Good first games

Holla Forums I have a problem. All of my friends are into hiking, camping, and outdoorsy stuff mainly. What is a good entry level game for the average modern bro to get them into playing vidya?

Hearts of Iron

Pokemon Go, Dwarf Fortress, Morrowind, Diablo 2

If they can't immediately pick up these instant classics they're beyond help and don't deserve other games

Oregon Trail

It has all the stuff they're interested in, plus simulated death!

Your friends are faggots and you would be better pff without them.

That said, games like Dragon Quest VIII and Terraria are a lot like hiking in the middle of nature, without mosquitoes or the smell of goat shit everywhere but with lots of battles.

Terraria is casual as shit, cheap and has multiplayer, it's probably the best option. Then again, they are probably the kind of little shits who run away at the sight of 2D pixel graphics, so you should probably just lure them into your basement and hack them to pieces.

Miasmata? You walk around an island, map it out and collect herbs, literally that's all you do.

Christ, some people here genuinely never had a single friend their entire life.

OP it's simple as shit:

Sit them in front of any mario game.
If they like it, then they can move on to something else.
If they don't, then it's just not for them.


Typing of the dead

Give them Mario 3 or LttP.

I never said that.
It's vanilla ice cream.
Do you give to someone that never had ice cream in his life a mix of complex ingredients and strange taste?
No, you start simple and then build from there, shit for brains.


pokemon go

Steel Battalion

Dwarf Fortress

Seriously, just any Pokemon game. The concept of befriending critters and making them stronger so you can become the best is appealing to everyone.

Absolutely retarded. Ironic, since you pretend that you have any friends, nintenkiddie.

Games that appeal to these tastes.

Pokemon Go is an obvious one, and then segue them in to real Pokemon games.

Minecraft is another possibility, since it's simple to play and involves hiking, camping, and outdoorsy stuff.

Zelda games might also be good, since they're pretty chill and playtested to hell and back so anyone can follow along, and include lots of exploring and a good mix of puzzles, combat and exploration.


Been through the exact same thing, OP. I used FIFA and street fighter, and it worked to a degree.

Why are trying to make your friends switch from a healthy into an unhealthy lifestyle