ITT: Shinobu posting

ITT: Shinobu posting

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Thanks pet.


Shut the fuck up, Test.




Good, bad and busy


Ill accept it, this once.
Unfair word.

That was meant for one specific person and now it backfired.

i think they died

Im glad about the good and busy. Whats the bad?

That episode tho

should be putting more heart into my (you)s


It's your job :3

Just felt really down yesterday.
I'm over it now


Well Im glad you're feeling better~


Deleting my Shinobu folder now. you I won't do what you tell me

I didn't say pitch black tint baka.

I just mean some moderate window tint is better than having perfectly clear windows

that feel

Got me lifted, drifted higher than the ceiling~
And ooh baby it’s the ultimate feeling~
You`ve got me lifted feeling so gifted~
Sugar how you get so fly~

You're lawful evil.

Thanks Mina.

That's like sad movie ending stuff.


This episode made me feel kinda sad ngl

Of course. Whatcha up to other than shitposting here?

Why because of the stuff i'm doing right now?

I don't even know what you're talking about.

Doing some irl busy boring stuffs.

I feel special now
How do we celebrate? ~




Iunno. Im on steam if you wanna talk I guess.

Yeah but its fun.

Come on, I don't go user to call people pet.

You don't? o-oh.

Torture isn't fun.


cute doggy!

The constant teasing at work today did not help my nerves any.


-teases moar-

We can talk here can't we?
I dunno if we would need to use steam with our level of friendship

Maybe not for you but I really enjoyed it.

rip your dreams

I had to go to a graduation party that was mostly old folks I don't know with no real way to entertain myself. So we're all getting tortured today.

The hell were you getting teased for?


Why are you being teased?

Your image of me is way too gay.

You're fricken nuts.

I have movie dreams.

I'm so bored

your paragraph sounded cute when i put it in this:

play games

why would you not expect it?

im alt-right as fuck and a super traditionalist

u just assumed cus im "tranny" right

thats what im doing rn

Take a cat nap.


You're way too gay.
Tone it down.
Find Jesus.
Pray away the gay.

Fiine, fine fine.
Ill be 'responsible'


I'm straighter than you, methspider panty bulges.

No i'm pretty normal.

I dun wanna, watching netflix

It's already this late in the evening

try it out

the text to speech sounds soo real!

i found it fun and funny, copy pasting text into it.

have this cute doggy compilations, that im watching

This is me atm


I've become way too normal.
I don't even talk to a single trap these days.


join ME

So am I



I heard you were actually transexual
that's hot

Wow that is at the exact beat of the song im listening to.

No I'm a girl. Hi I'm new.


Hey cutie I'm
you wanna see my kielbasa



hi guys im gay

he has a neckbeard

I know, I know.

I remember my music teacher saying 4/4 was the bees knees.

carry on then

Come on girl I'll treat you right and all that other fuccboi shit


no more pls

I'm such a mess and a pussy over this whole situation. I promised my coworker not to bail on this one though.

Ah, yeah. I mean it's essentially a free buffet at least, right?

I could be way off though. Only been to a couple of those^^

Because the dysfunctional family atmosphere of my workplace is collectively focusing on my return to the dating game or whatnot. I know they mean well and everything but I don't feel like what went down is really worthy of being the gossip topic of the last 3 days.

I'm not even sure anyone offered any legitimate advice come to think of it. Ugh.

You've informed everyone plenty of times.
here's a reply.

That's pretty gay. Running from the temptations because you know you can't resist.

It is also the Cats pajamas





Hi, Boo.

Essentially, but the only good shit was the chili.

What were you getting teased for?

that's the way!
carry it out to the end!


That means you found a potential gf?

i tricked u
im straight

Nah, there's only like four people I even really keep in touch on a daily basis with these days. Two from here, and two girls I met in my classes.
And that one Mexican chick.

Hi gay, I'm Test.

I don't care, tbh.

Hey welms
Its actually nice to see you
no shitpost

I want one someday
They are so cute


me too

How about Nonon instead?

Doesn't she get shipped with Uzu?

I'm a bit low on energy to keep up the banter when you're so straightforward.

Sorry for being salty in the morning alexis

Is it so hard to talk when it's just being honest?


That's a goood pursuit
You seem like a Bird person
How long you been into the Cock?


god exists and i have proof

Well, I'm trying to give myself a laugh. I'm really tired though, I might just veg out and play some video games.

