Sanic Mania

Normally, I am always wary of new Sanic games, due to both Sonic Team and SEGA's recent track record, and also due to how much autistic rage this series somehow always causes in every thread Sanic exists in that doesn't involve laughing at the hedgehog himself. So when I first heard that a new one was coming out, I assumed "lel Sanic a shit as always, how will it be any different" like many other anons have likely done before.

Then I saw the actual trailer and actual gameplay shown off for it, and now I'm hooked on Sonic for the first time since Generations. This game might be the first Sonic game in ages that may actually get things done right and NOT get fugged up. Hopefully.

I'm excited because it feels for the first time like this is a Sonic game that is going to be legit gud. That plus the autism of Stealth and Taxman combined to ensure the game plays like he did in the genesis games, and there's a recipie for some good shit for sure.

So yeah, Sonic Mania bread. Also,embed related, if you're wondering about the music quality for this shit.

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The party still wasn't as cringeworthy as E3.
Granted, it was way less well put-together than E3, but I didn't cringe nearly as much as when I watched the Ubisoft press conference.
I still like the Sonic Twitter guy.

At this point i think most of Holla Forums forgot why sonic games were ever good.

I bet i can pick a random person in this thread, make him play S3&K and he won't even finish the game and get bored 1/3 trough.

It's one of those series where it's 90% nostalgia and most people don't actually revisit the games and just remember the vague concept of the fun they had with it when they were kids.


Not a sonic fan at all, I legit beat S&K not so long ago for the first time (I wasn't able to complete it when I was a kid). Even got it on my first try, the game alone without S3 is fairly easy.

That doesn't mean they can't do it right, but I was just playing Sonic CD for PC and that level design makes me cringe, then I'm reminded that Sonic is rife with cringe level design.

Then you compare this to Freedom Planet

Sonic got it the most right with Sonic 3 and Kuckles, and Freedom Planet got it most right with Freedom Planet, I still like Sonic games but fuck they are severely flawed.

"The game is easier so it's better!"
Meanwhile none of the characters can actually run and the game takes it's physics from sonic 4.

Sonic Adventure 3 never ever.


Best CD track

It looks like an LSD-ified sequel to sonic cd.


I like how complain about the springs that are there to let you easily time travel, then go on to complain that there isn't enough places to let you time travel.

It's good because it's not SEGA. The project is being headed by taxman and a bunch of former romhacking/S2HD people who actually understand how Sonic works.

To be honest this is the first time I've been legitimately excited for a game in a while. Didn't expect it to be Sonic related.

In the trailer it showed off green hill zone. So I was curious how they're going about older levels. Are there going to be recreations of a few zones thrown into the main gameā€¦ Or are they including a reimagined version of Sonic 1?

Well that's bullshit since I keep finding myself going back to S3&K and playing the whole game through and enjoying the fuck out of it every time.

Why doesn't every company do that?

Because not every game has such a gigantic romhacking scene, and also companies are dumb as fuck.

I would love an official Metroid game made by Metroidconstruction veterans, or a SMW collaboration to be released as an official pre sequel to Super Mario World.

Sega is doing pretty nice stuff lately, but I just don't understand why they didn't go the same route with Streets of Rage Remake.

Not to defend Freedom Planet, but Freedom Planet also has on average, twice the levels of the Genesis Era Sonic game, not counting S3+K since it's literally two games fused. If you had Sonic's style of survivability with those 20 minute levels on first playthrough, you'd probably eat shit and die more often.

So yeah. There's that.

I heard the Streets of Rage Remake situation was because it was at a time SEGA was forced to shut it down or risk losing some kind of rights or something. It's just hearsay, but it would explain why they waited for the download to become available first and why it's like the only instance of them shutting down a fan project like that.

They said it would be a mix of remixed older stages and completely new ones.

I'm already disappointed.


You pull all that out of your ass?

Freedom Planet already surpassed classic Sanic by mixing it with Treasure tier bosses, better combat and varied characters. Simply making classic Sonic again in the current year is not enough, now they have to spice it up, I don't look forward to playing another remake of green hill zone.

