4 AM

Losing control?

What game brings back the most memories of playing with your friends as a kid?

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Come on over to the 4am cytube. Listen to music, post music, chat, or just simply lurk. Up to you. (Music from 4AM-6AM EST.)


No Gundam today either.

is it possible that i'm going bald at 19?


Morning, niggers. Have you ever felt like you have nobody to turn to?

As a kid? Probably Castle Crashers, depending on how lenient you define "kid".

Morning everyone!

Sense quitting cigs my taste and smell has been all wonky. Food tastes kind of gross and the smell of foods makes me lose my appetite. It sucks.


Just beat Catherine, gonna do another play through soon.

Duke was the best Genesis album.

this is true

It'd be happening in your front hairline if you are. Post that with your bangs pulled back.

Depends on what you mean by turn to. If I'm down or something I could talk to people online. And IRL I don't leave my room so yeah.


You have to be older then 18 to post on Holla Forums son.

Did you finish watching the first season of farscape?

I can't wait to read all of your blogs! Maybe you could provide a link so I can read them all the time!

Kill yourselves, you worthless fucking queers.

My clock must be off because it says 3:57 but the site says 4:01. Played MMZ today and made it through the shitty family thing in one piece. Had to listen to some vapid hippie woman whining about how she had to be taken off her anti-depressants because they "made her manic". No shit you dumb cunt that's what they're meant to do.

post your waifu fag so i can cuck you too you niggernerd

Yeah, gonna start episode 2 of season 2 soon.

it'll come back, you'll also start coughing up tar eventually, it'll happen even sooner if you kicked the habit by vaping.

on the ps1, Air Combat, Destruction Derby, Battle Arena Toshinden
on the pc, jazz jackrabbit, omf2097, doom

Here user!



Good job quitting smoking!

Your sense of taste and smell will return to normal after some time, you're going to be fine.

I mean as much as you fags mean to me online, it honestly isn't the same as IRL friends. However, I have had an empty feeling all day. I think you fags are all I truly have left.

I'm guessing you don't have a lenient definition of "kids", huh? I'm 19.

Morning boys.
Do you like RNG?

My man.
A long time ago, a relative of mine dared me to try a cig he stole from his parents.
It was shit.
Hated smoking since then and never once smoked again.
Good thing you gave up on that costly poisonous shit.

…I was about to fucking say…

Hey fags
I woke up 10 minutes after I was supposed to be at work and had a migraine ever since
How was your day?

Mario 3, World, and 64 are all good for remembering nice times in my like and childhood.
but one that brings memories of playing with friends? Probably Pokemon, stadium in particular.

Jeez that seems like an odd side effect
I know a lot of smokers but I dont think I have heard anything about altering food taste

good reading comprehension you faggot

Alright I guess.

Everything tastes and smells too strong is the problem though.

And yeah I quit with a shitty vape for a month once and was hacking up nasty shit instantly. Haven't done that yet this time though and its been a week.

Add me on steam if you haven't! I don't care to mindlessly chat any time of the day. Really helps to not feel lonely when you always got a m8 there to talk to about what you are thinking.

I am BORED niggers. I got a ride home from a very handsome young man instead of fat chick, and now have a vita, hacked psp and hacked 3ds and hacked ds with shitloads of RPGs and shit, and no attention span, but also no Jojo because torrents are down.

hey i'm awake so i figure i'd come say hi, trying not to complain or stuff, i've cut down my beer count massively and just drink whisky when i want a drink i find i'm not as mopey when i'm drunk, and hangovers are less brutal or nonexistant

probably collectathons like banjo kazooie since i would go to my buddies place to play that, but those times were short, most of my best times playing games with friends was in my later teens and early 20s when i actually had some friends i could hang out with frequently

more and more, even with people i've known for years in real life i never really tell them about issues on my mind, i put on a big tough guy act in real life and don't know what people would think of me if i complained

The original Sonic games, they're so much fucking fun.

I'm tired.

i can't for the life of me hold the phone without shaking it

Near. What all do you have for it?

Neat. Fuck

Good, that shit will KILL ya.

Yeah a 3dpd got me hooked on it. I smoked a few times and didn't like it but she got addicted and since we dated for so long it sorta happened eventually to me too.

Its all just too strong and wonky tasting. Like I had fried squash last week and it was delicious. Now it just tastes weird.

Pokemon stadium was a great party game. I loved the mini games like the sushi one.

Good morning everybody
How was your day/is your morning so far?
Looking forward to anything coming up?

wew I'm tired. I shoulda gone to bed.


Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3, Guitar Hero 2, Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, Halo 3, Pokemon Ruby and Emerald; these all come to mind. My friend and I were weeblings. He turned into a major cringe-y edgelord dickhead though, last time we talked. Good thing he moved a few hundred miles away.

Wew, almost had me there Soritsu

Enjoy it then, S02E04 is one of the main ones I like and remember.

good that its a dead end.

Hello, everyone. It's been a while.

Sorry I haven't been on for so long. I just haven't felt like talking. To be honest, I've been pretty down lately, just feel like I'm reaching my breaking point.

I feel like I'm no longer afraid of death. I trie strangling myself with a belt and honestly, I wasn't scared. I just stopped because I felt like I wasn't ready yet. But I wasn't scared in the slightest.

Counter-Strike, Pokemon Stadium, and Warcraft 3. My friends and I spent hours and hours playing those.

Hey, Yoza. Been a while. I missed you. How have things been?

Good on you for cutting back user!

Check the link.

I'm sorry to say lad but, you are probably balding. Those bits on the left and right going are a bad sign and its uneven. Looks about the same as mine a couple years back when it started to go.

I'm still hoping games become great again.

Jesus, isn't there at least any family that will miss ya?


Holy shit yang, I'm glad you turned back. Whats got you so down?

i'll always love beer, but i can't drink like 6 pints of the stuff just to get a buzz, its too much damn liquid.

if your instincts to live didn't take over that is pretty wild.

thanks ritsufag. it's been a great way to lose weight too,

At least you won't get a piglike appearance.

I'm probably gonna play Ys: Celceta or Sword City Strangers.

I could also play ANY 3DS GAME EVER or Transformers or the Witcher or whatever. I should drink more.

Also there is a sexy hippy hipster twink asleep shirtless on my couch. I want to touch him inappropriately for fascism.

welp, guess i'm becoming a skinhead
meanwhile my sister's boyfriend is around 30 and has hair longer and healthier than mine
why did fate curse me so
now i'll never look like kevin sorbo when he was hercules

hey guys. whats goin?
Today all I did was chill, go have breakfast with my mom, then go to my complex pool and relax. not a bad day. better than lasts nights fucking problem of a date


share the story

Had my uncle's funeral today. His son didn't even cry, he took it really well. After that my cousins and I went laser tagging and we went to pizza and got ice cream. It was emotionally gruelling.

