The moment you realize even The Ghostbusters 2016 game flopped

The moment you realize even The Ghostbusters 2016 game flopped

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There was a game?


So is the 2009 actually good? I saw it at FUCKING GAMESTOP, and it was still pretty pricey. I heard one of the main draws was the multiplayer and I'm sure that's a ghosttown.

Wut? Zuul was a minor character, he was an underling, not even a demigod. He was just the herald of Gozer the Gozerian.


I'll believe it when I see it, studios often say this shit when they want to drum up more views.

Yes, the 2008 Ghostbusters is DEFINITELY a good game, it's on Steam if you don't mind buying it on there. It is worth the fucking money, it's the true Ghostbusters 3.

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Yes. If you like Ghostbusters. They have all the original actors back doing the voicing and it's written by the guy who made the original movie. It's the closest thing to actually having a real third ghostbusters movie.

The absolute madmen!

Of course it did. Only the movie matters, and it did entirely too well for my tastes.

Everyone involved was already paid, but it is so much money down the drain.

What is the CISbusters of video games?

How much did they spend on fucking advertising? Is this an extrapolation or does it use production budget+actual advertising cost? I've seen estimates that put advertising in the 100 mil range, even after all the earned media from a pic related strategy

Either way, it's a fucking flop. Views are already tapering off SO HARD and China banned it because they're afraid of ghosts or something, so that's basically a HUGE market they're missing out on. Wonder what that slippery jew will be directing after this.

Just bust my slime up.

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Did you add the sprinkles to that dogshit looking hair, or was that already in the picture?

It didn't even make back a portion of the budget, mate.

I assume they mean Gozer, as it would be retarded to just make a movie starring Zuul itself.

He's not saying it did well, he's saying he'd like it to have bombed even worse, making less money.


Life is Strange

They probably spent far more than they admit.

Also remember that theatres and distributors don't work for free. People keep assuming the studio gets all of the ticket price for some retarded reason.

How do we know the game flopped? What was the budget?

Nu Doom

Fuck you Satan.

its all made up numbers made by meninist MRA white supremacist trump supporters, the movie is actually one of the most successful ever made, ask any real movie critic.

It really can't bomb much worse than it did. It was a summer movie with a big property attached to it and still came in under budget.

Get thee behind me Satan.

Silly user, you think they actually watched the movie they were remaking?

Battleborn or Evolve.

Checked Satan
The final extra scene of the movie said just Zuul.

Paul himself said they needed to make 500 million for the movie to be a success.

I can't, they're too busy counting their money.


I hear there are various accounts of people going to see it and the rest of the theater being empty. I think there's a good probability the actresses bought out a bunch of showings with their pay to save their careers.

Paul Feig said the movie needed to make 400 million to break even, and half a billion to be considered a success.

Given that the audience watching this went down 60%, this movie is just a bomb for everyone involved.

I think you mean just a paycheck for everyone involved. Except the studio, who got fucking grifted. Which is how the movie industry works.

The thing about it being banned in China isn't actually true iirc, it's just that they didn't think the Chinese audience would care.

Too bad that paycheck won't mean shit soon with so many reputations killed. The only one who got off scott free was Chris Hemsworth because he's MAHVEL.

literally the same mistake as the original game.

Dude, what are you talking about? No one ever says anything positive about Melissa McCarthy in the first place, everyone says she's a fucking pig, and her sister is an irresponsible cunt who tells people not to get their kids vaccinated. The only reason she ever gets into movies is BECAUSE of Jenna.

No user, you're factually wrong, China has banned numerous ghost movies. Look it up.

Ah I didn't finish typing out my initial thought "and she's the only well-known person in the movie aside from Hemsworth."

They ban time travel movies too. Shit's weird.

Again, as a big summer movie. There's pretty much no worse a studio movie could do. Turn that frown sideways.

They also ban talking about a certain incident in which a protester stopped a line of tanks and then ran away after several minutes.

Here's the Berenstain affect in action again, people remember him being run over by the tanks, but that never happened.

"You're only as good as your last movie.". That's a saying that actors take pretty seriously.

The RLM review of this was probably the best thing that could have happened.

The Chinese government is just another arm of gamergate.

And Zuul's only purpose is to be the gatekeeper to Gozer. Not unless they're stupid enough to just use Zuul which they probably may be.

The concept is that they're trying to make a universe, so Gozer would be later down the line. They actually mention Gozer in their emails when talking about the universe they want to build unless I'm mistaken.

The plans were to make a trilogy. So you have formation of the team with post credits scene with Zuul, then you have Zuul in the second movie, and then in the third one you have Gozer.

In the middle there would also be an animated slimer movie, which is also set up in the first movie when slimer steals the Ecto-1 for no good reason at all.

The bottom line here is that Sony is bleeding money from every single hole. The only division that has any marginal success is the videogame one. They tried to launch a spider man universe and they failed, and now they're trying again with this.

It's sad. Really sad. Especially because they have no idea how to set up an universe. Look at Marvel, they didn't start out with the idea to make a marvel cinematic universe, they tried to make legitimately enjoyable movies, and then someone pitched the idea of a movie universe.

Same goes for Star Wars, Episode 4 was a legitimately good standalone movie, but since it was so good they decided t make sequel and expand it.

What both Sony and DC are trying to do is make one movie that sets up everything for eventual sequels, forgetting that that's not how you make a good franchise. If you put setup in and no actual good movie, then you fail, no matter how much you spend. It's fucking unbelievable that these people knew how to do it back in the 80s and now they're completely lost.