More like Two halves of the same game. & Knuckles was just the other half of Sonic 3 they couldn't fit in the cartridge (though they did try, a "Sonic 3: limited edition" was planned, and then canceled for whatever reason.)

I went and played through sonic3&k again just before mania was announced, and I had a great time. It was challenging in different ways than when I used to play it, as in I kept fucking up the special and bonus stages, but could now collect a million rings by the end of the level without getting hit.

I want to go back to sonic 1 and get all the emeralds, as I don't remember if I ever did or not back when it first came out.

Mania looks very promising. I can't help but have doubts about a sonic game, but I am certainly looking forward to it's release. Only wish they went for the s3&k sprite style rather than s1/sCD. Either way it looks great.

It's returning


Let's be honest here, Sonic Mania IS the main Sonic game.

I like how it uses Unleashed and Black Knight, even though both were decent games.

If it sucks, at least it'll have good music, judging from the Studiopolis track.

I saw a post once stating that the curse of the Sonic Cycle was actually transferred from Sega to Bioware with the release of Sonic Chronicles.

Didn't unleash just have, like, tails and amy.

what if i told you my friends and i play vs mode with dualshock 4 controllers


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Tails, Amy, Knuckles briefly I think though it's been a while, and Chip who ended up being Super Important.

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Sonic adventure 3 already happened.

It was called sonic '06

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Sega hadn't made a new SOR game in over 20 years so it would have meant the trademark was at risk if someone used the SOR name and Sega didn't claim it. So that meant film studios, etc could try file for it. Sega rushed out a "Vintage Collection" version of SOR 2 soon after to protect the IP but the whole story goes that Sega US knew of SOR Remake before it released because they were very in touch with fan scenes like Sonic Retro and had every chance to shut it down before it released. Instead, Sega waited about 72 hours so people had copies and then pulled a C&D on the original website. People were pissed and started putting it on Megaupload and torrents which was the whole point. Once Sega did the legal formality, the community would do the work in distributing the game.

That's why Sega US is still based despite being a shadow of what they once were. They are one of the few companies that actually does give a shit about their fanbase and isn't afraid to let them mess with IP no matter how autistic. Like that Steam Workshop support for the MD/Genesis collection making Rom Hacks legal and official.

Reminder that (((Bernie Stolar))) and (((Sega of Japan))) fucking ruined SoA.



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CD is much more about exploration than the other games. Still, you're just shit. You're literally complaining about being too shit to not run into enemies or short walls. Get good. And you're supposed to have to look for proper places to time travel. Such as those springs you complained about. Of course, this can also be gotten around by getting good.

Because Sega realized they could make twice as much money if they just released two games instead of one. It was probably the most jewish video game thing until Pokemon.

I liked the Adventure Fields and some of the other gameplay styles, but the level designs were so much better in SA2, plus the Extra missions and ranks and the unlockables they give you. SA2 is a far superior game.

It was also Sonic Heroes and Sonic Unleashed. Either way, I want Sonic Adventure 4, 5, 6, or 7.

You first faggot.

Two thirds of SA2 is inferior to SA1, though.

What I said about the level designs and extra missions applies to all three characters. Gamma and Knuckles' levels pale in comparison to their SA2 counterparts. I don't know why Sonic Team fucked up on Knuckles' radar in SA2, but the actual levels being way, way better, and having much more to do, and more reward for doing so, more than makes up for it.

You need to try harder next time

You should try harder too, the game places obstacles in your way purposely to get you on your first few tries, you are most times moving too fast to react or they double troll you by putting a spike ceiling above you because fuck you run into this enemy in most platformers it's standard affair but this is sonic where you have to go fast because how else were they going to differentiate their platforming mascot from the gold standard. It's not my fault the game is designed poorly in the first place

yeah man it's really fun exploring for places to time travel when your time travel ability is limited after you hit a pole, trying to work out which routes will give you enough unconstrained speed so you can actually perform it, even some of the routes that seem smooth are troll routes where it will suddenly stop you seconds away from achieving 88mph.