I'd complain incessantly 24/7, you would be unable to stand me.

I'm the opposite, I just keep going to my friends and they just tell me the same things. It's actually becoming repetitive, I just don't know what to do with anything.

Hi Yoza.

My day so far has been nothing but deep depression.

I work with the qt3.14 Wednesday, but my friend said I have literally no chance. I don't know, I really want it to work.

Please stay.

Spicy horse?


Good for you!

Yeah try shaving it now when you still got hair and see how you like your head shape. Plus there are always hats. I've grown to really love my well worn baseball cap I wear all the time now.

I bet! Plus you probably take less to get a buzz going when you just want to drink from enjoyment right?

tbh both my grandfather's and his brother's funerals were pretty enjoyable family gatherings, rather than sad occasions

Hi 4AM.

I am tired. We had to do work since my mom thought it was a good idea to have bums work on our basement; they're conveniently leaving the country in 2 weeks and we have work to do tomorrow morning to basically *MAKE* them finish beforehand.

this is nice

My hairline started receding when I was 18. Mostly because I never really took care of my hair and was a dirty ass kid. I did get better though and now I don't get as much hair loss.

Every day, my friend.

Good job on quitting, Ritsu. Most people have a hard time doing that. Rooting for you.

Family is the primary cause

I had a really bad fight with my mom and we haven't so much as looked at each other since. That, and I've been feeling really lonely. I tried getting in touch with an old friend, but I've been getting turned down by him since then.

Yep, that's what actually scared me. They do say that the more you think of dying, the more likely you are to go through with it.

Thats good!
How did your Catherine playthrough go?
What ending did you get?
You did answer all the questions honestly for your first playthrough, correct?

Any idea on why?
I am often tired, usually for no reason other than just the sake of being tired
I actually tried the Original sonic games after missing out on growing up with them
I didn't get far into 1 at all, man its very different from what I am used to.
I gotta go and pick it up again.

Jeez, sounds like hell. Only similar experience to that I have is when I moved out of my house I stopped being around the cats I was allergic too.
A lot of foods started tasting better and I gained a feint sense of smell (But I am pretty sure my sense has been genuinely crippled from being near cats for so long. I can barely smell anything at all)
Pokemon stadium was amazing to me as a kid. I loved transferring my team so that way I got to watch all those odd sprites become full 3D models. That and stuff like the announcer saying so many of the moves and all the animations the pokemon had, that shit felt like the future to me.

What happened on the date?

Hey a lot of people come to me with their problems on a daily basis. Plus a big part of the reason I started coming to 4am was to help people. Don't be afraid to take a load off.

Hey bald guys got game!

**Don't ignore them.*8

I already posted and noone seemed to care but sure.
So I talked with this twink online and we met at my local park last night. but we were walking to the park and walked past some black kids. one looked 18, the other in highschool at least, one that looked like he was in middleschool, and the last one no more than 6th grade. they asked if we had weed. turns out the twink did, and he gave them weed and basically I smoked with kids and I dont like that because I work with kids and am studying to be a kindergarten teacher. so this shit was weird. I was taught to be a good example and this is what I do.

i shower nearly every day, and yet i constantly feel strands falling off when i touch it

Is this thread just for shitposting now? It's been a while since I've properly been here. Anybody want to trade pdfs and infographics?

user, that was a lost cause to begin with

Like literal bums?

Ohh that sucks. I haven't really talked to my mom in a week or so since we had a little fight, that always sucks.

But you guys are family, you'll patch it up eventually. Don't let it get you so down. She'd still be upset if she lost you, you know?

Pretty good, got the hang of it at the end there.
True Katherine ending.
>You did answer all the questions honestly for your first playthrough, correct?
Mostly, but the questions of freedom had answers that I was leaning Vincent towards. Turns out all the ones I picked were the true ending deciders.

Was still worth it, fuck Vault City.

it definitely feels like a 'cleaner' buzz where i don't have to keep taking a piss for the massive amount of pints consumed on a night i'm drinking

tomo-chan is the kind of perfection that kind of breaks my heart knowing such perfection doesn't exist

figures, i know its been on my mind for years and getting worse but knowing it would break my folks hearts probably keeps me off it

my views on self termination are questionable though, i'm not some one to talk to about these things. all i really got is don't do it unless you've finished checking off your bucket list

A lot of people cried including me, but I just feel guilty that I didn't feel anything.

This is probably the first day I feel that way.

I'd love to, but I tried logging in to my Steam account and I have no idea what my password is, and I don't use it enough to justify re-installing it. Sorry.

Hey there Yangnon. Sorry to hear you've been pretty down about things. I've been all-right. Stress has been getting to me to here recently.

Grass in the backyard is over-knee-high, but apparently I'm the only one who can cut grass. Co-worker who worked at my job for 17 years got fired the other day (today was his last day) because my boss didn't feel he was respectful enough towards him. The dude just got a new house and has a wife & two kids. So that all really weighed down on today. On the brightside, I'll be getting a raise I didn't ask for this… And my bad-ass grandfather is taking the entire brakes situation upon himself and some people he knows, Which means I don't have to shell out every penny I own to fix it, or anything at all for that matter. Talk about a huge relief. Kind of nervous about school coming up too.

There's a difference between not being afraid of death and just killing yourself though. Don't just throw it all away, Yangnon. Surely you got family and a friend or two that it would make sad, right? We're you're friends too, well, more acquaintances I guess. But still! We like you Yangnon, y'know? Besides, you know the rules, no dying in Outer Hea/v/en. I'm glad you stopped.

Look no further than PQube. They're bringing us GalGun Double Peace and Valkyrie Drive totally uncensored and unedited. I love it, NISA fags are so damned salty and in total-damage-control mode. PQube said that had absolutely no issues getting VD or GGDP through the ESRB with an M rating.

Sorry to hear man. Why is your friend so sure it won't work out? Does he know her or something?

So whats good 3ds to play. Bravely Second is slow and gay, but cute. I am a manly man who wants to do manly things, like stab shit. Is FF Explorers bad?

No, but you get the idea of them being so since they aren't really doing the work when it could have been done already

I'm going to have to push to take over the building when my grandmother passes away


I really have no clue.
Try out Sonic CD, easily the best soundtrack out of any of them and the modern port of it is very well made.

That's what I got my first time around

You look like James May

I just finished the E4 on heartgold today, maybe I'll boot up stadium next. Know if any emulators support any of the cross over features in the first stadium? I really doubt it.