They're never going to get a full on universe like they want, they want to turn this into a Marvel cinematic universe type deal with an all-male cast, and the all-female cast, and they were even talking about making one using the original cast from an alternate world .. It's not going to happen.

This movie bombed, the next movie will bomb, and it will never go anywhere.


Too bad they kinda back peddled on previously recorded. They were supposed to shit on the movie during one of their live streams, but after what happened the the ape lady on twitter they thought it wouldn't be "appropriate".

The review is still great though.



There more people hyped for the edge edge power rangers movie than CISbusters.
Being serious too. Dark and edgy Power rangers probably going to do better than anything CISbusters related.

To quote Dan Aykroyd, "Yeah, but what a ride though." Watching this plane crash with no survivors is going to be glorious.

I am prepared to be called a shitlord, and I don't care if I get banned from twitter when I call them out on thinking they could turn a failure into a success.

Oh yeah, I never said it was going anywhere. Between the China ban and the lackluster sales here the future is looking grim for CIsbusters and Sony Pictures. So when you berate and insult your core audience they don't go see your movie? Who would have guessed?!

Honestly I wish Sony Pictures would just go under and sell off all it's properties at this point. It's not doing anything with them (that anyone cares to see).

Those suits look awful

Just saying, but the original Power Rangers from Japan is pretty dark/edgy (call it whatever you want) compared to the childrun's TV show.


I just had that concept introduced to me last night. People are incredibly fickle though and remember shit wrong all the time. People constamtly misquote famous lines and nobody bats an eye, it's usually just that we like imagining something a certain way better or it was easier to communicate a different way than go by what was witnessed (e.g. "Luke, I am your father.").

If history is overlapping itself or some shit though that means I can put a little hope in dying because I'm 2pussy to do it myself.

It's even worse, Yellow Ranger is a fucking spic.

It might work, but those suits look retarded.

I don't get why they tried to make Ghostbusters of all things into a Cinematic Universe. I'm sure Sony has much better IPs that would accomplish that with in a much better way.

Well that was an erection I wasn't expecting today.

those suits have micheal bay syndrome; too much fucking shit on them.

Here's the thing… Marvel CU did not start out as an attempt at a full-on fucking CU. You can't just kickstart (the term, not the site) a fucking cinematic universe on the spur of the moment, the right elements have to come together first and THEN when things are working, THEN consider a CU. But don't go all in on shit without knowing if there's marketability there.


I am more disappointed by they are hinting the power rangers reboot won't have Bulk & Skull become heroes is too edgy for the dark & gritty Power Rangers reboot.

Liongate hyping Power rangers 2017 to be the new dark knight. When it comes to mature take on superheroe movies.

Because they saw that people liked with the excellent sales of Ghostbusters: The Video game. They wouldn't have to test the market because after all they already did with a video game.

So you release this game, it sells way more than what you expected it to, and you go "mhh, I wonder how can I make more money with this, seems like people would just buy anything with the name of this franchise on it because they really love it".

Yes, of course they have dozens of famous IPs, but they're lazy, and they're losing money, so they just cut corners. It's fucking shameful.

I find this about as likely as a Fant4stic sequel

It's hilariously arrogant that some people find it more likely history is being constantly altered within their own conciousness by some all powerful force than them simply just remembering wrong

I just assume that they're more pensive when they don't have a script or are unable to filter themselves. If they back peddled I'm sure they were just trying to keep themselves reserved so they didn't cross a line they didn't want to.

And see that's what pisses me off. The director for Fant4stic had a ton of cool ideas to make the movie not feel like another mediocre capeshit, but Sony forbid him to do what he wanted.

Do you see a pattern starting here? They're masters of their own demise. They just keep forcing people to do what they want to, and then being surprised when it doesn't turn out well.

I can't blame him from looking so sad. They just kill him off in the movie. Talk about being disrespectful as shit to the original movie and to Bill Murray

Dude, you have no idea, do you? He doesn't look like that because he's sad, he looks like that because he's mad. He doesn't want to be there, Sony threatened to sue him until he was fucking bankrupt if he didn't do the cameo in this movie, he didn't even want to be in it. They forced all the old cast to do cameos so that they didn't get sued into bankruptcy so that fans would think "THIS MOVIE SO LEGIT, EVEN THE OLD CAST JOINED THE FILM."

Well Marvel was trying for a universe with Ironman/Hulk but they were self-contained plots beyond the after-credits thing everyone expects in superhero movies now. It's kind of like the Nolan movies were entirely prepared to fail with how they shoehorned that Joker card at the end of Batman Begins.

Speaking of which. It's been confirm the U.S military will aiding the Power Rangers in battle just like the Leak concept art megazord battles suggests.
Hell the putties are scary now and CGI now.

Sue them on what grounds? -not that powerful people can't pull bullshit and get away with it.

When it comes to the Entertainment industry, it doesn't matter. They have billions the actors do not, they can keep suing with bullshit after bullshit, and it's not that they'll win, they'll keep losing the lawsuits… it's that they can pay their lawyers and the actors will eventually not be able to pay theirs.

He wanted to get killed off to ensure he didn't show up in any of it's miscarriages of sequels or tie-ins. Not only that, it's pretty retarded how the bitch just opens up the ghost trap with a dangerous ghost and wasn't reprimanded for murdering the guy.

Contractual obligations user.

Also as a great example, look up Howard Stern. When Howard Stern left his old job for Sirius radio his former boss tried to do the same thing to Howard and sue him into poverty. I mean Howard Stern is a whiny kike, don't get me wrong, but this isn't a new tactic by any means, Hollywood has been doing shit like this for decades.

