Pokemon Go


It's already been a couple of hours, where's the delicious brown Candela porn?

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What do you mean where's the porn?
People have been taking selfies with digletts coming out of the assholes of bent over chicks, it doesn't get more explicit than that.
People are literally meeting up and fucking while playing this game.


Wew laddie. This is the first thing Pokemon GO related I care about. She's a total semen demon.

That's not how it works user.

This is now a brown girls thread


Thank fuck i didn't pick red.

I swear everything about this game is hilariously awful.

you gotta defend your stronk womyn of color right?
at least team mystic has no sjw faggots like you both

Instinct is the aryan team



Team instinct's leader looks like an anime version of Carl the Cuck


You can't cure this case of terminal shit taste.

At least he's white

Why would you want to fuck an Ape?


You must be new, 2D brown girls are fine here.



>>>Holla Forums

Get it right, faggot

Worship of real or fictional women of color is a Tumblr trait, Tumblr. I'd suggest you fucking leave.

Pokemon Go, like overcuck is a fucking Tumblr game.

Ayy lmao good try Holla Forums. Trying to cause some more Holla Forums hate, huh?

Tan girls and Brown girls are the same in my book user. I love both equally, no need to hate.

Doesn't seem much different from what actual Holla Forumstards would say.


Shush you

unless you got some more brown girls




This kills my jungle fever.

No need to be so upset user.
No matter if it's a tan or real dark skin we can come together and appreciate our love of girls with brown skin.
No need to divide, we must come together and love all brown girls.

Dude, I think you outta go take 5, maybe get some water, 'cause you're looking a little too rustled.

>he still doesn't know


Alex jones is a fucking faggot, I know

forgot to sage


Say what you will, but I never joined a team.
I just wanna complete the Pokédex.

Besides, when has a team in Pokémon ever not turned out to be a villain?

Holy fuck
What if WE are the bad guys?

So get a real pokemon game, hipster.

Did you really pay for pokecoins you stupid nigger?

He really did pay for those coins. Goddamn.


go back to Holla Forums

Shut your whore mouth, dubs. Holla Forums is a cesspool, but Tumblr is cancer and so are you.

Holla Forums > tumblr any day
But I still like my brown girls

Stay triggered fag. Brown 2d qts are here to stay.

lmao its not even a good looking one too unlike that chick from street fighter.

Even cucks are above you

I've been meaning to do that, but keeping track of what routes I still need to explore's been nothing short of a mindfuck for me, and there ain't a single decent Pokédex app for anything before Gen VI, as far as tracking's concerned.

Over the past month I've been trying to figure out how to make/plan out my own app because I'm fed up with not being sure if I crossed everything off the map accurately, and there's no way I can get back to the game until I've sorted all that out.

Here's a spoonfeed for you. Most "brown" girls in japanese games are actually tanned, not niggers or arabs.

Also Holla Forums sucks, they think it is degenerate to breed with asians, because jews want that. If jews wanted that, i would have been already married.

Are fags above him too?
After all they are a pillar of alt-right culture?

I knew we'd become Tumblr 2 one day, anyhow.

That somehow excuses you for being a cunt?

MFW I joined Team Valour because I thought it would be a cute redhead.

MFW it's a nigress.

MFW I submit a request to get my team changed to Mystic and serve under the Aryan goddess.

it's obviously mixed race


Dude, just use Serebii.net, any look up any mon you haven't got in your Dex and it will show you what you missed. The site has a dex for every gen. Since you are trying to play a real Pokemon I'll stop giving you shit, but don't discount the modern gens, people bitch but they're better by far than some of the bullshit pre-gen IV (the physical special attack split is so fucking key). Take it from someone who just finished beating Stadium 1, Gen 1's battle system is a load of shit. Loved that shit when I was a kid but high level play is just an exercise in frustration or spamming cheap bullshit like Slash Persian or Amnesia Snorlax.

Look at mystic again, she is not aryan

That's what Holla Forums is.

