Who has the biggest kill count?

I remember seeing a thread where they listed out the max possible kill counts of characters like Max Payne, Nathan Drake, Jack Slate, and Crash Bandicoot.

But who really has the highest killcount in vidya? I think that'd be an interesting debate.

Serious Sam, by a landslide


I was having this debate with my roommates, and I was thinking like human murders for one. They we're thinking total killcounts. I think the top ones would be vastly different depending.

Plus you have to think of who has the most games out.

First thing that comes to mind is any character you can play as in space strategy games like Galactic Civilization 2. You wait until the galactic population is near 1 trillion then destroy it all.

I was going to say something similar, but no exact name came to mind.

This is true, but would all those lives be from one single person? I feel like it'd be a combination of crewmembers doing that.

You have to consider the following;

-How many games the character has a role in

-Wither or not the kills are human and wither or not this matters

-and wither or not you're taking "total possible kills" or "canon kills"

definitely in the upper bracket

ryu hayubusa from ninja gaiden must have a massive killcount, with no "fluff" enemies in there either

You could argue it. However, I would consider that while the crew members fire you have to actually tell them to do it, and even research the technology and build the weapons. Its like the president. He has the codes, so its him who kills those people if he decides to launch the nukes because he can decide to launch them at all or not at all.

There must be a way to quantify this in a way to really determine, what rules should it follow?

I think it's only fair that we count one character for one game doing every possible thing that involves them since some characters never got a sequel or whatever.

I'm thinking that it should mean, every possible kill that character could get in their game would be canon. Would it not?

In most open-world sandbox games 'total possible kills' is basically infinite.

So I'd say games where you can cheese killcounts should be a write-off.

i'd probably rule out strategy games and consider only characters who are on the field doing the killing with their hands should count, and if the game is open ended and you can kill anything, maybe only count kills considered necessary to progress the game

try pretty much every game in existence that has respawning enemies. This is kind of a given user. Obviously I mean one kill per enemy

This is arbitrary and undermines characters that are in many sequels. sorry your favorite character is obscure user

But the real question is, how many bottles of whiskey has Max Payne killed?

Then I can think of any of the Dynasty warrior games, or copies. You can average easily 400 kills a battle.

This is false. A good example is the Grand Theft Auto series, where you as the player can kill thousands of people, but story-wise and canon wise you may kill very few people

What would a realistic kill count for an individual soldier/combatant be?

Fuck you

I'll go Max Payne then.

Literally 0 contest

Dr. Robotnik.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.


In modern way? I'd say single digits or close to zero. But it does vary, I've known a few people who have served. Most of them said shit fuck all happened, but one guy I knew got really fucked up from his service and has only talked about it hammered.

In real life? most soldiers don't even get a single kill, the soldier with the highest confirmed kill count is Simo Hayha, who has at least 500 confirmed kills

would double digits be exaggerating for a character who does regular hits for a mob?
I need to know for writing reasons.

Doing some research, the upper limit for illegal contracted kills seems to be around the 30s at most

If you wanted to be realistic you could tone it down to like 15 kills on him so far

wan hundred mirrion

The character is a high school senior extorted into doing multiple hits for a mafia in order to protect his father in prison.

He goes up against lightly armed gang bangers, and later, heavily armed mobster.

Is it even possible to write a one man army realistically.

The criteria seem pretty loose, but considering Samus Aran has blown up three whole planets and committed all the multiple genocides that implies, I'd say she'd be a strong contender.


I think its difficult to understand or even get across in fiction that killing people just isn't that fucking easy. You'd have to be at the right place at the right time all the time, expect to not get caught after your first 5 murders at best, be a skilled enough gunman to hit the target every-time and above all the victims will be trying to get away from you


Will making every fight an utter struggle help?

Sure, you could probably make your character come off as more of a badass that way

Mario probably wins by virtue of being in the most games

But there's still the issue of wither or not non-human kills even count. I don't think they should count. Killing a non-human isn't considered murder and the average person will most likely cause the death of some bug or animal in their lifetimes

So basically make him murderous Jackie Chan?

Okay so should the criteria be who has murdered the most people? I feel like that would be a more clear cut debate.


that guy was more myth than reality, every time the russians came across a sniper they claimed it was him

Mario has killed and tortured more animals for fun than the whole humanity ever did for sustenance


False, the army had a counter accompany him after the first 50-100 kills. 300+ kills with a rifle, 200+ with a sub-machinegun


god has killed more than all of these faggots combined


speaking of which, if you wanna see a real body count the tpp is going to nail every poor unsuspecting bastard who is still using winrar after their trial period is over.

I still remember hearing my friends talk about how gordon freeman was the hottest shit on the planet, and all I could think about was killing a tornado monster with a pirate ship canon.


And He might not even be finished, with Revelations still a possibility.


I've never heard of these games.

They're not very good.

the courier maybe? you can kill everyone bar the 3 kids in the game which works out to ~3000 people

Without a mercenary and without save&exit obviously.


negro please

I would say Xoxx from Jets'n'Guns since he actually does succeed in blowing up the universe.

Musou games have you killing around 1000 characters per 15 minutes stage.

Might as well add Zero and Nier while we're at it.

If you count Ryu's appearance in Warriors Orochi his potential kill count sky rockets even further.

Sorry anons, y'all got it wrong

This will only lead to discussing games which have the highest NPC count.

Don't those games have multiple characters and Dynasty warriors is essentially them rehashing the same plot 8 times?

Better question is, why did Max Payne kill himself after 1st game and then some Hollywood jackass took his shoes for the 2nd and a fat balding hobo in 3rd game?

This is up for debate, but Revya's gotta be up there somewhere.

But TNE was good. Advance was dogshit.

Remember when he was told that killing gods would destroy the entire population of earth?
And he STILL did it?

The new game is likely to retroactively change it from 'the world is fucked' to just 'Greece is fucked'.

Where's DOOM 64?

Not the same Doomguy.

But the wiki of the game implies that he's the same guy.