Is there such a thing as a Perfect Video game? If not, what's the closest we've ever come?

Is there such a thing as a Perfect Video game? If not, what's the closest we've ever come?

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Perfection is subjective. Every genre is different. i think the most perfect game is bosconian.

This is the best of the collect-a-thon genre. And nothing will ever top it because the genre is dead

There is no one "perfect game". Someone who dislikes FPS will never agree to the claim that Doom is the perfect game, someone who dislikes RTS will never agree to the claim that Total Annihilation is the perfect game, etc.

There are "perfect games" though - each one that could be considered "perfect" for a specific niche. Those niches could be a whole genre, a sub-genre, or some hybrid of games.

You don't think it's possible Yookalaylee might top it?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they have literally every person who worked on banjo working on it (plus the donkey kong country composer)

It's also being made in Unity. It's going to have a shit-ton of bugs when it comes out.

It's hard to go back to Super after Fusion and Zero Mission tightened up the controls so well.

Yes and No.
There's no such thing as a perfect game because it's a subjective entertainment medium.
The only real argument you could make is for a game that takes full advantage of the hardware it is on and doesn't have bloated code or utterly destructive bugs.

That pic certainly aint even close to perfection when its gravity is so damn floaty


This. Super is unplayable to me without that control patch that makes it more like Fusion and ZM.

Except they delayed it for the express purpose of bug fixing

I think certain games can be perfect by design, though the more complicated the game becomes, the harder it is to be perfect.

Take Tetris for example. All pieces are made of 4 squares. If you made them up of 5 squares you break the game, & three squares is too simple which also breaks it.

So falling faster would make it better? I like the floatyness. Sometimes Samus is under water where it makes sense, & for all we know the planet Samus is on could have lower Gravity than earth.

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Inb4 spoonfed babied complaining about the Maridia power bomb tube.

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It's fucking planet Zebes.
Metroid 1 and zero mission also takes place on Zebes and have less floaty gravity.

Imagine if we posted it at the same time.

You can't just mention something like that and not give me a link, user.

I kinda want to play this now. What's the best version? Any good console ports or do I need to figure out a way to make a mame cabinet?

I'm sorry if your ham fists couldn't develop the dexterity for Super's controls, but they're objectively superior.

gothic 2 was pretty much perfect

This is the best version.

Prove me wrong.


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So close to being perfect. Hopefully someone hacks a SNES rom one of these days & combines the two with a Flashcart.


The game is never challenging enough to require you to pull that off to begin with anyways

I'm not talking about the possibility of single wall jumps

In ZM, when you do a wall jump, you stick in place for 4 frames before you start rising again. It completely kills the flow of vertical movement in that game. In Super, walljumps act instantly.

Not even the best Clover Studios game

Perfection is subjective, it doesnt rely on how much you like the game, but on how few flaws it has in what it tries to do. Resident Evil 4 never really tried to be a survival horror, and only inherits that aspect because of its heritage, what fans expect to see from a RE title. RE4 isnt perfect, but not because enemies drop health and ammo.
Super Metroid's flaws (specifically the Phantoon fight) may be seen in the sense of speedrunning or sequence breaking, but it didnt intend to be broken apart in such a way. I think it's perfect; the level design is flawless, and coexists with the movement mechanics as intended.
Another perfect game is Dragon Quest (the first one), it's a perfectly short length, doesn't challenge you too much to force grinding, and honors exploration. Not great to replay, but thats not the intended purpose

Hence why a complicated and perfect game (perhaps super metroid) is more impressive than a simple and perfect game (tetris)

I have a question: I know a place that's selling F-Zero GX for $40 Canadian with tax. Should I buy it now or wait for a cheaper deal?


There's no such thing as a "perfect" game.
"perfect" game means it's a game that completely resonated with you.
"perfect" game as a shared consensus in most of the gaming community just means that game resonated very much with a lot of people.
People are dumb and can't see things objectively, just because you like something doesn't make it perfect.

