Of all the peoples in the world, Russians are the worst online in any game.

They will NEVER speak english, but will gladly trade insults with you in english. They never stay in their goddamn containment servers and if you have the misfortune of having voice chat on they will shout like jews in an oven.Also, they love to teamkill and abuse teammates.

russians should be banned from playing anything online

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Learn Russian and then you won't have to feel like you can't understand them.

Or are you a simplistic, monolinguistic, dolt?

I hear Peruvians are really bad too.
As a Peruvian myself, what do they do online specifically? I don't really play multiplayer games, so I don't know.

I just know you play shitty cheap or f2p pc games. Get yourself a ps4 + 60$ PSN + 60$ game = no problems. Cod,killzone,bloodbourne,darks souls 3 = no russians in sight no cheats no hacks. Play trash get trash.


enjoy being huehuehuehuehueh HILO LATINO'D and CYKA BLYAT'D


Stop playing poorfag/ancient games. Russians can't run anything more intensive than DotA 2.


First the olympics, now this?

russians and brazzillians play f2p cheap trash like cs go and assfaggots because 1$ = 65Rub and ps4 is like 3000$ in Brazil.


Russia is really weird in that regard, because it has thousands of obnoxious shits, but at the same time, some of the most professional players I've played with were Russians.
They also seems to have a tendency to invent some of the most crazy fucking tactics possible.
I met this Russian once in hl2 deathmatch who could do shit with slams and plasma balls that to this day I can't understand. He tried to actually teach it to me, but I gave up when he told me to "throe this cyka like, backwards, then HE IS FUCK, get it?"

On another note:
>abandon all hope before IT happens

Looks like someone is mad his console aint got no games.

Theres your problem.


As far as I know they play in the NA server of dota2 and only talk in spanish, or so I've heard.


I'd like to tell that this is not the case on Suppcomm servers and older games, but I can't.

Hey, atleast Russian swatting is not a joke.

OP is just mad he can't handle the banter, because he is a little american сука, который не может в Великий и Могучий

Oh mr russian, you're such a big guy for me

Muh personal safespace
Muh cykablyading
Muh words are hurting mee

He won't be this angry just because he doesn't have culture like slavs do,there must be another reason.

Why don't they stay on their own servers?

It just seems like a worst experience overall. They have more lag, their team mates disdain them, and then there's the communication issues.

I think other people shouldnt speak english either

Muricucks go into servers from other places and only speak english, you faggots are uneducated and rude as fuck. There is always a 12 year old little faggot that not only does that but demands everyone else to stop speaking their language in their own server.

There's alot of FREEDOM in the air, isn't there?

Its almost like slav's suck at sportsmanship or something.

From my experience, Brazilians, Portoguese and Spanish are just a step worse. It's not that they're shit. But they play cheaply and like to pile up. The fuckers were horrible in SAMP. Russians in comparison were tame. All they did is like 40 % of them hacking. And it was easy to see and ban that shit. Huehues, kkkkks and whatnot didn't break any rules but they'd deserve a ban.

Russians have no concept of justice or dying.


The Slavic pride shit was made up by them and it's dumb. Russia's development is thanks to other non-Slavic factors. Cyrilic from Bulgaria after it saved the language. Religion that is influenced from Byzantine. The fucking empress that was German. Architecture that's based on many European nations. Even Communism was made in Germany.

I honestly think they'd be better off being Russian. The Slavic thing is bound to bite them in the ass in the future.

To be fair does anyone want to go to Rio?

Ironman's form of communism did prove superior to Hitler's in the end, though.

Hate to sound like a Bernie cuck here, but socialism =/= communism

Is he okay?

Yeah, I know.

Yeah, he comes due to regeneration or something. Haven't watched alot of it.


What do you mean ? Hitler created the most advanced and stable nation in Europe. Stalin stole from his people to finance his army and made his people starve.

Yeah, but the Soviet's economy was in shambles. Also not to mention Stalin killing his own people because he was massively booty-blasted about all these people telling the truth on how communism is shit.

So stable that it made Soviets and West to form an alliance to curb-stomp them out of existence.

Even if Stalin was as bad as everyone knows, same for Hitler; during his time Russia economy increased the fastest in the entire world.

Communism actually did something and helped the country greatly, there is a reason of why there are so many russians that want communism back.

Stalin had greater advances on his homeland than Hitler did on his own, they are still both of them dicks, murderers etc.


If you think russkies are bad you haven't seen shit. By far the worst trash of humanity are south americans. At least russians are funny to listen to when they sperg out and can actually play the game. Brazilians are the worst.


