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If you scan the last pic with a home-brewed 3ds with the latest version of FBI you can download and install the US version directly from Nintendo's Eshop servers.


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So, how much, if any, of Cross do you want to see carried over into 5?

I asked this last thread but no one really answered.
Which one do you think is the best sounding Hunting Horn?
I dig the tune you play everytime but i wanna know if i'm missing out on some.

i like the styles and arts but seeing them tweaked would be nice

the chattier villages is kind of amusing too


The styles are massively unfocused and hunter arts add nothing

Prowler mode.

Let's have a MH lore quiz.

Question 1:

Is the setting of MH a post-apoc setting?



Nothing but the new monsters. I'm sick of cameo overload and I hope MHX got it out of their system once and for all. I never want to see those Ace Hunter faggots again, I never want to see those Caravan cucks again.

I want them to stop beating around the Jew bush with this Pokemon-tier fragmenting of monster lists. Give me all of the god damn monsters already except for spring raptors just delete those pieces of trash.

The arts are a nice way of doing a sequal, pretty much the same as the last game but turn everything up to 11.

Problem is that the arts are fucking so powerful for melee that the game has become a lot easier for it. As well the gun arts are shit in comparison and continue to drive up the difference of effectiveness between melee and gunner.

Arts are really cool but fucking lazy with no work put in to make monsters actually tougher against them and making the gunner arts shit compared to the melee ones.

yes, though the translators probably didn't know that.

If you want a monhun with all monsters, try frontier :^)))))))))))))))))))))))

I have an issue with MHG where it stalls on the N3DS screen when I try to launch the game from the home menu. I tried installing MHG from both Freeshop and the QR code, but I ran into the same problem both times.

I know I've seen other anons run into this issue with other games, but I can't remember what the solution is to fix it. I'm on the standard a9lh/Luma setup, if it matters.

The Hammer


not a fan at all of the hunter arts mostly because they use the fucking touchscreen but I do want some of the mobility of aerial style rolled into the base games.

Asking for it tbh

its tough to tell if this game is easier, or since theres so many returning monsters i'm just used to a lot of them already

adepts dodge is fucking insane, i've never consistently rolled through roars till now, i feel like it should be nerfed, but like only a little bit

Fatalis wasn't even that big of a threat, how did they lose to it?

I main hammer bro, i wanted to get into HH

Hunter arts, styles, and nyanta. They all need lots of work but i would gladly welcome them back.


Nigger there are like 2, maybe 3 good monster hunter games for pc already.
Play those while you wait for DS emulation or something.

fatalis is a cover for what actually happened

human/felyne cross-breeding to extinction

PSP is inherently shit hardware.
Even when emulated it's a clunky piece of shit.
MMOs aren't games.
I want a fucking proper, big Monhun at no bullshit [email protected]/* */

To answer my own question, I like the concept behind Styles, but they seriously need tweaking and rebalancing. Hunting Skills I could do without, they're just…. eh. Nyanta I hope they drop and just make faster gathering a natural thing for Hunters, rather than making it a separate weapon entirely. Two Name Monsters I could take or leave, Ferocious Monsters are kind of pointless though.

Which ones are "Deviants," the Two Name Monsters or the Ferocious ones? It says a lot about the quality of the localization that a ton of terms people throw around in these threads I can't guess what they're referring to despite dumping over 200 hours into X

Not gonna happen.

MHP3rd looks great when upscaled you faggot, you didn't even try did you?


I have 30 something hours in it.
Models are Dreamcast-tier garbage.
Controls are awful.
That's not a proper experience, that's some sub-par shit.

I'm been a Hammerbro since MHFreedom, and I'll be one when I die.

I just like teasing HH wielders.

Suck a dick, MH4U runs at 60fps on new 3ds.
But i guess the issue here is that you can't pirate yourself a console :^)

You can greentext all you want, the fact is that's how the PC is viewed over here by and large. The PC section of most game stores is 80% eroge, major games are primarily on the 3DS or Vita, with a few occasionally getting on the TV systems, and there's zero indication of that moving towards a change anytime soon.

C'mon now, we literally just got Onechanbara, EDF and DD on pc

Hammer is so good in 4U like holy shit do you even stun?
Like you don't wanna paralyze and stun the boss with one single weapon while also breaking everything off of it bar the tail, holy shit are you a fag?

keep the styles they can be improved to be more balanced but remove striker since most of the time is worthless in almost all the weapons, deviants are ok and certainly much better than subspecies, the upgrade system is very nice and let's you use your favorite weapon desing in the long run of the game

if I remember correctly during that time the fatalis were weak as shit compared to other dragons that lived in that time period, so they decided to hide like the faggots they were until the war against dragons was over.

Is this canon?

Sounds like casual shit to me


3U had a way stronger Hammer with the way bosses were less aggressive.
You can't call a weapon casual if you need to git gud to use it.

Really? First I've hear-

And there's why. The PC is not a viable platform here, even for ports.

like I said I don't remember if it was mention in some official game or book, or it was something theorised or mentioned in these threads a long time ago.

deviants as the special named monsters like red helm or the giant fist hermitaur. I like the concept of being special variant monsters, but I also want them to exist besides subspecies and have subspecies deviants

yes this translation is all over the fucking place and capcom should seriously consider hiring the fan translator

Red Helm's a fine translation for Benikabuto Aoashira, but case in point, I can't even begin to guess "giant fist hermitaur."

It's actually Stonefist Hermitaur.

The arts don't need to be nerfed (besides the gunner ones which probably need buffs) It would be more fun if they buffed the monsters. Either via giving them more health so they don't die after 3mins or less of longsword/dual blade/great sword rape or their own unique ways of counteracting the arts so they arn't so outright powerful.

If a hunter is using adept make the monster sometimes fake moves for example so they might roll to dodge when the monster pulls something else on them split second. If a hunter is using aerial make the monster more commonly use moves that aerial is much more difficult to dodge with.

That still doesn't give me the first clue what it is, and I look it up to find out it's referring to Hokokudaki Daimyou Zazami, which in a move that summarizes the oddities of localization somehow managed to mistranslate one term, leave in a Japanese one when a translation would've been better, and arbitrarily rename the last.

since gaijin hunter is considered unsavory now, are there any places worth looking into when you want a bit of information?

It was a poor decision to leave out "Daimyo" in the name. However with other deviants like Thuunderlord Zinogre and Silverwind Nargacuga it's easy to guess who they are because of the name patterns and common sense.

just ask here, user. I'm sure we'll give accurate information. :^)

Prowler but all of the types balanced so not only one set is good

They need to be flat out removed.
Seriously there's like 1 or 2 good arts per blademaster weapon generally.
Unless it's hunting horn in which case… all your HAs are completely useless if you have 2 working braincells

Should I go for Guard +2 or Guard +1 with speed sharpening for lancing? The set has the heavy grind skill.

i was pretty excited for gammoth but fighting him is actually kinda a pain since i'm just bashing at his nuts while having a hard time seeing what the rest of his is actually doing

big fucker like that must be a gunners delight


Sorry, did not mean to quote

No idea what that is, but for information I just use Ping's Dex which should be linked up in OP.