And yeah apparently my sense of smell was a lot worse than I thought. Bread smells nasty to me now.

Its fine, just know that if you need someone I'm always easy to find. Just hop in the IRC or boot up steam and add me. Soritsu's the name, don't forget it!

Hopefully they don't just want to sell it for quick cash. My grandpa owns this beautiful cabin with its own private lake and I know my family is just going to sell it when he goes. Shit sucks.

God I fucking love these

but I don't have any on me right now

You know why this is happenning, don't you Cuckitsu?

/genesis/ has finally won. Nobody cares about Ritsu anymore because Phil Collins is more fun and better value.

A K-on! episode is the same every time you watch it, but no two performances of "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" are ever the same. K-on!, as a medium simply doesn't have enough prog rock soundtracks composed on Korg Wavestations.

I wouldn't call it good. Pirate it and check it out but I wouldn't spend any money on it

FE Explorers is shit. I played it for two hours and passed out asleep from boredom. Go buy Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate or Monster Hunter Generations.

MH4U is harder in general, also has G-Rank, but is so rife with RNG bullshit with Expeditions/Artifacts it'll make your head spin. Generations is the newest release that most are playing, and doesn't have expeditions or artifacts, but MHG doesn't have G-Rank either. There's a lot more content in general in MHG though.

Tomo-chan goes through a lot of shit.

I hope you're right.

She's really one of the better things for Vincent.

No, that's the thing. I always felt like I've had no family. Most of the memories I have of my immediate relatives are negative. Fights, screaming, that kind of thing. I feel like they're not people I can trust. Not my parents, nobody. Makes me feel a bit bummed out, like I really have no one to turn to. Not that I can't take care of myself or anything, but I wish I had grown up like a normal child. Seeing all the other kids with happy families while I was growing up always made me envious.

Could be the kind of shampoo you use. If your hair is thin, you gotta keep an eye out for what to wash it with.

I know that, but still, it's just unbearable. I hope never actually go through with it, but it's hard, having struggled so long my whole life. It feels like things can only get worse. And when they do get better, it's all the way down from there. One step forward, a hundred steps back.

Don't have much of a bucket list to begin with. At least not one that makes me care enough. Maybe until the next Phoenix Wright is out, who knows.

Congrats on your raise. I do the problems you were having with your car; your grandpa sounds like a swell guy.

As for school, I know that feeling. Meeting new people stress with classes and grades. I hope it won't be so bad for you. I'm surprised I managed to make it through myself.

Thanks, amigo. I do consider you and a lot of other people here friends, even if we only talk here. I hope I can find a way out of this hole. Trust me, it's not something I wish to do, it's just so unbearable. I've barely even got out of bed or left my room today other than to buy alcohol.

I don't think they're too good of friends, but he's been working there for 2 years now with her. I still really want to go or it, but I don't know.

I might go in another day she works and try to flirt with her or something then, maybe leave a generous tip or slip my number to her when paying for the ice cream or something.

Thanks, you're a real pal.

kinda like tomoko from watammote

I havent really had any close family member die yet, I have no experience in that field.
No idea how I would prepare myself for a funeral or anything like that.
Sounds like quite the odd day, how did you handle it?

I answered all the questions honestly
it got odd, as in life I am pretty much a huge Middle Man, never leaning one way or another.
because of this Vincent was heavily neutral, with Katherine leanings towards the end
but the end result from the questions of freedom (which are really hard to answer for someone like me) made vincent go with Catherine

Heard a lot of good things about Sonic CD
Ill give it a try, maybe ill get lucky and get my hands on a physical copy

Dont know too much as far as emulators go, dont emulate much
What was your heart gold team? I love hearing peoples parties.
Bread smells nasty? Jeez, I always thought it was such a simple nice smell. Didn't know anyone could dislike that kind of smell.

resposting from the cyclical.

I feel like shit. Our dev team is getting less and less productive, havent talked to my programmer since tuesday, but i dont want to push the guy on the risk of him falling away, which would kill the project. Other members aren't productive, three guys dropped out, and it feels as if me and the programmer are the only ones making progress. And when I post progress I barely get a reply. The project is dying, and i'm desperately in need of new people to keep it alive.

It can't die like this….it just can't.

pc related is what i'm trying to work on, weather effects, here, i put on a colour overlay to simulate night/day effects.


gay and overthinking it

What's with all the ritsu bullying lately?
Did he do something?

It's the apartment building where my mom lives, and she isn't running it right. She hasn't rented out the basement in a year when she could have, and is basically having these bums redo a wall for an apartment she's adamant on not renting.

At least I put my new Blue-Eyes deck together and sold a lot of stuff so I can buy the new set without guilt of spending.

i use nivea men, not sure exactly which one
is it garbage?

I swear to god I am going to play Rivals of Aether so much once my RAM is in assuming that's actually the problem

you'll get PHILLED too mugi
just you wait

don't know it well, please elaborate

No idea. Wouldn't hurt to set up an appointment with a dermatologist.

tomo-chans entire gimmick is just that one stupid fucking childhood friend cliche i love, probably cuz i didn't have that shit, plus both those characters are sporty and active and although i don't regret all the time spent playing video games, i'm mad at myself for wanting to become more active in my mid-twenties when its too late to do some of that shit

but i was a kid, i wasn't interested in joining a team and rode my bike a lot, it woulda made me unhappy to hang around classmates more than i had to since life isn't actually a fun anime

tomoko is kind of a bitch though i don't dislike her entirely but i feel like a lot of people reading it missed that she can be very mean spirited which is a root of some of her problems

Ehh you've got a decent career and might end up getting to do some awesome things with that if you keep at it. More than most people can say here. Depression can just make it seem like you are in a long tunnel with no light at the end but its just an illusion.

Oh I missed the thing about your cousins, what was so bad about it?

Gee, thanks.

Shit man, I'm sure there's someone out there that cares for ya.

It was kinda easy for me because it was asking if I wanted peace or excitement. If peace meant living with the one I was for then it'd be fine.

Blogposting in this shitty thread is enough to justify bullying, you vapid homosexual.


HAH. I already have it and Generations on my 3ds.

New chapters of Tomo chan are coming out daily again now so you have that too look forwards too.

if you think of women as children it's harder to hate that behavior

My team this time was so much fun! The miltank/farfetch'd are my HM slaves, miltank was a real beast with strength STAB. And the mew I action replayed in before the E4 since I love its moveset and never really played with it in game like this. Can't wait to take it to kanto. Its only two attack moves are metronome and transform. Its so silly and fun

essentialy it's advance wars 3; electric boogaloo. We're setting up a multiplayer and singleplayer. The sotry is about four nations eruping into a world war, in which choices have consequences (wihtout fucking up the giant scope). I spend my time designing levels, and doning low-level programming. THe problem is that a few members of the team is burned out, and we'll accept anyone who wants to help make levels and other design work.

