Quick! I need a good RTS game that does not look like shit

Quick! I need a good RTS game that does not look like shit.

I liked

Supreme commander

I grew up on SC1. SC2 is okay I guess.

Planet Annihilation

Warcraft II

SC2 is pretty average-meh tier now.
t. blizzdrone
Dawn of War 3 looks kind of neat but it also looks like it's going the way of the gookclick
What exactly do you mean OP? Are you asking for good graphics or good visuals? Age of Empire 2 holds up really well, and something like Age of Mythology holds a lot of charm in it's older 3d look.

Here you go. Everyhing you'll need.

I personally recommend the C&C series since they're my all time favorite games.

halo wars

Also Homeworld with Gundam mod.

I don't really mind graphics as long as they look actually GOOD, gameplay is still the most important thing obviously but I can't play a game that literally rapes my eyes if you know what I'm saying.

Oh yeah Age of Empires 2 HD was fun. Though it feels different from what I remembered when I played as a kid.

Try out various mods for Spring RTS engine. Its unforgettable experience.

Then play the old Westwood Command & Conquers. The 2D style is great, simple, and each game has unique mechanics, such as Red Alert 2's garrisonable buildings.

Empire Earth 2 was pretty good RTS too.

Thanks guys.

Here's a sample of Red Alert 2


Compared to some of the pixelated eye-murder out there I'd say it looks pretty neat.

You are 10 years too late, thanks to new incompetent devs shitting on it for years it's not anymore god of RTSes, it is irredeemable filth.
RIP game engine, RIP absolute annihilation, RIP xta

How does the world map of EUIV look like shit to you?

The Company of Heroes Series and World in Conflict are two of my fave.

How do you determine if you'll really like something. How do you determine if you'll like it for long.

Do 1 and 2 work will on Windows 7 if you get a physical.

I'm working up the courage to buy the last VHS in production, which costs $100, and goes out of production this month. I know that pain.

What is a gookclick, all RTS games have a lot of clicking and you to being the fastest so what does this mean.

I'd say the most direct way to identify a gookclick is if 200 apm is an average for pro players. One can argue that every rts at pro play requires high apm, but usually it's below this number.
Gookclick = less strategy more quick thinking/instincts/reactions

Homeworld is a great looking and sounding game.

you dont even know what that means. its been like that since the very first game

I know what you mean. Something about being halfway competent.

I still end up playing it as medieval SimCity half the time.

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