Considering there's only one electric monster among the Two Names, it's easy to figure out in context here, and Nargacuga is almost right even. That said, there's still tons of terms that I can't even begin to guess, like "Prowler"

nyanter was cuter and a better pun.

But what else could "Prowler" be?

Ah, it's the Nyanters? That begs the question then of what the MonNyan Brigade in previous games was called, since if "Prowler" was used for those before at least there's a consistency angle, since Nyanter naturally follows from MonNyan.

Considering how arbitrary some of the renames are, just about anything really.

gajin had some useful videos for quick referencing weapons/styles that one hasn't used yet, but after a recent thread i don't wanna give him any more hits

why is gaijin hunter hated here now? dd he pander to reddit?

It should obviously be the hunting cats because they "prowl" around and the faint "er" sound can make you think of "Hunter". It could've been better. I can sorta understand why you don't know these things but whatever.

he sucks 8-4 translator cock. thinks that translators can do no wrong, drank the SJW kool aid pretty damn hard and thinks that monster hunter needs more censorship because girls are too sexy and makes him feel funny in his pants and guilty for finding pretty girls attractive instead of the hambeasts his ideology tells him is attractive.

Why not just play the game? You have one of each weapon available from the beginning, and Styles can be freely switched.

Yeah, see, I can get why it kind of makes sense in hindsight, but as is without context saying that it's referring to the cat mode, it's not really that clear at all.

What shithole you're from? Why do you even think you opinion is relevant?
It is truly amazing that greedy jews from crapcom still haven reached for steambux yet.

fuck how do I gitgud with Gunlance

The same shithole that makes the fucking games.

Never said anything about my opinions, just the nature of the market here.

i have for many games in a row now, but i found a quick video check was helpful for seeing the advantages and disadvantages of styles without surfing through the menus and doing a few test quests

yo this fight is slick

Hm, for me I can't ever really say until I experience for it myself, but whatever works I guess.

Tama's fun and his theme is great wait until you do Dino

christ defending 8-4 should be punishable by death

You know that 10 meter tall Greatsword that's in the cave near Pokke Village?
That shit was wielded by a massive wyverian dragonslayer. Just going by the size, he could have most likely cleaved every single non-giant monster in half with a single blow, decapitated Lao Shan Lung with one strike, split Fatty open without half trying, and possibly even just stabbed Dalamadur in the face and gone out to tea without breaking a sweat.

That's the kind of power the Wyverians had during the war, and they lost.
So it's probably best to consider that all of the monsters we face in these games are essentially rodents if not insects compared to the scale and power of the dragons during that war.

So you're (in) jap.
Now tell me, why the fuck shouldn't devs care for gaijin bucks? Look at Onechanbara and EDF - those are barely ports, they're locked at 60 fps, all you can do is turn shitty FXAA on and change resolution.
Yet people eating it up and buying it with no questions asked.
Do you think that hurts console sales in any way?

checked, herr hitler

well to be fair he lives like right next door to their office building and is friends with several of them, but it just goes to show how much of an inclusionary incestuous clusterfuck videogame translation is.

I could go on for hours about diversity of thought and the importance of having different opinions in media and entertainment and not having the entire translation be the same beta numale western weeaboo with the same safe feminist opinions, but I'll fucking spare you since you've probably heard similar rants before.

For most devs, foreign sales aren't something they can afford to count on - making a game is a big investment, and they simply can't afford to delay returns not only past the release of the game itself, but then after a translation and foreign release, which will give less profit per unit sold due to middleman costs - and this is all if your game even does well there. Unless you're a megahuge player like Capcom or Squeenix, gambling on the West isn't really a feasible option, and even for them the home market isn't one they can ignore.

Can't speak on them, since it's the first I've even heard of them getting PC ports. D3 I don't think is big enough to try to play to the Western market that heavily though, so most likely it'd just be after thought ports after the game's already been made.

Not at all, the problem is that the PC isn't a heavy marketforce here for anything other than eroge and MMOs.

Political viewpoints shouldn't even matter if the "translators" are at all professional. Sadly this is obviously not the case, and yet again why I say the only translations you can trust are your own.

Devs are slowly learning bit by bit but Japan is just weird with shit. Like all the Japanese ports we get here don't even get released in Japan like the Xbox ports. Also Capcom is really weird with platforms I would not be surprised if they're afraid of crossing Nintendo after all that bullshit with RE4.

I get it that making games for PC in japan is not profitable.
It is in the west.
Question is - how expensive it to make a shitty PC port after you already made and started selling your console game.

Take EDF - it's a niche but long running console series. Was it really a risk to make steam version of it and sell for 30 something dollars? How profitable it turned out to be?
Is still risky to make PC version along the console ones from there on?

Hey guys, what gear should I be in to solo something like a silverwind narga in a decent time?
I haven't tried deviants yet and I've just been soloing through high rank so I'm sure what the difference is between deviants and high rank.

With some Japanese games not even getting localized out of fear that it wouldn't make it's money back. I don't see it as being too absurd that developers would not see porting a game for the west to possible not be profitable either.

Does Astalos have multiple cut-stages to its tail or something? I cut off a piece and carved it, but it still looks whole to me visually.

Otherwise I'm assuming it has the same break states as the Raths?

Alongside isn't going to happen for most companies even if they're interested in PC porting for the West, it's a waste of time and money. And any project, no matter how haphazard or relegated to a B Team it is, still is an allocation of time and money that could be spent on other projects. By and large, it's simply not worth bothering for how unlikely significant financial success in the West is. Obviously, there are exceptions, and the market can change, but it's simply not looking to be something you can expect to happen on a large scale anytime soon. And regardless, even of the ones that have gotten PC ports at all so far most have had those PC ports strictly as foreign exclusives, so it's a moot point really.

This bipedal fish with four whole attacks sometimes makes me wish underwater combat was still around so I don't have to put up with his bullshit on land

his tail is a pair of scissors. you cut off one of the edges but its still there because his tail beam is one of his attacks.

Homebrew thread died so I guess I'll try here.

If I try to run MHX on ReiNAND, I get "An error has occurred" and have to turn the 3ds off. It works fine on RX though.

Any ideas what went wrong?

How come MH concept art the characters specifically female characters look younger and more anime and lewd but in game they look different and less lewd when you strip them down.

RX has it built in but on ReiNAND you have to use NTRCFW to run games in another region.

I swear I learned how to play with a bowgun and a gunlance only to deal with the hipcheck bullshit properly.

Shame I already pretty much did everything in MHX, otherwise I would have downloaded generations. Something for me to do in a few months when I'm bored I guess.

