What games lets me be a knight and shit?

What games lets me be a knight and shit?
so far the ones I know are the Souls games, Mount&Blade Warband, Chivarly Medieval, Daggerfall, Mabinogi,Chivarly Medieval Warfare and modded Morrowind and Oblivion.

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Dragon's Dogma

I almost forgot about Dragon's Dogma.
thanks for reminding me

Fallout 4

Life is Feudal

Skyrim Remastered


where'd my paladin heinrich picture go

It's very easy to make a Templar CAW on SoulCalibur That helm in pic related is also in SCIV and I think SC3 as well if your just like me and hate SCV
Then there's the Souls series.

there it is.

There need to be more games with good mounted combat. Any by that I mean more than just Mountain Blade.

You can be a knight in divinity os. I just started with my buddy the cleric.

What aspects of knightly-ness are you after OP?

I'm not OP, but I'm looking for crumbling castles, helpless maidens and maybe over complicated medieval politics.

Daggerfall - Several Knightly orders can be joined.
Oblivion - Knights of the 9 expansion.
Crusaders lets you be a lord of knights.
Warcraft 3 - human campaign lets you play knights.
Total War : Medieval, very knightly

Read what the doubles say, OP.

You can play as a Paladin in Inquisitor, if that's close enough

I'm very close to getting all my money to buy armor and shit, recruit some spic manlet to help me go on adventures and be a knight errant.

People in my boxing gym ask me what I intend to do with my training. I tell them it would be nice to go amateur.

I'm really just training for Battle of Nations. One day I'll make the burger knight team.

You can't BE a knight, but Age of Empires II HD.

I need to train to become a knight.
so far I'm trying to make a schedule to get back into shape but all I know is to jog evrey morning and do pushups but there's more to that and I don't know what else to do.

Witcher 3. It's very much fantasy but you can do knightly quests and it features all the things you mentioned.


This is what I'm shooting for. I try to push at the edges of what I can do each time I get out there. I hope that is enough.

I HIGHLY recommend boxing, as it teaches you how to really get the most out of your punches by using your entire body. It's also comfy as fuck being able to actually dodge and weave through punches to get shots in.

Don't skip the jump rope, you need it to be able to shoot forward or backwards off of your front and back legs quickly.

You could also google to find your local belegarth group, but it's kinda faggy because people often don't call their hits, and for some reason they allow archers.

Thanks fam, I'll do my vest to follow these and reach my max potential. make my childhood dreams come true.
one is not considered a true knight until they are 21
I have about a year and 3 months to meet the expectations

Truly Knightly. Tell me, can you vault onto a horse in full armor? Or even ride a horse at all? Are you versed in the use of shield and sword and spear? Do you perform these exercises will frequently undergoing severe fasts to ensure you can operate effectively even without food or enough sleep? Have you been on a pilgrimage?

Probably not what you where expecting, but how about Ragnarok Online?

We have a thread going for a private server and we have a pretty sizable guild now at about 60 or so people. We're actually nearing capacity in the guild, but I saw this thread and figured I'd let ya know about it.

I my self am a Crusader smiting down the unholy and protecting my guildmates from damage with my massive HP and strong armor.

check the thread out

This might help.

Sounds like crossfit. No thanks.

Nigga we cant all afford armor.

It's what they did. It's well and good to do your weights and your running with a protein shake in your stomach, frequent meals and milk throughout the day, and a whole boiled chicken every evening, but this does not mesh with the life of soldiery. You need to be strong in shit conditions. The most important factor however has always been not being a pussy. The game is about not running away before your opponents do.

You're supposed to eat AFTER working out not before or during.

No, you need to get strong BEFORE shit conditions.

Though I understand what you are trying to say, I don't think you can ever get used to fighting/running while starving no matter how much you practice.


Anyone got any adventure stories, whether they be innawoods or Siberian travels?

Don't be so close-minded user :^)

I think Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an option. But it's in beta right now. So we'll just have to wait.

Probably now what you're looking for, but CK2 is exactly this.

Crusader Kings 2

FFT has a Knight class (and a Lancer class). Also has pseudo-magical Knight classes.

Gameplay is pretty good and the setting is medieval, so knighthood, churches, royalty, etc.

Bumping because I want to know.

And I don't want a game where you're just in plated armour and kicking ass: that's not all that's in the romance stories of being a knight. I mean proper chivalry! Acting on behalf of your just and noble king. Protecting your fair maiden and those in suffering. Patrolling on your steed as you tackle highwaymen, deal with the fallout from medieval politics, cling to your honourable code and protect the realm from invaders.

There's gotta be one video game that lets us play out the fantasy

original beta orbiter

back then, you would actually get pussy

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine is actually all about being a knight. You pick out a title and sign during the tournament questline, get nice knight armour and can go around saving fair maidens and doing knightly tasks.

The game has already been mentioned: Mount and Blade and hopefully its sequel.

Knights were the chads of their time, fam.