How are they going to make Rita Repulsa dark? Is fucking Alpha going to be dark too? Is Zordon going to be morally grey or something?


More like amorally gay, Zordon will be FABULOUSSSSSS.

It's likely there is a clause in the contract they signed for the original film that says something like 'You agree that you may be obligated to appear in tie ins, promotions, sequels etc etc'. It's like how the twilight cast got stuck doing that god awful pile of shit, even though they clearly hated it.


Arrogant to a degree but it's not like that quality is necesary to want to believe something about the nature of the world (for which we're uncomfortable to not be able to properly define or control). If anything people use it for comfort or excitement in their ulrimate weakness rather than to feel smart.

remember the AVGN ghostbusters episode? the ZUUL building? they seem to be really obsessed with zuul for some reason

Is that the funyarinpa?

Okay, what the fuck is this new meme?

Who's to say he won't off himself to get away from his nightmare of a life. The man looks like death already, he may as well take the plunge.

Where do you get that data? Curious.

user, what? What even is that? Quit screwing around.

Implying they wont use CGI


Just watch they'll bring him back with a CGI hologram ghost. Like they did with Micheal Jackson in that creepy musical thing from a couple years ago.

Not even being dead will stop Sony from trying to make shekels outta him.

What do you mean "user, what? What even is that?"?! You mean… you don't know?!

Implying Sony will give them the budget after this holocaust of shekels

Funny thing is that lower budget would actually benefit the movie. Take away all the really expensive CGI that does nothing for the movie, maybe get them to focus on a good script.

There was a 2016 ghostbusters game?

Pretty sure Billy Mays' family would never allow that, and Tupac's mama wouldn't allow that.

Zordon is already a shady fucker, he wants "overbearing and over emotional" human and turns them into child soldiers fighting his millennium long space war of Good and Evil.

Bottom line is its gonna be shit, and anyone who thinks they want dark and gritty Power Rangers is gonna either see why that doesn't work, or have their shit taste validated. It doesn't work.

Yes yes and probably yes. How Rita being the original green ranger before betraying and killing her own team?

Something from like 2010 Reddit.

So they are not just "rebooting" the franchise, they are going to just steal from the original so more? With all the fucking money pumped into this shit heap, you would think they can come up with an original story. This is just going to piss off the real fans off more. Like me.

Yes, fiddy bucks, iirc it might include a digital copy of the movie.

But everyone liked nuDoom except Holla Forums.

Everyone liked it except Doom fans*

Zordon is being played by Walter white.

Over half of the original movie was just Harold Raimis, Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray working jokes and ad-lib from off of each other. How the fuck can anybody find women comedians funny as well as give them 150 million dollars to make an action movie for them? even if it is Sony we're talking about here

Pretty much, yeah.

Bill looks dead inside.

The head of Sony was a woman. She was also speerheading an initiative to make an all female Cape-Flick. She got shit canned when the email leaks happened and showed she types her emails like an absolute retard and put some seriously sensitive shit in the emails.


This is what happens when you cater to the socjus audience.

This is real, right? Right? Please be real. Do it Sony, it'll work. You just have to put more money into it this time.


It had a few potentially not shit ideas, dunno if I'd go as far as a ton of them. But there was glimpses of a few before it crashed into a dung heap.

Supposedly the knives are out right now, nipponese sony head office is slashing a lot of marketing movie budget and jobs on the US side of things. Then again they still could double down on the retardation, and really go for another GB movie to continue attempting to jumpstart a cinematic universe franchise.

It sounds like something you made up or saw in your Chinese cartoons. It is not a "funny-rumpus".

So they replaced the faggot with a mexican. Big deal. Unless they fight fucking Donald Trump in the movie i don't see the problem

Knowing Sony they probably pre green lit a trilogy for Ghostbusters

Email leaks?
Oh do tell!


Already posted it m8

I want a modern multiplayer Power Rangers game true to the source material with tons of corny as shit special attacks. Unfortunately the inevitable megazord fights make a multiplayer Power Rangers game sorta impossible. -unless maybe the player who performs best takes control while the others perform backup functions or whatever the hell or the megazord it prone to splitting apart.

I don't have any of them saved sadly. It's all stuff from the N. Korean hack that was a retaliation for that retarded Seth Rogan movie. This video reads a few of them, though you should see if you can look that stuff up yourself, I'm sure it's a great read and I know it's out there.

It's really unfortunate because, above all odds she was probably the best character but nobody worked together. Extremely unfortunate about the full on chimp out. Again, actors are airheads. They are not real people. They can't even into sports. But, there was a time when writers and directors knew how to keep kindergarten in order. That time has passed. In both vidya and film.

jesus christ I thought that was gonna be the cast of the adult beetleborgs movie

Make it like Titan mode in UT3.
The player that kills the most shit gets to call the Megazord.


Fuck, if only kikes weren't lawyers it would at least mean something to fight back. That's just basically money laundering right now. I guess I can see why they're fully forced into this shit.


What's the odds the Beatleborgs will get a dark reboot next and be turned into a methaphor for child soldiers and explore the themes of Innocences lost?

Can't wait for Trump to crash the Fed.



I don't think Beetleborgs were popular enough.

Even if you don't agree with piracy, you shouldn't have any moral qualms with pirating a game that's more than five years old.

I'm pretty sure Ghostbusters wasn't made by a bank.

