Hi Holla Forums, should i buy a vita?

hi Holla Forums, should i buy a vita?

i wanna play dungeon travelers 2.

there's more cheesecake, too

what do you think?

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You could ask the Vita thread

I like mine. I've got about 10 games for it, whereas I've had my 3DS for years longer and still only have three games for it. If it used microSD for it's memory cards, had TV-Out, and decent CFW - it'd be the perfect handheld.

i'm retarded, guess i should buy 10 vitas

Furfag user, are you drunk again? Did you sell your last vita, and now want to get back to the handheld for the 5th time now? Are you going to re-buy the vita for the 5th time now?

The general consensus I've heard seems to be if you like JRPGs and general weeb shit, a Vita is a good buy.

I like mine.

Don't buy censored games.

The best reason to get a Vita is so you can ask stop asking yourself " Should get a Vita"

If you like mountains of barely not shovel ware weebshit and you can stomach the DRM keeping you from even accessing your expensive memory card without an internet connection, go ahead.

It doesn't have much of a variety of western games, if you like overpriced weebshit its okay though.

Use this to decide what handheld to buy.

Also i forgot to crop it.
But fortunately i'm apparently mega satan so i can do what i want.

nice digits

Get your shit piracy-ready and that'll solve that problem right quick, I've got around thirty 3DS games on my SD card and an ass-ton more in Virtual Console.

there is a PSP version of DT2 and i think there is no difference betweem vita and psp.
if you are going to buy it for one game, just emulate it in psp

There's no point in hacking a 3DS because the only game worth a shit on it is monster hunter.
But monster hunter alone justifies the entire handheld and beats the shit out of the entire vita library, so it evens out.


There's a way around the content manager DRM. There are open-source alternatives.

Nah, being able to install whatever the hell you want on it's a good incentive for me, though it's way better if you've got a New 3DS so you can force an overclock on older titles that could desperately make use of it like Metal Gear Solid 3D.

Rivals the PSP as an emulation machine, all it's missing are PS1 games which it probably won't ever get because the retroarch cores seem to be barely worked on if at all (going by the performance of the Virtual Boy core that runs Wario Land at a whopping 8 FPS despite the system's low power, only one SNES core being worth a damn and only one of the two Genesis cores having acceptable performance) and the O3DS just isn't powerful enough.

This. Also vita is hacked now.


Why in the blue hell would i ever play MGS3 on 3DS when i can play the PS3 hd port?
It's not really an handheld type of game at all, if i wanted that i'd play PW, on PSP, entirely structured for handheld play.

You can't just say crazy stuff like that without providing proof.

no kidding, i'll look into this!

nice digits tho

It's decent if you want it portable, and it was how I first played MGS3. I was actually surprised to learn that crouch-walking was 3DS-only and didn't show up in any other version of the game, though it also suffers from that the nightmare mini-game for when Snake falls asleep in Groznyj Grad's cell is removed like in the other rereleases.

Fucking hell.
Yeah no shit, it gives you a completely unfair edge the entire game isn't designed around almost ruining it.
Hell, MGS4 -was- designed around it and it still made the game way too easy.

I don't have a PS2 or a PS3 and my toaster struggles with Okami at times, let alone MGS3. It was the only way, user.

I didn't try iy myself and it requires someone with digital games willing to share. There is also black fin cobra dongle or some shit.

I just read the "hack", and while it's not a crack, it is manipulating a task to store a backup of digital files.

The problem with this is self-evident:
> The requirements for this are very specific:
-Digital only
-Depends trusting software tasks built in: if they get compromised, SooL
-Risk are too high: Account exploit is mitigable, PS3 is obsolete soon, Vita-Vita transfer is just as mitigable and risky

Overall: tried/10

What Vita actually needs:
-Backup physical games,
-Share and exchange said Data dump from PC-PC, archival purpose
-Play the physically copied dump on a Vita ^


I can't find anything either
Anybody know sauce?


Doesn't matter for me. I just want the source

Well fuck.
Thanks anyway, user.

Not even interested enough in it to bother piracy. It's just sitting there on old firmware that I don't want to update in case some day I do want to pirate, but that day never comes.

I never liked Monster Hunter.

Aside from Fire Emblem: Awakening (aka: I have to justify my purchase somehow), Project X Zone (Nostalgia Fagging the Game), and Ace Combat: Neutered Edition +, all I have for it are a few 3D touch ups of old Sega Genesis games and Shantae.

You got that fucking right. Kill yourself for even considering buying censored shit.

I like my Vita enough, just don't expect support from Sony in terms of games.

There really should be an extra branch for "Do you want to play Pokemon?"


Bump in hopes someone delivers the sauce