Show me

Is it that you're God?

Because that's getting a bit played out.

Play for more League skins.

Are you gonna take us to a screening of God's Not Dead 2, the breakout sequel to the smash hit totally not religious blockbuster God's Not Dead?

You make it sound so dirty.

jk god is dead

trolled fundies

U stole my ahegao girl image I capped off facebook

im sorry!!!

You might enjoy this one too

With this guy.
The skinny computer nerd one.

i like it

lexi im going to bed

Inb4 Nini

So you're saying the smash hit totally not religious blockbuster God's Not Dead LIED???!??!!?!!!

you remind me of the Simpsons

Chili is a good bet anywhere but from Chili's in my experience. Ironic :p

They were just like "aw man, I'm so proud of you" "they grow up so fast" blah blah blah. Typical kitchen banter and the fact that I get all blushy and flustered really easily is not a good combo I suppose hah :/

I'm probably just gonna watch that Shia video like a zillion times and JUST DO IT tbh I kind of hate to admit it, but that video is so much more than a meme to me lol

W-well, I did make reservations lol

I'm such a dweebo.

Yes? It's much too early to tell. We'll just have to see how it goes tomorrow. These feels are so weird and I've never just gone up to a complete stranger and asked if I could take them out like that before. So embarrassing gah

How was the rest of your weekend, Booboo?

I never really liked that show tbh

Well I hope it all goes well


please don't do this to me

Now I know!
and Knowing is half the battle : )

god ist tot

I appreciate it. I need all the well-wishing and good luck I can get :p

It is, you dirty whore.

I thought him and the kendo guy were shipped.
Nerd guy just stayed out of it.



yay Simpsons!


that movie was fun!

It's already begun, there's no stopping it now

But the atheist in God's Not Dead dies in the end and accepts Jesus into his heart

Proof that God exists

Lucky you.
I could use some female company. Been stressed as hell.




I didnt do anything but I still liked it a lot
Wish I played more vidya honestly
But at least I made better friends with you ~


Hey there

What's going BUTTS on?

Sorry, your picture distracted me mid-sentence


At least give me some sort of constructive advice or something before you just make fun of me, jeesh.

This shit is literally 0-100 for me and I'm freaking out, nigger x_x

liquid courage.
that is my advice ^^

They're probably as nervous as you are

Imagine them naked

That's all I got

I'm going to die.

That's a risky maneuver................................

goddam it why'd I have to get a sexy redhead tho forreal



Youre supposed to be homo, stop acting straight


I'm taking a breather. bbl

colbert are you really gay o////o


he's bi

Nah. He's straight.

tfw you're a strong manly alpha male


Right, right.


im an alpha

arm wrestle me



Big risk, big reward.

I can act however I want FUCKER!!!!!!!

What Luka said

I'm getting mixed signals here

i could literally wrestle any of you scrawny fucking manlet beta males to the ground

im a fucking alpha u fucking losers

I am starting to feel like this place isn't a good influence on me.



I will fight you irl fagot

What would make you think that?

put a quarter in the machine ill race ya ha-ha ~!

Bring it on~

Whats up

do you even think u could win against me nin

im fucking strong dude..

When I was your age I used to push a hoop down a dirt road with a stick

im older than u

Easily. Winner takes all!
Sure sure~


What makes you say that?

first time malz jungle wish me luck


dude wtf it feels like its literally been an hour..

what the FRIG?????????

haha okay grandpa

shine my fuckin shoes u fucking hoser


back the FUCK off?!?

i give the truest signal

There's not a lot of reasons to really be here anymore.

I love when you talk dirty to me


Was there ever a reason to be here to begin with

Bard please you're scaring the children


League for a bit, you?

So who do you like ./// .

What reason did you have before?

Are you gonna leave forever?

all i can manage to push through my lips is a stream of absurdity

You're Dr. House now



Not telling

How about you put it to good use and only open it when there's a dick in front of you?

i own a pretty boy shirt

thats rude..

Grim, I was apparently supposed to tell you that Alexis went to bed.
Why? I'm not sure but I will just relay that message for...whatever reason.