The ones that most MCs ignore. It infuriates me.

Cur your hair.

I suppose. Well, my goal right now is to try and reach out to people. There's this girl I knew in college and we used to get along pretty well. We've been texting each other recently and I kinda wanna see her again.

Thanks. Honestly just being here makes me feel better. I'm sure this Weissbier is helping too, but eh. Just glad to be around. I hope I don't reach that point. I really do.

Nice team, Ritsu. Miltank is underrated.

Eh its only one or two people, not really the whole thread or anything. I don't even notice.

Blue eyes get any new cards lately? I remember some new neo ultimate form a while back but haven't kept up since.


It was fine, I didn't really dwell on it surprisingly. I just trudged on as I do every other day, I didn't really know him.

My best advice would be that acknowledge that days will turn into weeks into months.

Any better advice?

What part? About me not seeing one of them again and growing apart from another?


I also hope you don't.

What's the best torrent site to use now that kickass is down?

What starter did you pick

you're still getting cucked

they got a ton of support recently

Ayy man, is that a bloatfly?

Use a meta-search engine, like torrenz.

piratebay if it even works
alternatively, i use zamunda.net , which is the bulgarian equivalent. a lot less torrent here though

Oh that sounds nice, hows that going with the girl?

Don't pin all your hopes and dreams on 3dpd please.

And yeah it is, defense curl/milk drink on physical gyms is OP.

The grueling part. We talked about the not seeing them thing yesterday.


botched the pics

what are guidelines for level design?

how hard is it to design levels?

you'll have to give me a minute to review what you have written in this thread as I just saw that and knew it was wrong and knew I had to tell you

Alternative dropped yesterday, so the deck is full power and can make lots of different plays. It's actually going to be a top-tier deck for once.

They seem to be going pretty strong with this so far. Valkyrie Drive drops at the end of September too. A huge double whammy of lewd uncensored goodness in the span of just two months. I love it

Thanks, I could definitely use the extra cash, especially if I don't qualify for Financial Aid for school. Yeah, my grandpa is a pretty cool dude. He was in the Air Force for fuck-ton number of years, was in Desert Storm and shit. He taught me how to shoot and basic gun safety stuff, etc. He's rad as hell.

It's more the people for me. But that directly affected my grades. When I started in University, fresh out of high school, I was naturally anxious like most, but hanging out with my one or two friends made it okay, But then they stopped hanging out with me/I with them, and I shrunk. It got to the point where I'd practically cry driving to the school, then I'd just go and hide in one of the bathroom stalls until I got a grip, then I'd shuffle out and grab a corner of the student lounge and play MH3U, hoping and praying no one would approach me. I didn't even attend classes, couldn't bring myself to. After I had skipped one or two, I knew people would ask "man where's THAT guy been?" or the teacher asking for god-only-knows what assignment, so I just stopped going to the classes. I tried breaking out of my shell and joining an anime club, but that ended about as soon as it began The social anxiety I developed got so bad I couldn't even bring myself to run to the grocery store for my folks hardly without shaking on the way there, driving by myself of course. If this shit happens again, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm determined to not let it happen…but I didn't exactly want/plan on it to happen last time either.

Yeah, I hear you man. Find something constructive to do maybe, or something you can work towards…

Ah okay, that makes sense then I guess
Approach with caution. I'd definitely go for like what you said though, that sounds smooth as hell.

What I want to know is where the hell can I find the current Astra Millitarum Codex

its certainly a tough thing to weigh in on, i've always felt that since we don't choose to enter this world we should have the right to leave it when we desire.

but i also know its not that simple and death is permanent. but i also hate it when people say "oh gee it will get better i was sad once and now i'm not" that mentality can fuck off.

at least jun doesn't ignore tomo (for a comedy thing, i really liked the bit where he goes and fights the thugs for her on the low key) but they're both young dumbasses

but if theres characters i like in any media, its the ones who are dumb but honest

Typholsion. Or however you spell it. I don't like gen 2 starters so I dumped it fast.

I remember that one. I always played with jap cards so I got to see new stuff sooner.

Holy shit that thing is a monster! Seems pretty fun and stupid fast to play now.

I hope Atlus, SEGA, and Koei follow their route. They're the only ones left I care for really…

'least they aren't obnoxiously dumb.

Is that a trap in pic 2

for me its mostly peace, I consider myself real laid-down and secluded
but the phrasing of some of the questions and odd middle-man thinking I somehow ended up at excitement
who knows, maybe I am more exciting and dont even know it yet.

my nigger
Easily in my top 4 favorite pokemon
why dragonair and not dragonite though?

I can understand that.
A lot of stuff has happened to me that made people around me talk about how terrible it is that that happened and what not but I just never dwelled over it
some times I barely even notice anything of real importance happened
Makes me feel kind of bad sometimes
Ill try my best to take that advice

Courtesy of >>>/urbex/

I'm watching the new ghostbusters movie on this streaming site

it's so bad

also I had a really awkward situation at work today, I'll tell you guys in a bit

well yeah, there is a point where it's too dumb. but they didn't reach it


He's the 1st or 2nd best Water Starter though

If only SEGA would release a physical PS3 Yakuza 0

I mean, it just seemed like there was an elephant in the room. But everybody seemed fine, and I felt constricted by the fact that he just died. But I didn't feel bad about him leaving the living, just that I was guilty for not feeling bad.

Take your time.

I'll try it, but I don't know which would work. Plus it might make things awkward, I don't know. It seems to be regular for coworkers to have each other on their phones so one can ask another for a shift or whatever.

I felt like a shitty person being that apathetic.

well in singleplayer you need to set up the enemy (what kinds of units, etc.) and unique situations ( defending with infantry only), (landing infantry on the beach), (capuring an industrial town and using the industrial power), you need documentation on how to do it, i have a standard form.

For multiplayer you basically need to have a an equal battlefield, and a good use of placement of capturable buildings and terrain. See some multiplayer examples. It's about having a balance. But if you're not that good at it, i can still teach you. Basically, just be creative and follow guidelines and you're good

Slowbro is in my top 5 too! Sadly gen 4 he didn't have regen but hes still fun.

And because I beat the E4 with a team of level 40s and I think it evolves at like 60 something.

I knew you'd say that. Hes ok but I'm sick of being locked with a starter anyway and plan to always dump them in my nostalgia playthrough I do every 3 years or so.

me too, but if I had a gf like Katherine I wouldn't mind a peaceful life.

Thank god, I'm tired of the retarded animu protags who picks worse grills.