The troll Springs are a staple of Sonic games and they are just there to pad out the level, because the people who made sonic never understood level design for their own game, Sonic was the result of marketers making a game and it fucking shows. Sonic 3 and Kuckles was the closest 2d Sonic ever got to actual level design and it involved severly stripping down multiple routes in exchange for better secrets like the gem worlds.

Why would I want to get good at a game I was able to beat in a single life, I had no fucking idea Sonic CD was so easy, and I played the Steam edition so I didn't have save states.

Because the game was so poorly designed that subsequent playthroughs weren't a thing I was interested in.

Not if you're good.

Just goes to show how much of a casual you are. That's only what Modern Sonic became after casuals bitched when Sonic X taught them that they GOTTA GO FAST. The point of the good Sonic games is that they are designed in such a way that you can go fast if you're good. You're perfectly welcome to go slow, in fact, you'll probably have to at first, since you won't be good yet. Speed is your reward for being good at the game.

Yeah, exactly. CD is the Sonic game that has more hidden secrets, and time travel is a way to find those secrets. You never actually have to do it, but if you want an extra challenge to try to go for 100%, you can start practicing it and find a whole bunch more to the game.

You're literally complaining that it's too hard for you. It's clearly not too easy for you since you can't get any of the secrets. Have fun with the bad end, ignoring a good chunk of the content because you don't want to actually get good. You're cheating nobody but yourself. You might as well use the Warp Whistles in Mario 3 and then complain that it's like 10 levels long.

They work better when they're small and open. Shit like Meteor Herd and Aquatic Mine are terrible. Tails and Eggman are horrible clunky and slow compared to Gamma and lack the arcade gameplay Gamma had. Level length isn't everything.

It's not just length. It's the complexity. SA2 makes SA1 Sonic/Gamma levels seem like practically straight lines with little room for skill to improve with hard to reach shortcuts or secrets, outside of a few of Sonic's later stages. And Knuckles' SA1 stages are simply too small and simple, resulting in them being far too easy. They're about exploration, so give me stuff to explore. Meteor Herd is awesome. Aquatic Mine and Security Hall are probably tied for my least favorite in the game though. Security Hall largely because it's just a big open area, and you're left just running back to the switches so you can open the right doors. The gimmick ruined that level. I guess you could say the water gimmick being overused ruined Aquatic Mine, too. But Meteor Herd? That's an open area, like you said you liked. Only it's not so small that it's trivially easy.

I can't get on board with this music, it doesn't sound like it belongs. Even if you pretend it's a Sega CD game (and thus immune to most of the Genesis' audio limitations) it still seems out of place for a Sonic game.

The mech levels were kickass, you shut the fuck up.

That's still a third that's inferior, though.

Thanks jewgle

Making games way back when had so many limitations, it's not surprising that that golden touch or finesse is lost even on the old masters as there's almost unlimited resources to put shit together rather than coming up with creative, lightweight solutions to your problems.

Nah, you learn to "react" based on memorization of obstacles or you specifically have well above average visual reaction speed in which case good for you. some objects will fly at the player in under 1/3 of a second at some speeds things will fly at you in under 1/5 of a second, a human on average can react to visual stimuli in 1/4 of a second but they then have to press the button and the game has to read and react to the button push, anything under 1/3 should be considered a no go, I ran Sonc CD on my widescreen, to see if that made it any better and there is an improvement but the game wasn't made in widescreen, actually this gives me hope for Sonic Mania, but the guy behind it has already shown he gets the game better than the people who made it in the first place. Of course the images provided aren't of an obstacle placed horribly on the track it's just to prove that objects can fly at you at speeds faster than what most people will react to. The timer reaches 99 before starting at 0 in the next second.