Where is my cuteboy Tamamitsune?

You can convert your save from MHX to MHG.

Jap games sell like hot cakes in the west. But of all jap devs only Nintendo caught it for some fucking reason. And bamco recently.

Best I have on hand. Also a shitty pic of my card back when I played.

Well that's good to know. While on the subject, will I have to update anything on my 3ds if I haven't really touched it since mhx or is it still good to go?

But with much lower profit margins per unit sold, which is why when people aim for the West, they get disappointed if it's not CoD-tier sale numbers.

There's a cultural aspect at work here, too.
There's a surprising number of devs who willfully refuse to bank on easy Western sales because they don't want Gaijin to enjoy the game that they made for Japanese-only.

Fair point.


Um I think you can just update your emuNAND's FW and be good to go. Transferring your save is a process though you gotta extract it with a 3DS program then convert it on a PC then inject back in with the first program. Here is a link to instructions.

There are a non-insignificant number of Japanese devs who refuse to port games because they're not for filthy non-Japanese animals to play.
They could be told they'll make a fortune porting it to the west, but they'll refuse on principal of racial purity of product.


Sounds like a pain in the dick. I followed an idiots guide to modding my 3ds so I'd have no idea what I was doing here without one, so I just won't bother until I actually feel like playing again.
Also reminder that tammy is best monster.

Japan is a weird country and this does not just stand for games. Actually I've heard of certain games not being allowed to have their Japanese VO in the west because the VAs refuse to release their stuff outside of Japan.

Just wanting to know if there's enough info to figure out the best Kinsect upgrade path.

Almost any eroge dev ever. Most go out of their way to make the games as difficult for foreigners to play as possible, out of pure spite.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course. "Racism" is a good thing and promotes a healthy culture.

I'm a dumbass sorry

That's bullshit, but I like the sound of it. Racism is a healthy state of human mind.

Yup. The "fuck gaijin sub-humans" attitude is pretty strong there. It makes me happy.

how do you do that?

i posted directions here

First I've heard, usually it's because the studios demand higher royalties for foreign releases.

So, only meaningful to the PC market.

Not strong enough, considering what happened to Fire Emblem.

Apparently the reason why there was no Japanese VO in fates is because one of the VAs is one of the people who won't release shit outside of Japan. I don't see how FE getting butchered here has anything to do with Japan being racist?

Amen. The best thing that could possibly happen to vidya would be Japan pullout out of the western market entirely and denying translation or localization of its products across the board.

Really? Can you name an example? Because that's bullshit, but it sounds like a thing that happens

Not sure what "fates" is, but would like to see sauce on this.

When they decided to start marketing Fire Emblem to the West, they started implementing shit like overpowered Lords and 10 chapter required tutorials. Granted, the series was already suffering from Kaga leaving at that point, but even 6 wasn't as bad as 7 and 8 were.

I'd do it just to get my hr6 back and avoid the tedius grind of soloing it all over again but I'm worried it'd overwrite my generatiosn save

*Because that sounds like bullshit

Fire Emblem was also flailing and failing in Japan there was a reason why Awakening was going to be the last one. While I do not deny that the west had no hand in this they probably weren't the main reason.

What I'm talking about is much earlier though - Kaga left after 5, which is why 6 was basically "let's redo 1 again but make it a lot easier," and then 7 was designed with the West in mind and got insultingly easy. Like I said, there's definitely the loss of direction with Kaga gone to blame, but the decision to change audiences to focus on Westerners I think is what damaged the brand here enough that we eventually got to the point that 13 happened.

blz respond ;_;

also what art/style is best?

Hardly anyone uses Gunlance user you're probably fucked.

I fucking hate blangonga how the hell is this fucker more spastic and more unpredictable than rajang holy shit, I actually would rather fight a rajang than this fucker now

Rajang actually isn't so bad in MHG though I don't know if it was because I was already mad as heck at Blangonga.

Generations, HR 3 stuff
No passcode

I dunno aerial has made heavy gunner so much more fun and lets me get away with so much stupid shit. The only problem is none of the gunner abilities are there to make gunner dps rival that of the melee ones.

I am deeply saddened that you are full though.

we keep getting HR1 randos

you might want to remake with a pw

when will the MH team finally recognize that the raths aren't regal or menacing anymore, but giant winged rat cowards

Cutie brown huntress squad when?

Passcode 4444

Rath family needs to go.

btw guys you can attack while its being mounted now and you'll help the gauge fill up faster.

Never Rathalos and Rathian are the Ryu and Chun Li of MonHun Capcom will never boot them.

they don't have to boot them, but no point in playing them out like threats at this point

the lazy felyne NPC in the footbath sends you to go kill a rathalos just because its blocking his view of the clouds. raths confirmed for a nuisance

The flying lance thing is pretty good because it is anime as fuck fills fast and lets you travel quite a bit and can go into a slam so you can shoot your load all over the monster. Very good for a normal type GL. The one that maxes out your heat gauge is good because it can often be a pain in the ass. I only have lvl 1 of the giant explosion but it seems very bad. I haven't messed around with any of the non-specific ones so that's all i can tell ya about that.
As for the style i have been using striker and haven't tried the others. I suspect busido is bad, aerial great, and guild ok. I don't think striker is very good and I will try out aerial soon.

Shitskins pls go.

The NPCs find the monsters in general annoying more than anything
In 3U, you have to hunt a Qurupeco because the NPC giving it to you got literally booty blasted from its flint attack

I heard aerial is pretty fun.

I'm not sure if I can help you with that completely but this is my expirience so far with each style and art

guild: good all around only if you want the slam to full burst instead of the triple stab from striker and still have enough arts to use

aerial: fun as fuck works really well with all shots gunlances but you only get the slam in the aerial attacks and only get triple stab in the ground

bushido:great for normal shot users, perfect guard reload all your ammo and let's you do a slam afterwards but most likely you will stay in one place waiting for attacks

striker: good for long and wide shot gunlances specially having 3 hunter arts to cover certian things you might want to use

in terms of the arts:

Blast dash: really good and specially if you can't do a slam normally or want more fast movement/dodging

Dragon breath: if don't give a fuck about the heat system and want to go full power this art is great for you since it give you temporal max heat in a instant

dragon blast: if well placed it can break parts very quickly, very useful if you can't use wyvern's fire

another art I recommend is hunter's oasis with with bushido funlance since you want the monster to attack you and you will be stationary most of the time it can help your longevity in the fight

Frustratingly over-easy.

I think the cuttlefish would have been more interesting as a normal sized monster. As it is, it's just really boring to fight. I like the no-dodge slime status though. Its weapons should have higher damage to balance their shit sharpness.

Gammoth is boring as fuck to fight if you focus on his ass/sides and annoying if you focus on his face. In any case, it's not fun. The other flagships are pretty ace though. Though I do wish bubbles was more difficult.