Thanks. Can't believe a bunch of fags like you are convincing me to stay

I love you

Nah, I just want to not feel lonely anymore. Though I do admit I've been craving physical contact for too long now. I want to hang out with people, just be around them and talk to them.

**I totally understand your social anxiety. Used to be pretty bad for me. I got better, but the problem is that now I just don't know how to approach people without feeling awkward. It feels like I've lost years of precious experience. Still, seems like you've improved a lot yourself, considering you're trying school again and have a stable job. Most people would have already broken down from the pressure.

I do intend to work on my story and that Yang erotic fan fiction…

I hate that. Seriously. People just don't seem to understand that it's not that simple. I think they just don't know how to approach, or don't want to. Another phrase I hate is "suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." No, not if your problems keep building up.

I just hate how people dodge the subject with their fake optimism.

Sup fags. Spent the whole day playing subnautica and competitive overwatch. Finally made a cyclops, have a maximum comfy self-sufficient base, and started exploring the entirety of the map. Having a lot of fun.
Hard to say. Probably Spiderman on the ps1? Otherwise Super Mario on the NES.
Keep up the good work, Dev. I might convicne a friend to help you out, he knows his stuff.


I need muh weeb animes. Oh well, LOGH Gaiden it is.

Can someone tell me how to reach Navarro without being violently touched by Enclave patrols?
The Shi want me to get Vertibird blueprints for them.

Humans are superior

ok my advice comes in 2 parts

Do not pursue her

Tell her, and I do trucking mean tell not ask, tell her that she should go with you to a skating rink or bowling or a picnic, something classic american

no fucking dinner, no fucking movies and now fucking netflix and chill

impress the bitch by taking her someplace you can actually so something besides sit in a chair and eat

I should have posted this too

Thats not the worst thing. I mean people during/after funerals sometimes just want to be with family and not harp on about death.

Plus he was an uncle, you might have (or not I don't know your situation) cared about him but hes not like super immediate family enough where its going to affect your life with him passing. If that makes sense.

You should try and make some m8s at a bar or something. Try and find a cheers scenario kinda thing. Shoot some darts, have a few beers, talk with the lads.

>I love you
That better not be gay love, just brotherly.


Yo. Me and Shizune are having very gay butt sex. Love, the gigantic faggot.

you'll get it user

This thread is making me wish I had gotten somewhere with the tomboys in my life; like I really wish I had married one.

My problem is I don't feel attracted to them until I get to know a girl, and by then, girls have already put you in the friends only category for not making a move.

I now know you have to make a move as soon as you can, but I still don't feel attraction for a while.

That's a good idea, I guess. If my old friends ignore me, they won't really be "friends" anymore, will they? Kinda makes me feel bummed out, but it's part of growing up.

I only like pussy


Yeah, I can really understand that.
in situations like that especially, I just end up feeling like an emotionless husk

Man now I wanna continue my current playthrough of soul silver
I got a slowpoke in there that I am dying to make evolve.

Katherine is top-tier gf
Also she isnt a literal demon so thats a plus
my roommate watched me play and was the opposite for some reason, he thinks shes too commanding
but she just wants whats best.

Was a great distraction from my anxiety and existential turmoil.

its tough to tell how serious a comic like this will be in the end, it could all just go comedy or whatever, but Jun obviously cares for tomo

see i could actually see it going as a story where they never actually get together but never forget each other. because i like bitterwseet shit, but more likely they'll run the story till the run out of scenarios and end it all with a kiss panel

its always some fucking dickweed who's well of saying that shit, its like seeing a fucking celebrity telling people to follow their dreams like they didn't win the lottery in the sense

That's such a shitty date idea, I know.

Upcoming movies suck shit.

Bowling seems like a good idea, skating rinks suck shit.

My dad was so much closer than I was to him, and he barely shed a tear. Granted he had already gone to a funeral for him.

That's reasonable, it's just hard for me to not feel bad about something seemingly so serious.

I think it helps to comfort the ones that were more affected by their death, then.

I guess so
Also Dragonaire evolves at level 55
Trust me I'm Autistic I know the evolution levels/types for most pokemon

We always have 2D tomboys at least user.

Yeah, it's better for someone who doesn't have control of his life. Like Vincent.

eh I hope they get to it.

you suck shit

Atlus seems a bit iffy. I'm not putting too much faith in them. SEGA I could see being just fine WHERE'S THOSE FUCKING PC PORTS SEGA?. If Koei wouldn't just shit all over their games when porting them to PC, they would probably be more well-received online.

Oh boy, story time.

That's not how you say "If only SEGA would release the entire Yakuza series for PC."

Yeah, that'd probably be safer to do.

> Still, seems like you've improved a lot yourself, considering you're trying school again and have a stable job. Most people would have already broken down from the pressure.
I nearly did at one point or another. But landing that job…my parents were so proud. After having disappointed them so much before, failing throughout two semesters of univeristy and another of an online course, I just knew one more fuck up and they'd lose all hope for me. But when I told them I landed the job…they were so happy. They were like, proud of me. They wouldn't hardly shut up to other family members "oh Yozanon got a job! He works over at such and such place." I could see the distress on their faces, feel it in the air, hear it in their voices. And working this job, that I started almost one whole year ago, has really helped me break out of my shell. I'm still awkward around strangers, but I can still manage small talk without trembling or wanting to run away. I don't know what I'd do if I ever slumped back down to that….

Hey see? That's something. Baby steps, eh Yangnon? Maybe try your hand at Gunpla building. It's pretty fun and you feel pretty accomplished after building one.

Hey Reggie! Sorry I haven't been around to play Dragon's Crown, I've been trying to juggle shit all week. I want to say I can play on Monday, but I can't guarantee that.

I'm off to play more Fallout 2.
Better Criticals is fucking great.

Yeah that always sucks. But I have no doubt you'll make new ones. You'll always funny and nice in the thread so I'm sure you will IRL too.

I sorta regret making mine into a special attacker. Might go and switch him into cursebro next time I boot it up. Switch surf to dragonair and waterfall to slowbro.

And yeah I freaking love that there is a slowpoke town in gen 2. I had completely forgot then I got there and was like "WHOA best pokemon right here in the second town niiice."

i thought tenryuu was the tomboy boat

have fun homo

Better than others tbh.
hope so
Not happening dude.
They would be better of just following SEGA's example. :^)

Cya next week mugi!

Wait what. Second funeral?

What level does Dratini evolve then? Or slowpoke?

Have fun

That too

You know what I find interesting about gen 2
That even though the red fight has the highest level pokemon outside of B2W2's hard mode, that it can be beat by 1 earthquake by a Graveller half its level

Dratini 35
Slowpoke 28 or Trading with Kings rock

She is but only allowed to bully her with Tatsuta.