Sonic is built around going fast at it's core, his only ability is to curl into a ball and achieve instant speed, his pr campaign was all about going fast and the games physics engine is built around sonic moving fast, an easy way to show this is by jumping while stationary and jumping while running, jumping while stationary has poorer momentum than other platformers and slow platforming sections feel forced in comparison, even the platforms you are jumping on move slowly to compensate, but jumping while moving fast is heavily captalized on within the game and it's normally how you achieve or maintain better routes, this is further used well with the springs which are a staple of the series. The problem is the game developers couldn't make the game fast while also keeping players playing the game long enough to recommend it to other people so shitty platforming sections and troll object placement became a standard way to lengthen the game cheaply. Speed is your reward for playing the game again and again and again so you can casually take the levels like it's second nature.

Exploration barely works with a Sonic game, Kuckles and 3 are the best and they have the least exploration and alternate routes of any titles, multiple times were a mistake and the reward for achieving them is scant, all that space and they should have just given us more levels. You were right about the troll springs I had no idea I could use them to maintain momentum to travel between time periods, nonetheless that doesn't excuse other games from having them and how the fuck am I supposed to realize that a spring that makes me turn 180 degrees will maintain my momentum.

It is easy, if I beat it without dying on my first try without save states or a guide I'd say it's easy, the game is too tedious to make me want to work to acces the extra zones which feature little in the way of new gameplay features and are just the same shitty level design on an altered palette with an altered level theme.

No, you just specifically have well below average reaction speed. These are fucking kids games, and they could figure it out. You're just complaining that you're not good enough to get the rewards the game gives you for being good. At least it's nice enough to let you beat a simple version of it even with your shit level of skill.

No, it simply relies more on actual physics than other platformers. That's kinda the whole point of the series.

Sonic is of average length compared to other platformers at the time. Games of that era don't expect you to beat them on your first go. The creator of Sonic even explained how the point was that, since games would typically make you go back to the start when you run out of continues, in this game going back to the start would at least mean you can take different routes that require the skill you've built up by getting further before. With your new skill, you should be able to go fast and look cool.

Sonic CD is basically the only one that encourages it. If it's not your thing, fine, but I can see the appeal. I personally prefer S3&K as well, but mostly because of just how polished it is and all the secrets and stuff. It's like how Mario World focuses more on secrets and shit, but many say SMB3 actually has better level design.

Speaking of SMB, The Lost Levels is the game you seem to think Sonic is. That's a game where you are not only given the ability to go fast, but if you don't go fast, you're pretty fucked. You have to go fast. Sonic, by contrast, lets you go fast, but you can go slow, and you have to work to get fast.

It's just a quick cash-in during this annoying "remaster" trend. Might be decent, but nothing new at all. Far more interested in the 2017 title.

No need to bitch out, that's mathematical proof you are dead wrong, that spring hits you faster than most humans can react e.g. the people the game was designed for, and even if you reacted in .15 seconds a reaction speed faster than what pilots need in the airforce to fly a fucking jet you'd still hit the fucking spring, and that screenshot is taken from the widescreen release, you're talking even less reaction time in the initial release Trust a sonic autist for not accepting when he's wrong. All you can do is claim, "oh no look at this casual" when you are so wrong, you're in bait territory of wrong.

And what's your point, jumping while stationary is a point to prove that the game's physics are designed more around speed, that's what I'm trying to prove that the game itself at it's core is about speed but level design goes against it and the only points it works in harmony with the games actual physics engine are when you are moving fast, everything else detracts from what you are sold on and what the game is built for.

Exploration is shit, hence why the best games moved well away from it how hard is this to understand.

If you think I'm complaining about it being difficult, I'm not, the game isn't difficult, my first playthrough ever involved me beating the game without a single death, I'm complaining about shitty design decisions with in the game that make playing the game tedious.

It's essentially a corporately funded romhack made by the most autistic and skilled fan they could find. His others are better than the majority of official games Sega has released. I see no reason to think this won't be good.

Plus, everyone has been bitching at Sega for over 10 years for trying new things. So now they're finally doing Sonic 4 for real this time.