I… wha…

Honestly, I'd like to see a grimdark hollywood-powered Garo or Kamen Rider, since Garo is naturally dark with guys in armors and girls with skimpy clothes, and Kamen Rider Amazons was kinda good BUT HOLY SHIT HARUKA WAS REALLY FUCKING BAD.
But why would anything good happen.

Yep. The cringe goes deeper than you could have ever imagined. If they do a second movie no doubt we'll be seeing that shit. Almost makes me wish for a second movie.

Alright I haven't seen the movie, but really? They all seem really stereotypical in an unfunny, lazy and boring way. Black actress character plays a loud black woman stereotype. Blonde lesbian actress plays possibly lesbian quirky character. Resting bitch face brunette plays resting bitch face brunette character. Chubby actress with an overbearing over the top mugging expression plays a chubby jolly character with an overbearing, over the top mugging expression.

Am I getting the wrong impression or not here.

They were popular enoug to sell toys. They just wasn't as iconic as power rangers. We probably a adult Reboot of VR troopers though. VR troopers were big in European and south East Asian markets. Hell I saw Dub VR troopers & power rangers reruns when I was in Thailand and the Philippines.

nigger it just means what they spent (ie: what was paid to their staff and suppliers) didn't come back to them in the form of customer purchases. The money is still there it's just not in the hands of the director/creator/publisher/whoever. There is nothing mystical and wrong with "losing" money on an investment.

supposedly the trailers paint her incorrectly

Supposedly that Feig flavored Billion Dollarydoo Idea, was cut from the final release version. Some poor soul who actually saw the movie can confirm or deny, because I'm not paying money or time to see it any time soon. Maybe if we're lucky it can be in the director's cut DVD, or the sequel. :^)

Nah, she was honestly the best part. The RLM thing is right in saying everything else was like a shitty Nickelodeon Sandler frankenmovie. I left after about an hour and took a nap watching Dory.

That intro makes me crave the sweet release of death.

Lets be honest, there's never gonna be a sequel. There's a 60% decrease in sales, it's a miracle if the film makes its production budget back, not counting the additional 100 million they spent on advertisement.


Spider man got a sequel. You never know.

The suits are shit, but that chick at the end has a pretty solid pair of tits.

They're doing a bang up job of that. Even that promo clip in this thread of the Oprah impression is not really helping much. The leaked advance preview is saying she's playing a stereotype of a loud niggress. Again, maybe I'm getting the wrong impression here, but out of all the promos and clip, why the fuck do they go with the most obnoxious portrayal possible. I know the marketing really shit the bed on this movie, but holy fuck, I ain't even mad I'm just astounded.

Ernie Hudson as Winston just played it straight, he didn't have to remind the audience every 5 minutes that he was A BLACK MAN. He was a believable human character. Why does the promo and marketing think that playing up the loud coon queen angle would attract more viewers instead of repelling them. Has anyone from this movie marketing and ad companies ever stepped outside their bubble?

The moment you realize that the 2009 game did better than the 2016 movie.

That at least was profitable, especially worldwide. But this is turd barely made any money outside the US.

Hulk got a sorta sequel. The Spiderman reboots. The Scary Movies series by the Wayans. In some ways I hope there is a sequel, and they double down further because god damn, watching the financial trainwreck for free is pretty entertaining at least for me.

Have you ever considered, and I'm just putting this out there I have nothing to back it up, but have you ever considered that the person who cut the trailer hates the movie and intentionally wanted it to bomb? I keep hearing from multiple sources that while the movie isn't great, it's also not so bad it's laughable (truly the worst of both worlds), so maybe the trailer was intentionally cut to be shit? That's the only way I can think to explain how bad the trailer is if the movie really isn't that terrible.

If the Bulk & Skull theme isn't in the movie I'm not watching it.

Have you ever considered that maybe the movie is as bad as the trailers or even worse, and the people defending it are doing the same damage control the people playing beta games do?



I heard rumors of troubles on set and some disgruntled staff ie some of the production crew and post production (editing iirc), unconfirmed rumors but even if that was the case. It's hard to imagine that with the amount of money sunk into the project, the trailer and promos would be left to chance to that degree. Then again this is some interesting times and hell of a current year we live in. I'm still just in awe of the shitshow overall, it's like a reworking of the plot to the Producers but played out with real money.

Well Amazing Spiderman 2 was as profitable as the first, but they just dropped it completely.
Sony works in weird ways

Pre-emptive damage control perhaps?
If the people who made the trailer knew the film was going to shit the bed, they might have left in some bait to get people to make racist comments in order to attempt to deflect all criticism by saying the critics are racists.

Something that sort of seems off topic, but there is this business/economic term that might shed some light on how it is that these kind of shitty films, and to a lesser extent games, make it to market.
There is this thing called the "Sunk Cost Fallacy"
Basically its a logical error in the brain that makes on thing that because they already invested money into something they need to keep investing in it in order to get the return on the already "sunk" money, instead of cutting their losses and moving on.
What one is supposed to do is disregard the money already spent and just look at how much you need to finish it and how much you will get back from the finished product.

With films, there can come a point where everyone kind of realizes its going to bomb, and they have to determine if the amount they have to spend to finish it will be covered by the expected revenues.

So for example, if you spent 500,000 on a film, and everyone realized it was going to be shit and only get about 200,000 in revenue, BUT you only had to spend an additional 50,000 to finish it, its better to finish the film and walk about with a "profit" of 150,000 instead of walking away with absolutely nothing.