>Not wanting a literal demon as a GF

Everybody always tells you you have to try your best. Yeah, like that always works. Some of us have to be content with being fuckups for life. I wish people would understand that. This pretending at ignoring the dark side of life is what's holding us back.

I don't think my family has any hope left for me. They just know I have a job and that's about it. Other things they'd want, like me raising a family, having friends, my own place to live, etc., they're pretty much aware I'll never come to that, not in the near future. My mother has made it clear she's disappointed I might never give her grandchildren.

Glad to see your parents appreciate the little efforts. Sometimes, small achievements in life are enough to get people through. I hope your folks are aware of that. It's something most people tend to forget. Sometimes, that helps better than anything. I'm happy for you, friend. I really am.

Never even heard of Gunpla until I looked it up 5 mins ago. You tried it yourself?

Well, I like to consider myself funny. Maybe a bit awkward, but eh, people can tolerate that. Who knows. I'm not trying to put too much hope into it though, in case I'm disappointed.

Also, I love this picture of Yang. Shows why I love her.

He lived a few states away and my grandmother couldn't go there, so there were 2 funerals, one here and one there. My dad went to both.

To do it or not to do it?

Fuck you, nigger.

Slightly off with dratini and waaaaay off with slowpoke. I wish it were 28

The boobs?

And consider taking up like cards/board games if you got shops in the area to play them with. Dunno what thats like in br though.

sucks yo be you, I'm never content with being a fuckup

>>Not wanting a literal demon as a GF
>not wanting someone who truly loves you, not just sexually

Yeah, I always to help people that seem more emotionally moved than myself

a lot of what Katherine did would be harsh if it wasn't clear Vincent didn't have any of his shit together.

Cursebro is good
Slowbro just eats up damage really
I lucked out in Slowpoke well because I was doing a nuzlocke run and got slowpoke despite the odds being surprisingly low for a place named 'Slowpoke Well'

enjoy getting aids and losing half your lifespan everytime you cum

I went to a skating rink once
Spent an hour and a half flopping around never getting it right, not even once

your welcome for advice ass licker

Holy crap, will the snake squid looking things bother me when I'm in a cyclops? Got pretty spooked, just ran by two. Pic(s) related.

Don't worry, I haven't even seen my vita since last time we played. Been busy enough. Perhaps we play tuesday night? It'll be right before my birthday.
Good for you Yoza. I had a similar experience; it's a gradual change. I failed my first year of college then dropped out of the course. Going to start a one-year program next month, however. By next year I would have my degree and a real job. Maybe even really start my life, get a girlfriend, or even take my role in my ministry more serious.People actually tell me all the time that they could picture me as a pastor. My current pastor even calls me so. Strangely, I don't feel pressured by people. In my eyes, whatever I do I'm not the one really deciding for it.

do you want the man to go broke?
because of all the jewry these are possibly the worst times to get into card games

Bloody Gen 2 and whole leveled evolutions I tell ya
At least 28 and 37 both add up to 10

only 1 hour?

I was always shit at it as a kid

I went to one about a month ago for the first time in over 15 years and picked it up well enough to propel myself in the space of a few hours

Keep at it user and you'll always get better

skating rinks are horrible unless you're good at it
bowling is the superior entertainment


I wouldn't doubt it if Vincent visited 4am once in a while, then would gain control thanks to Katherine.

i'm good at walking and running, not sliding like a sissy

Maybe Pastors say that about most young males that are interested in religion isas most people are of the "lol moralism doesn't matter unless if you judge me" type

Oh that sucks. Probably why he could handle it so well then.

Wait really? I caught like 5 of them to get an okish nature and didn't see anything else.

Ehhh you can drop 50$ in mtg and have a deck that can at least play at FNM. You might not win a lot but he just wants to make friends so.

Ha I guess thats something. Evolutions in gen 2 were kinda fucky all around. God damned evo stones. I had to drop a nice growlithe early cause I wouldn't get a stone forever.

sound's like someones trying to compensate


>I end up turning my head right and end up kissing her

oh god it's still so awkward

Send help, mimifag is trying to yiff me.
He tried to lure me into bed with promises of finding out who his waifu is but there was only furfaggotry there. I stole his laptop and am posting from the closet.

well it could have been worse
at least you didn't call her mom

I mean how in Gen 2 you see underlevled evolution mons like level 10 pidgeotto at the first gym and near cerulean

racmixing is wrong user

Look at the bright side, at least you got to hug and kiss a milf teacher!

I knew it!

Oh yeah thats always shitty too.

The sassiness. Damn, son.

There's actually a game store close to my home where some people hang out to play card games. Who knows.

I want both.

I doubt that's real.

I don't get why you want to commit bestiality user

there's my 5am cutoff, catch you cunts next week probably

apperently its only like a 15% chance
when I went down a slowpoke was the first one I saw followed by nothing but Zubat

The stray sheep is his 4AM
going around complaining to mutual goers about his life
they then complain about their life and he offers moral support
occasional heavy drinking and sometimes lewd pictures show up

see ya later ya bint

i did in class once and she called me boy/son for the rest of the year

She's half hawaiian (polynesian?) half japanese

I suppose, but I didn't want it to be like this man

Thats perfect! I bet that have friday night magic there. Go in on a friday evening if you can and check it out. Start going each week and get to know the regulars. Its a great place to meet other dorky people.

Cya next time user!

they're about as bad as mexicans user

don't be shittin on the hula girl people


>I want both.
Katherine is enough of a semen demon though.

Then after that, he goes straight to the 4am threads.

Fuck you too.

Holy crap my luck was on fire then.

Speaking of shitty percents. I have that farfetch'd right? Shitty shitty stats but I love those little guys so I decided to use him. He has that leek item that boosts his criticals but ITS A FUCKING FIVE PERCENT DROP CHANCE ON A POKEMON THAT SPAWNS TEN PERCENT OF THE TIME. I've caught 50 of them and spent 5 hours trying to get one for him. AAAAAAAAA



Quick describe what each other look like!

Not like you had a chance to bang her anyway. Plus you will probably never see her again because she will avoid your store.

You should try out Sacred Gold/Storm Silver, ROM Hacks that change up some things: the difficulty, availability of Pokemon, buffing shit Pokemon like Farfetch'd or Masquerain.

Interested in religion is an understatement for me user. I practically leader in the youth ministry, and I've been in this church for a while anyways. It could be a real possibility for me.
I am genuinely upset that there are people who legitimately believe this.

How come there is so many Kiwis and Canuckians in /4am/?