I'll take you at your word. You're still cherrypicking and then getting mad that a game doesn't even kill you for fucking up, but rather tells you to slow down. And still, as you've said, you can get around it very easily if you know it's there, or if you just aren't going fast as fuck. It's not like Sonic only has two speeds. You gradually accelerate, and you're acting like every player will be as going as fast as you were when you reached that point. I'm not sure where exactly it is in the game, but there are also many points where when you go fast, the game is set up in a way so you specifically don't hit things to stop you as long as you keep playing well. Such as sections where if you're going at a particular high speed you'll bounce off a bunch of enemies in a row. The point is, you're bitching about a very specific scenario you set up, and it's not even inherently a bad one. If you're gonna do that, you might as well use Super Peel-Out right in front of a wall and then complain that you hit it.

No, just around physics. Learn to use your momentum and you can get through faster and get to other places. The level design doesn't go against this, it just actually provides a challenge, so you actually earn your momentum rather than having it handed to you, like in Modern Sonic. You have moves like the Spindash or Super Peel Out, but if you don't use them well, you'll get fucked, because games from the early '90s were actually about challenge, and not just about handing you rewards for holding forward, as you seem to want.

It's not that the best games moved away from it, it's that Sonic CD in particular is a spinoff for an unpopular add-on, and thus the main series followed a different path. If you don't like Sonic CD, fine, but the depth it adds when it encourages you to look for Eggman's machines or the Metal Sonic Holograms has an appeal. Some people actually like learning the levels and looking for secrets. You're bitching about the levels not being made to go fast, but this is the game that has things that encourage you to go slow as well. You get different things for playing in different ways. It's also not a game where you're intended to see everything in one go.

All your complaints are about you finding it too hard to go fast.

Good for you. Too bad you're too much of a pleb to go fast and see the rest of the game.

You're complaining about the game not holding your hand and actually asking you to get good to see extra content. Maybe you're just confused because it will let you see the credits relatively easily, but if you want to see all the actual content, get good. Sonic CD has many more secrets than the rest of the series. That's what makes it fun.

You seem to have yet again just ignored my point, the point still stands the game still puts retarded obstacles in your way to stop you for no fucking reason other than fuck you, I proved that it's impossible to reac to many of these without prior knowledge of their locations, why are you even talking about it, and then you go ahead and insinuate what you want from what I am saying when I'm not even fucking saying that. This is common, do I really have to prove you wrong by screenshotting every fucking instance of this, I don't feel like doing that, I don't even feel like arguing anymore because I've made my points and backed them up, re read my first post. now all you can do is cry about how you just prefer these aspects of the game, although the exploration thing is subjective, I hate it, most players hate it, if it was any good it would have made it out of CD and into the mains series but it didn't because it wasn't any good, they did a better job in Kuckles the Echidna 3 and Sonic by rewarding the player with smaller harder to find bonus areas that don't require the player to dodge dip duck dive and dodge their way through pointless tedious extra variations of the same level with no new gameplay gimmicks.

Did you ignore my point again are you really this fucking stupid. I agree that learning to use your momentum lets you get around the map, that's a thing I like, my point is which I will make again, that the games physics are designed around speed. Okay do I have to make this point again?

I've made my point about going fast, why do I have to reiterate myself to you, are you really this fucking stupid, I bet you liked Simon's Quest.

I don't want to play the game again, it's not worth subsequent playthroughs it's subpar even for a sonic game, I want to play the new Sonic game to see if our lord and saviour Christian Whitehead is going to take us to the promised land and actually outdo the people who invented Sonic.

I'm not complaining about hand holding, yet again you are taking what I said and giving it new context because you are buttmad about being Blown the fuck out, the game has cool sections where you get to go fast but there are stupid fucking things like poorly placed objects or annoyingly placed enemies in the middle of running spots that kill your momentum, there are poorly built platforming segments that feel subpar thanks to the way the games physics are built, invincibility and speed boots are poorly placed and it isn't rare to get speed boots in a platforming section or invulnerability where it confers you no advantage or an advantage you didn't need.