Styles should not return or if they do, they need to be rebalanced heavily.
Absolute evade is broken as fuck, but I think should return as an armor skill on one monster's set or as evade+3. Well, just the dodge part, not the running/attack afterwards.
"Prowlers" should come back, but mainly for gathering. Remove their arena quests.
Two Named monsters add some variety. Keep em.
Bring back the Great __ggis they are objectively superior to -dromes.

I hate this shit. In every other game I can get all the breaks without having to worry about killing the monster first. In gen I have to try not to kill them too quickly.

How many breakable parts does gammoth have anyway?

I main gunlance, general tips in no particular order include:

You have a big shield and should use it when you need to, but unless you're really good at adept style the best defense is still just to not be in the way of attacks. The big shield helps when you're caught out of position and can't dodge (which will happen because gunlance is slow as fuck), but if you can sidehop out of the way do that.
On that note, you can back/sidehop out of everything now (you use to not be able to hop after shelling/reloading), use that for micro-positioning/spacing.

You can vary up your combos depending on the opening, also remember you can forward + a when shielding to not be stuck in guard.

Like said, guild style is naturally just a decent all-rounder and probably good to use until you get a handle on the weapon's moveset.
If you're using a wide-type though striker is pretty much objectively superior since (I think?) the only thing you lose is the slam, which you'd pretty much never use anyway with a wide type- just triple poke -> charged shot -> quick reload -> repeat for big openings.

Ask if you have any more specific questions. Also, there are some monsters which GL is just straight up bad against because of the awful mobility. I've found Malfestio to be a bit painful because if you've got your weapon sheathed when he does a breath/cloud attack you're pretty much just shit out of luck- you can't sheath and move away in time and you can't block them.

I slammed the fuck out of bubble fox in the first quest it showed up for 25 minutes, forgot to bring whetstones and mega potions, carted twice before I gave up to kill the bulldrome but I broke its face 3 times and it wasn't even limping.
I get to its actual quest with 20 extra damage and green sharpness and it dies in less than 10 minutes. Freaking inflated health pools.

I also did its quest with 3 first aid meds because I forgot to bring potions since I was doing shit as a cat, not that it matters I just had to play more carefully

Holy shit, I was not prepared. It's been a while, so I forget, but are all these massive area-denial swaths of doom completely new, or did they just fold all of Ivory/Abyssal Lagi's attacks into standard Lagi for Gen?
The new scream AoE with radial explosions I adapted to immediately, but the projectile ball that bursts into a fork of advancing explosions nailed me at least three times before I got used to it.

I think Lagi is just always going to be my favorite monster at this rate. Just when I was starting to get bored of the beautiful bastard, suddenly he's magic and ain't gotta explain shit.

Two front legs and two tusks and head, I think.

Lagiakrus got a TON of new shit for this game, it's easily the best part about it for me. He's gone from one of my least favorite to most favorite fights.

Cat mode, Some people hate it sure, but more options are always great.

also, I like to throw as much ammo at the monster as I can, what LBG or HBG has the highest rate of fire, and little recoil? I'm thinking a LBG with rapid fire normal 2.

Also how weak are stoneshots? as bad as normal 1? or as good as normal 2?

If they gave Prowlers tiny versions of some of the hunter weapons, still made with scraps of course, I think it would go a long way to making that mode a lot more interesting.

A Dual Claws weapon that uses the demon mode of Dual Blades, for example, would be perfect for them.
A kind of Hunting Horn weapon made of giant cat bells that debuffs the monster instead of buffing you could also be interesting.
A no-nonsense Lance type because sometimes a Felyne's gotta serious the fuck up.
And of course, a HBG weapon type that uses a team of three cats to set-up, aim, fire and handle the recoil of a full-size HBG. Fuck you, it'd be fun.

Better, a LBG that deals about as much damage as a rock, but with crazy fast fire, no ammo and no reload.

EDF of the MH world

Any ideas for some good Gunner armor? I'm looking at getting in on some HBG and Bow action. I'm currently HR2/Village 4.

This is my first monster hunter, so I feel able to answer this; Gen is easy as fuck. The real reason "git gud" is terrible advice in Gen is because it's unnecessary now. Some Arts are ridiculously overpowered, and for some weapons certain styles can be insanely good. Adept LBG with Full House means you essentially never need to reload, Striker SnS and to a lesser extent Lance just whip out Arts constantly and destroy anything no sweat. Oils make SnS even better than the Arts alone do. Who needs sharpness when you have minds eye on every weapon with every set? Who needs raw when you have +30% affinity on everything? With Longsword, the spirit gauge pretty much doesn't matter anymore, you have access to an art that will keep it maxed near constantly or another that will level it up faster than the combo ever could, even from empty; and with Guild style you get both while still having all of the regular LS stuff. For any weapon with Aerial style, it's easy as hell to avoid a lot of attacks because all of the old monsters were created with the expectation that the hunter will be on the ground, not in the air above the monster. Getting good is an outdated concept, just abuse all of the new super powers and you'll breeze through the game.
I've recently taken to playing with Guild style and no arts. It's a lot more difficult, and a lot more fun. Did you know monsters have patterns? And, before certain attacks, they perform certain actions that can tell you they're about to use those attacks? Or that dodges need to be well timed, but are extremely useful and important even if you don't get some special boost or counter attack from doing it? And, most shockingly of all, that you should try to not get hit? I'm sure you knew all of that, I'm sure most of the people in this thread did too, but I sure as hell didn't until I stopped relying on Arts and Styles.

Make every other round a tracer and you've got a deal.

I used low rank rathalos for a while. Weakness Exploit and attack +12.

I agree with pretty much all of this, but aerial style is too fun to stop using. They at least tried to balance it by giving it a slow-as-fuck standard dodge with zero iframes, and only a single hunter art slot.
It's still super easy when you can get 3-5 mounts per fight, though. If they'd made aerial style unable to mount, that probably would have been for the best.

Tama armor is actually pretty decent. As a bonus the matching bow and hbg are also really fucking good, with the hbg being the best in the game for pierce at max level.

Now imagine this wasn't your first one. And that you are someone who has been playing the games for the last 12 years, having put in several thousand hours.

I am finding this game almost painfully easy.

What is the worst weapon/style combo now?

This much bullying shouldn't be allowed.

When does the online get good?
Every fucking HR1 lobby is for Tetsucabra

Truly the most patrician of monster hunter games.

Testucabra is a good starting set. Tremor Res comes in handy through hr1-2. Make your own rooms if you need to do something specific.

I want low rank nargacuga cutwings and tail spikes what weapon or method would let me get these? Can you break the tail with a cutting weapon or only a blunt one? are the wings weak to anything in particular?


Don't play online before G-Rank tbh.
You'll get bad habits and less fun(maybe)

Thanks for the suggestions. I just hit Village 5, so Tama is soon-ish right?. I know that the Malfestio HBG is pretty nice too rather, I had fun with it in the demo.