Sometimes the reverse happens where people fall for the sunk cost fallacy and keep pumping money into things they know wont be able to make more on the additional funds required.

I've considered that, for sure, but don't think that the sources I'm getting my reviews from are just normalfags or cucks, most of the reviews I've seen have been from antifeminists surprised they can't shit on the film harder.

Well from the leak of the script we know Sony were treating their people like shit, so I wouldn't be surprised.

I didn't even realize there's a GB2016 game.


Fittingly, I have a Mighty No9 banner.

Remember the budget Ghostbusters game Sanctum of Slime? It's like that but full price. Uses an entire new team of busters with a 50/50 blend of male&female.

Well I guess this is the best place to start.
I'm streaming the original movies.

BTW, if you haven't already please try to get the GB game that was made by Atari a couple years ago. Its essentially GB3.

He was better off putting out the shit game then putting out no game at all for the sake of his credibility. If you can't even put out a "finished" product after that much money is invested in it then you would look worse then if you at least ended up with a result.
It wouldn't shock me if he didn't spend all the might no 9 money on might no 9. In fact I would be amazed if he didn't use that money for other projects (investing in both long term and short term stocks/property/bonds/etc)

Check out the vid for some hot naked apron action.

Sure, cutting your loss or reducing your loss is one thing.
I think what might have happened is closer to that. A form of madness takes over, like some gambler who's convinced the next bet he puts in will be "the big payoff".

Yep. Jesus christ mang, I mean at what point do you not realize hey, maybe antagonizing your potential customers may not be a good idea, since they're the ones who buys your stuff and services. Or at least that was how most businesses work before current year. Same with not treating your staff, especially editors and post production like shit. I've heard some shithead directors treat them like they are the movie making version of lowly waiters and cooks. But nigga forgets those 'low' people handles their food, or in this case the film footage.

that ghost dragon in the trailers was a ghost alien

Its amazing how there's more memorable lines in the opening minutes than the entirety of cisbusters.

I've yet to see the new one. I keep hearing mixed things. Most seem to agree that the trailer seems to have been made by someone who totally didn't understand what the fanbase would have wanted.

You're right though.

At any rate, how could the game have flopped so bad? It was like sanctum of slime wasn't it? Was it even really tied to the new movie? The commercial I saw had some beefy dude in it.


The cast was entirely different, especially the sassy silverbacked gorilla who was slimmed way the fuck down and made to look more like a woman.

There's more than one? I'm sure they all took place in one.

What was the price of it?
if its a sanctum of slime clone that its gotta be like what? 20 dollars? on the XBOX arcade or something?

The price.

Its a shitty game you'd expect to see on steam, XBLA and PSN for 20 bucks, not fucking $50.

What idiots.

Sanctum of slime: 9.99.
NuJUSTbusters: 53.99 with DLC and the "pleasure" of getting a FREE copy of the Nughostbusters.

So they tried to sell the movie?

Yep, exactly. I don't see it getting better either. I mean word now is that Sony JP is pissed as fuck at Sony Pictures wasting their money so they're firing most of the management and bringing in their own people, but I don't imagine those Japanese supervisors will be any nicer to the staff. It seems like Sony is doomed and the story of it's downfall, while featuring many issues, will heavily feature what happens when you neglect the lower employees of your massive multi-million-dollar company.

And honestly I can't wait for Sony Pictures to go belly up and sell their properties. I mean they'll likely just be bought by dicks, but it may still end up better than where we are now.

The thing is they've seen hostile marketing work very well in the last couple of years, but somehow they didn't think about the most important rule: it only works when the gain in general public awareness outweighs the potential loss from alienation.
It works for kickstarters because they're generally nobodies or faded has-beens who need to prioritize awareness over perception. But everyone was scrutinizing the reboot from the beginning, so they really should have focused on how they were perceived.
This doesn't just apply to the left/SJWs, Hatred and Hunie Pop arguably benefitted from a type of hostile marketing as well, but they needed the awareness boost and knew that the outraged were unlikely buyers anyway.

Pretty much, though the game is nothing like the movie it seems sony hoped they could use this game to boost sales numbers.

Dragon Age Cisquisition

It didn't flop quite as poorly, but it definitely underperformed quite a bit despite the fact that journos were shilling it hard before release. It was also a genuinely shit game for reasons outside of the tumblr shit added to it, just as how Cisbusters would be just as awful with an all male cast because it is a legitimately terrible movie.

They said they didn't want to get caught in the shitstorm any more than they already were and ended up talking more shit on it anyway.

Because they think retarded millenials never actually watched Ghostbusters, so they think that their target audience only knows the "THERE IS NO DANA, ONLY ZUUL" quote and believes that Zuul was the main bad guy because of it.

Holy shit.
Its usually the other way around. Movie name is used to sell the game.
This time a game is thrown together to help sell a movie.

Holllyyy fuck.

Yellow ranger was Asian you fucking idiot, you're thinking of the Blue ranger.


Maybe they would've done better if it was a mobile-tier game, and not on fucking consoles.

They jumbled the colors up, whatever, point is everyone else is still there, the two whites, the nig, the asian, just not the faggot.

a free to play sort of deal on the phone? Yeah.

Constanza was a Nazi?

But the problem is, the asian is a guy.

Exactly, or some tie in app that offers discounts for the movie or something. Not a damn near full price console game that runs like shit.

I seriously hope you guys don't jew this.


Can somebody post that one webm where the "ghostbuster" women are standing in front of that sick black kid and the ghostbuster theme is playing and gets really loud?