How yellow and faded that drawing is reminds me of the ones Soto used to do

brb work

b r u h

my fucking face after watching that ep


pics or link?
I am interested in this

That's so cute
you got so corrupted




But my personality was always pretty low-key and subby

When I'm not pretending to be an egotist for laffs

I really hope he learns some fucking combat or something

I really want him to be able to make a difference

I haven't been so hyped up since AoT dude

i dont know where it is in my room and i am too high to find it

remind me later

I just like the image because of how uncanny it is for the character.

is there any better meme

are you saying you were gay the whole time


There's a reason my original avatar was Stephen Colbert

Gay? No


no i mean
i like doing the
exact same thing



get paid to not drive a self-driving car, it's like free money

i'd apply if i were anywhere near it, ahaha


i saw that on reddit

it's worse than cubicle desk job
sit in car with stranger :)
no washrooms or watercoolers or walking around...

just hours of sitting in a cramped car driving itself.


paid road trips!

Are you really complaining about a job being undesirable?

its not for fun. its for buisness only.

Is that what you say when you're flustered or something?

You have to collect data during the workday. You have to actually know shit about vehicle safety and have a bachelors. It's not a job where you do nothing.


lump in throat....



the idea of it is funny anyways simply.

what's not fun in getting paid to be driven around in a self-driving car!

you'll be involved in making progress of the future of autonomous cars, besides who doesnt want to work for google.

Sorry I didn't pull out.


im nodding off and rly rly rly happy
what it do my lil nigga

Anyone with driving license should know about safety!

the data collecting is probably report if there's any anomalies in the car behavior. nothing too technical like finding bug in the AI programming

Hey Scarlet aren't you 2cool to be hanging out with these nerds?

what makes u think that?

What kind of food do you eat

You're not?

depends on the person really.

im a loser!

I'm doing alright, been a bit of a do-nothing day other than the graduation party I went to, but that was a few hours of eating and talking to people I don't really like and haven't seen in years. Now I'm just watching a twitch stream and unwinding.

Pretty much anything but I like mexican food with fish in it.

i think this is nice, $20 an hour is more than i currently make, if you do a good job, there might a chance google will hire you for permanent job, who knows.

u graduated?

I guess I should have figured since you want to eat butthole

I suppose we'd have to ask them or watch somebody on the job, but I highly doubt it's as relaxing as all that.

whats wrong with wanting to eat out my gfs yummy butt
why did u think i was cool

You should move to America then!

Wasn't my party, some girl I've known since she was born graduated high school. I guess I "graduated" a two year institution this semester, but I'm going to a four year university next semester so who gives a shit about that? Not gonna have a party for that.

I didn't it was just a ruse

That's so salty

I am an alpha. I know Holla Forums is like a confession booth for you beta where you sperg out all your beta outrage such as getting friendzoned. For me it's not the same. I have an alpha mindset when it comes to posting. Nothing bothers. Petty Insults like "fuck off" don't bother me in the least. I ignore those posts and still say what I have to say. I'm not bitch that stops posting all of a sudden when pussy beta fag throws a fit. I am alpha user. Keep this in mind.


That's hot
you want some kielbasa?


Oh. It's hard to tell without tone lol

First time dm's who don't know what they're doing make me want to kill babies.
It's pretty painful watching this shit.

Yeah well what do you eat then?

Other than me of course

yeaa of course it's not going to be all laugh and road trip. the way i'm seeing this, it's like being the beta tester. the work itself is not as tedious as busy office work except for the daily report. i imagine google wants as much data as we can gather down to how many times did the car use its turn signal.

or, i can wait for google to test their self driving cars here

Soto is probably the most alpha here.

He's a beta+.

im pretty fucking cool man idk...
maybe im the one rusing u?
heh heh heh

why would u do that
i mean i hate parties kinda but
isnt that fun like getting drunk or w/e

better be

deal with it dog :)

i think a lot of people take me too seriously until they hear me talk



A decade from now?

Use Roll20, it even has an LFG section.

I'm definitely dealing with it.
I had to change my shirt again.

I never get rused

You don't KNOW that!


are you sure about that..........

I like to eat alot of fruits and some choice vegetables and a meat maybe chicken or beef
Also some cottage cheese
almost every day have a little bit

but recently I have been eating tooo much pizza : (

I told you. It's really bad today

Believe hard enough, and you will make it through.

u wot m8?

Right now I am subcosciously rusing you into wanting to eat ass.

sounds realistic


id be playing with random people i dont know over like text right?

thats just boring..

how is this a ruse
i would eat the ass in that pic tbh

Voice usually, you'll most likely have time to get to know them.
This is assuming that you know how to play said system, if not you will require teaching.