This is true. The Nazis were massively outnumbered compared to the Allies

Are you seriously asking me to provide sources on how the nazis stole art, land and other property from various people in the world, including their own citizens, not to mention how the dictated business-owners how they should do their businesses and live their lives?
Because if you are, you are probably just gonna dismiss it all as jewish reptilian illuminati propaganda. Lets not waste each others time. Google is your friend.


I didn't see your point of view for "stole".
Oh, I see you're not actually being serious.

They're the Brrs of Europe. Just from a geographical standpoint, they should have their own servers. Russia's fucking hueg yo

If it took THREE superpowers to defeat one nation, keep in mind that USA and CCCP are a lot fucking larger than Germany, than what the fuck are you questioning. Or is this preaching to the choir and you're praising it.



Das some nice paintings. How is that relevant to the thread, Ivan?



Just google "nazi looting" or thievery or something and you have evidence up your ass. You can always say that "THE JOOS LIE!" but if you go that route it's just my word against a stormnigger's and nobody can prove anybody right or wrong.

I'm actually quite serious about the nazi-sympathizing degenerate filth in this world.

Riddle me this, retard: a bodybuilder on a roidrage can beat up plenty of people, but when he gets tazed/shot by the cops, is that outcome one of a stable and productive individual?


The guys depicted wouldn't waste their time in multiplayer games tho.

We're talking about the majority of Ruskis in games, which are scum who can't into teamwork, and usually drag their team down with them.

kill all squatting mongrels

That depends on what game.

Oh boy, yet another Holla Forums derailment.

Americans don't know how good they have it. While BRs are like monkeys, violent, and stupid, they are nothing compared to Russians.

Russians are cunning, evil, and live off of the pain they cause. There is a very good reason Tolkien put Mordor to the east. What's worse, for every 100 evil ones there is the one Russian who is a real fucking bro, so sometimes you're actually gonna feel bad for killing them because you got the one who turned out to be a bro.

That said I still would rather have Russians then Americans or South Americans. Americans can't handle banter, are dumber than rocks, and are generally a pain to be around, and South American are not even to be considered beings capable of independent thought in my experience. At least with Russians I can relate with their destructive motives and if you do befriend them, they are extremely dependable.

Oh boy, a racism in gaming thread. Here we go.

I find this to be untrue. I've yet to encounter actual slavs/russkies/pollaks/czekks/skubs in all the online games I've played in over decade.

Krauts and most other EU gamers are pretty nice to hang with. Shame about what's happening to them in the real world, probably why they're all retreating into online gaming instead of dealing with the issues.

I do know that it's the majority of BRs and Chinks that are the worst. It's gotten to the point that I'd quietly switch servers if there's a BR sighting. (Chicks are easier to deal with–simply spamming "REMOVE CHINA" makes them flip out and sperg to oblivion.)

Skillwise, most Americants are also terrible, in that they then to ragequit midgame after leaving a pithy slur or three in chat–unless you have a feminine username, in which case they'll be all "M'lady" *tips fedora* all day every day–even the confirmed "girl gamers".

Azns in general are chill, except when they're the dominant population in a given server. In which case better behave or be prepared to get pm'ed with randoms (as opposed to getting mute+blocked by non-azns).

Russians in my games are usually nice.
Spics are scum though.

[…]actual *ill-mannered* russians

Weird that I farted that much crap then forgot one word that changes the reading of the whole thing.

Every American teenager sounds the same.

This isn't how war works you fucking moron, its not that simple. The Germans were winning the war at first than started losing in Russia. With the depletion of resources and cutting trade routes the war became harder to sustain. This analogy is used for acting like a big man then getting your bubble popped, Poland and France simply couldn't handle the blitzkrieg.
Ironically the pic in your post is you, either you're a communist faggot or have no idea what you're talking about, which are the same thing.

A lot of russians are shit but let's be honest, they're not nearly as bad as huehueniggers.

The filthy fucking nazi-sympathizer dares to call me communist? You are the one supporting a degenerate authoritarian centralized government that micromanages everything and responds to cricism with absolute violence. You are the only commie here, hombre.

And they were winning because nobody expected the initial attacks. Not saying that they didn't employ some decent tactics, but majority of their success came from their barbaric ruthlessness. Either way, they lost. They were the evolutionary dead end. A nature's mistake.

And 90% of the population still live on the european continent. The rest of it is just empty tundra and a few eskimoes.


This statement is ironic on so many levels. The fact that you might actually believe it makes me sad. Especially when you end your own post with a "might makes right" conclusion, which means you are either just parroting someone whose words you didn't quite grasp, or you put no thought into your arguments.


And yet you post here.