You're a sick fuck for wanting to see that again.

Cause it would be racist if he were black, and the asian ranger was yellow.

Also they don't have an indian at all for the rangers, let alone as the red ranger.

That kid is fucking dying, that's some of the last stuff a child has seen before passing on from this world.

They had it in mind for a long time, stop this meme

Fantastic Four movies
Jessica Alba
Other crap no one cares about





Yeah, it's that sick shit that killed him. You'd die too if that was what you were subjected to.

I sincerely hate this world, DubsAnon.
I really, really do.

DmC. Absolutely no regular fans liked it from the get go, and every journalist span it on some specific thing and made excuses/insulted the fans. Then the product came out, nobody liked it, it was a flop, and journos tried justifying it all on the ebil fans.

I don't hate the world, I just hate regressives who think they're progressives.

Save up a bunch of money and move to Japan.


Is it worse than the NES game?

My favorite thing is that all journalists brought up was people not liking it because the hair.

It wasn't that the game ran worse than DMC4 which came out about 5 years before it, not how easy it was, the clunky combat, the horrible music, the focus on the horrible story and characters compared to prior games, the fact that it felt like a slap in the face for fans, nope. Just the hair.


I want off this planet and if I can't have that, I want everyone else dead.

So are they doing press without the black one now?

Lionsgate is run by Canadian Zionists, I wouldn't expect much.

So the only difference between them and (((Saban))) is one's candian…

That's probably why he greenlit it.

I'm working on a third alternative…



Current day Capcom games or a game series that lived before EA bought it.

Now playing GhostBusters 2.

same place as this.

Be warned: it's pretty bad. Not
bad, but bad. Suggest watching with RLM commentary track.

Ghostbusters 2 isn't bad

I hope they meant Gozer, if they meant Zuul for real then they are fucking shit up hard


If you say so, user.

Funny you say that

I LITERALLY just finished the game 20 minutes ago

It's pretty good. Game sometimes feels like there were parts removed, and the slime tether was mostly a useless weapon, but all in all a solid game and probably the closest you'll ever get to a Ghostbusters 3

I wonder how their electronics hardware division, outside of the PS4 is doing. I remember when sony was considered a pretty good electronics brand. Not just consumer level stuff either. I hope they sell their film studio division to return and concentrate on making consistent, good quality electronics again. They had an opportunity to go against the early gen ipods when they tried to unveil the mp3 player 'walkman', but they fucked that up IMO.

I've cut and have not watched cable tv for a long while now, so this is the first time I saw that entertainment tonight clip of Feig talking about how surprised at finding out how funny Chris Hemsworth can be. What that clip tells me or at least my perception is, Feig doesn't get seem to get humor. Or at least he seems to drown fast when taken beyond his narrow belief of "grrrrl humor>toxic male humor".

According to the e-mail leak at least, Feig thought alien ghost is a billion dollar idea for the GB reboot. Or maybe that was the big dance number scene that got cut because he could not make it work and was burning monies like it's going out of fashion, all while he cried like a sensitive nu male. So I kinda doubt that Feig or the studio would bother to brush up on the source material too much.

Besides it's a reboot, the start of a whole new franchise that will bring about a cinematic universe to rival and surpass Metal Gear, er I mean Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whose to say Zuul can't be the main bad guy for the sequel, it's current year after all.

Holy fuck thats disgusting.

What's point of even using Zuul if that's the excuse…

You might as well use Gozer anyways if one's logic is, "oh, it's a familiar name to generate monies"

Seriously, they might as well make a new villain and establish it's own canon. Sometimes that's better. If they wanted to use old canon, they should have done a soft reboot. They could have ran so much with a soft reboot. Even while keeping the leads all female.

New franchise in a different city, proteges, students, so many ways they could have made a soft reboot.

Sony was planning a trilogy and Gozer was to be in the third movie after Zuul in the second.


Wouldn't it just be faster to shovel their money into a great big bonfire and be done with it?

I think its one of those things where companies continue pandering to SJWs because they feel solid gold is around the corner.

Like if they keep going eventually it will pay off.

But that would require some work and risk taking, but mostly more work. And skill, talent, better direction and writing. Better to just half ass it all around by having just enough basic elements like the name and logo. Then mix and match and throw whatever shit sticks to the wall.

Despite it's descending box office numbers, I'm beginning to really want to see sony double down on it and burn more money chasing the a payoff from this trainwreck, off a cliff. The failure of hostile marketing needs to be spectacularly large, total and in full view.

Which one? The stylized Wii ver. (as well as PS2 which has a number of issues) or the real life ver. on PS3/360/PC?

No more reckless giant robot fights?

Sells crack to fund the rangers?

At best, the next movie that gets made will be a chinese version made by Syfy.

You know what I'm hoping is next?

I thought Fantastic Four was Fox

Played it first on 360 then on PC.

Don't do any port to the Wii from that time.

Out of scope but i'm linking this by bill murry. Playing Space Jam.
Same stream as the others.

To be honest I kind of hope the same just because this really didn't provide me with enough cringe or salt. If it were a larger failure we'd likely get both.

That said: I doubt it will happen. As was noted it was banned in China which basically means it's fucked as the foriegn market is something retarded like 70% of the sales and over half that is China alone (there has been a huge demand in China for films lately), and if the first one was b& then any sequels will be as well. Also the person who was really pushing Ghostbusters, the former head of Sony Amy Pascal, got demoted from her position. As I understand it her replacement isn't too keen on fembusters and I'm sure he'll be even less keen on it between it not delivering ticket sales and the fan backlash against Sony. So, yeah, fat chance we'll see this go any further, but don't worry, Sony will fuck up again.

