

It's looked way better in the recent screenshots and videos that DMR has put out including showing off damage model which includes crumple zones and tyre blowouts. It's the same staff from Monster Games that did Dirt To Daytona as well (And they even showed the paper design files for DtD in one of the videos).

The one thing Monster did say is they want to get the physics down first and do the main sprint cup before ramping up and doing the Xfinity series and Camping World Trucks (Especially since they have to start adding in the Xfinity and CW tracks on their calendars like Iowa, Road America, Mid-Ohio and Eldora). So it sounds they are taking the right approach if they put the priority on the physics first

What Lada mod is that and do you have a dl for it?

It was just some random pic I grabbed. If you want try searching NFS Most Wanted Lada mod.

I did find this though

Also I got the urge to fuck around in Stuner again and this is what happened

Saw you posting in the /o/ thread :^)
I'd rather have it work by a very long shot. I can deal with shit physics and adjust accordingly but if the game crashes on my face and screws my savegame then meh.

Hoping they'll add Workshop support though, SLRR mod websites tend to suck balls or be fully in russian which is suboptimal.

Also, I'm fairly certain they ripped the click sounds and tracks from ToCA Race Driver 3

Holy shit, this is the best website for a videogame I have ever seen


I never thought I'd see the day where I was mad as hell because a racing AI didn't cheat enough.

What are some good driving tracks?
Embed related

Something different then what most would post. Also despite playing San Andreas I never did listen to K-DST despite having my actual radios being locked on the stations playing the same stuff as K-DST. I think it was because it was too close to K-Rose. Think my regular stations were Bounce and Playback.

i listened to k-rose a lot too, redneck music is pretty good

I have a question for Forza 6 players. Have you noticed a weird glitch on the daytona track that happens when you're at high speed, the ground texture starts to move forward?
I don't know if it's a bug or just an optical illusion.

holy shit

what does Holla Forums think of my donk?

Optical Illusion at high speed. Same happens at Indy and Homestead and it's a general problem with oval racing. I had the same problem with the Indy Car showcase because it and nearly got car sick. Try to concentrate on the stands and the other cars.

Forgot to add, but just after I posted yesterday they announced 40 player online. So they ain't fucking around on actual features.

mah nigga

Kinda mainstream, but one time embed played over the radio while I was cruising back roads in the middle of the night and I don't think I've been comfier.

Pretty good. How much did it cost to tune it like that?

probably something a bit over a million. keep in mind not all parts are visible or visual

It's really disturbing after a bunch of laps.
Thanks for the advice.

Should i play nfs undercover? If so what version? I've been told the wii version is the best since it uses different physics

You mean this? I'm probably the only person who'll say this but yes. It's what a sequel should be, building upon previous games and taking the best bits And the brown filter from MW. It has a my cars section, the best version the vinyl editor and Autosculpt Except you can't change the exhaust size for some reason and it uses Prostreet's physics which are great.

Also the plots nice and dumb, there are tons of events to complete, and a MyCars section again It was missing in Prostreet and it's hidden under the multiplayer section for some reason and it's good fun all around

I liked it overall, played the PC version with a wheel because if your input device doesn't have a built in deadzone, or no deadzone, the game is unplayable. Graphics are okay, I'm a sucker for Vista-styled "glass" menus so this game gives me a mild boner, customization is good, car list is good (albeit criminally underused in singleplayer) and the map was alright.
On PC, beware of patch 1.8 that adds some events but tends to wreck the performance and fuck with loadings to a point where you might actually have to wait for the map to load when traveling around.

Not exactly, the core is still PS as its based on the same iteration of the engine, but there's an overlay called something like "Heroic Driving Engine" or some pompous bullshit that helps doing 360s, J turns and the likes. It also slows you down automagically when cornering. That's the bit that fucks you up if your sticks don't return to dead center.

Someone was saying they changed the handling in GTA V, had a go and it doesn't seem all that different. Which car did you test? Maybe some cars are updated, some not.

But they didn't fix the biggest issue with doriftos in GTA V: cutting off throttle once the rear wheels are drifting. Shit's so annoying

KDST was and is the best radio station ever, even IRL.

GTA V's handling makes no sense.
The Futo was one of the best handling cars in GTA IV and needed to be known to be drifted well and nicely, but in V they fucking loose grip all the time without fail.
Fuck this shitty fucking game.

You sound like you're suffering from acute rectal pain over a shitbox.
IMO the two things really annoying about GTA V's handling are the loss of power when sliding and the rock hard suspensions. It's like they heard people complaining that in GTA IV every car felt like a 1000 bhp burn out machine with cheese suspensions and only fixed those two issues the easiest way they could find.

Also, disabling bailouts and structural damage in online. Now that's stupid.

They also disabled triggering ragdolls because no fun allowed

What are your opinions on beamng drive?

Is it good enough to be bought? I bought the next car game back then, and i don't even know if that game is ever going to be finished. And spintires, a game that I bought day one also turned out crap with half of the promised shit not added.