You wanna drink puddle water or piss, those were the options. You can't make a movement so easily, you can't do it in a fucking war where there's chaos everywhere. If you're against the government in a war you're against your people because no one's going to listen to you, things won't change so easily, war unites people, this is how the Islamic Iran came to cement and still stand today.
Bloodier it is the faster its over, who was Rommel, did you skip over that the Russians made everyone fight even the children. Germans were outnumbered 10 to 1 post-Stalingrad along with Americans entering Europe and Britain going on offense. Also seeing a healthy society that was Hitler's Germany especially in comparison to the Weimar isn't degenerate.
Why don't you also say the majority is always right because they're the majority, billions of flies eat shit so how can they all be wrong. What of the brutish school bully that pummels a weak but bright person. You're a contradiction.

In order of the top 5 least to worst

5) Russians (Rude but can at least earn their own money)
4) Indonesians (indoaekdoeadisi *incoherent babble* MONE!1)
3) Israelis (backstab, general jewry, THAT'S MY *insert game currency and loots here*)

Well yes, why wouldn't I?

Sure, the germans were strong and all that, but might isn't all that is right. The nazis were rabid animals just waiting to get put down by the good people of the world.

You do realize the inconsistencies of your arguments, right? Also, where did you get the idea that the national socialists where somehow more "barbaric" or "rabid" than anyone else? You are either not even trying or not trying very hard.

What are you talking about? All the metrics show he's doing great. Employment's way up and food shortages are way down when you murder millions of your own people.

He was very compassionate, even to the Poles! How much easier was it not for them, with 25.000 less mouths to feed?


So typical of the nazi scum to think evolution is nothing but constant and direct fighting between individuals…

Ineffective drivel. Switch tactics!

Which is, of course, why Jozef Beck accepted the bunk British guarantee on Poland, rattled his sabers, ignored any and all potential & proposed solutions to the question of the Danzig corridor- the most famous being the creation an extranational motor & railway corridor open to both nations following a simple plebiscite held to determine who would annex the main corridor- why the British made their cynical guarantee in the first place, why British war partiers constantly advocated an aggressive war based on flimsy preventative conceptions, why the French were themselves raring up for war even as their military was a demoralized and amoralized shamble, and why essentially all Entente and later Allied foreign policy revolved around the idea that no one can be allowed to secure any physical or political hold on Europe (central in particular) lest Britain become totally irrelevant, potentially balkanized from the strain, and the old powers eclipsed. Or, in other words, why Germany couldn't be allowed to reach her full potential and form a coherent bloc around herself, to the point the British devised Operation Vegetarian to kill the entirety of central Europe and most likely Europe as a whole with anthrax-riddled seedcake scattered over cattle fields if the war turned out wrong for them.

And of course, the Germans were so terribly brutal with their par to lesser degrees of wartime expediences and civilian damages compared to the Allies and the Comintern, with the worst possible scenario in terms of realpoliticking dickery and 'brutality' being the East German expulsions in reverse against pro-communist and/or ethnically Eurasianized Russians, first world colonization of said second Eastern world, some very dead, very worthless Semitic minorities following an exceedingly perfidious religion as opposed to scads of dead or totally uprooted Soviet minorities, the odd Middle Eastern war between Axis-supported secular Arab nationalists and US-supported Jihadists and/or Zionist insurgents, an odd hybrid of modern Japanese forwardness and priggish Chinese authoritarianism in the Co-Prosperity Sphere with a couple extra Singapore like states for good measure, and an ultimately fascist-subverted golden age America teaching radical self-love and defense rather than an ultimately doomed and entirely corrupt state dedicated to radical self-hate and national suicide. In other words, an uncannily similar to OTL wash with a few perks, and nevermind the fact that this is rather the worst case if you don't want to go full 'African thumb bones used to make lighters!' tier early postwar althistory shlock. Shove off, Jude. You're not making any headway.

Are Spaniards shitty in online games too because if so it'd be easier to put all of Hispanics in Chaotic Evil.

Confirmed retard.

Where the fuck did you pull evolution, where are these strings attached for you to think these things. Again, you're a retard. You're the one talking about this survival of the fittest stuff (which doesn't work with philosophy and thinking), not us.

I didn't say that. But please, enlighten me to the barbarity of the Germans. I must admit, this is the first time I have ever seen someone argue that ANYONE is more "barbaric" than the Russian army, so I wait with baited breath.

Don't be so anti-polish, Kurwa :^)

Degenerate af tbh

Slavs are nothing new. Before them it was the South Americans, before them the Spanish and earlier even than them the French. All these groups had the same issues you describe.

user please teach me russian. i am intrigued by your language but dont know where to start.

