So topical

so topical



Where? OP embedded it he didn't link it.
Here's your (you) you (1)

i forget it still exists sometimes

Why won't they let The Simpsons die?

I miss when the Simpsons wasn't always just pop culture references.




There abridge series that puts more effort than the Simpsons

why are people in family guy yellow now

they outsourced the animation to china

Modern Simpsons is shit but come on faggots.

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hey Holla Forums, what do dubs feel like?


Not like that. More like this.

Alright, I hate when cartoons preach seeing as somebody writing a cartoon really shouldn't be putting their social or political beliefs in there… that said, I have seen a lot of parents walking with their kids completely ignoring them while playing go in busy areas. This isn't to say their weren't a few playing them with their kids, but there were a lot who were glued to their screens while their children were running around downtown.

I'd say this is more of a social network issue than a Pokemon Go issue though, Go just made it a lot more apparent how parents are willing to neglect their kids for their phones.


Also still running are
Fairly Odd Parents
American dad
Dora The Explorer lasted all the way till 2014

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I couldn't do it this video is crap. Every single quote unquote prediction it's just something that happened and then relating it back to the Simpsons. Oh man someone stole a lemon tree in The Simpsons have predicted the future just because it happened to 13 fucking years ago? But that's just a theory a game theory


God I hate people like this. Pokemon go actually had me hook up with someone and we have literally had Netflix and chill and smoked weed. He kept saying shit that sounded like that picture I just couldn't do it. Liberals were a mistake

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Don't forget Spongebob Squarepants!
Remember that Viacom is ran by pure jews, and they will stop at nothing to milk out EVERYTHING THEY FUCKING CAN.

You get the same conspiratards on both sides.
It's just what they believe is behind everything is different.

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Please make the idiots go away. If you genocide the retarded half of the population than the intelligence median would increase by 33%. Hitler did nothing wrong

This is like undertale all over again :)

Well in all fairness, Pokemon is an anime. A fucking cash cow anime at that.

Last I heard Spongebob’s creators were doing everything they could to get it cancelled (basically by running it into the ground and making it “too controversial” to run). They don’t want to just leave because they’d rather not see their creation aborted by someone who didn’t touch it creatively at all.


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I didn't pay for weed he gave it to me that's like getting mad at pirates for stealing video games

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I know people have called this shit out, but is the season 2-10 part still accurate in terms of GOOD Simpsons?
I've been meaning to marathon it since I hadn't grown up religiously watching it, but I don't want to go too far into the shit zone

Ayo hold up fam u tryna smash


Seriously I'm just laying in bed trying to fall asleep, and you guys are getting mad at me for no reason. This is better than a book or playing games it's like interactive emergent fiction. And it's free.

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Simpsons sucks ass. What else is new?

2 to 6 is the best but 6 to 10 is still pretty good

Prime example of mental deficiency, folks.