Rolled 10 (1d20)
*rolls dice for magic hugs*

I just make it obvious that I'm being facetious by being over the top and jokey

Though people will make everything serious

Are you starting HRT?

This is amazing news.

I dunno, I intend to hang out with a couple guys tomorrow anyway, anybody else I wouldn't really want to get drunk with. I prefer to get drunk alone, to be honest. I have on multiple occasions made an ass of myself while drunk in public in the past. I'm apparently a lot better about it now, and I was never ClownPiece bad, but still.

Eating ass is for filthy betas

Hello friend Nin.

Rolled 17 (1d20)Rolling to summon stand.

For the record, so is sucking toes and licking tummies.

was this supposed to be ironic

as a gamer, i'm sure we can do this man's challenge

w-whats's that supposed to mean

You would know about that WOULDN'T YOU





Well, clearly that's not Luka.

yeah ive never used any of the systems
ive literally never played a D&D style game in my life
never knew anyone who played them
but i always heard stories and they seemed so fun

SMASHED that like button

cp is just bad he gets so drunk he just keeps talking constantly about babble

fucking drunks ugh

i wanna stick my face in that puffy vulva tbh

I don't get your reference

I think it's just supposed to be terrible

Lewd people like you should be put in prison

idk how

theres nothing wrong with living to worship vagina with your mouth

it's like an angry manchild year old with video editing software went to town


Pathfinder is the best D&D style system out there, don't fall into the D&D 4th edition or 5th edition trap, they're both steaming piles of garbage.
I play Pathfinder quite regularly, I thought it was fairly easy to pick up however senpaiy comes through experience and I've had quite a fair amount of experience with it.
Grim also asked to know about it at one point, no idea if he still cares but I could explain it at the same time if you wish to learn.

so what~

Holla Forums pathfinder when

get longer hair and wear girls clothes/

I will never stop loving this webm.

Rolled 6 (1d20)*rolls to finds path*

Hopefully fucking never, that'd be awful.

I can use my imagination.

Let's do it Tuesday night or something?

so that's just wrong on every level
I guess it's okay to do with your soulmate?
but some fucking rando
hell no

sounds fun

I like to suck dick.

Awfully hilarious.

what kind of girls clothes . /// .

yeah that sounds good
i can do it whenever

how is it wrong
i wouldnt do it to a random
unless it was a 2d anime girl
then id do it instantly
licking girls out is nice though

Don't you mean PENIS?


Why a specific day?
It's not like I'm running an actual game for you, just explaining it.

Not from my perspective.
I do not wish for everything I love to be ruined.

Awful in the sense that suicide or spending more than five seconds around Luka is awful.

A skirt and some black and white stockings.


Rolled 8 (1d20)
*rolls dice to give you spahghetti*

your voice and your face
are horribly mismatched

what kinda casserole did you make?

Oh, I was hoping for an actual game as well

because I have an exam on Tuesday lol


i like pussy more

Luka wouldn't be invited, I don't want a total party kill in an hour.


why not? ;~;

Would he even come out of his house for anything other than free food or money?

You filthy disease spreading degenerate

I could, but that wasn't my initial idea.
We Be Goblins is fun and easy to run, so you'll have to settle with being a little green if I did run for first-timers.

You're god damned fucking right he wouldn't be.
I'd rather have cancer.

will give ♥cummies♥ 4 free food

gays have more diseases fact

Too much responsibility for you.


Because if you literally think his character would act like that, that's pretty hilarious.

And you spread them to women

i have never seen a penis

You might need better glasses.

check it out
pretty arousing huh

Were you fed nothing but McDonald's as an infant?

Andrew would probably just be the lesbian healer with massive fucking tits and a revealing robe, but would still be "pure".

i wanna play!


what the actual fuck am i looking at

i was raised vegan :D

i need new ones actually cus mine are broken rn


is that a good or bad thing? Ihave yet to figure this out.

canyon casserole


You're okay I guess.
If I had vag I might let you sniff it just to see how profusely you sweat.

That is my Kielbasa

Jesus fucking Christ.
Seriously, the fuck is wrong with that?

uhhh ahaha...

i want to go to subway right now
but i just ate a TON of food
should i eat a bunch more food

what even is kielbasa

Onii chan is that subway?
You motherfucker
you went and got subway without me?
Give me some
come on, I'll suck your dick for it



Gonna cut it up and layer a sandwich with it?

I have no idea, but I'm sure he needs to see a doctor.