I've been using GreatSword, but for simply just breaking the tale you should be able to use anything, same for the wings. I don't know if they're weaker/stronger against anything in particular though, aside from Nargacuga's general weakness to Thunder (and also Fire)

I'm retarded, sorry. Tail**.

Tama unlocks on Village 5, but you need to have done the quest chain for the chief of Yukumo Village.

You should have Tammy already unlocked if you did the Yukumo bulldrome request at 3 stars. Same with the other two flagships outside of Glaive anus.


Thanks anons.

Still beat the fucker but hell

ah so I need to do those extra quests. Right then. I was starting to wonder if I even needed to do those, but now I know. Thanks!

Oh okay. So it doesn't really matter whether you use blunt or blade, unless you're trying to actually cut off the tail. Neat.

Maybe I'm just having a bad hunt, but I really don't understand how you are supposed to break the tail tip when nargacuga makes it his life's mission to keep it away from you.


I want to Narg her Cuga

Ayy looking to rank up from HR2 to HR3. Anyone wanna hop in?

Room: 49-9290-7075-8472
Passcode: 3256

gitgud :^)

I meant to spoiler that, so I deleted the file to avoid a possible porn ban (as I've received such a ban for less in the past), here's the gelbooru link though if you didn't save it before I deleted it:

English version?
Are the first six the iframes or when they start?

Traps, or go gunner.

You wait for it to stumble or do a tail-slam, and then go to town.

6 Iframes for no evasion, 10 for +1, 12 for +2. Iframes begin as soon as the roll begins.

Smack at its feet until it falls over then slice that shit up. Hitting while it tail slams like said.

It's not the VA's decision to make, it's their jew producing companies and their incestuous licensing deals.

That was a blast! Thanks for hunting guys. I didn't have enough Tama parts to finish the set + bow yet, so I'll probably be back for more later another time.

Ostugorea is pretty spooky

No worries dude. Always a pleasure helping folks out. See ya around!

Room: 49-9290-7075-8472
Passcode: 3256
Hunting anything I guess

Beating Gunrock!

Too bad it isn't in Gen though…

Is MHFU on ios a direct port from the psp, or has it been casualized/made easier for the touch controls?


Friendly reminder that Kirin has been and still is the biggest cunt elder dragon in mohun and if you like it you should shoot yourself.

Kush is a bigger cunt. Fencing makes Kirin a joke.

I disagree simply on the notion that I've fought kush more and enjoy his fight.
He's still a cunt, I'll give you that.

I find neither enjoyable but kush way more annoying. I like fighting Teo and Chameleos though.

Kush is a pretty straightforward fight and gets rid of all his frustration if you've got an HH with wind pressure negation on it. The S. Magala horn in 4U had it and it also did a bunch of dragon damage pretty much made for that fight. Kirin even with mind's eye is still a pain in the ass due to his movement he bugs the hell out of me if I'm using any of the slower weapons.

What happened to the room? I came back and it was gone

I find that Kirin is easiest with bow, GS, and HH. Lance/Gunlance is also fairly effective when you're alone.

Spoopy Capcom servers ate it

Kirin is right up there with the spring raptors for shitty garbage 1st gen rejects that nobody likes. They desperately need a complete moveset, AI, and animation overhaul to bring them into line with the rest of the monsters – but Capcom is too busy pimping out their precious Raths to give a shit.

You'd think they'd have replaced the dromes with the aggis for X

Any chance Capcom will stick with they've been saying and actually overhauling everything with the next numbered release?

I'm hoping that what they'll do for 5 is what they did for Tri.

Monster Hunter Origins never ever.

What if they have new monsters and areas for Low Rank but return a whole bunch in High Rank? Might be a poor idea but people will be discouraged that a bunch of favorites aren't in.
Also I think there is going to be one last 4th gen game before they move to MH5. This felt more like a side project while the main team is cooking something real good.

Add in a giant mechanic that changes everything then completely remove it in the following iteration?

I'm talking about an entirely new set of monsters, but I wouldn't mind another entirely new giant mechanic that lasts for one whole iteration.

Well Capcom said to think of X/Generations as something like the Alpha series for Street Fighter. A spin off series before the next major installment, of course SF3 was still 6 years after SF2 though it was only 2 years after Alpha.

Was Tri all new monsters that was my first one so I didn't know.

Here is a general High Rank room
27-5179-3143-1851 pass is 8888

That was the worst rank of quests in any game in the series, fuck me.

There are no "new monsters" at this point, many of them are just rehashed skeletons of other monsters but with a few different movesets on top.
Yian Kit Ku uses the same skeleton as quoropeco
Nargacuga, Tigrex and Barioth share skeletons too
Raths and Garuga
etc, etc

Wait until 4*

It's better than gathering 50 mushrooms I guess

All 4 of the signature monsters in X/G seem to be new monsters or at least really heavily altered skeletons.

Also there was the Azuros/Volvidon, Gigginox, Zinogre, Seregios, Magalas. Not sure what you're talking about user every game has had at least one new skeleton they just don't seem to be used like the old ones where they are recycled for a bunch of new monsters.

dude that's a khezu reskin

While physically it's very similar to the Khezu it's skeleton is completely fucking different from it. The Gigginox moves nothing like the Khezu.

Hey guys, I'm back and ready for more Tama-hunting. I managed to make the Helmet, Waist, and Legs for it. I just need to make the Chest, Arms, and the Bow. Let's do it to it! Then after that we can grind out whatever other missions you guys may have.

Passcode: 1964

except… exactly the same?

I'm retarded, forgot to put the room.

Room is 26-7534-2726-2413

They have different skeletons. They move different as well. The fuck are you smoking?

How are they the same?

Monsters in general are treated more as bigass animals that breathe fire by the populace anyways, more than a few NPCs I recall state out and out that monsters are part of nature and they're just doing as they would with or without human intervention

Seems like people don't really give a shit unless the monster's being actively malicious for one reason or another, elder dragons seem to be the guiltiest of actively attacking people


I really loved old snarfy in 3U but he really of frustrates me in X/G.

Are hunters super-human in the world or can pretty much anyone take 3-4 solid hits from a dragon after a good meal?

its not key i think, luckily

3DS-less WiiU3Ufag here, is he any different from how he was in 3U?

I just miss Gobul and underwater fights in general. Gobul was really fun and had a lot of dynamism to his fight.
Nibelsnarf is a lame-ass attempt to keep Gobul in the game in some way.

there seems to be mild implications that not just anyone can be a hunter

The elder dragons are also different than wyverns. There is a lot of reason to believe the dragons are bio-weapons from a bygone age, and wyverns are just animals.

Snarf hasn't given me many problems as of yet, but I guess I'm still LR. I'm not really progressing until I murder this dumb anime rathian in my low rank gear.