They keep complaining about Jews controlling the world through trickery.
If they are so smart they should just do the same.

be this buthurt …
what are you 12?
you dont have your safe space anymore ?

yea right, enjoy paying internet fee twice my good little goyim.

cry more white nigger

I can't, too busy laughing at the world burning

Nazis tortured and murdered civilians wherever they went. They weren't as brutal as the japs, but they were still pretty terrible. Also, Soviets did some horrific shit, but those were mostly due to the lawless nature of their military.

The basics.
Baby books.
Pick up some "Russian for Dummies Americans" textbooks on the net.
Visit learning websites

They may promise you professional education with expensive ass books and courses, but Russia is the land of the free shit and home of the brave pirates.

There are quite a few immigrants from russia here, how will they react if i approach them in broken russian?

speak to them in german and they will embrace you as their aryan brother now that they are free from bolshevism

Wouldn't be surprised if you're Russian yourself, OP. Only Russians bitch more than anyone else about bad Russians player.

Forgot to add: immersion is pretty important when learning a new language. Surrounding oneself with the language is the easiest way to learn. That's why people who move into a country learn faster than those, who keep gnawing on textbooks for years.

If they were communists, which was a big ideology and still is, or if they were innocent then accidents happen but better safe than sorry.
But what?
And that doesn't forgive them because it still happened, what type of fucking excuse is this. Everyone in WW2 did war crimes.

Eh I disagree with that actually. You give them their own server they will stay there.

Russians on the other hand won't even stay on European servers. They will navigate towards US servers just to say they're getting away from russians and then unironically go "Who else RU here?"

Nazis just started it out of pure greed.

Depends on the person.
I tend to laugh because it's cute, even if most people use the same lines over and over.
1) Don't cuss
2) Speak slowly, but don't raise your voice
3) Start with the native "Hello, check out what I've picked up recently" and then demonstrate your linguistic skills
4) Don't do jokes
This way people shouldn't be triggered in any way, regardless of class or character


Of all the peoples in the world, South "Americans" are the worst online in any game.
They will NEVER speak english, but will gladly trade insults with you in english. They never stay in their goddamn containment servers and if you have the misfortune of having voice chat on they will shout like jews in an oven. Also, they love to teamkill and abuse teammates.
South "Americans" should be banned from playing anything online

No seriously, not just taking your copypaste, but nobody is more deserving of a great big firewall than brazil and peru. That's a lesson I have learned playing assfaggots.

Lovely that you only address the half-decently made points with your lazy tripe, and not the complete deconstructions of said tripe, really. It's cute.

Ah, yes. Tell me more of the bayoneted Belgian babies and the Kaisers' corpse-starch factories, or how about those poor Soviet geese and the tankmen-hangmen?

Staged Bloody Saturday drivel is a good match for the former nonsense.

You mean due to the fact that the average Russian or Eurasian conscript had been completely pathologically maddened by the regime either before or after being forced into service and fed an explicit propaganda line by Ehrenburg to commit as much rape, murder and looting as possible upon every German they came across, and by extension, everyone in the bloc that had 'traitorously' allowed themselves to be occupied by the former? Which, of course, these poor idiots were totally willing to do, needing an outlet for every wretched thing put upon them by the exceedingly Jewish commissariat.

It wasn't lawlessness, it was the order of the day. Round up the worst of the lot and put them in the penal battalion now that you've the excuse to turn them into the cannon fodder's cannon fodder, and maybe shoot the worst of the worst if you think they're a liability, but otherwise, everyone goes straight back to the front and commits the same butchery, no problem.

Are you an idiot, arguing in bad faith, or a Jew? It doesn't particularly matter, but I do wonder if you're not some Yaldabaothian wretch.

How badly does one risk getting the Mandarinanon treatment if one learns Russian, out of curiosity? I've not heard the most glowing things of Russian oligarches, but that doesn't necessarily speak of the middle management of corporations.

Specific statement. What do you mean. The war, the supposed innocents they tortured, you look like you've run out of steam because you've been proven wrong and have no arguments left. I consider you just lay down and rethink your whole view on politics and history, especially when it comes to something where everyone points to it says its the most evil thing to ever happen on the planet but the average person isn't a smart person now are they. But back to your question, you saying the nazis started this out of pure greed, even though Hitler made many peace offerings with the British and French but all declined, and Hitler wanting to avoid this war. Do you even know why Germany invaded Poland. Summerfag, please lurk or leave. Or are you a shill. It doesn't matter anyway since you've made it quite obvious you aren't used to this place. I'm done with you.

Lets forget the gulags and katyn massacre.

yes yes katyn where the 6 gorillion winged hussars died

I don't visit the "Learning Nipponese" threads or whatever. I have no idea what you wanted to say, user.

socialism is cancer, whether communism or nazism



Or where the whole Polish intelligentsia was exterminated, and later revealed by the Germans, to which the world replied 'pics or it didn't happen' and went on to prattle about open-air gas chambers in the Smolensk market until the glasnost policy and subsequent fall of the Soviet Union revealed the matter.