Bigot = Cuck
Sexist = Degenerate
CISscum = cuckservative
homophobic = antifa
neo-nazi = kike shill

And so on, and so on.

If liking cute 2d brown girls makes me tumblr, so be it. I'm proud to be tumblr then :^)

Good news, markimoo is team instinct too!

Fucking who? Why would I care?

Honestly this.
Its sad to say but most of this post is true. Holla Forums used to be really great, but then it turned into tumblr 2: alt-right boogaloo. I mean seriously, how can anybody take them seriously about the white race when they more or less worship that faggot Milo.


One other thing. In the recent remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire the map shows you where you haven't been and the PokeNav will inform you if you've still got Pokemon to catch in the area. Basically the sort of app you're talking about. ORAS is actually really good, I haven't played X/Y but ORAS sold me on Gen 6.

Then I think it would be wise for you to go back.


See its faggots like these that we need to be actually calling out for tumblr shit

She…she's just tanned user. She's been out a bit, you know, reclaiming the island of Crete for Team Mystic. That's all it is. Please, let me have a racially pure woman to worship in Go…

Pic related. I would rather die.

user, He's trolling. Granted pretending to be retarded should still be bullied.

At least I hope he's pretending.

Its too late user she is a half breed let it go, best bet is to move to instinct

You're a fucking white man. Women are below you


No, i actually watch markimoo. He's a fun guy. And his friends at team edge too.



stop pretending faggot

I still like brown girls
sorry mane

What a waste of perfectly fine trips.

Trust me, I know Gen I's broken as fuck, but the plan's always been play through all of them until the increasingly bullshit storylines inevitably make me (metaphorically) bash my keyboard in autistic rage because there will never be an option to stop the villains in the first act.


Call me when they add Kalos region pokemon.

Well, i am not lying. When other youtubers i watch don't release anything, i usually switch to markiplier and watch him instead.

I watched almost everything he had, but the most memorable ones were:
In Lucy's Eyes
Spooky's house of jumpscares
The Crooked man
The witch house
Yandere Simulator

and a lot more of the new ones.

He also secretly supports Donald Trump.

Rumor has it Gen II's coming in December.

Nice. That's actually why I just beat Stadium 1, I'm playing through every gen with a friend. We're almost done with Gen 2 (both level 40 right before the elite four, we're battling about every 10 levels give or take) but I want to beat the Stadium games for myself.

In that case: For Gen 1 get yourself a Meowth and as soon as you can teach it Slash (which isn't soon, shame I can't trade you one of my Gen 2 level 5 slash meowths, that shit would rape the whole game), get a Snorlax with Amnesia and Psychic (or anything with Amnesia and Psychic as it's retarded strong gen 1), and a Tauros with Body Slam, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, and Ice Beam. Should get you through the game without pain, and seriously that Meowth/Persian will surprise you with the shit it will kill.

Forgot madfather. Mad Father definetely was one of his bests.

sure user.

Watch his video when he silently stares at the banana.

Nigger, there's only 140 of the original 151 in the game, this shitty mobile game can't even be bothered to add in all of the fucking Gen 1 Pokemon.

Thank for this image

my entire monitor was boobs for a second

i like it a lot

I ain't watching his videos. hey may be an okay guy in real life but I don't like his content

Forgot my sage.

Even if you didn't post in the right thread, you should just fucking off yourself. You don't deserve to pass on your genes and your ideas onto others.

it's the holy fucking trinity

What a waste of trips.

Everybody seems to forget marks brother makes a furry porn

Don't worry, i'l be forever a virgin unlike you, Holla Forumsards, who all together already have families and bunch of children.

Watching shitty youtubers is like watching some shit tv series they usually roll at the evening, like married and children or big bang theory. Its kinda autistic type of non-intellectual fun you want to have so you won't kill yourself because of how much failure are you, you can just become more stupid and forget all responsibilities and shit. Even better when you watch it with tons of alcohol.

but they don't, it's a mixed bag, I can smell the retarded for miles

>The team leaders will probably seek out the birds for world domination, to the surprise of no one.