Alright think I am good for todays thread
Gotta go catch some Z's
see you faggots next time
Thanks for the banter

Did you ever succeed?

That might be a plan. I think they hold vidya sessions there too. Sounds like fun. I wouldn't mind having some vidya buddies.

good night user

Not yet but I'm going to try for an hour or two a day til I get it. Night arino!

That could be fun, I'm always looking for a fun difficulty increase hack. One question though, does it add more gen3/4 pokes or have less?

I live in a mexican area dude, trust me, they're not at all

My fucking coworker's daughter ran away from home earlier today and went to stay with this older guy, but coworker's boyfriend tracked him down and beat the shit out of him

She's like a regular there though since childhood, it's like an old restaurant and she used to get lunch there once a week back at school

that makes mexicans sound decent user

Yeah I know a lot of places like that hold fighting/shooter tourneys a lot if they got the set up for it. Really do it! It might get you out of this rut.

Oh well see if she hugs you next time too. If she does give her a pinch on the ass and see what happens next.

All right, I gotta head to bed, my eyelids won't stay open

Sleep tight everybody, catch you all on the flipside~

Youch, that has to sting. I've never planned on having kids, and currently never will. I'm ready to accept that I'll be single for life and become a wizard. After I hit that slump in university, I pretty much lost any desire for a significant other, especially after all these stories coming out about how bitches cheat on their boyfriend 24/7, or regret having sex with a dude and cry "rape" and whatnot. Seriously, being born with a vagina is like an instant-win ticket if you can cry crocodile tears and come up with a half-assed lie. Not that I'd even have to worry in the first place, being an ugly fatass. With those risks vastly outweighing the advantages, I'm totally passing on the girlfriend/wife thing. I'd love to have a cute girl to snuggle with at night, but I can deal. I'll probably just buy a daki and a daki warmer or something.

Yeah…I think they do. I know they know I try my hardest, if nothing else.

**Yeah man, Gunpla, plastic gundma model kits that you cut out and assemble yourself. It's fun as hell. I'd suggest a Hi-Mock for your first one, if you decide to try it out. You'll need Sprue Cutters and an Xacto knife. The knife being used to cut the sprue nubs from the piece you just cut. Yes! I have done quite a few. Here's the last few I've done. I have another sitting in my desk that I just haven't gotten around to.*

Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?
Go for it.

Thanks man.

Who knows? You sound like you could pass for a pastor. I mean that in the best way possible, i'm not being facetious.

play off on that alpha thing, milfs love it from what I hear. Get some of that THICC goodness!

Night yoza!

Get a hooker, I know there are tons in your area.


goodnight man

Alright, I'm gonna go dream of sweaty Mila hugging me. Night everyone!

Me too, night!


Whats with the thread dying at like 5am now as opposed to 6 like usual.

Night yakuza

He looks like that ginger haired fox hat holds all those apples and I look like a blue haired girl that can't hear without glasses.

Don't let me beat you to it this time. :^)

stop it

I don't remember her first name lol

sleep tight buddy

I've been trying to get a better sleep schedule, but it usually dies for me at 4am (PST)

Oh so all that gay stuff before was yuri? Carry on then.

I'm going to watch American Psycho unless if someone can get it up on the cytube

very nice

I really need a bronski or 2 for checking

Maybe I'll just show up there once, yeah. Thanks for the support, Ritsu. Just imagining it in my head sounds fun.

Night, Yoza!

Society has taken a huge shit on men. There's a reason most suicides are made by men.

Rooting for your doing well at school, though.

The sound is playing up probably because it's a crap laptop

I do hope you end up going. Cons are another place you could try if you got them there. It can be hard to meet individual people there but just being around a lot of people with a similar interest will really let you get an idea about how many potential friends are out there waiting for you to find.

there are several reasons, most of which can be traced back to (((them)))

that sucks man, sure it's not a software issue?

Fighting game tournaments are another option for me, actually. Even if I don't play, I could just go to them. There are actually quite a few fightan events scheduled to happen in my area.

I dunno, its probably because I got a 720p version and there probably aint an easy to find 480p one

Pick one up! Its like I said with magic, you don't gotta wipe the floor with people to make friends. Just joke about between games and stuff.

You should bring salt and sprinkle it into the crowd

I think it's kind of funny the 4 AM thread usually dies before 4 AM for me

I don't mean the video but the software running it

does your sound normally seem fine?

if so try a different player

I should some deleon pics for tech support shit too

Time to sleep.

I don't know. Perhaps /4am/ will finally die.

You in the west coast too? 4am threads usually start at 1m and die at 4am for me

it's been pretty dead the last couple days, it's only been an hour and a half

it's almost like people are regaining control of their lives

Luckily I live in the most important part of the world so 4am is 4am to me.

I feel really bad cause I'm sure I've asked before, but what country/state you in?

Having watched Evo last weekend made me wish I was there. Too bad traveling is so expensive here.

Night Reggie Reg Reginald The Regulator!

Nah threads are fine the first hour and have the same UIDs so

I've tried 3 softwares, 1 is a sound issue, the other 2 have video issues so maybe if I can sync two programs up at once it'll work
But that's easier said than done

say user, any luck finding a torrent?

good night user

what programs are you using?

Wait so is there a cytube thing tonight? Ghostbusters is getting painful to watch.



I'm out in Arizona. Sometimes when I go outside I see brown people.

I didn't watch it, rarely watch that kind of stuff. It any good?

Nah I've had a lot on my plate recently. Watched a really great niconico stream for a few hours with a friend last night, started a 10 hour youtube playlist, played pokemon, watched a ton of top gear specials and played some NES games. Hard to find time to squeeze more stuff in right now.

user if you can't find the time to SEARCH for it I'll find one for you

yeah you're right that was silly of me

Oh that sounds familiar maybe.

Why would anyone do this.

That works!

The Standard Linux Mint Videos (Sound)
VLC Player (Green stuff everywhere)
Banshee (2 frames per second)
Also Tried it in Firefox and that seems to work the best but still freezes up
Keep in mind this is a laptop with 2 gig of ram, has an Intel Atom and is 6 years old

It was, though it was a bit too esports for my taste. They broadcast the SFV finals at ESPN, and supposedly one of the players wasn't allowed to use Mika's default costume because it was too lewd.

But yes, it was exciting. Though to be honest, if I had to pick a fightan tournament to travel overseas to, it'd have to be either CEO or Socal Regionals.

If it was ever mentioned it was weeks and weeks ago when we talked about guns that time
I run out of liquor from time to time

You should do it! Seriously. Save up the money for a couple of years and go! Gives you something to look forward to.

Ahhh ok.