Pardon me, I was referring to this screencap. What's the risk of a milder version of this occurring to those whom learn Russian and enter into any large-scale business? Getting pigeonholed by a language into working with utter dickheads? Russia is obviously not so bad as regulationless China, but the biggest Russian business oligarches are shitters nonetheless. What about the small fry?

you do know that katyn happened in 1940 when the Germans and russians double poland right?

you do know that the soviets got eastern poland with germany's consent right?

I'm curious. Russians are the blight of EU servers in pretty much every multiplayer game in the history of gaming. But what do the yankees have to put up with? Or are the burgers themselves just as bad as the russians?

Why did I estimate you like a child, heed the word of because that's how the Soviet army and society worked, I should've been more specific as to not look unknowledgeable; playing it too safe. Or maybe because I overestimated you thinking you were smarter than that, its hard to believe idiots like you exist.

shit nigger I don't know
I dropped out of economics college during first semester
All I can tell you is that you'll widen your opportunities, why would you limit yourself into working with just one group of people (Russians) when you can just go back


Very sorry, fucked up my upload, here's the screencap in question.

Nevermind me then.

Yes, fully aware. Realpolitick is garbage and Ribbentrop was a dickhead. The alternative was a likely immediate Soviet intervention if some mutual ruse of territorial division had not been worked out, or else an even less secure Eastern front that might've gotten the Icebreaker reverse-Barbarossa treatment. Now, that kind of scenario might've been more or less successful for Germany compared to OTL, considering they'd be on defensive footing but have space to trade for time and would be dealing with the '40 or '41 Soviet military in a very encircleable position and without any sense of how or when to retreat rather than a panicked rush Eastward, nevermind that Japan might be a little more willing to sink lend-lease ships if they aren't rattled from the Pact, but is quite fully irrelevant to the fact that the wholly historical Soviets were far worse than any conjectural Germany drawn up from atrocity propaganda drivel and dubious postwar accounts of hazy and as yet unimplemented postwar plans, under constant revision, let alone the actual Germany.

He sounds like the vietnamese dude who saw a chinese tourist baby shit on the sidewalk and it's father helping it get the right angle

Has Holla Forums become so bad a hugbox that you can't even talk about politics other than jews there anymore, or why does so many threads devolve into retards arguing about politics?

You know, I'm not sure, but I think that's just what people who have to deal with continental Chinese sound like in general. It's a peculiar dialect of anger, bluster, &inhuman pessimism that defies language, nation and ethnicity alike. A kind of collective consciousness of 'FUCK CHINA.'

Brazilians are much worse.


because the name of the following nations: Germany and Russia mentioned in the same thread activates a subconscious response in their brains.

They cannot mentally resist defending nazi germany.

debates require two people. The idiot from Holla Forums, and the idiots who response to his bait.

now you see, I don't think the nazi was baiting. Bait means low-energy posts meant to provoke a long responses and incite outrage/anger.

*slowly tips fedora*

You have made your mind. Every piece of evidence that can be thrown at you will be falsified propaganda and everyone else in this world is a stupid idiot, etc.

You forget that I am really not defending Soviets as much as I am trying to beat the fact int your thick skulls that nazis were nothing but commies with an extra twist of edginess.

When the day of the rope comes……

well this thread turned to shit

Well all I can say is there's a lot of people in Russia and like everywhere else, 90% of them are assholes.
Corruption is the one big negative in Russia, anybody can be bought and is usually willing to be bought.
The russian minority groups in other countries (at least in this one) are usually in a very passive-aggressive relationship, both internally and with other russian groups. My father tends to work for/with some of these groups, so they all pretty much know each other on the first name basis. Not too long ago me and my pals all in early 20s, millenial scum, I know had a few drinks in town and one of them grabbed my phone and typed in a facebook yes, I KNOW update "I lick wieners". So I nabbed my phone back and signed it with his name, so it looked like a quote. The next morning my pop was furious with me, saying "How could you do this to me, I'll be the laughing stock of the community!". I explained to him that it was a pretty tame and common joke, but it didn't help my case too much since I've yet to bring a woman to my bedroom so much for trying to fit in with normalfags.

So yeah. Corrupt, bitter, cynical and greedy. That's what the Russian business model looks like. Kinda like everywhere else, if you ask me.

I know, right?



It helps when it most often is.

I'm neither particularly sharp nor motivated, but yes, people are gormless, unattentive things that barely pass for human in their consumptions and their total lack of sincere ideals, or else are so sedated that any full potential they have is subsumed by the appearance and partial manifestation of the former description.