If you're using an emulator we could try doing a virtual link. SRAM dumping's also an option, albeit more tedious and probably not worth the effort just to trade a meowth.

She's a nigger.


No fucking shit genius


You know I actually could do that. I played on a legit copy of blue, but I hacked a save for yellow and ran that on my Everdrive for Game Boy to trade mons in and use TMs on them.

I have some spare Slash Meowths from when I was breeding them to beat Stadium, I'll have to transfer them to blue and then transfer them to my Everdrive, but then I could even upload the save file so you could trade it to yourself at your leisure, and while it's on a non-legit file, it's hilarious to think of you slaughtering through the game with a legit bred Meowth from Crystal.

Let me work on this, I'll post the srm file when I finish.

Nah she's some kind of sandnigger or currynigger but not one of your pet niggers.

Casual reminder for Valorfags/Mysticfags:

At least its more human-like, fox fucker.

Still a nigger.

Holy shit, that was some high class hentai.


shes still a nigger none the less

You Holla Forums cucks are a pathetic, unfunny bunch you know that?

Blanche is a dude?

I love how you faggots immediately go to Holla Forums I've never been. Stay triggered friendo

It's called a dildo, best you learn about it now.

Okay, here you go user.
This file might also be useful for training in the endgame as that's what I made it for, 99 of every TM is in the PC and stat enhancing drugs in the inventory. Enjoy.

Oh, and the Meowth is last in the party, named Claw.

Why would Holla Forums care what happens to mixed race swine?
If anything they'd want to see her dragged behind a truck until you can't recognize her

Damnit user you can't just post brown qt's and not tell me where shes from

Here's some more brown girls


That's not more brown girls. That's the same brown girl from different camera angles at different times. Get it right.

Dude, you are amazing. Thank you.
If I ever finish that 'Dex app I'll post a screencap of Claw in that thread.

How much do you wanna bet that's a tranny?

I genuinely don't understand attraction to dark skin
It just looks unnatural to me, especially when nude
This isn't even about Holla Forums I'm just curious to why you like it

No problem man, this is what Pokemon is all about, I'm just glad I had the tools to do it so easily. Have fun with Claw!

Oh, one thing I keep forgetting: you may have to rename the save file to .sav or whatever your emulator uses. The good news is you don't have to convert it or anything, the file reads the same just some emulators call the file something else.

So which is your favorite, newfags?

Funny story actually: I only just learned how saves worked after finding a tutorial last night.

I've been considering adding some method to import pokédex data directly from a save. It was kinda relieving to learn .sav files are just a straight dump. That'll be much less of a hassle to work with.

rest are literally shit tier

I think they should all hang

Its just a specific taste like lolis and christmas cake

Are you me?


Sounds good user, if you could get that working I'm sure there would be a high demand for your app in the emulation scene.

Maybe this is more towards your taste?

At least tumblr doesn't come here and expect us to accept their shitty opinions. Every other fucking thread here gets derailed by Holla Forums these days.

Entire bottom row
i love very dark/black skin (shame about everything else that comes with it IRL)

Get that shit out of here. That's fucking foul


Holla Forums abhors Christians and the alt-right now. They're just currently unfaithful advocates of white NATSOC.

Well played, Niantic..

You're going to love brazillian natives then.
Shitskin with none of the shitskiness since they descend from ancient asians migrating to south america, lots of footage you see of them are those who bred with niggers in colonial brazil or a model pretending for pictures but an actual native girl from the right tribe is a qt

Jesus fuck, video games were a mistake.
Why can't you autists get really into jigsaw puzzles and fuck off from video games forever?

Their just 3 characters its not like its a secret master plan to make everyone love black people goy

Blanche is a man, dude. Japs love designing androgynous males.

are you ok user? are you TRIGGERED :^)

why is it so easy to bait Holla Forums now?


Jigsaws are boring. :/

Because it's full of insecure tryhards

People try to look cool online.