Now, that's retarded to read.


And yet out of the entire femicunt cast it was the fucking sheboon that took someone like Milo down with her. I just can't be happy about all of this knowing that happened.

Eh Milo revels in this shit, he's almost as much professional shitposter as sonic's twitter

How much more can one fuck up a franchise. WHY ZUUL? IF YOU'RE DOING A REBOOT AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO IMPROVE IT?

Why not an original villain. Why not do Ivan Shandor like the game. How fucking devoid of creativity is that shithole.

Feels so godamned goo that we're entering a new age of ghostbusters, soon the entire ghost busters fanchise will feature strong indiepedent women. I know this board is having a hard time handling it ( just like few here will admit that the ghostbusters game ultimately saved the industry this time around) . ….. we've entered a world where art can bow down, to truth art to a real life to all the things we've ever dreamed of and thats the future.

Ghostbusters? More like life changers.

Zuul is believed to be female but yeah minor character to Gozer

Grimdark Power Rangers will definitely be better if it's anything like this fan film.

Ace pls go

It's the real Ghostbusters 3.

Jews at Hollywood probably wanted to make a PG-13 version of this. But missed the point that this was poking fun of dark reboots.

That show was fetish fuel


I won't post it here, but the 1 hour long Seven Pesos Joe review was pretty spot-on too


You lost me.

You better not be playing with me otherwise you're gonna end up on a boat.

I have been making clips of the Ghostbusters cringe here are some that stood out. They had Weaver do a random cameo that they hid inside the end credits. You can tell that she is having none of their shit. The aura of hate coming from her is just so strong you can tell she hates all those women, and her character nit picks them to death. There is also another random scene where out of nowhere the Ghostbuster logo appears in 2d and talks to the women like a cheesy 90's movie. Finally we have Paul Feig's middle finger to you evil internet trolls. Look at that shitlord suprised he is not wearing a Trump and has anime posters pinned in his shitposting lair. He also appears to be summoning the god Kek. I have the main thread here with all my other clips:

They can't keep getting away with this.

We also have the cisbusters showing total incompetence that leads to fires, law breaking, and even death. Look how they murder Bill Muray with 90's cgi and unprofessional behavior.

This shitshow does not end there oh no. We have the ballbusters here showing they cant aim for shit. They cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages and are not held accountable. They are reckless and endanger everyone around them. Shit like this is why women do not belong in the military.

It doesn't just get stupider it also gets more cringe. THE FLYING BEEFCAKE. Someone has got to heckle Hemsworth with that line at the next Comic Con. They have this horrific dance scene where you get to see a whole bunch of soldiers in full gear humiliate themselves. This dance scene actually made Paul Feig break down in tears on set because it was so fucking terrible. They actually hid it in the end credits and tried to cover it up with funky colors and the credits themselves.

Kill Em Ghosts

Killing all the ghost

Sony don't even know what ghosts are

THIS IS THE POWER OF 140 MILLION DOLLARS. WEW. Look at the horrific special effects of the cunts floating in the green space. It looks like something out of a Sy-Fy original movie. I also like how a random cord with a cheap hook could support their enormous hambeast's weight. Yet somehow the rope holds and two women were able to lift them up no problem.

Sauce? Because the email leaks would suggest that the dance scene was his stupid fucking idea in the first place.
Crying over something bad in this movie would imply that he cared about anything he was doing, which he clearly did not.

everything you like

Post the shoot in the groin, please.


Here are the strong proud independent intelligent attractive at any size women of color with curves grace and attractive faces, showing those shitlords what for.

Here we have some hilarious humor done by the justbusters. Look poop and queef jokes so funny.

Starship Troopers was made with massive car sized models for the capital ships all done by hand, and by stupid fucking men. It cannot compare to a brilliant film created with top of the line special effects in 2016.

Wow, holy shit.

referring to mens grip on society and more importantly the control over womyn
wow, already i feel powerless, theyve won

Here we have the stupid white man who can barely function. He is just so dumb and incompetent he has to be helped along by women just to get by. Golly guys sure are stopid.

Don't despair my love this movie has already given feminism a black eye and has badly damaged many peoples careers.

Fug, now I need to get a copy of this movie even though the director made a gigantic parody of the book's themes with cheesy-satire from Robocop (fuck the reboot)

They gave Tina Fey a million dollars to say ZANY RANDUM THINGS women and guys like on SNL. Tina Fey hasn't been since…ever.

Reminder that Tina Fey got her career going by fucking and marrying a higher up who did a cupid sketch with Conan.

Here are the remaining 3 clips showing the dumb male bimbo being mentally retarded.

I didn't even know about nuGhostbusta game, but it's a shame they used money, and dev time to do shit instead of güd

I not going to lie: wanted to slap that bitch for saying that (try pulling that shit in a labor job, and you're not a slut).


An amusing idea, but really this has to be it's own thing.

Rita's colors were black and gold mostly.

The chick there looks more like she's wearing scorpina's suit turned green.

but look how easily they defeated that large haunted evil WHITE MALE pillow

2001 A Space Odyssey came out 48 years ago and still looks better than most movies made today.

Here we have Hemsworth being sexually harassed by these "Say no to rape culture" feminists. See how they turn into total hypocrites and creepers the moment the roles are reversed. The scene where Thor trys to dance with Donkey Kong and the clucking hens began shouting at him. However the cunt grabs his ass and begins humping him and they all cheer. Got to love those double standards.