Which is entirely false and will remain entirely false no matter how hard you in particular try to force this ridiculous meme, as you have been doing and failing for months on end.

Marxism was the product of a son of an exceedingly long line of literal rabbis with cousinly relation to the Rothschild line devising a theorycraft ideology revolving around the absolute deconstruction of everything that existed and the reduction of it to base materialism, nominally to create a utopian world of total equality & plenty and in actuality to create a single streamlined world state capable of hoarding the wealth of the entire planet and subduing & dehumanizing the entire deracinated populace, followed by subsequent applications and modifications with the same dishonest premises and practices in various other doomed states.

National socialism was a radical ethnopopulism catering to the particular interests of Germans first and directly or indirectly of other Europeans second, postulating a carefully overlooked free market, elimination of usury, and the utmost ends taken to ensure national health and survival, along with the classic national regeneration. Also, something about those described in the above paragraph being shitheads with big noses. They are not after any fashion the same.

Such is life in Soviet Russia. And nonsoviet Federal Russia. And everywhere else under the varying varities of 'representative' democracy & predatory market capitalism. At least all of these will probably fuck you openly on the steel grade instead of pulling a warehouse switcharoo, though.

It had little chance from the start. If it didn't get a rather suspect Holla Forums or 'Holla Forums' derail from a single shitpost getting a single clarifying/bait reply and its subsequent turbobait reply, it'd probably have devolved fully into 'x nationality is shittier than y' posting ala the BR-Ruski dilemma. Such is the fate of threads with poorly-founded topics.

HRC & DNC are shilling for war with Russia.
They're even trying to get Russians banned from the Olympics.
Given this, it does not surprise me to see anti-Russia shit even here.
There are people paid (cheaply) to push it.


Hello, I am an alien from another world. You probably aren't inclined to believe me, but if you take this as a joke or a fun experiment (or call me a fag), I may get the same results. I have been on Earth for many years to study your kind, and what most fascinated me about your Internet is this place. Deeply self-referential humor, hilarious disregard for the norm(ies) and political correctness, and the surprising detective work and enlightening conversations that go on here. Instead of revealing myself to the world or finding it somewhere else, I decided I would like to ask you for what I need: what is one thing I should bring home to the other alienfags to represent your culture? Pictures, a joke, anything.

Yes, yes. Now quit bumping your shit thread, OP.

Fish hooks. And copypasta.

Bring a gun shoot yourself in front of everyone.

Beautiful summary of Marxism and National Socialism, mate.

Why are you people so edgy on this site anyways?

9gag is a better place to chill afaic.



You are absolutely correct.

Because in Holla Forums we play no games. The real game is just arguing with each other, hatin' and baitin'



One of the more ebin Holla Forums forced meme attempts, but nonetheless a complete failure, first because it can gain no traction amongst the astroturfed, and second because it cannot be effectively put out by the astroturfer. The funny thing is that Moses Hess' relation to the subsequent Prussian Socialist ideas is really not there ideologically or chronologically, with his ideology ultimately culminating in Zionism and having nothing to do with the ideas of a central German state with uncentral elements firmly revolving around it. But then, that's really just great that a protozionist got stuck by a good goy and a merchant of higher power level. And this is paraded around as a memetic victory.

Pull it.

Isn't Holla Forums the source of all the kek worship and memetic warfare bullshit?




I encounter slavs sometimes when playing various RTS. They all suck at the genre so it's a nice opportunity for a more leisurely game.

Holla Forums wants to butt in on the same market and spread their trashy, generally paleocommunist autist ideology by force, but is terrible at it. Simply awful. Nothing but injokes half of them don't even get themselves and detoothed Holla Forums memes like diet merchant Porky. As for the frog, he's not something that can be deciphered so easily.

Let's take a look here.
White rich virgin kids with nothing better to do.
Mixbag between autism and just nips.
Senpai, are we kawii? If you say we don't, you're a baka!

I hate this fucking industry.


There is when it's a big clusterfuck of memes inside of memes inside of other memes. Memes.

It also doesn't help that Holla Forums doesn't even attempt to hide their hatred and contempt for the working class.

Your memes are so terrible they get banned outside your hugbox.

It's no surprise that you'd bash superior minded intellectuals in an attempt to discredit a board.

leftypol made a counter to it, its shit



Bit peculiar, that.

Jesus, look at that garbage. The original had a clear background/foreground divide of images overlapping to form the illusion of a crowd, while the Chinese bootleg is just a collection of older failed forced memes forced together as regular panel images. Like I said, it's utter trash.


To be fair, every post here is inevitably tainted by the belief that the Iron Tard tier moderators are going to swoop in and ban dissenters.

It's really embarrassing to watch.

Damn fucking right I am.

