What I played/what I expected/what I got

What I played/what I expected/what I got.


My first one, made with tons of care and affection in MS Paint.

What the fuck did he do this time

I'm not Doctor Mario but it looks like he cut his dick off.


It's only become MORE true.


I fucking love this game but god damn you can never make liberals happy

I figured it was just a top down mix of Terraria and Spacechem or something from looking at the pictures. I read this post and look at this pic and so I check it out on Steam and suddenly pic related.

So just like in real life?

inb4 Holla Forums derail, with all the oc I made that I actually like.

Is that a good or bad thing? How's gameplay? Or it's cut-scene fest?

Deadbolt is all gameplay. There is very little "STOP WHILE I PLOT AT YOU" moments.

Don't take it so literally. By that logic his other one would be


I liked reach




People who complain about armor lock are bad at the game


G-gandalf san



etc. ad infinitum

Pretty much every TCG has its basis on MTG and I seen a lot of them die off.

Jesus Christ, are they even trying to hide their agenda any more?


You ordered some salt ?

They never hid their agenda, the beta males are called cucks for a reason.


Got a smirk out of me. You can do better than that event in paint though.

Quality content




polite sage, looking to see who got those mighty quints

chain chain chain chain chain
special summon special summon effect
tribute special summon special summon
xyz summon synchro summon pendulum summon
xyz summon
Standby phase your turn? Ok, Vanities, iron wall, mask of restrict.

It seems like yugioh players hate yugioh more than anyone else

Wouldn't have it any other way.

sounds just like real life


Fresh oc


I don't actually remember creating these; I think they were for late night shitpost on /ogc/

THis is what hurts the most.



I miss Novalogic flight sims.


i don't even really get what your trying to convey with these


Also made this a while back.

A terrible experience.




not too far off from reality

its not dead though, it has 800 plays right now


I don't understand this meme. Everyone thinks they're British. Look them up. They're based out of fucking Georgia, in the US.

So…it's good?


Medievil was the fucking shit. I play it again every year.




me too user

I still haven't played 2, I'm kinda afraid to since I heard its not as good. I played about 5 minutes of resurrection and then deleted it. That remake sickened me

Resurrection is awful. That fucking genie in your head will not stop fucking talking.

You should play Medievil 2, trust me. I think it's just as good as the first and I should know. I've played the shit out of both. I should have said that I play both of them again every year.

Fuck I need to finish that game. Fucking gnomes

I feel you, user. I really do.
Reach was such a disappointment. Boring as hell, too.

Thanks fam, never heard of Liar game, shit's fun.

By modern triple-A standards it's not bad at all. It's not Doom or FEAR, but it's a lot better than Borderlands 2 or nuDoom.

I still wonder why Renegade was so despised around release. It was really great to run around in the field and actually go inside the buildings and shit. I remember lot of the people (teens) bitching how it was too campy and videogamey, "why isn't it more mature and realistic, like Half-Life?"

This is the future we chose.


Liar game is one of those great series you just never hear about. Plus I think it just kind of stopped some years ago.




I really, really tried.
No, I didn't wanted to keep track of all those vague hints.
This game just wasn't for me.
I was into 30% of the game and I quit for good.
All I wanted was an Indiana Jones Cave Story.


Creativity is a dwindling resource.

The problem is with you. They're accurate.

This was before they completely shafted the PC version

Considering it's a card game made by Konami, and considering what Konami became, it isn't surprising.

The thing is, most players are complaining about the usual power surge mechanic (one archetype is released, it overpowers everything for three to six months, then it is nerfed while the next archetype is released, then the cards for it are re-released at a lower price, then the banhammer hits until the archetype isn't relevant anymore), while it was present since day one (hello, Dark Magician being near unuseable two months after its release due to said power creep).


It hurts…still no good private server.

reddit overreaction images: the thread

Shit someone already did it.

Fresh OC


OC coming through, get MS Paint eye cancer while it is hot.




Highlander is mediocre you stupid faggot. I bet you weren't even born when that came out.

Highlander was my MOTY of 86 you underage summerfag


Yeah sure it was. You were born in 91 like all the other cancer. Kill yourself.

Both of you were not even born when 9/11 happened, now shut up.


Nobody can. You're fucking invulnerable. We kill you right after it. All you fucking did was end my multikill and make me waste a round.

I don't blame you for giving up. The game really requires you to keep a real life journal with you and write down everything. The clues you can record in-game aren't enough for the later puzzles.
I gave up and restarted like 5 times before I was completely invested in it.

I'm sure these were meant to be compliments

I'm flattered

It "ended" last year. As in, the author finally ran out of ideas so he wrote a lack-luster "final round" and then ended it with a twist that went nowhere. Still absolutely worth reading though, some of those games were insane.



Forge in reach was fucking awesome.

With Forge being improved in future games, the only thing Reach has going for it now is customs.

Are you retarded?



I would give my left nut for a 3DS collection of those games.

Ah, damn. Last part I read was the chairs thing, it already was drawn out and kinda disappointing. But like you said, the manga gave plenty of amazing moments, just no real conclusion.


Reach was actually the last good Halo, thank you very much.

Coping with the loss of your money because you actually paid for that game?


Fuck off shitran fag

I see right through you

I don't remember those last I played.

go back to Holla Forums faglord

Hot day in Tel Aviv?

I am not even Holla Forums, but being triggered for call of duty is something kotaku-tier.

He's right.
You have to to back

You have to back Holla Forumsyp

how dumb are you


Well, in one call of duty game you kinda need to protect tel aviv and your friends die for israel. Not in that one though.

The event is called "the invasion of tel aviv"

And you're fast too. Either the whole team is on this thread or we've got some freakazoid who changes IPs faster than we can blink.

Either way, it's more convincing if you come across as less desperate/butthurt. Now it sticks out as that one image generating a barrage of butthurt.

Oy vey!

Is your tinfoil hat on too tight you moron?

But that happened in ghosts, which from what I hear was pretty fucking bad, even by codfag standards.

Plus I mean, I don't really think events happening in Israel is some sort of jewish propaganda ploy like Holla Forums believes.

Fuck off you goddamn paranoid fuck. This is not your fucking board. Neither is Holla Forums or Holla Forums or any other board you try to make your own. Nobody is shilling against you, you are just fucking insufferable and you don't care about vidya.

Itt, bunch of children being triggered that their favorite call of duty is criticized. The best way to just ignore stupid picture, but no, it seems you actually care about CoD.


Next time try to read nigger

Or maybe not everyone in the world finds your obnoxious political agenda as tolerable as you think.

I actually love the fact that Holla Forums is growing stronger. Holla Forums must have some retarded autistic rival.

The problem with you, Holla Forums, is not that you have unacceptable beliefs. Nobody here thinks rapefugees are a good thing or what have you. The problem is that you're acting like a goddamn furfag with your political opinions instead of fetishes. You are juvenile, obnoxious niggers, calling for persecution at the first bantz, and this kind of projecting post is not helping you. Fuck off.

Next time post your political shit on a political board.

i'd argue that the 'everyone who disagrees with me is one person' shit's also a big problem as well. it shows they can't handle criticism worth a fuck.

Holla Forums lame memes are just too easy to spot.
I don't know who they think they're trying to fool.

I was just pointing out your inability to read niggers, add ID reading to it


Shame you can't emulate it on ppsspp, last time I tried certain missions just outright crash 100% of the time.

I just kept trying over again and it works with 90% efficacy

tl;dr I liked it.

It was actually the best though