But i am cool in real life why would i pretend online

By your shitposts on tan combined I am Captain Nonsummerjack

Captain Nonsummerjack, she's our hero,
Gonna take semen down to zero,
She's our fap magnified,
And she's fighting on the tanned side

Captain Nonsummerjack, she's our hero,
Gonna take semen down to zero,
Gonna help her put us under,
Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

"You'll pay for this Tanned whore!"

We're the tan lovers,
You can be one too!
'Cause fucking our gals is the thing to do,
Avoiding the solarium is not the way,
Hear what Captain Nonsummerjack has to say:


nice post though


Wait a second I recognise that mouth..

Don't you fucking post it

also this bait isn't even all that good all he has to do is pretend to be a polack and call 2d pictures niggers and suddenly he can destroy entire threads but it works every time?

People are just retarded

So, when japongese use the term "bitch" what they really mean is "slut" right?


I'm super cool in real life, but not for the same reasons.

Don't fucking help intl.

You participate in a "game" that has nothing to do with the actual series which exists for the sole purpose of data mining your personal information. Of course you're the bad guy.

Roast in hell, coalburner.

Kill yourself, underage.

It's explicitly degenerate to breed outside your species, you fucking illiterate.

You know nothing at all.

Reported for not even trying, intl.

would hold hands with those drow.

Honestly kill yourself, intl.

Please inhale argon.

Hi, intl. you were reported.

The "alt-right" is Jewish bullshit. And no, Holla Forums doesn't hate Christians. We hate zionists.

Because it's a haven for feminists and run by a literal kike. Seriously, the fucking liberals on here–the problem with the industry–and no one does anything about them.

Wew lads

Also, where's the fucking porn, damn it

the fuck are you babbling about?

sauce? Can't find jack on google or Tineye

The problem with the industry has always been authoritarian faggots like you. Never forget that.

nice bait

Authoritarians and jews.




Hell the only bad thing I can say is it looks like he's wearing those cross trainer shoes that fuck up your knees.

Im glad I haven't picked a team yet, because now I can genuinely be best team.

have you tried saucenao?

Thanks Lenovo.


Get a new phone if you want to fuck some land whales user





Aaaaand mods aren't doing their job even today

People actually like Blanche's design? I mean, I'm on Mystic and I think that she's the worst Pokegirl I've ever seen. I hope I don't have to see that awful face every time I play now.

what is this, ultra nigger?

I'm no furry, but she makes my peepee feel weird.

You're trying too hard Holla Forums, doing the usual shill routine and trying to pretend like you're from Holla Forums. Thing is, nobody on Holla Forums is like you.

Everyone knows brown skin girls in anime are tan white girls. When the japs make a negro character, you will know, because they will have afro hair and a flat nose and big lips.

Kind of like Casca is a white Spaniard woman.

Except nobody on Holla Forums would ever say anything like that, you also are outing yourself as a shill.

did that guy really bring up milo into pokemon?
for what purpose?


Normalfags are weird.

Virtue signalling, I guess.

Because they really want Milo to be famous

I wanna fuck spark with balls slapping butt force while candela kisses his body and plays with his dick teasingly, consistently cradling his balls.

What the fuck Holla Forums, at least TRY a little. Milo is one of the most disliked persons on Holla Forums. In no way is he approved of there. Step your game up.

Pokemon Go already has R34?




Fuck off tumblr

Notice that almost all the tweets used to make fun of Spark are either anime girls, or tumblr as fuck.

It's been out for weeks of course it would have
rule 34 you idiot

But it has like one dude and your avatar in it?

Like a clockwork. Now we just need somebody to post Wolfenstein to finish the #triggering process.

There's more porn of the professor than the girl.

I did notice that when I first read the article. they cherry picked quite a lot

What are you talking about?

No, we just dislike those kind of Christians who think European greatness is because of Christianity. It's not, religion has had no effect on our success. It is our race itself which is so great, and would succeed with any religion.