Holla Forums for the memes Holla Forums for the philosophy

Their wrong use of Stirner is the climax of Holla Forums.How many time Marx had to rewrite its shit because of him?
Beside, we have a philosophy board.

The failure of the USSR created a lust for theory and philosophy to explain what happened and how it can be avoided

Marx and Stirner used to be somewhat of friends
+/lit/ is ded

I was talking about >>>/philosophy/

Not peculiar at all. What are Holla Forums? Upper middle class, students or NEETs or debt-laden counter jockeys. Full of liberal beliefs like anti-racism and anti-fascism, no understanding of hard work, no testosterone. Cosmopolitan to their core.

Now what is the working class? Skilled trades, dirty hands. Like guns, love their country, don't like ugly big-lipped chimps. Almost all white. Hate Islam. Don't like feminism or faggotry. Support Donald Trump or his equivalents across the pond. Hate communism.

The working class is everything that Holla Forums has been indoctrinated by their college professors to hate. Of course they oppose the working class, that their ideology supposedly existed to help.

this always gives me a chuckle

that massive bandwagoning

I've met a few Russian playing TTT
Pretty decent they were drunk on vodka and were saying suka blyat. One was Americanized and didnt have an accent and got angry when I asked why.
Belgian and French players I hate. Everyone of them seems to be 12 years old and eternally butthurt
Mexicans, Hispanics seem very chill
Havent encountered much of the BR menace

That word doesn't mean whatever you think it means.

You don't need to be a communist to agree with marx " his criticism of capitalism "
The working class today have a dead Ego so he goes out side of his way to empower his SuperEgo thats why they are like this but not all of them

This is anecdotal evidence, mind you, and I am a Pole, so I am obviously a biased untermensch and part of the Slavic IDF, but an old relative would tell my dad stories about the German occupation.
There was a huge lack of such basic articles as butter or sugar. Did the cows stop producing milk because the invasion in September gave them all PTSD? Of fucking course not. The anecdotal cow would be "commandeered" and the proceeds would either go to German civilians or, later, onto the eastern front. Likewise, the provisional currencies in the occupied lands were set up so occupying soldiers could buy shit cheaply with German marks and send said shit home. This was all actually a really fucking smart move by the NSDAP, because every German in some way profited off the invasions of Poland/France/wherever else: soldiers got loot and rapes, farmers would get land and farm animals, factory owners cheap or outright slave labor, et cetera. Sorry that I make such a comparison, but this is exactly what the Democrats have been doing to America, except with taxation rather than plundering and niggers rather than Germans. Once someone is given any sort of social benefit gibsmedats, he will never, ever, under any circumstances support an anti-gibs (or anti-war, and so on) party.
Take note that I haven't mentioned the horror stories about the ((Jew tooth gold)) and other such dubious things.

Tl;dr: Regardless of whatever merits the Nazi economy had and of how it brought Germany back to life after Weimar, the wartime Reich was a robbery-fueled gibsmedat economy. If you look at it that way, then the EU could very well be a clever war reparation scheme (at least for the countries that get more than they give).

It's almost like people can have different opinions.

Sure, but when the left screeches for more mudskins to fleed in and undercut your wages, you're going to oppose the left.

Your old relative was full of shit. German occupation was basically the high point of Polish history, but Poles don't like admitting that now. They sure liked Germans bringing them over industrial technology for better agriculture and whatnot while the occupation was going on.

Yes, but the general theme is paleocommie dicketry, so you'd think they'd dial such down a bit. Not because the actual commies of yore were any less a bunch of dishonest pricks, but because they're trying to rehabilitate said pricks with their weedling nonsense like the 'build a better future for them' Wojak meme.

That'll happen in a blockaded continent that can't quite get the short war it deludedly expected and hopefully wanted. Maybe if Pilsudski lived a few years longer and settled on aligning with Germany rather than doggedly keeping up the balancing act on the potential for war with Germany AND the Soviets, things might've turned out better. Really, if you're being constantly pressed to ally to deal with your other prime regional threat, you'd think some worries would be assuaged, even if he feared putting the Polish state into anothers' sphere.

Yeah their anti nationalism comes from the fact that Communism can't coexist with capitalism and stateism
So states are some what of a problem that need to taken care of

There is other kind of pro state left like unionism and market socialism or mutualism

+Nationalism is a spook

It's like nightmare difficulty.

Since the EU is built to benefit the German economy at the expense of everyone else, I would say the opposite. Some paltry handouts given to the likes of Poland are nothing in comparison to the real power that the core countries have gained.