Nothing major he just seems to hang out underground a lot more and I'm having a really tough time breaking his arms. They may have changed his hitboxes or something.

Maybe if 5 goes back to consoles they'll work underwater back in since they don't seem to oppose it if you have a 2nd stick.

People in general seem to be fucking crazy-durable to the point where people talk about extremely dangerous Rathalos like they're good annoyances at best but that might also be because there's usually a hunter around to take care of things. Hunters themselves seem to be regarded as somewhere between brave or crazy depending on who you talk to though they (and the Guild by association) are heavily respected because of what they do and do on a regular basis

In tri (I think), I remember when you show up they explain how you are the hunter replacing the old one. It seems like having a hunter or hunters around is a lot like having a cop or doctor. It's a necessary utility.

I'm staying out of all those fights until end game I solo'd the Azuros and the fight wasn't even hard it just took forever because he had so much fucking health.

Well the director has always said that these monsters are just supposed to be seen as a part of nature and not actually monsters or malevolent. Don't know about the elder dragons though they seem to have some kind of consciousnesses.

2G also opened up with you talking to the old Hunter of Pokke who you were dispatched by the Guild to take over for.

Same for 4/4U where you're picked up as the Caravan's official Hunter, though I don't recall if you have any actual Guild affiliation or not before the game's set into motion

Elder dragons seem to be the only actual malevolent creatures given they're typically making life hard for humans or otherwise directly attacking them and their settlements. Definitely intelligent but they still might just be "intelligent for an animal", and there's some like the Gore/Shagaru Magala where their aggression and destructive behavior is basically a territory dispute

Oh yeah they totally aren't the exact same with one or two exceptions.
Oh wait no they totally are, both have the same stretchy neck shit, one shoots poison and the other shoots lightning, one can lay eggs.
That's the only difference between them



So in your mind the baleful gigginox and the normal are completely different?


Anyone want to do some HR3 stuff? Looking to finally get to HR4 so I can start farming for my real armor


They have different skeletons and animations, which is what the original discussion was about. Thematically, they're similar creatures sharing a parasite theme.
That's a rational way to look at it.

If we used your measuring stick, however, khezu, rathian and vespoids would all be "exact same with exceptions" because they all have wing-like appendages.

please, that's full of shit and you know it.
"Oh look these monsters behave in almost the exact same way, but with a few exceptions! Totally different monsters (tm)"
Man I love the 10 completely new deviant monsters they added, they behave in almost the same way but with some new moves!

Are their skeletons the same? No.
Are their animations the same? No.

Do you know the meaning of the word "similar"?
It means "resembling without being identical".
It's a good word.

The animations are the same and you know it.
Look at the tail during the egglay and the lightning field respectively.
Or the neck during either extension.
It follows the exact same set of animations with the gigi's going higher to compensate for it's lower standing position

What about the back half of khezu or gigginox during either animation, user?
Time to invoke our favorite word again: similar!

They seriously even share a moveset.
Totally different (tm)

Thanks for the hunts ya'll. Sorry I couldn't stay in long, got work in the morning. I'll try to join more of these Holla Forums rooms, first one so far was fun. Even if I had virtually no use for the parts other than cash.

Not totally different, user. Not exactly the same, either.
Try to focus.
What's the word of the day?


By that standard the Deviants are only "similar" which is bullshit



thanks for all the help guys! its really appreciated.

Still confused at narakos though. what the fuck even was that.

Thanks the good hunts, man. Hope to do it again soon.

Great hunts guys, sorry my Bow work is rusty still. I didn't suck this much with it in MH4U I swear I'll get there though. Thanks for all the help, it was a blast.


You know now that you mention it, I never really HATED underwater like everybody else did. I disliked it because it meant I was going to suck, but that's because I generally sucked. I guess I just overestimated how many players had the CCP like I did. I just assumed that if you played MH3U you had a CCP because if you didn't you were a fucking retard.

I can see how you would hate the game if you didn't have a second stick.

The gook responsible for Nibelsnarfs useless fucking bomb gimmick is gonna be bludgeoned to death with a barrique barrel full of cum.

Need Nibel claws?
>"Good luck, Hunter. My claws are behind 7 skeletons proxies layers of sand :^) "

I'm just bash is fookin' 'ead in swear on me guildmarm with a hammer.

What bomb gimmick does he even have? Is he supposed to eat them like he eats rhenoplos?

I know that when he's sucking up sand to do his beam, you can throw a sonic bomb in his mouth and KO him for a long-ass time.

Sandniggerfroglizard absolutely refuses to make his fucking claws accessible. Managed to break one before he keeled over like the sad sack of shit he is.
Yes, I am 'THIS fucking triggered.

user when it goes fully upright in the sand you can fish it out
making it's tum-tums visible

also, fuck nargas indestructible wings of nippon steel

Do all the fetch quest and small monster quests stop after single player HR2?
I really want to move onto actual fucking monsters but I keep doing every single quest because autism.

Hunting horn makes him such a fucking cake walk
God I love no bouncing and its speed
I like gunlance but its like going from the slowest least mobile to the fastest weapon

The small monster quests mostly stop after HR3.
The fetch quests end never ever.

Just leave the fetch quests and soend a few hours one day doing them before sleep
Download an audiobook so you dont go insane
I did all my village ones with one eye open laying on my side in bed

Cats make them easy anyway

Full house 2 this bitch and you have all the ammo types of the rainbow (and not enuff inventory space).
Gud for dromes and snipers who love head hunting and dumping mags of N2 into Mizu's tail or Zinogres head.

With Full house 2 electric boogaloo
Load all pierce 1,2,3 and go to town on a downed monster.
Dump para 1 & 2 into it.
And repeat.

40% affinity, weakness exploit and Attack up L turn it into the swiss cheese gun.

Absolute beast for damage has gud N2 clip size, shoots pierce 1 and has Fire S2 with Fire pierce once upgraded to tier 4.
Every LBG user should have this.

It took me until about hr500 to figure out that there are in fact i-frames in the dodge animation underwater. Once I leanred this I had a new appreciation for underwater fights.

You should also pose the question how in the hell they can't make a full armour and weapon from one large monster like Lagiacrus.

Or how Scatterfish make Large Barrel Bomb +
I know questioning logic in game mechanics is one thing, but it shouldn't take me the better part of 2-3 hours to chop an Iodrome's dumb head off and use it for upgrades.
Or was it 2-3 days? I don't remember. It's all a blur.

I like arts, and I like styles quite a bit, and hope they return in MH5.

Gen doesn't feel any easier than 4 though. So I have no idea where all these is coming from.

kind of like how 3 felt easier than 2, but mainly because 3 was more polished than 2 was in terms of frames, animations, etc.

Dude, gigginox has a fucking moveset it can rely on, so you don't see him spamming the same two attacks in order to kill you.
All khezu does is electic charge> spit electricity> shockwave
It also doesn't help that his variant is just a spammier khezu with no real difference.