Well they are a bunch of cuckservatives, anti-fascists, anti-NatSoc, pro-sexual deviancy and so on

I want to see spark cum on his tummy, the semen going between his ab muscles, and leaking down onto the bedsheet while candela frantically laps it up.

He is an SJW in disguise you fucking retard, because there is no such thing as a right wing SJW. He implied that there was, which is a typical leftist tactic since they have no real arguments.


Take a chill pill, you right-wing SJW.

Why do that to poor, innocent Ricchan?

This thread is gay.


You're gay.


Europe? Don't you mean Islamastan?

Rosen's a jewish name, the kike is just virtue signaling for all we know.

Not once they're pushed over the brink ONCE AGAIN and the euro-fags cause a world incident and everyone has to throw them back into their cage again.

Will they ever learn?

For people trying so hard to fight "conventional beauty standards", they're real quick to say that anyone who doesn't dress girly and doesn't have an hourglass figure isn't a real woman.

She identifies as a Matrix?

Are you even trying?

What color would Casca be?

She's delicious brown.

her tits are pretty damn big

yeah but shes hot right?

how convinient, anything that makes them look bad is a shill right? Holla Forums has been doing that kind of thing for years and nobody has been saying that until recently as patience for their sperging grows thin.

shes a 5/10 at most user

I find it funny that team mystic is led by a trap considering its full of homos

Most of the guys at Cow Chop are Mystic.

A nigger, a tranny and a faggot. And yet somehow Japan remains "based".

Still better than Mystic with Keemstar and all that

miscegenation is always degeneracy since the kids will turn out fucked.
and the Jews want it so it'll be easier for their half-breed spawn to mingle among them unnoticed when the richer Jews move from the US and Europe.

that, is what's called a "tarskin".

depends on the arc.
and what artist showed up that day.

Still like the 1997 anime colors for characters. Granted, it was inconsistent, but the tan look fits them.

are you guys new or something

I'll have a side of Bodouin Dreams
With some Dusky Dravian please

it doesn't matter if the nigger is only outside or inside and outside, it's still a nigger

Remember to take your vitamin D supplements since you aren't synthesizing it yourself then.

>>>Holla Forums

I beg to differ nigger

well, that particular user is just taking the opportunity to post a top quality meme

The 1997 anime was the best.

It went its own direction but the tone was pretty spot on and the music was fantastic





is 125 people really enough to be considered a serious study? also, consider the higher density of filipinos in the study

Your dubs compell you to post the webm.


You into zoophilia, son? Why do you want to see a nigger get fucked?

Quit trying to blame others instead of yourself, Holla Forums. It always has to be some boogeyman that's pretending to be Holla Forums, instead of Holla Forums itself, doesn't it?

Kill yourself commie cuck.

[Spoiler]Are we being raid by normalfags?[/spoiler]

No, it's called taking responsibility and admitting your mistakes instead of blaming Holla Forums/goons/intl/shills/jews/etc.

Kill yourself commie cuck.

There are an estimated 727,197 Eurasians in the US. So, with a sample size of 125, we can be 95% confident that the population rate is 34% +-8%.

The number of partial or full Asian Americans is 17,320,856. So, we'll minus out 727,197 Eurasians to give us the number of full Asians, 16,593,659. With a sample size of (2000-125=) 1875, we can be 95% confident that the population rate is 17% +-1.7%.

So, even if we are to take the lower bound of the first, 26%, and the upper bound of the second, 18.7%, there is still a significant difference.

Repeating the whole process for a 99% confidence interval yields 34% +-10.93% and 17% +-2.24%, so again, even in the most extreme case, 23.07% and 19.24%.

this another one of yer false flags?