You honestly sound as stupid as the Morrowind Autists who think that missing is good game design and that the only reason people don't like it is because it makes the game somehow more difficult, it's easy as fuck to bypass, it's just far from being optimal, and makes you hate that aspect of the game.

And in case you didn't get the hint I'm done, arguing with you is about as good a use of my time as arguing with my cat. I won't read your reply, I won't reply to your reply, just call me stupid poopy face or something.

Well it takes a stupid poopy face to be proud of their ignorance.

That's called a game. Without obstacles, you're basically just watching a movie that requires you to hold the Play button.

If you're moving at some absurd speed. It's possible to outrun the screen in Sonic 1, but almost nobody can do it. You can go fast, but it's difficult. That's the whole point that you are ignoring. You're mad about it being difficult, but that is the point.

I can do a bunch of screenshots right now. Just stand in front of a spring, do a super-peel out, then get mad that you made yourself go too fast to jump over the spring in the time you have. Alternatively, get good and earn your speed.

Funny that most players seem to love Sonic CD. Personally I think it's overrated and attribute it to poorfags who didn't have a real video game system only getting to play the one that was on Windows. But the point stands that most people love the game.

Nobody played it until after the Genesis' era was over due to it only being on Sega CD until years later. Once it was on a platform that people actually owned, people liked it. Obviously Sonic 2 was a much more influential game. It was the one people could actually play. I'm not even arguing if it's better or worse. But obviously having a far smaller audience than the other game they made at the same time would make it less influential.

It's not about the gimmicks, it's about seeing how the level changes between the four different versions, and finding the secrets buried within them. But honestly I do think one of the biggest problems with the game is that you really have no incentive to explore either the good or bad futures. The Good Futures are basically an easy version of the level as a reward for finding the robot making machine, and the Bad Futures are a punishment for not doing it, but really to beat the game, even 100%, you never need to visit them.

Still, that's not what you're complaining about. You're complaining about not knowing how to play well enough to even see this shit. It's not even that you're not good, it's that you're simply trying to play wrong, and then getting mad when you find that's not how you were meant to play. You're essentially trying to brute force your way through the game. You might as well try to play a JRPG with no items and only using one character, then complain that it's a grindfest.

But you don't seem to comprehend that it's a reward. You get mad that you don't get that flow and the better routes that come with being good. So get good. It's not all going to be handed to you. Until then, you can still progress and get practice while you're at it, but you won't see everything until you get good.

If all you care about is going fast just play Modern Sonic. The rest of the series is about actual platforming that lets you go fast if you actually get good. If you just want immediate fast, the newer games are for you.

The whole game is a platformer. They're not poorly built, you're just playing them wrong. It's about knowing how to use the momentum properly. Just because you don't care to learn it doesn't mean it's not good. Unlike Mario, the game doesn't just run on two gears, where either you walk, or you get to top speed in a second or two. You have to learn to get the speed you want to do the jump you want. And if you can't, then you fucked up. Go back and try from somewhere else. In Sonic CD, especially, the levels are built so you can go backwards and stuff easily.

Try going down a different path. Sonic CD is all about going in different directions, even backwards, to find different things.

You honestly sound as stupid as the Game Grumps who think trying to brute force their way through a game and finding the game wasn't made for that means it's bad.

Faggots like you are why we had to suffer through years of the homing attack (aka auto pilot for newfags). Get good or stop playing.

Pic related has bad design. Just look at quick mans stage, how is anyone supposed to know those energy beams are coming? Why are they instant deaths anyway, what's the point of the life bar? The one time I made it through the first set I ended up in a room where the screen went completely black, kept walking to the right but could never figure out how to get out of the room. That's horrible design.

Don't even get me started on spikes in this game, why are they an instant death? At least Sonic let me walk on them for 10 seconds after landing on them and pick up that one ring over and over again. Even though that's a HARD game at least it had decent spike design.

I looked up the passwords on the internet so I could see the stages I'm not allowed to select at the stage select screen. There is an impossible section at the top of this ladder, impossible to pass that section, horrible level design if you ask me.

