Crack for a game has upbeat chiptune music

Checkmate, buyfags.





Checkmate, buyfags! Soon I'll be rich off of all these bitcoins!


Wow this sounds like shit



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I enjoy when there is an option to automatically copy the crack and put it into the correct folder.

I also enjoy free games.

If I make a fun game, would buy it?

Checkmate, buyfags.



you first, 9gag

Don't you imply at me!!!!

I'll make a fun game, you'll see!!!!
as soon as I get good at drawing, modeling, animating etc…

Honestly whenever I hear that music I fear the assload of viruses that may or may not be creeping on my PC during that installation. No install wizard that wants to be taken seriously should have any form of cutesy shit on it, it sets off so many alarms in my head. GoG pirated shit is good though, good balance between pretty and productive.

Well, aren't you a pussy?

Poor buyfags will never know the divine bliss of total deafness.

That's something that goes away after the first 3 or 4 downloads. It's just learned behavior. What you should actually be aware of are the sites you're downloading from and whether what kind of comments/how many seeders there are.

Either way if you're worried about a virus/malware then you're more likely to get that shit before the actual installer starts.

What's the matter user, do you hate fun?


Modern video games are so shitty, I can't even find games worth pirating any more. The last one I pirated that was actually good was Dragon's Dogma, and I'm not even sure Earth Defense Force is worth a pirate.

I don't have any reaction images on my phone so I'm just going to post a frowny face at you.

Sure, you have to make it first though!

Just kill urself already

Some people aren't living in a bunker behind 100 proxies, locked hard drives with dead man's switches, gentoo, with 7 forms of ID check among other bullshit. Some people just live on the edge with simple virus shit and knowing what links should be left blue.


… neither am I?


I have pirated hundreds of things and I dont even have a anti virus or proxy

same here.
I still have yet to understand why people make such a fuss about viruses. I haven't caught one since middle school. Hell, I've even gone out of my way to click some dangerous fucking shit and yet my PC stays in top shape.

I suppose the main public for these things is old or tech-illiterate people who click everything and trust everyone.

I'm in tech school, and daily I see people click on "driver updater installation automation" software. Both of the "smartest" people in the class having gaming Macs and laptops

Having the autism to know shit about scams and viruses that they don't teach you is a dying art form.

Checkmate, buyfags. I don't even have to clean out my files!

Nigger, EDF is good shit.

If you don't have fun with that game then you simply have no soul and should fucking kill yourself.


Bugger off you brigand.

I bet you drink your water from rivers to you cunt.


speaking of EDF:. Can you play cracked EDF online?

Yes, just going to have to do a few things first.


It just seems like a shitty arcade FPS where I kill bugs.

Just play it, you emotionless fucking robot.

I have. Played four missions and then quit.

such as?

So you played absolutely fuck all, got it. Didn't even get to the Hectors yet.




Maybe not super exciting but I wouldn't call it bad, you sour fuck. Go back to bitching about video games you don't play instead of having fun I guess

This, shit was awesome


did someone say chiptunes?

Also two disc, soviet and allied one

How rad is that?

I don't remember an allied one, actually.

Man I really want to play all the C&C games again. It's been so long since I've actually played them or a single player RTS.

I know this feel, im just waiting for Mental Omega 3.0 beta release 2


What's that?


A fun and hard mod for RA2 Yuri Revenge

Multilayer was kinda fun but community was also partially autistic
MP now is kinda dead





It's true. It's all crap. However I'd recommend EDF. Its actually pretty okay.


FitGirl is mai waifu.

Yeah, great installers.

Oh for fucks sake shut the fuck up already. You've somehow managed to turn the word "fun" into a fucking buzzword. Kill yourself.

Do you guys think EDF is exactly what evolve should have been?

What the hell are you on about? It's not even the same type of game.

I mean, you know, fighting monsters and other related stuff.

Wew lad

Last I checked you can't play as the monsters in EDF and it wasn't just one big monster in EDF.
Did you even play Evolve?

I know that, ya dingdongnator, but imagine playing in the evolve maps with a bunch of hunters against a whole lot of monsters.

Fuck off pirate fags.

I guess that would be okay, I heard vermintide is pretty much that but I haven't played it.

Wrong ID, nigger. I was simply pointing out the "that's just the beginning that was bad!" bullshit rhetoric. Also just because a concept is wacky doesn't make it fun.

There is a big difference between shit like this and for example shit like final fantasy 13 where you have to play 10+ hours to get to the free roaming part


why are you so upset user, why? :(



checkmate everyone

The ESEA program has a bitcoin miner in it and that's "retail".



he means funstillation