You know fully well white apologists and niggers will appropriate anything darker and call them niggers. Which she is. Nintendo is pretty smart about luring in faithful drones, so putting a nigger trainer will work wonders on the West. Check your Kikebook or Tumblr later and see how much it takes for Shaniqua or some white bitch to draw her even more niggerish.

thats about in line with the rest of the country, is it not? people are so eager to diagnose these things

The game itself is trash
But Holla Forums reaction to some brown skin shown here and there is that on par with SJWs reaction to white skin

You are the new tumblr Holla Forums just face it and try to fix it by being less triggered

Take responsibility of your shitpost Holla Forums

I just botted to 30 and still haven't picked a team. Was going to go Valor, but I'd rather not be an underling to a nigress, so I guess I'll pick Instinct instead.


There he is, there he goes again.

You have to speak English to post here, retard.

Is this official? I remember they only had a sillouette? of the trainer. This could be perfectly a tumblr fan fic

Gotta understand that the highly manipulated result which is most useful for your position is picking the furthest points on the tails of each distribution, and even then, 3.83% isn't nothing. It's just as likely to be 44.93% and 14.76%. Realistically, both cases would require extreme cherrypicking, and a nationwide survey should be fairly close to random, so the values are likely fairly close to the averages given in the study.

You have to be over 18 too user. I will stop when your will

I am very sorry i mean it is oblivious that it is in fact the jews leftypolacks liberals and Holla Forums are behind this shitposting

Take respectability Holla Forumskid , and btw i archived this thread for future use

You bore me.
Reported, enjoy your ban.

To be fair, those are exactly the kind of people that play Pokemon here, if you remove fat manchildren. They'd feel offended if you put an accurate counterpart, so no Shaniqua, manjaw tranny or skinny cuckish faggot.

Future use to prove your status as an illiterate shitskin mongoloid? Good idea.

Nintendo and Game Freak aren't the ones making these designs, it's a small company based in San Francisco that handles all of the development, everybody else just provided funding. The entire "game" makes a lot more sense looking at it that way.


instinct? more like nsync

Not really no.
I have a whole folder of charts formatted with MS Paint proving 100% of all Holla Forumsacks are shitposters and baiters, and that boardmixing is destroying the Holla Forums culture and posting quality.

i'm only kidding
where's the porn of mah girl


id love to share it but i dont have any. however now i cant get over how much "spark" looks like a young lance bass. or is it justin timberlake? i dont fuckin know


well lets just go ahead and extend that courtest to every fanbase then.
after all, its simply not possible that every brony and undertale fan are obnoxious people.


Selective attention isn't the solution kid

i guess i know which team im joining

yeah right. youre correct about getting all the pussy though, 16 year old girls love that shit.
are you a 16 year old girl user? will you show me your bosom?

Respect the place you post in Holla Forumstard

You have 3D brown girls, then you have 2D brown girls. The 3D brown girls are loud, ugly and dumb with little sex appeal. The 2D brown girls are generally cuter and less stupid because they are lacking the nigger genes.

He's posting anonymously on an anonymous board, he can say whatever he likes.

Lick my cunt, kike.

this 2d is fine 3d must be purged

Consider the influence of the environment. Mixed breed boys are shorter and more girly looking than average, which often results in them being bullied and isolated in the burgeristan. I want a similar study done in some Asian country. And breakdown of results by sex, please.

not a large enough sample size to be statistically relevant.
Also, wheres the repeatibility and reproducibility? The study isn't valid if the results are found only once.

Jesus christ user i spent a good 5 minutes trying to proccess this mix of newfaggotry and bad autism and the only reason i'm not speechless is that i'm talking about being speechless

that is patently false, my entire family are fucking giants.

I think step 1 is actually you learning to read:

Then we can move through the choreographed steps 2.1 through 2.X, demanding increasingly specific and unreasonable studies, and finally step 3, where you employ tactical nihilism to question if we can really know something about anything.

+reddit gold for you, my friend. Feel free to ignore the statistics discussed in subsequent posts and repeat vacuous and rehearsed argument trap-cards.

He's not a Newfag, He's Holla Forums or someone loosely similar to them. there's a very small dedicated section of posters that do nothing but post degenerate shit rather than actual videogames and often turn Holla Forums threads into nothing but loli and hentai/softcore porn.