When scoring a game, 10/10 should be reserved for games that shook the industry to it's core, genre changing, genre defining or re-defining games.
10/10 doesn't mean perfect game, it means a game that in it's historical context was extremely relevant and important.
A perfect game doesn't exist and never will, there's always room for improvement, perfection is a journey, not a destination.

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That really depends, are you a really big fan of the series and would play it all the time or not?

Well, I was willing to buy F-Zero X for $30, so yeah. probably.



What I mean is the game is pretty fun and challenging, but at the same time it is one of the worse games for having everything locked behind a point system. Even the chapters in the storyline need to be bought. If you will play it all the time, and had it as a kid then get it. If not don't bother. 40 dollars sounds awfully expensive though, maybe you should shop around first

I bet u still think system shit n oblivion r gud fams


You're right, F-Zero GX is a much better JRPG than Xenoblade. Heck, Fallout 4 is a better JRPG!

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You can argue the PC-port was garbage and character creation, especially your body was bit eeeeeh? but otherwise if anything it's close to perfect and best "gta-like" there is.

The SMT games have a lot of good girls. You just have shit taste in games. Go play the Raidou games or the Super Famicom games.

>Raidou games
Best girl is only in the second Raidou game, famalam

There are no perfect games, but Super Metroid is indeed the closest we've come.

Before playing the PC port I was bracing myself for complete trash but I think people are over reacting a tad.
It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be and was completely functional.

The controls in those turds are almost entirely a straight downgrade from Super's to compromise for the reduced amount of buttons on the GBA. The only real improvements are the ability to re-engage somersault in the air after firing (for wall jumping) and simplified power bomb laying. The physics, lack of run button, dumbed down diagonal control, etc. are all a devolution from what Super pulled off so well.

Not even the best RPG on the Wii, shit-eating MMOfaggot.

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On this I really have to disagree user. No game with crap replayability belongs in the upper eschelon on great games. The ability of a game to keep you coming back to it because it's so much fun is one of the best metrics there is for good game.

I dont think it even really had other major problems than the fps being cinematic 20-30 just like on consoles.

All of this.



Perfect is stupid, you don't get perfect games there will always be flaws, least flawed games, sure, epitome of genre sure.

In no way should anyone consider that game even close to perfect, Super Metroid already exists and already did many things much better than Symphony of the Night 3 years earlier on a system with significantly more limitations

The only things Symphony of the Night does better than Super Metroid is better graphics, and you can play the game through again as another character that plays completely differently

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You can literally miss half of SotN if you miss one of the secrets.

Super Metroid had no voice acting.

I wish AoE would've had better balance. After sometime it became stale as everyone were huns or mongols and using the same fucking tactics every single game. also the first AoE has better campaigns

I'm talking about the placement of secrets around the map, they were far better and because Metroid like games are built around exploration they worked better

Lots of great well placed small secrets that require skill to locate and collect > one excellent secret that hides a second part of the game that isn't as good as the first part

At one point in certain versions it has like one line of dialogue and that single line doesn't induce any cringe unlike almost all of Symphony of the Nights dialogue.

I don't even hate Symphony of the Night, in fact I love it but Super Metroid is easily the superior game, it did so much more better much earlier and didn't rely on stupid shit like character levels and mountains of completely useless equipment and items.

And that line is?

And I think Super Metroid is near perfect and Symphony of the Night isn't, but that doesn't mean that all of your bullet point complaints are right.

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I agree, we should try and compile a list of what games are the epitome of their respective genres. And I think OP hit the nail on the head with his post and Super Metroid being the best Metroidvania game ever made.

"The last metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace."

Shit that completely slipped my mind

I never really liked them as much, the ones in AOE2 had more complex objectives, were the ones from AOE1 more historically accurate?

It's the very first line of dialogue in the game.