Also, what about forza? I was a big fan of that game back then, played the original one and then later the second and third one too. Is it ever going to come to pc? I mean a good version, not the crappy beta or whatever the fuck that shit was we got earlier this year.

I'm buttmad because the driving in GTA IV was great fun and took skill to master, but once that was done, buh-bye anyone during races.
But in V, the driving was turned into fucking shit, and it's absurd in it's idiocy. It could've been great with the driving from IV but they decided against it.

BeamNG is fucking fun and they have been updating it a lot lately, adding a ton of different cars and shit. I always come back to it because you can make your own shitboxes and all. I really dont regret the purchase at all.

Sorry for I-Jew-N but they put up direct footage of the PC version of Forza Horizon 3 running at 4K.


if ign wasn't so cancerous i'd use their services more since they have pretty good guides, cheat lists and those pure gameplay videos

I was wondering why the driving was complete garbage but then I remembered the beginning of the video where I saw the driver was a woman.

That looks sexy. Shame the car being driven is a turd, and I'm fairly certain whoever was driving hit the brakes several times during the race for some reason. Probably cinematics.

he definetly didn't use full throttle and braked several times for no reason and i can't tell if they're either just trying to make the video look good or ign doesn't actually play video games, either of them wouldn't be a surprise at all

Let's be thankful it wasn't polygon. The fucker would crash into every wall, slam the brakes while going in a straight line, and end up going backwards halfway through the race. Then once people complain about it, they'll have their friends write 50 articles about how the racing game community is full of toxic misogynist buzzword buzzwords who are just acting as gatekeepers keeping out the only people who really wanna have fun!

Anyone know what the system requirements for FH3 are gonna be? I can run Apex alright barring a lack of ram, but I have another stick of 8 on the way this week.

Does Pro Street (on PC or Xbox 360) have an active online community? Been wanting to get back into the game since it has the best selection of cars for a Need for Speed game imo.

I don't think the game actually requires 8GBs of ram, it's probably just dynamically preloading shit into your memory

Yes, but it was getting to the point where it stopped displaying the track, I was pretty much driving on thin air.

The servers were shut down a long time ago, likely because EA admitted it was mostly trash, but Carbon and Undercover still have their servers up and they probably won't be going down.

You'd have to find somebody for LAN play.

I'm not too sure but it sounds like the game is not purging old data and is fucking up due to the memory filling up. I'm not anything Holla Forums but so many years of fucking around modding New Vegas leaves me feeling like I know something.

Bump anyways.

Nope, LAN or cancer via Hamachi.

This happened several times on my machine with 16 GB of RAM. Usually on race restarts, quite randomly, but it would fix itself as I drove away.

Hey /OGC/ what normalfag car autists do you watch?

Apex if I understand it right only has fairly fixed and linear tracks, so for something open world like horizon you will probably both need the extra ram and be able to put up with subpar game performace

On that note how's the unofficial compatibility with past windows version? I remember hearing something about crackers able to juryrig DirectX 12 to work on things other than windows 10

Haven't heard anything about it, and to be honest I'm pretty skeptical of it ever happening.

Well I got the RAM in today, ran a few races and everything was fine, I saw the game go between 4-5GB used.

I enjoy listening to reruns of that Car Talk radio show.

You're new to chans aren't you?

But Roadkill is mine. And reminder that NFS__ has the best sound design in games.

I wouldn't say Regular Car Reviews is really normalfag.
To me he seems like a weird as fuck English nerd who is sometimes obsessed with Hunter S Thompson, especially the reports he did from furry conventions before he was Mr Regular. I still don't know if it's because he is a furry himself or was just imitating that style of gonzo journalism but he does talk to a lot of furries on twitter.
If i remember right there's also been mentions of /d/ and Bad Dragon in some videos.

Anyway RCR is the only car stuff I watch on Youtube.

furry as fuck

Kaz's brightest idea, no doubt

About as bad as the save protection that wipes your garage in GT4

This update was so damn great. When are we going to get another Midnight Club? I fucking need it.

When they find a way to tack in some Shark Cards :^)

If that means idiots will give Rockstar money so I can get free updates, I'm all for it. Actually I'm really surprised just how much has been added to GTAO since it's inception, people must be buying those cards non-stop.

Apparently, Rockstar made $500 million in microtransactions on GTAO. Not surprising, considering how much Rockstar charges for the new shit in every update.

A yacht costs about 90 real world euros if you were to buy it with Shark Cards.

It's probably tied to the systems MAC address, there were a few other games that did it.

So I have a Logitech F310 because I'm too poor to afford a wheel.
The problem with it for racing is the analog triggers that should be throttle and brake are often detected by games as a single axis so I can't apply throttle and brake at the same time. The game just sees both triggers being applied the same as neither being applied.
If I switch the controller to Directinput mode, games detect the triggers as separate buttons but without analog, making them 100% on or 100% off, which is often worse.