Sage for useless thread

Bullshit argument. My race doesn't give a shit about me, because it's an abstract concept, not an entity with a single coherent worldview. There are no hard boundaries between races, only fuzzy ones. If they were hard, you would have different species, not races. Finally, why would I care about something that doesn't give a shit about me?.
t. terminal unresolved yellow fever

Its too bad this board doesn't have volunteers or a BO to ban him right about now.

>mfw mystic are guilty of hate crimes-by their standards.

Tits or gtfo



For punishment show us your dick.

They've been doing this shit since very early into gamergate as a form of distraction.

Previously in Holla Forums's culture, porn was shunned, (fuck off, not vidya, etc). it's gone on for so long on 8/v/ now that people just look the other way and attempt to discuss vidya while the other 30% of people go off to fap.

At this point in time the mods have pretty much given up/are complicit and lets these stupid cunts spam derailing shit as much as they like. One of them is a loli autist with a vpn that just continually spammed loli, played the "HURR MODS TRYNA SHUT ME DOWN CARD" and intensified his spam with every ban.

Why not both?

So long the diddies aren't flopping sacks it'd be lax and if the cunt ain't diseased then we'll all be pleased

SO upset by the appearance of fictional 2D aminu girl that you actually wasted the time submitting a form to change teams to another fictional animu girl.

Do realize how sad that it. It doesn't matter what team you choose. Pokemon Go is awful. Go play some real Pokemon games

So, where's the Spark porn?


i have no idea why anyone would want to play a game with less pokemon, less to do with them and evironments that youve already seen to death and on top of that arent playing as a loli and if you are one already you would probably have better taste than something like this such as fucking hamham clubhouse advance or time splitters 2


Meme all you want, but you can't deny it.

every board, every community, every fanbase has its shitters

Every sample tweet they post just makes me like Instinct's leader even more.
Now I wanna join Team Yellow even though Zapdos is my least favourite of the three.


Pokemon Go is shit



All of these are shit tbh

For half white-burgers half-nips, if compared to burgers? You bet they are shorter.

Now that's even less significant. If you control for additional variables then the effective sample size is shrinking by discarded outliers that don't match the above criteria.

Learn statistics before criticizing someone's ability to read.

Holy shit son, there's no way to fix that faggotry of yours.

The worst part is that the first comment is just a joke from that "Mario is a nigger" comic.
I just enjoy defending peoples' right to be concerned about niggers.

Amazing how a few retards can derail a thread

thats nothing new

since this thread went to shit
pick a folder

delicious brown. gotta keep with the thread theme


No it hasn't you fucking Holla Forums retard. Holla Forums doesn't raid other boards, it's a waste of time and everyone there is smart enough to know that, unlike you Holla Forums and Holla Forums

>>>Holla Forums
He's obviously from there as are you

Quit false flagging Holla Forums. Literally EVERYONE here fucking knows it's you you fucking retards.

Reminder to everyone, Holla Forums raids Holla Forums regularly:

Straight shota

Holy shit the raid keeps going. Holla Forums, nobody is falling for this. Do you not understand? Holla Forums is smart enough to know it's a bunch of leftists being really bad at pretending to be Holla Forums.

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Look at that WHITE MALE on the right, who does he think he is?

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Argon? If it still has enough oxygen in the mix, it's as harmless as nitrogen, only more expensive.

Retard spotted. Two species usually can't interbreed, and even if, the crossbreed is expected to be infertile.


The crossbreed is infertile by definition. If it's fertile the two animals merely belong to two different subspecies or races of the same species.

All the gyms in my area are either Red or Yellow, and the only times the Yellow ones aren't yellow is when Valor does it's midnight raids while everyone else is asleep.

Instinct DOES win gyms, and we don't need to be sneaky cowards to do it.

opposite here, valor own all the gyms in the day with slimy instinct out of towners driving up taking them at 1am and leaving trash around the area

instinct are filth

What did you faggots do to my thread?

Make a new thread then

Fucking dropped.
Good thing I joined valor

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