Russians are server invasive and half of the time they just speak mongolian and fuck the game, yes. But half of them try to speak some broken english, and play well enough, sometimes even better than the rest

South americans (and I mean south, I haven't seen any mexican ruining a game on purpose or talking shit), SEA and spaniards, those are the faggots that will play like shit, laugh when they die, trash talk the other tram or you when you complain about them, and ruin a match of any game

Believe me you do not want to play with Spaniards

+and how i forgot
national socialism
REAL national socialism
or Strasserites

Nationalism is the only thing standing between the working class and the predations of globalism.

communism need to be international to survive for the global aspect of it will replace the market aspect of capitalism

How your commune in the US will get rice ? or coffee ? you see ? you need internationalization of communism to get these things to replace the need of market

And that's why communism is a dangerous ideology that must be stamped out and its proponents killed. It agitates for globalism.

No one is worse than Brazilians.

Brazilians aren't even fucking human.

All Brazilians need to be genocided for the good of man kind.
If Brazil is the model for future civilization, I weep for the future of mankind and sincerely hope we all go extinct before that, because being a Brazilian is truly a fate worse than death.

Non-argument , capitalism also need globalism to work

You can't get yourself rice tea and coffee with out global system either capitalism or communism
You can go back for colonialism if you want to but it is very hard
If you want to talk more economy get in here
>>>Holla Forums

you are incorrect in this as fascism is a capitalist system.

also the two countries situations were vastly different and the Germans would have been very successful if it were not for the whole world war thing
polite sage for off-topic

Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same shekel. We oppose them both.
The bankers and the marxist professors will be lined up next to one another for the firing squad.

this seems like it could be funny

dude that's just bullshit

I just want to note that every cunt that keeps saying that communism and fascism are the same thing is fucking retarded.

learn what crony capitalism and corporatism are user, capitalism has been a good thing for mankind.

as Ludwig von Mises yes echoes "Capitalism is essentially a system of mass production for the satisfaction of the needs of the masses. It pours a horn of plenty upon the common man. It has raised the average standard of living to a height never dreamed of in earlier ages. It has made accessible to millions of people enjoyments which a few generations ago were only within the reach of a small élite."


Stalin forced a nation of illiterate peasants into the modern age. How has capitalism and the international banking cartel worked for you? Sorry, can't understand arabic.

You were probably too much of a faggot for them to accept you. I played with quiet a few russians who where nice to me.

Polish are fucking retard. But they have the most qt grills possible

too bad those girls let arabs shit on their chest for money

their girls have absolutely no ass

capitalism has created an unprecedented era of wealth and improved living standards for the vast majority of mankind. the international banking cartel is a cancer upon this and it will suffer the fate of all cancers in time

Are you a ancap?

are you baiting me?

For jews not majority of mankind

Oyvest of Vey

i think you misunderstood me or you just did not read the whole post

Do i have to put the fucking echoes around it for you? and dont be intentionally stupid, humanity ==is== in an era of unprecedented wealth and improved living standards, do you not realize how much the average life has improved over the last 300 hundred years? or am i mistaken and you are actually a peasant in central Europe who spends his days scratching at the dirt with a hoe and his nights shitposting with an actual potato

international banks and things like the federal reserve are ==not== essential to capitalism, that is like saying a tumor is a natural part of the human body

does sage disable redtext?

test ==test== test
i can never remember whether redtext needs its own line

Totally a fair comparison. Not like the soviets were in ruins or anything.

Also, you fascists are being silly. Hitler didn't create the German military staff and shouldn't get credit for its achievements. His buildup also isn't impressive since his army was basically the size of frances but better because of that insanely good officer corp.

you do realise people are living in worse condition now than before "capitalism", capitalism is an ideology that turns poor people poorer and jews even richer

So by supporting capitalism but not being some rich jew you are being prime example of STUPIDITY.

everything after this part of your post is based on this part so i will just address it.
Despite an astronomically larger population in the world today the majority of humanity lives in much better living conditions than any generation before, although this is at risk due many things including corporatism and crony capitalism which would be the
not capitalism which has lead to the innovations in agriculture, medicine, engineering and a thousand other fields that have led to this which is undeniably the highest point of humanity so far.

oh of course, Russia was in ruins.
i forgot how Germany was in such pristine condition in terms of economy and infrastructure after both of the world wars.

Also you are being silly, the praise for hitlers leadership is usually in terms of his ability to reforge the national identity and the economy after state took control of the reichsbank.
nobody praises his military command without criticism well nobody should

also i forgot to respond to

No, our living standards are not sustainable as they are because we are not utilizing our resources efficiently, though this argument is less related to the argument against capitalism as every political system has struggled with inefficiency in one form or another. also i think this is a problem that requires technological advances to solve.

Also i would like to ask what you all are suggesting as an alternative? since i am all on defensive here, it would only be fair to allow me perspective to see what position you are arguing from.