Now that I'm quitting cigarettes I have zero reason to ever leave the house, its kinda nice.

here user

get the magnet

ignore seeder count it's got 3 I checked

shit son never sue default stuff

sadly beyond VLC I can't think of anything at the moment

what a time to forget pic

Thanks hitler! I'll add it to my queue

I thought that died a really long time ago.

It's working good enough on Firefox

user I don't think the site updates properly any more which is why it shows 0 seeds and not 3

Glad to hear it



I have to get groceries every now and again but other than the occasional errand I get to stay home and be a lazy fuck.
It's nice but I'm looking forward to going back to school and having a real shot at a degree.

If it's torrents you're after you could poke through the catalog on /scurv/

Time for me to head off. See you all later.

Could be a plan, I guess. Fightan tournaments are even better in person.

Thanks for the support, Ritsu. Really appreciate it. Seriously.

Cya yang! Remember you can always find me in the IRC or add me on steam if you need someone to talk to or just want to vent about stuff. I'm always here!

At least you got that comfy early morning drive in. I love those.

Ahhh. I mean I thought the domain got seized by the feds years ago though.

This guy writes comic books for both Marvel and DC, he also writes porn.

There's always the forehead guy and at least one other avatarfag here, you should know better by now

Well Patrick mentioned Donald

Sup negros. How you doing tonight?

Hmm I suppose super smash bros would bring back some memories. I didn't really play co-op with that many kids in my school since I was pretty unpopular.

About 10 mins from hitting the hay. What about you plank?

The whos and what now

I did more training for hospice then went to see weird al at the hollywood bowl. Was pretty cool night. I always love going there for summer.

I'm waiting for the bourbon to hit. How's you?


I fucking love some weird al. Always making me jelly of your cool concerts there.

This picture will answer the whos and the whats

Yeah it was fun, but I'm not that crazy about weird al. I think I'm spoiled from the 3 hour concerts of The Cure playing there, nothing can match that I think. I only payed about 20 bucks for my ticket though so I was all cool with that, and I certainly had some laughs.

Chilling, listening to some music. Wish I had alcohol so I keep sleep easier.

aww yiss

Getting more depressed day by day. When i dont get out of bed even for work its time to worry. So no yet.
Super Smash Bros as a teenager.


here, have just the magnet


later man

Not true, it will be in 3/4 years.

Guyver is fantastic

They just announced a guyver 3 figma

after the remake I don't follow it as much

my heart belongs to the original OVAs and even more to the Live Action American Movies because nostalgia

Wow, hard to imagine.

I know, right?

I'm drinking with a fellow user from reddit. We fucked really hard in the ass.

who was top


I was of course.

You were an uninteresting dweeb in highschool and now you make uninteresting posts on Holla Forums. Amazing.

Jesus Christ. I shouldn't be surprised, though.

you'res still a faggot but at least you're not a bottom faggot

It's based off the OVA look

that's good but not really my point

that 26 episode remake was far inferior

Well I was talking about elementary school. High school I was alright, not really popular but not hated.


We are watching The Red Spectacles.

help, he's showing me his waifu folder

9gag, thank you very much

damnit user I would watch this but I'm working and don't have the time

That's like saying I'm going to meet up with a fellow White in Israel

And with that, my work here is done. I will be the bane of you 4am shitters every day for the rest of my life if I have to. See you queers tomorrow.

did I miss dnd?


wish you came in yesterday or sooner today, could have shared some talk of code like we talked about

well sorry, my other dnd sesson went on long and messed things up

I'm going to do code learnings on Wednesday with tutorfag as to get a routine going on that

good for you user

did you have a chance to try codeacademy?

saving it all for wednesday, so no not really

fair enough user

so how did I kinda miss dnd?

I actually don't think you did, not that I noticed anyway

by the way, there is an engine called godot engine that uses a python like script and C++ for coding

does it help in learning of coding in anyway?


it's like unity from what I hear

it's for making games

is it trash like unity?

I don't really know yet

I plan on making 2d megaman x style games in it but I figured it's worth mentioning because it's free

that wasn't very impressive

The dream is over.

I don't know what kind of games you intend to make user

what ho fagio?

I'd like to see about making different kinds of games, that may or may not be hardly depending


I think I have complicated ideas

my idea is Megaman ZX with harvest moon/rune faftory content and space missions

ie how I imagined star bound before it came out

oh, and multiplayer

could you explain it in a way that's more solid?

2D plaformer with decent paced combat, potential for fast play, with farming elements and a station that you can interact with NPCs and get missions or improve the station

the station or at least part of it is the equivalent of a harvest moon farm and you are moth seeking to improve the station/section and go on missions because reasons

I was thinking of a post earth calamity setting

o.k so what's the 2D plaforming part going to be like?

Megaman x and z and zx

or were you asking for examples of missions and mechanics?

the gameplay but in more depth then "it's like X"

I've been mulling over straight up 2d fighter combat but decided that would be retarded to implement in a fast paced game where you want to go fast and extra retarded for multiplayer latency

so I would probably make it simpler like in the megaman zero games where you can have both a blaster and a close range weapon with the close range weapon being stronger but both running on a regenerating energy but not tie weapons together with maneuverability like in starbound or have it stop regenerating because that is fucking retarded how does someone even think of that

for stuff to do I was thinking the station could be SS13 complex because autism and playing house is fun and you would never have to leave the station and instead be able to send drones out, probably cute little Asimov drones like in silent running, but if you did go out it would be pretty similar to a megaman mission only less seek and destroy and more exploring like finding derelicts or ancient asteroid temples to explore or sneaking into a hostile ship to retrieve a useful thing that will absolutely be there if you go in and no RNG bullshit except for side loot

but again building station and going on missions are both entirely optional

user, you're really not going to get anywhere fast with it if you can't define it's features without saying it's like something else

user the first thing I need to do is figure out how to just make a stupid plat former with no other features besides moving and jumping before I think any bigger than that

baby steps

no you need to write up a design document with how the game is going to play describing every aspect of that

why don't I just kill myself right now then

I should elaborate on that

I don't even understand the engine I plan on working with

I don't really know what I fully want and what is realistic

I do know I have consistent ideas but I could probably stand to start writing down my thoughts on what I want

but really I just need to take steps and release progressively more complex games over time instead of trying to go for gold on my first time

because you can write up that document pretty easily, it's just a matter of taking some time to do it when you feel like it

well design documents can change so when you know more about the important things you can work your idea more

that's why you put ideas down so you can see them on the outside

yes go do that

it's not really going for gold, it's more giving your all which is different since your all can improve over time with how you refine your self. so naturally you'll do better on the next game

ah well

gotta finish up work now

have a good night/morning user

enjoy the twilight