It seems Weaver felt the same way because you could feel the aura of hate coming from her.

That is an interesting point you make that others have noticed in the Holla Forums thread. He see these faces he makes, and the look in his eyes that he made a big mistake.


turns out money and technology dont beat heartfelt efforts. maybe one day people will learn to use what we have, but by then it will be outdated and theyll be learning something new. just to keep the money flowing i guess? i mean look at our graphics card and cpu companies and the dirty games they play

I didn't know about this, elaborate.

And of course I have to post this scene. I still can't believe this film came out in 68.

Like the old saying goes: It's not the tool, it's the artist. No amount of technology will ever be able to replace a great artist and no artist will ever be held back by technology.

pretty sure some someone found links between those working on the film and the NC crew


It was nice that they used puppets for most of the aliens in the new Star Wars, but that was mostly done just as a callback to the originals just like every other part of the movie

That would explain the abysmal moviemaking quality



I thought it was just the girl one and the rest were just autistic retards.

Something feels lacking with the new puppets though. I just can't put my finger on it. Also how could I forget about Blade Runner? If nothing else it looked fucking amazing. Perfect example of a great art style.

On a note unrelated to what you're talking about, it still upsets me greatly to know Thomas the Tank Engine is set on a fictitious island named Sodor rather than on England.

but you better not start saying "muh SW 1 2 3 was awfull with all thoses GCI"

because in 1998 and early 2000' CGI was THE thing.
Thus G.L abusing that is no surprise .

Speaking of actors who aren't an honorary JUSTbuster member here is Dave Akylod and Tywin Lannister. I love how both of these men end up leaving behind or kicking the same bitch. I suppose it was these actors silent middle finger to the cunts.


I liked Godzilla 2014, but the older monster designs will always top designs like Muto (I love Nirasawa's art, but I'm mixed about Goth Gigan).

I could forgive the movie being shit if it wasn't loaded with socjus-garbage and political agendas that almost justify terror attacks in CA.


Oh, also, it's Dan Aykroyd not Dave Akylod.




Still better than what came out recently.

Speaking about horrible things listen to King Kong screaming and shouting. Harambe is going all out!

Thank you will change the name of that clip




Probably a combination of less experienced puppet makers / operators (since everybody uses CGI now, nobody bothers to learn how to do it as well as they used to need to) and the lower image quality of the old movies smoothing out the puppets' more subtle quirks.

I don't really mind CGI, I just think traditional special effects are better.
I also don't think the prequels were as bad as everybody says, even if they did have problems

This scene here is so forced and awkward. The gorillia has no real reason to join the ballbusters and contributes nothing but a car. It is also clear they don't want her but are so beta they can's say no. This is also how niggers act in real life too very forceful and pushy when they don't belong.

I am not sure why they had the fucking sheboon running at papa john? Was it supposed to be funny, scary, exciting?

The prequels were fantastic at world building and visual design. Everything starships, troopers, droids, worlds, aliens, gusn, fighters, and everything else just looked cool. Lucas has a very good eye for stuff like that it was why the original star wars became so big outside the movies.

It's from the half in the Bag review. This is the original.

RLM spliced that and put it in their review.

But then you get to the actual movie and half of it is just bureaucratic nonsense and bad story writing.

Forced into participating in Genderbusters through threats of
confirmed in leaked Sony emails.

I had an image of the email actually.

This is hilarious. What on earth could they legally have done if he declined?

does this count as rape? rapecasting?


im sure many actors and celebrities are in to some highly illegal shite. this is a criminal cabal were talking about

Most likely the would just burden with frivolous legal shit that would bankrupt him or at least cause a ton of stress in his life. No one wants to deal with expensive, drawn out legal shit.

I fucking hate these people

They're Hollywood jews. Of course they have the dirt on everyone
& the influence to manipulate anyone working in Hollywood.

Mel Gibson was blacklisted just for talking shit about jews while DRUNK.


So… what do you think Bill Murray has done?

That's kinda what I was thinking. But given Bill's lack of giving a shit lately he might've done something specific that I wasn't aware of.

smokes the devils cabbage! that or cp

Even Homefront 1 has a larger online community

Fun fact: One of the actors that worked in the Japanese version of Metallix is Dante's English VA

It's a very traditionalist method that takes lots of effort to make, let alone get right. Also get hype for Amazons S2 soon. Maybe Haruka will get better and become a princess or something. I also realized it kinda has parallels to Shin.

Kamen Rider is already grim dark as fuck.


I would have liked Muto if he beared more of a resemblance to Dr. Muto than to the aliens from Resistance: Fall of Man.

I would have liked Muto if it looked like an actual animal/insect from an ancient time period than…some alien-bug-thingy from Starship Troopers.

Repulsa looks hot as fuck in that gif

Is that a demon…with an elephant like nose?

It looks like it's sucking on someone's brain

2001 still looks better than any other movie ever made. Those effects were absolutely flawless.

I see a weird ass gladiator helm. This is some Rorschach shit.

If you're counting the Fantastic Four movies, that means you're acknowledging the films from before Marvel Studios, the films where the closest anything got to a cinematic universe was black Kingpin from the Daredevil movie appearing in the Spider-Man tie-in cartoon. So make up your mind. Did they make Fantastic Four (and all those other pre-Iron Man movies?), or did they start out trying to make a universe?

And A New Hope is the best one. There I said it. Empire is overrated.

me and my fellow Doom autist liked nuDoom. it's not shit.