Also, why do they even give you the option to change the difficulty? I've been playing on normal and tons of stuff is still an instant death. They should have inserted platforms over spikes and nerfed more stuff for "normal mode".

This game is crap, you have to memorize patterns, make tricky jumps, and actually use your brain.

This is what you sound like.

Fuck you nigger, homing attack is aces as long as levels don't require it for anything and there are enemies that can counter it. Play Sonic Megamix to see what I mean.

Name one Sega game where it wasn't a broken mechanic added in for the benefit of newfags.



Manually jumping on enemies would be annoying and tedious in any of the 3D games. That's why they added it in the first place. Also, I cited Megamix because it proves (imo) that the homing attack isn't inherently bad in 2D, whether or not SEGA were the ones to do it is irrelevant. Even then, Sonic Rush was pretty fun, and it made use of the homing attack.

That's the point, trial and error. You don't know until it happens, and once it happens fiigure things out. Get knocked down, get back up, brush yourself off, and try again. Stop being a whiny little bitch and take it like a man these games aren't designed to hold your hand and feed you. You've been spoiled by easy games that tell you what to do and don't go out of their way to leave you to figure things out for yourself. God forbid you play a game that's designed to fuck you.

It was tedious because their 3D engines and games have been mostly crap. Despite all the love for SA1 and SA2 it was flawed in several ways. It would have been fun and easy to jump on enemies in 3D if they weren't trying to rush out a game for the Dreamcast launch that they decided to copy over and over again for the next 16 years.

Frankly the move to 3D was a mistake but the desire to beat Nintendo led them astray. What's that? Nintendo just made a ton of money on a Mario racing game? Let's make a clone! What? The people seem to like this 3D Mario game? Better rush out our own even though we've failed to make one for our flagship console in the last 4 years.

This is why they've tried adding things like guns to Sonic games. The basic way they work is boring outside of exploration or running down a set path when a few enemies you can spam a button for to dispatch. If the game were designed right I would be able to aim my jumps and bounce through hordes of enemies once I got good.

I followed the ROM hacking scene for a long time because it was the only place to get a fresh 2D Sonic game worth playing for the longest time. I preferred it when they stuck to making new fun stages instead of adding every side character for the multiverse and giving them all unique attacks.

The fun of Sonic was always its simplicity. Even the speed dash of in Sonic 2 was added because they wanted to hand out a short cut for building speed so people didn't have to work for it. I didn't mind that because it opened up new things to do with stage design.

People talk about making games that are fun to play just by pressing one button. That was Sonic, learn to jump and move then spend forever getting good at it. I don't want to memorize a ton of button combinations for added in moves or transforming in and out of begin super sonic. I just want to run and jump and get good.

i have no idea who these devs they're outsourcing it to are, have they ever made anything good?

wew lad

It's being made by Stealth & Taxman, the ones responsible for the updated Sonic 1, 2, & CD ports with added content & wholly remade in a new "Retro Engine" that keeps the original physics 1-3K physics intact whilst allowing for new enhancements:

Vid related is an example of them taking a crack at designing a brand new Sonic level, albeit from a scrapped pre-existing one.

They're collaborating with Pagoda West Games, a dev team that made this Sonic-esque title:

didn't complain about difficulty complained about tedious elements that subtract from what the gameplay is, the biggest flaw in Sonic 2d has always been it's level design

The statement about Morrowind fairly sums up how I feel about 2d sonic, it's not hard, it's tedious it's boring and far below what it could be.

mega man fairly teaches you what an obstacle is and how it works before forcing you into it, Mega Man's level design and Mega Man's gameplay work in harmony with eachother, Sonic does not work in harmony with his level design, his physics works best when dealing with strong momentum, his only ability is to instantly gain speed, etc.