Holy shit Bow is fun, I'm running through quests even faster than I did using GreatSword. Question though: How can I level up my Haste Rain art? I've got Triple Volley II already, but still only Haste Rain I. Do I have to do a specific set of quests, or is it just from general progression?

Also, can someone explain how the Bubble skill works? I only know it just kind of helps with evasion when it's activated. I mean does it grant Evasion+1 or something like that when i'm Bubbly?

Goosebumps are protruding like erect nipples all across my body.

The guild takes a huge cut from your parts(this is how they keep themselves afloat).
This is also why you technically only get two carves instead of 3-4 when you capture a monster instead of killing it, it means more work for the guild.

Aerial buge stick is pretty great, since you get vertical and horizontal vaults. Extract hunter makes everything a breeze.

He eats bombs if you place them, but fuck knows what causes it to happen, seems like he's more likely to blow them up with his sand beam or just ignore them entirely.

what the fug

Isn't it just Lucent Narga but without the invisibility?

When he does the multiple charges attack, after you dodge the first charge drop a bomb immediately then position yourself so his next charge will go through it. You should have just enough time to place it while he prepares his second charge. After a handful of seconds it will explode and stun him for a short while. It seems almost useless, though, as the stun is very short and takes too long to kick in, while also leaving you wide open to take a strong hit if you fuck up the timing slightly.

best bugstick right here.

Befriend the shit out of monsters with your explosive love.

What are good ways to farm charms in low rank?

don't bother, but volcano if you have to.

you're doing it wrong if you need charms in the easiest LR.
Hell even HR.
But yeah you don't have access to the "good" farming spot yet.

It's just one charm that I wanna get but it never fucking drops

Well, fuck

Oh well, I didn't feel like looking for charms in Gen anyway.

I might have try that, my thunder/KO/stun/paralysis bone pole doesn't seem to have much effect

I could answer this but it is getting into video game lore territory and since dark souls kind of ruined it and everyone is sick of video game lore theories I'd rather not.

Gen lobby, preferably HR4 and up, but it matter, grinding mostly
pass is 8888

Post it anyway. Lore is fun.

Autismal faggots will shit all over any kind of fun, user. That's their purpose - to bring balance so that enthusiasm and happiness doesn't go unchecked.

So fuck it. Let's hear some silly lore theories.

What's the best monster to practice the Adept style with? My dodges are a bit crappy.

Anything really, Adept is pretty generous with its timing.

Bushido was a mistake.

The people that use adept like that are the same people that want you to sit on your ass while they buff with hunting horns in the starting area.

Man, why they call it Adept style? Such a dumb name. My friends and I still refer to it as Bushido.

Adept basically means to be skilled at something. The style enables you to dodge well without needing to git gud at dodging, while falsely implying that it's more difficult than a regular dodge. The style rewards a lack of that particular skill, so I assume that it was localized like that and described as being a style for highly skilled pros (ie "Adepts"), because the localization team hates players who are good at the game and wanted to insult them for being good, while stroking the egos of people who are bad at the game and make them think they're great at it.
A shitter will think properly doing guards and evades with Adept means they're great at the game, and everyone doing guards and evades with the other styles suck at the game and need to rely on the "easier" normal versions, instead of the "pro" Adept versions. Whereas someone who's even the slightest bit good at the game realizes that the in-game claims that Adept evades and guards are somehow more difficult is a load of shit and that Adept is easymode for evading.
inb4 an Adept user gets pissed; I'm not claiming Adept users are all bad or all bad players use Adept, only that the overlap between those two groups will create people who think they're good because they're rewarded for having less skill while being told that it requires more skill.

It really feels like Evasion +11

Welcome to MHGen. Wash it down with another helping of memes.

Is the localization shit I just transfered over my save so I didn't see any of the story. I know Capcom made a point about saying not to ad memes in localization during a presentation. I thought it would be the case since they fired 8-4.

Adept/Bushido definitely does make dodging easier however only using it to dodge things easier is not what it is meant for. A good player using that style is able to be way more aggressive and really never have to back away from the monster.

and still do less damage because he can't do any of the moves locked behind dodge during a topple or a trap

Hammer still has what it needs for topples and traps and guns get more damage.

It does because bushido makes it lose the combo out from the home run swing. It makes the recovery after the sing way longer.

you mean doesn't because of what


also I think it's clear that guns weren't a thought during style design. Except maybe for bow

room to do HR 3 and what ever apparently

69-2435-3887-2605, pass is 8888

lets do anything
Pass is 4321

I just want a cat to name Miranda

I'm pretty sure you can set the looks of cats at the cat vendor.

Was playing generations and realized I didnt like it very much. (I realized this as soon as i played the first mission but friends made me keep playing).
Started remembering 3U swimming and how much I missed it. Made a new character on it and haven't gone back yet.
Not to mention I just miss hunting monster on my tv instead of a shitty handheld. Fucking love swimming.

yea I have
but it also means I get a super low chance of fighting cats ontop of getting good skills for it

I'm searching for looks its just fucking ass as hell
I got a good healer one though

Can't you just get a good fighting cat from someone and use it to train what you want?

Swimming is fun, but the concept of Deviant is really interesting to me, I wish I could fight them but I've no 3DS.
Anyways, do you want to play 3U together?I have a character who just started g-rank but I can change my armor around if you're lower than that

Sorry dude. Was lagging all fight then my connection finally just took a dump. I'll be back in if I can get my 3ds connected again.

can only learn one skill

I haven't had that happen since 2G, fucking hell.

While normally I'd want to tell you to lay off the Kool-Aid, considering the overall tone of the foreignization, I can't really say I doubt you

Id be up for some hunts maybe later, might not have time tonight as i need to get up early for work tomorrow and I am still there now.


in G do demon drugs still last till KO? and how long did might seeds last again?

Did anyone else get stuck forever on the tropical berries quest before figuring out you need to gather at the plants instead of the berries?

That 24 hour captcha is cancer, especially when it refuses to load all day.

Personally, besides it making more logical sense, I'd rather get every piece you can get for a monster from one hunt. In relatively set quantities.
Fuck RNG and fuck grinding. Just give me a good challenge requiring Y skill and give me all the Xs.

naa because I just used the quest to gether everything and noticed they were coming from plants

This game just keeps getting better and better at proving there was a distinct lack of thought behind it.

It's not grinding if it's fun, user.
No. Certain values definitely could be adjusted(See: Iodrome head), but by no means in any world would removing the system entirely be a good thing.

I'm all for toning down the rng, but getting everything from one hunt is retarded.
There goes all the incentive to master hunts, to use traps, to use items, to use sets that increase your offenses/defenses, what's the point of shaving 10-15 minutes off a hunt due to skill+equips when you only ever have to do one hunt anyways?