How can I get around this and make games treat them like pedals?

I ended up copying the whole memory stick into PPSSPP, mirroring the MAC address and loading the legit GT PSN PBP inside PPSSPP and it worked. Don't know if it's tied to the MAC address or the version of the software, but my save is safe in case this POS decides to die.

That's the normal XInput behavior on older DInput games. Xbox pads do that as well. From what I can tell, it's supposed to stop badly programmed games, like NFS games, from scrolling forever and ever as they detect an axis as being pressed.

Only workaround I can think of is using a virtual joystick driver that understands XInput and can emulate a DInput pad with more axis than the standard.

Like what? Can Xpadder do that?

Why dont more games have kit cars? There's so much charm in those 2 litre engines.

AFAIK xpadder only supports keyboard and mouse, which would work if your game supports mouse input but otherwise it would on/off.

Quick testing showed that pairing vJoy (as virtual joystick driver) with XJoy (as XInput enabled feeder for vJoy), with the correct mapping inside XJoy, would let you have this feature albeit I think you'll have to sacrifice one axis of the second analog stick to make room for the two triggers.

Tested with these versions:
vJoy: sourceforge.net/projects/vjoystick/
XJoy: github.com/MasterKenth/XJoy
with an Xbox One controller

I'll give it a shot.
I've been trying to play Flatout.
I've had the exact same problem in the past with emulated Gran Turismo 2.

Old games, not surprised. I just learnt to live with it, besides pressing both doesn't happen if you're driving properly in a somewhat sim game.

In ePSXe and PCSXR you can use LilyPad from PCSX2 that has full XInput support. Not that it really matters because I'm not sure you can have simultaneous accelerator and brake action in GT2, analog mapping is right stick up and down on the actual console.

This actually worked. Neat.

Jesus Christ. And that's on top of the 50,000,000 copies of the game they sold.

There used to be loads in Rally games, but manufacturers have pulled back. Codemasters said that the hardest part of Dirt Rally was getting manufacturers to allow really big crumple zones and fucking up the car on a budget and they lost a big name manufacturer they wanted simply because they were charging far too much even though they appeared in DIRT before (People figured it out to be Toyota).

F2's are fun but they wreck so easily. Codemasters were fucking around for a while by having one weekly being a F2 on Finland. The speeds you go and how light they are. You are done if you hit a tree with enough force.

I haven't played DR in a while but I remember that the damage visuals were quite mild. Similar to what other Codemasters title had before. But yeah, car manufacturers tend to be quite careful about the amount of damage you can inflict on their cars, IIRC this was one of the reasons damage in GT5 was so underwhelming.

Or maybe Toyota pulled when Codemasters said they were not going to replicate the ST185 cheat and make it faster :^)


how do i git gud?
do graphics actually get decent if you update?

Playstation 4? I think there's the problem graphics wise, on the topic of getting gud the only way is to play, play, play. Maybe getting a wheel can help, but I have yet to play Dirt Rally, some more experienced anons can help you better

Playstation 4 has good graphics (well, a lot better than this) depending on the game, this just looks like a shit port
Googled it with no results, maybe updating will help when I'm not stuck with dial-up.
Are the people on the sides supposed to look HL1-tier?

It's probably normal, DR on PS4 runs quite close to medium-high PC settings with lower definition shadows and a few bits maxed out. At least that's what Digital Foundry says in their review.
DR isn't exactly a breathtakingly pretty game anyway.

To get better, just play. Remember you're no rally legend and use full throttle sparingly on the fast cars. Take it slow and smooth.

Yeah, but you're not really supposed to look at them.

I just can't do the fucking sharp turns. How do you do them? Brake entirely then slowly go around? Handbrake doesn't seem much better.

I suppose it also depends on the car's traction. FR and 4WD don't drive in the same way

Depends on the car you're racing, I found that the handbrake was only effective on kit cars and 4WDs, and only for very tight hairpin-like corners.
The slower entry level cars worked better with slowing down and power sliding. I picked the Fulvia and had some success just throwing the back around. The handbrake scrubbed too much speed for such a slow car.
For most of the slow corners that aren't hairpins I play with a bit of weight distribution and just throw the car into the corner under heavy braking, hoping it will slide around nicely.

But then, I'm not an alien so maybe this isn't the best way to do it. And I haven't played the game in ages

Clutchkicks are also useful for breaking traction for those tight corners.

Jeep TorielJ

And that's the thread, we have hit 300 reply. looking forward to seeing everyone next thread, where nothing will happen again.

18 days

Thread lasted 3 weeks which is below the usual month so it was okay.

dude's pretty hit-or-miss (and mostly miss), though he can put out some good shit occasionally

it's a mixed feel

At least there's racing games to look forward to to shitpost about. F1 2016 is out next week. NASCAR Heat Evo and Forza Horizon 3 in September and GT Sport in November.