Memorization of levels is pointless tedium and can be considered grind, on top of this the game doesn't punish fucking up with death as much as other games allowing you to retry the segment you failed at it punishes you with a different route so you don't get to retry and relearn that route straight away, the game actively pushes you away from memorizing the layout of traps in this way. The only bottomless pit I saw was on the very last level of the game. the closest thing I could compare this to is Dank Souls but even Dank Souls gives away positions of obstacles with more than 1/5 of a second for a player to react to them. Later Sonic games would move away from the sheer retardation of level memorization because the devs realized how shit it was.

A guy who cares more about Sonic than the team with his name, I hope our lord and savour Christian Whitehead takes Sonic to new heights.

the only problem I can see with the engine is only directx support?

Since when did iOS and Android offer directx?

Bullshit, being a kid, I was able to deal with these things without any problem. There are only 2 things I had problem with. The first was that Sonic & Knuckles Robotnik lava boss when you go Sonic route. It took me one week to figure out that I have to win the fight by Robotnk's spike bombs. The second was cylinder platform in Sonic 3 Night Carnival Zone which probably took me one or two weeks to solve too.

The only thing you proved here is that you have mental disorder, all what you do is blame game design for your own retardation. It's not game's fault that you're a retard who can't react fast enough, actually I think it would be better for you to visit a doctor. You're just like that another retard who couldn't play Adventure 1 by simply holding forward button.

I'm surprised you don't bitch about Mega Man design at the same time, this is especially hilarious when you complain about grinding. Maybe you're just a shitty hipster who loves to read gaming journalism which invented that "Sonic was never good" meme. Don't forget to mention again how your retardation is mathematical proof that Sonic games are shit.

maybe you're retarded and can't read. Average human reaction time is roughly 1/4 of a second, maybe 1/5 if you are in your prime, look at the pic i posted, the spring hits you within 1/5 of a second after appearing on screen, you cannot expect any human to react to that within reason, even if you reacted faster than that you would still have to factor in the press of a button and input delay and the trajectory sonic would move in which case your jump would more than likely catch the spring, the fastest ever recorded visual reaction was just above 1/10 of a second, and even then I'm doubtful that their reaction would actively save them from hitting that spring. That Spring is just used as an example of how fast you can collide with objects from an offscreen position when moving fast and it was capped from the widescreen release of the game, so even being generous with the screenspace you still can't reliably react to objects in your way without prior knowledge.

Strange I just proved you have no fucking idea what you were talking about.

Mega Mans level design unlike Sonic was good, they knew what they wanted to do with it and the levels and Mega Man feel like they evolved in tandem building off eachother, Sonic especially CD does not feel like that and it clearly Shows that Sega was largely unsure about what they wanted Sonic to do other than go fast and be totally rad, furthermore Sonic continued this in 3d taking many many games to refine it the gameplay into it's current iteration.

Why are these sonic autists so fucking retarded.

I'm fucking done, not a single good argument this whole thread, not a single argument that references anything but, "well in my opinion playing a level over and over again from a start position is far better than a game that expects you to use your skills to surpass obstacles" or "get good you retard" when I never said I found the game difficult, almost all of my complaints have been that the level design is shit. Also this shit could have been fixed if the camera would place sonic about 1/5 of the way backwards on the screen relative to the direction he is moving in if he is going fast. You have nothing to gain by observing objects you have passed and everything to gain by observing objects you are moving towards.

You're incapable of the most basic of learning skills, combined with your shit reaction speed and inability to use basic arithmetic to properly time everything so you can bypass obstacles properly I think you should go play turn based games.

And my reaction speed is half that when I'm not planning ahead, and I'm slow by multiplayer standards. Serously man your reaction speed a shit.

*And my reaction speed is half that when I'm planning ahead,
man that's embarrassing.

There is no need ti be angry about video games.

I agree.

Unleashed was pretty much SA3 (at least in plot style, but with Chip and Werehog instead of others) and Sonic 06.

I think if we had SA3, it'd fuck up bad. They've only just worked out how to make sonic fun again, and they didn't get the formula right for Tails, Knuckles, et al in the first place.

reminder that sonic 06 is just a renamed SA3

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