Well they are right enough to support my main point that Metroid is the superior title and that calling a lesser title perfect is stupid. My main criticism of Castlevania is that in retrospect it didn't really add anything to the Genre, but for some reason people call it Metroidvania?

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Cant say for sure, i'm probably just biased because i like the style of 1 AND Pre-dead-kike-on-a-stick history more than middle ages.

"Metroidvania" is a) a stupid term and b) only supposed to be a term specifically for the Metroid-styled entries in the Castlevania series and not the nonlinear platformer genre as a whole.

But you're not wrong.

Is that actually true? Source?

Pics related: "metroidvania" games that came out before the first Metroid or the first Castlevania.

There was no major metroid style game during that generation. A lot of gamers first experience with the metroid style came from SOTN. Hence it's remembered as "metroidvania" even though we would be more apt to just attribute the genre to metroid alone.

Totally missed the SotN cocksucker but this user gets it. Game isn't even remotely close to perfect and certainly is out of Super Metroid's league.

I guess because calling a game a "Metroid-like" was too platform specific (and during console wars nobody wants to refer to their game as a sub-genre clone of the competition's) and the niche exists as a subgenre within other genres (platforming, action).

Whereas terms like Rogue-like are not company or platform specific and stand alone as their own genre rather than a subgenre of, say, platforming (or in Dark Souls case, which I would argue is also a Metroidvania, in the third person action RPG genre).

I hear it used a lot to describe these kinds of games

Strange, I'm pretty sure Pitfall was just a non linear platformer where you collected treasures and not a game based on gathering upgrades that furthered a player's ability to explore a large maze. I don't really know however, I've only watched my cousin play Pitfall forever ago, it was fucking gay.

They do need another name though, tying it to Metroid seems silly, but nowhere near as silly as calling it Metroidvania.

Maybe. I don't think there needs to be a term for it in the first place.

You hear it misused a lot to describe these kinds of games. You don't just hear it misused in terms of its original intent, most of the games described as "Metroidvania" have almost nothing in common with Metroid.

Pitfall II is much more complex than the first.

Isnt the only downside on 1 vs 2 that in 1 only being able to have pop of 50 sucks and the AI is little bit more retarded which isnt much considering it's still retarded in 2 too sans some scripted Campaign stuff.

Noitu Love 2 on Rilo mode is perfect.

Get your Castlevania games straight.

You'll probably still disagree with me anyway though

If anyone here ever beats Portrait of Ruin on level 1 hard mode with Richter and maria, that person may change how they think about metroidvanias forevermore.

Didn't even notice that people were throwing a fit over the wrong game. That's pretty embarrassing.

It's too distinct to not have a term for it.

So it has the elements I described?

AOE2 handles collision better, handles projectiles better, has the ability to garrison units in castles/rams, handles damage better, has unit formations, has more abilities for units, handles marketplace and trading better, has far superior trigger handles for maps, has empire specific units, probably a bunch more.

Top kek, it's still no Super Metroid, and most of my critcisms are still valid. I don't remember if Aria of Sorrow had Voice acting or not, and actually I absolutely hated having to grind for souls, and that's one thing Metroid smashes Castlevania over, no fucking grind.


these came pretty close as being a perfect game, i can play these games over and over and still find something new.

My nigaro, the closest to perception was Shadow Warrior, the difficulty curve seems steep at first, but by the end of the game, having mastered every weapon and every enemy feels so satisfying and noticeable it's as good as an orgasm.


What, like, twenty years ago maybe.

I have and it didn't. While I would surely love a Metroid-style Castlevania that ditches the level-up stuff for once, Portrait of Ruin wasn't at all designed around playing at level 1 and when doing so a lot of bosses and enemies become very repetitive due to high health and low damage.

This. Only casuals and bad players have trouble with Super Metroid's controls

The cliffhanger ending is justified because it shows how shitty it was to fight for the Republic.


Those fights are all so tense and challenging, though. I think that the death/drac fight on that mode is good enough to be its own standalone game