This is why I hate charms, there should be a way to make them requiring monster materials instead of luck. I would rather trade in rare Akantor parts to get a decent Spirit talisman rather than cross my fingers and hope to get lucky. This would be especially good for Cross/Gen since slots are sparse and it's hard to get some good skills laid out. I would rather have the RNG decide what monster parts I get rather than what charm I'll acquire.

Don't know ask who designed the deviant hunts.
You only need to do each level 3 times max

I'd prefer if they made it so after a certain number of quests you were guaranteed to get a certain item or just increased drop rates for items that you haven't obtained on successive hunts

Not all the monsters are fun though

Getting some amount of each piece of the monster doesn't mean you get enough to fight the monster once and make everything you need, user.
It means you fight it X amount of times to do something. And more somethings to make and there you go.

*add more

yea those arena quests make fuck all sense unlocking so early
I tried the Jho one out and it 2 shot me, was like fuck this is a HR quest the hell did it unlock so early

Just don't grind the unfun monsters user :^)
Sorry, your post just sounded like you were wanting everything to drop on one single hunt

What are the awards for completing every arena quest with every weapon?


Barrage piercing if you get all A's I think and sadly that includes the cat ones.

The barrage earrings no?

I tried the one starting with Rathalos and it walked on me and I died. I was about to be pissed that they did the shit they did when you first run into the four amigos, but was still distraught by it being fucking high rank.

There's always a way to make fights that you hate more tolerable. I hate Yian Garuga so I always bring flashbombs and aim for it's big dumb tail first then it becomes okay, minus the constant screaming.

i love game lore, the dark souls lore was awesome too, it was fun to piece together the lore yourself, i think it was the hypertheories that youtubers came up with.

post that shit, as in depth as you can factually go

a shame i got a chuckle out of that

The git gud drama is so sad. People are essentially getting mad at people telling each other to improve themselves.

She's literally saying the opposite.

everyone left, but i must go on
Gen lobby: HR5 and up
pass is 8888

meme translations are an understandable frustration

I know but I mean all the articles and shit trying to make git gud the new form of cyber-harrasment.

Sorry, I misunderstood you. My bad. Yeah they hate anyone that puts effort into anything, even recreation.

It's because they see the gg in git gud.
You know how gamegoo triggers them.

Well first I'll link these uploads of the monster hunter art books. don't worry, the site is nsfw but the content is just the official artbooks

Now these are just artbooks so I wouldn't hold anything from them cannon but the main reoccuring theme going through them is that in the monster hunter world technology was much more advanced at one point waaaaay in the past, war broke out, mankind made genetic terrors, ie the monsters, and they almost wiped mankind out. so mankind experimented on itself, made itself stronger to compete, making the first generation monster hunters, the wyverns and apparently the merfolk. they also experimented with cats which is how we got felynes.eventually both monster and man were driven to near extinction by the war and it just stopped because there was nothing left. Both are now rebuilding their population, which is why you have humans with the strange juxtaposition of being stone age level of technology but having things like firearms almost.

Also you should know that even mentioning the equal dragon weapon from the artbooks that I am posting is enough to send some autists into a rage. even though its obvious that a lot of this was just from the spitballing phase of monster hunter from when they were putting together the background for it so its not canon, some autists treat anything printed as gospel

was going to post this hours ago but the captcha was down.

What's your favorite armor/weapon skills?

4th pic related, with dev commentary included in pic 3!

I'm considering picking up a wii u just to go back to 3U.
Did it have G rank, again?


Butterfly armor for sure especially when making it green and purple

Daily reminder that there's no Stygian for Generations I hope they bring it back in MH5

Barrrage? Is that supposed to be another Fairy Tail collab or something?

I'm kinda over zinngers

That picture makes me mad.

So yesterday i finally got to G3 in MH4U and i unlocked the new singleplayer shit.
Is there anyway to not get raped by sayan rajang?
Do i just have to dodge everything he does?

Have you tried git'n gud?

It just seems to me he does way too much damage with moves that are his fastest, like the cannonball.
I have 696 armor and he deals 75% HP with one of those.

it's only going to get worse.
Start eating for moxie little dude

More Zinny for me

A-At least he's probably gonna be the worse challenge i'll be facing, r-right?
I'm not gonna do 140 quests, probably gonna stop after i get my gold crown


Get close, personal, and stay by his side until he finally dies. The hot monkey dick likes to be dominant, so you'll find the safest spots to be right under him, but going from behind is fine too.

Just be wary of unexpected sidehops, pounces, walls, and spin2wins. You can usually dodge the pounces by rolling forward to his side, assuming you're close enough and you roll as soon as he does the little hop before he smashes the ground.

I've found my luck in evasion+2 that allows me to roll straight into his homing shit, but i was tired when playing so i made fatal errors and died.
I really wish i didn't pick those rajang weapons up cause i know i'll be coming back for the horns.

GS, SnS, and DB are the best weapons to fight him with in my opinion. He's got 2 huge openings during the beam and after his triple bounce attack, and small openings after every pounce, punch combo, and spin2win. Also note that he'll almost always spin2win after doing his back hop attack, so try to bait him to use that back hop attack as much as you can by staying behind him.

So if you really want to play safe, just attack during those openings and you should be able to take him down comfortably. If you really want to cheese him, use an ice bow and play half-asleep.

I went into it with Hammer, and i usually do good but >that fucking new grab he has in g rank
I can go SnS but i never seem to do as much damage.

I'd probably just use this anyway

Can someone explain me why they don't fix the g rank? why can't they change the formula/hp pool of monsters based on how many players go on a quest? i'm so sick of having to redo long quests just because i'm playing solo and i need to farm some materials

Is the KO skill as useless as it was before?

Just got to hr4
What the fuck at that 2 headed dragon
I know most of these massive fuck you dragons are just whack on them till its over but that was almost loa levels of doing nothing

Anyway any HR4 armor I should make? I almost got my shit handed to me by the bulfango
Stupidly of course but hits hard regardless

Ostgaloa is a weird fight since there's a part 2 that you do when you fight him at the end of High Rank

I really wish they would do some of the older giant dragons again
Lao and the crab and the cuttlefish flying blob with updated mechanics would be nice


I have a mighty need for hunter look like a huntress

Boy, am I glad the game tells me, what all those new ammo types actually do :^)

No one uses the steam chat anymore?

which has the same amount of doing nothing.
Really the weakest Large monster fight.
Which is like losing the special olympics

I should really upload my monster hunter folders one of these days.

Because steam is for faggots and faggots die from aids.

New bread

Please be kidding. Ranking up was a bore because I said fuck chasing it around and ballista'd it to death.

It's basically the exact same except he'll shoot lasers every once in awhile.
It's really sad how boring they made the bonersquid


Fuck. The shit he already shot is best ignored in favor of going ham on it, but that's lame as hell. I don't want another Dalamadur, but this thing is kinda just meh.